Top 10 Best Detox Teas of 2020 for Weight Loss – Results in 30 Days With Full Review

Top 10 Best Detox Teas of 2020 for Weight Loss – Results in 30 Days With Full Review
February 25, 2020 admin

Detox tea consumption is important for your body. It improves your digestive system along with weight loss, improve kidney function, liver integrity and help you overcome with overeating, or even help you conquer over alcohol and drug addictions. In order to provide the best Detox tea available on the market, we have compiled them along with its review.

Who should get this?

Anyone looking to cleanse their digestive tract and take on health on a new slate should consider reading this review and making a product purchase. Detox teas are not your usual teas. Their rarity is a move towards a cleaner colon, improvement of organs that revolve around digestion and detoxification. Characteristically, they act as medicines.

How we picked

We set out on research on the best detox teas for 2020. There are so many counterfeit products on the market, so we took to sample these teas. We identified about 50 genuine teas from different brands and picked the best 10 that will be of great value to your health.

As usual, anything you consume should bring betterment to your health. Trust us when it comes to giving factual information after in-depth research. We source our products from Amazon, and significant research is from Google and one-on-one interactions with health practitioners. It was necessary to involve them since what goes in the body has to be safe for consumption to avoid any damages. Remember always to check the tea’s expiry dates before use.

How we tested

Of course, we had to consume these teas for some time to deduce their benefits. Our procurement team purchased several samples. We dished to a few consumers who reviewed the products to help us compile these reviews. If you are looking to get the best results, following the manufacturer’s instructions is crucial.

1. Baetea

Baetea Detox Herbal Tea

Ingredients: Green Tea leaf, Rooibos Leaf, Matcha Green tea, Pomegranate, Ginger Root, Natural flavors, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Guarana Seeds, Oolong Wu Yi Leaf, Sea Sal f. Lemon Juice, Stevia Power and Citric Acid.

Caffeine: This product includes caffeine. If you are experiencing any negative effects, leave it immediately.

Taste: This tea has a sweetening flavor with is quite pleasant in nature. Plus people resembles it with Lipton green tea with a little bit of sweetness.

Review: Baetea Detox Herbal Tea is the best product to reduce bloat to have a maintainable shape of your stomach. With a taste so refreshing and sweet, you won’t feel any discomfort adding this tea in your diet. Consist of all natural ingredients, it provides the best weight loss cleanse for people. Many customers have praised this product, as it has shown positive results on weight loss.

2. Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals Detox Tea

Ingredients: Organic Dandelion Root, Organic star anise fruit, Schisandra fruit, Organic Lycium fruit, Organic chicory root, Organic licorice root, Organic Kukicha root, and Organic ginger rhizome.

Caffeine: There is no caffeine inside this tea, so it’s completely safe to drink

Taste: Taste a bit of chocolate, with some strong sensation of spicy flavor, so it’s unusually tasty.

Review: One of the best liver detox tea specializes in cleansing your liver and improve its function. 100% herbal tea with no process supplements or unnatural ingredients used. Amazing Taste with a combination of bitter, sour, sweet and salty, so its nothing short than an experience.

3. SkinnyFit

SkinnyFit All-Natural Detox Tea

Ingredients: Nettle Leaf, Yerba Mate, Peach Powder, Sencha Green Tea, Guarana, Matcha Green Tea, Gohi Berries, Milk Thistle, Ginseng, Oolong Tea, Stevia, Dandelion Leaf, and Lemongrass.

Caffeine: The product has caffeine, so its high advice to not take a right before going to bed.

Taste: Taste sweet and refreshing, no complaints from customer

Review: SkinnyFit is an all natural detox tea which is made up with plenty of ingredients to counter the problem most effectively. Major benefits of having this tea are its releases harmful toxins inside your body, reduce bloating, help you lose weight, boost immunity and reduce stress level. Plus the taste is excellent.

4. Yogi

Yogi Tea Detox

Ingredients: Organic Cinnamon Bark, Organic Dandelion Root, Juniper Berry Extracts, Organic Rhubarb Root, Gardenia fruit, Winter Lemon seed, Indian Sarsaparilla Root, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Long pepper berry and Coptis Root

Caffeine: Absolutely caffeine free, with no harmful effects, so that you can take it anytime

Taste: Strong Taste, you’ll get used to it after taking for 2-3 days.

Review: Yogi Tea detox helps you to cleanse unhealthy toxins from your body. It’s exclusively made for a healthy cleansing and getting your top notch. No sugar or caffeine, and taste a little strong, more like cinnamon flavor with some watermelon peels into it.

