7 Best Interior Cleaner of 2019

7 Best Interior Cleaner of 2019
August 13, 2019 admin

Easily removes dirt, dust and body oils which ensures that the interior of your car is cleaned, protected and maintained in excellent condition. The appearance of this cleaner is the default OWM factory appearance and is integrated with advanced UV protection. This ensures that you stay comfortable and well-protected from the harmful UV rays from the sun. It is quite easy and quick to apply, and any moment you feel that the inside of your car is not as clean or appealing as it used to be, grab this cleaner and get the insides looking neat and attractive. It also maintains the condition of the interior of your car for a longer useful lifetime from it. By the design of it, this car cleaner also provides a right amount of protection thus making your car last longer.

This car cleaner restores the look of the inside of your vehicle and has been engineered with a unique kind of emulsification process which takes out all dirt from the inside surfaces while repelling dust through the application of an added coat. At the end of the cleaning process, your car is left clean and with a pleasant pineapple scent. Cracking and fading in the inside of your vehicle need not be a reason to worry when you have this detailer.

A 3-piece cleaning suit with two towels, the interior cleaner gets rid of all dust, fingerprints and other stains from foods and beverages and doesn’t leave behind any greasy or rough feel. Also, the UV absorber ensures that any form of fading and drying of your car interior is dealt with. It also neutralizes odors and provides your clean car has a fresh, clean scent. Cleaning is as simple as spraying and wiping off the surface using the towel. This is a simple enough process that will leave your car interior looking clean and tidy within the shortest time. It is recommended for use in your car and does not take much time in spraying on surfaces that are then wiped to leave then shiny and clean.

This cleans and protects all the interior surfaces of a car easily and efficiently. It is of superior quality by the fact that it dries fast to ensure a non-greasy, satin finish. Its deep cleaning formula is safe for all the interior surfaces f the car which includes the navigation screens. By this design, the cleaner protects superior UV protection thus preserving the looks of the inside of your car. It is ideal for use on the steering wheels, the stereo screens, door panels and more.

The cleaner is safe for all manner of surfaces including fabric and leather and comes with an included microfiber towel. It is engineered to disinfect a surface while you clean and has a pleasant citrus aroma which is useful on dirt without affecting your nose while you go about the cleaning. It has an all-natural formula that is safe for use near children which makes it recommended for your car cleaning tasks.

The cleaner is safe for all vinyl, fabric and leather surfaces, contains no dyes and is fragrance- free which doesn’t leave remains and is excellent for cleaning out stubborn dirt patches on the floor mats, leather seats and more. You can also use it around the house for cleaning furniture and seats made from leather. Once you have cleaned a surface with this cleaner, it does not attract any more dirt and maintains the look of clean surfaces for much longer.

The grease-free formula cleans, shines and protects while giving superior UV blocking for durable protection. It also features high shine protection to preserve rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces quickly. The protectant formula is also combined with 25 large, non-linting wipes and prevents fading, cracking and aging thanks to a Scotchguard protector.

Eco Touch’s Interior Car Care Kit, includes everything you need for interior car detailing. It includes carpet and upholstery, dashboard, leather and window cleaners as well as super-soft microfiber and glass cloth for crystal clear windows. The dashboard protects also leaves a clean-smelling lavender scent.

Product Features

  • This car detailing product is for interior car care.
  • It is for cleaning carpet, windows, plastics, and leather among others.
  • It is biodegradable and not toxic and comes with single class cleaning cloth and 2 microfiber towels.


  • The fact that the product is Eco-friendly is a plus since its interior use has to consider the car users health and well-being.
  • The Eco touch kit is to protect your car, guaranteeing longevity as the interior remains as good as new.


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