5. Total Tea

Total Tea Detox

Ingredients: Chamomile, Cinnamon, Papaya, Natural flavors, Hibiscus, Senna, Rosehips, Gynostemma, Ginger, Echinacea, and Peppermint.

Caffeine: There is no caffeine inside this product, so it’s pretty much safe to drink anytime.

Taste: The tea is taste like orange with a little bit of cinnamon, and it doesn’t require any added sugar.

Review: Total Tea Detox is optimal for cleansing your excessive body weight, plus it improves your metabolism. Works as a green tea detox, which further clarifies your mind and uses as an anti-inflammatory substance. An excellent tea for relaxing purposes or after having your dinner at home. Many customers have praised this tea due to its taste, better stomach function and feel light headed.

6. Zero Detox

Zero Detox Tea

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Organic Rooibos, Cornflour, Cloves, Nutmeg, Green Tea, Red Peppercorn, and Orange Peel

Caffeine: The product has a large amount of caffeine composition. Don’t take it if you are allergic to it

Taste: Zero Detox Tea taste like a bit of cider, if you need more sweetener, add honey into your tea.

Review: Zero Detox is the best tea for weight loss and cleansing up your digestive system. Not only that, but it also supplies healthy nutrients into your bodies, such as vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Its extracted purely from fine herbs and spices which makes it a classic green tea, an excellent supplement for relieving stress or works as an anti-inflammatory substance.

7. Tease Tea

Tease Tea Detox and Cleanse

Ingredients: Lemon Grass, Rose petals, Yerba Mate, Senna, Decaf green tea and ginger.

Caffeine: The product has caffeine so use it with complete diligence

Taste: Taste like lemon flavor which helps you to stay fit and relaxed

Review: Tease Tea detox is simply for weightless and reducing the bloated shape of your belly. Not to mention the level of energy is provided to the drinker, he will remain in great distress free experience, with a lighter feel and look. Made 100% out of green herbs, and with its caffeine intake, this tea is an excellent substitute for your everyday work.

8. Teami

Teami Colon Weight loss detox tea

Ingredients: Lotus Leaf, Phaseolus Calcaratus Seed, Valerian Root, Seena Root and Leaves, Lime Leaf, Hawthorn berry, Psyllium Husk Seed, and Rhubarb root

Caffeine: This product has no caffeine, so its safe to drink

Taste: Natural taste is little strong, adding some honey into the tea will make it more sweetener.

Review: Teami green tea significantly removes the dangerous toxins from your body and help reduce the weight loss in the process. Its entirely made out of traditional components such as roots and leaves which helps to get you lightweight, as also works as an anti-inflammatory tea.

9. Hey Girl Tea

Hey Girl Tea for Detox

Ingredients: Alfalfa, Grapefruit peel, Dandelion, Senna, Orange Peel, Natural flavoring, Rosehips, Sarsaparilla, Black Walnut, and Honeybush.

Caffeine: There is no added caffeine inside the tea, so it’s pretty much safe to sleep even after drink.

Taste: Natural sweetening taste with no need to add honey to it.

Review: Use this Hey girl tea with your diet plan, not only you’ll feel lighted, but also it will help to wash out intoxication from your body. Works well if you are experiencing constipation or bloating. Removes every harmful substance from your body, so that you could restart with your day with full force.

10. Everlong

Everlong Detox Tea

Ingredients: Moringa Leaf, Lotus Leaf, Garcinia Cambogia, Rose Petals, Burdock Root, Stevia Leaf, Chinese Oolong Tea, Dandelion Leaves, Ginger Root and Green tea

Caffeine: There is a low level of caffeine which is extracted from 100% organic ingredients.

Taste: Taste is a bit bitter, but adding honey into it will improve to drink comfortably.

Review: Best herbal tea for kidney detox and weight loose Everlong Detox tea works like a herbal treatment. Made from 100% natural ingredients, the organic compounds which will help to decrease your extra fat and increase your more positive vibes into your system

Detox tea has been used for quite a lot time, over 1000 BC around China, the market was booming and international trade boost, but nowadays, after re-evaluating your body toxins, having an organic detox tea may be your best bet.

What Does Detox Tea Actually Do?

Detox meaning: Tea detox will flush out all the toxins that may arise from alcohol, unhealthy foods, and any other harmful substance that your bloodstream may contain. Detox tea is one of the great products that has helped people to get and maintain fit bodies.

Cleanse definition: This tea will clean your body and provide you with sustainable energy that is required for daily routines.

Do Detox Tea Helps in Weight Loss?

Detox tea will be your best skinny fit tea. Detox tea is blended with different natural herbs that will clear congestion in the colon and the liver. This will fortify your body against pollutants and toxins thus a healthy digestive system which will lead to weight loss. Detox tea will also help you to lose weight by cleaning your urinary system and kidneys. Clean urinary system and kidneys will support digestion functions hence making it easier to lose weight.

Does Detox Tea Help You to Lose Belly Fat?

As detox tea helps help you to lose the overall body weight, it will also help you to lose belly fat. This tea will have some antioxidants that will increase your metabolism hence burning the excess belly fat. This will come with several other health benefits like colon cancer prevention.

What Should A Good Detox Tea Have?

Detox tea will have different products. However, there are certain features that a good one should possess. A good detox tea should have fewer side effects, in case of any side effects they should not be taking long. Another thing about a good detox tea is it should be much conversant with other drugs.

Can Detox Tea Help You Poop?

If you are finding your pooping frequency to be abnormal, then detox tea will help you. This tea will improve your digestive system and cleanse your body from all the toxins hence improved pooping. You should monitor your detox tea consumption as excessive consumption might cause loose stools, also remember to take water during your detoxification period.

What to Look for When Buying Detox Tea?

When it comes to buying a detox tea, you will need to consider some factors before selecting your final decision. Following are factors that you should consider before purchasing detox tea.

1. Side Effects

The first thing that you will need to consider before deciding on which one to buy is the side effect. Different products will have different side effects. Make sure you get the most favorable to you.

2. How Long Will You Use It?

Different products will have different plans and this why you have to consider how long are you willing to use the product.

Detox Tea Benefits

Apart from losing weight detox tea will come with several other health benefits. Following are some benefits from this great product.
• Fix digestive problems
• Enhance skin completion
• Reduce Bloating
• Boost metabolism
• Cleansing internal organs
• Flushing toxins out
• Raising energy levels

What Are The Side Effects of Using Detox Tea?

Although this product has several health benefits, its also have some side effect which you should consider before using it. Remember this side effects should not limit you from using the product as they can be controlled. Detox tea is not suitable for children as they will require a diet plan that will facilitate their rapid growth and development. Another side effect of using this product is that it may interfere with the absorption of other drugs that they may be taken with at the same time.

My 30 Day Experience

Day 1: I started with my first cup in the morning immediately I had done with my daily workouts.

Day 2: I woke up in the morning, and there was no change to my stomach, I took my second cup in the morning then my 3rd cup in the evening after work after I realized my stomach was bloating.

Day 3: I made my fourth and fifth cup but at this time my friend had visited me, and he was surprised how my consumption rate was high, and he advised me to take one cup a day. I didn’t take it for the next two days.

Day 6 to Day 18: I was taking one cup a day up to my 18th day when I dressed up a tight dress, and I realized it wasn’t tight anymore as my tummy had started becoming flat.

Day 19 to Day 25: At this time I was still taking one cup a day, and I was very confident to hung out with my friends as my stomach was almost completely flat at this time.

Day 28: I was very anxious as I had only two cups left and I decided to go and check my weight, I had lost several pounds, and my tight dresses were not tight anymore.

Day 29: I forgot to take my second last cup in the morning, and by the time I was coming back in the evening I could feel some bloating, but Immediately I took one cup it disappeared.

Day 30: I took my last cup. At this time I was not experiencing any bloating, and I was ready for more workouts. I was feeling much energized to continue with my daily routines. At this time my stomach was very fresh and flat.

Bottom Line:

Even someone who eats health food every day and has good health can have substances build up on their colons, and they should consider using detox tea. Detox tea is a great product that will leave you with several health benefits and feeling energized for your daily routines. A detox tea plan will be very simple, and it won’t interfere with your daily routine.


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  2. Jill Corleone: Weight Loss & Detox Tea.

Review Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 51 reviews
5 1

Skinnyfit is the #1 detox tea to me

5 5 1
After using 30 days, I have lost around 24 pounds. I'm pretty much happy with it. I didn't fetch any side effect so far

Traditional Medicinals flavor is best

5 5 1
I purchased this for my 70 years old father having Liver issues. It works great, and now I'm ordering this for me. Traditional medicinals pleasant flavor never lets you down.

Baetea works well from 1st week

5 5 1
I passing 7 days I'm writing this review. I didn't try detox tea before. Last 7 days, I lost 18.2 lbs.

Review Title
Review Content

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