10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Of 2017

10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Of 2017
September 9, 2017 admin

One of the most exciting outdoor games to take part in is basketball. Just like many other sports, basketball comes with its unique attire. One of the most important attires are the shoes. The best basketball shoes should enhance your performance on the court. Getting the best quality pair may be difficult. Here are a few features that a quality pair of these shoes should have.

  1. Material. Most quality basketball shoes are made of rubber soles. Rubber can withstand the tension encountered while playing. For outdoor playing, a thick and hard rubber sole is the best choice. On the other hand, if you are playing indoor basketball, a soft rubber sole is the best choice.
  2. Traction. This is what determines your balance on the court. A well-tracked rubber sole prevents you from constantly sliding hence losing your balance. An outdoor basketball shoe will come with a well tracked and hard sole. The traction should also be even to prevent the sole from getting worn out unevenly.
  3. Ventilation. Unlike indoor shoes, outdoor shoes undergo a lot of conditions because of weather. During the summer mostly when your feet are all sweaty, a repulsive odor is released by the sweaty feet. Quality outdoor basketball shoes come with adequate ventilation to prevent this. The vents on the shoes allow air to flow in and out.
  4. Ankle support. Due to the intense and sudden changes that come with playing basketball, the ankle is the part of the body most prone to injury. Because of this, a good quality shoe will come with higher tops and extended interior with good cushioning. This prevents the ankle from injury and makes the shoes comfortable when worn.
  5. Interior Cushioning. Basketball is a very rigorous sport. It requires a lot of running, jumping and dunking. A quality outdoor shoe will have a well-cushioned interior to absorb the tension that culminates in playing basketball. It also guarantees comfort whenever the shoes are worn.

Those are some of the qualities that the best outdoor basketball shoes should have. After a long research, I have been able to settle on the below ten pairs. Here is a review of the best outdoor basketball shoes, their features, pros, cons and why you should go for one.

This is one of the pairs that are worth considering when looking for a quality outdoor basketball pair. It is a textile made pair with a tough rubber sole, making it an ideal pair for outdoor basketball. The Nike Rev is best praised for its light weight and comfort. It is a high top pair thereby protecting your ankles from injury during play. The Injected Phylon midsole ensures that the shoes feel lightweight when worn. With responsive cushioning and a well ventilated textile body, the shoes are very comfortable and prevent your feet from bad odor after the game. They also come with outsole grooves for superb flexibility. The rubber outsole wraps up the sides for excellent grip during play.


  • Good quality textile finishing for durability
  • Cool, sleek design
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Light-weight with perfect inner cushioning
  • Quality rubber outsole for perfect grip
  • Easy to clean


  • Because of the textile finishing, they are prone to wear and tear if not stored well.

This is another pair that made it to the list of top ten shoes. According to customer reviews, the Adidas Cloud foam Illation Basketball Shoe is one of the most durable and comfortable pairs available. It comes with a high-quality textile lining and a hard rubber outsole with an even traction for a harder grip on the ground. For easy removal and wearing of the shoes, the rear is enhanced with comfortable mesh and a padded collar. To enhance durability and reliability, the pair is made from quality leather and textile combo. With cloud foam technology in the interior, the cushion is made to absorb intense leg movements and enhance comfort. It is also well perforated to ensure your feet are well aerated.


  • Made from quality leather and textile hence durable
  • Mesh rear quarter for comfort when wearing and removing
  • Cloud foam sock liner with excellent cushioning guaranteeing comfort
  • It is light-weight
  • Tough rubber outsole with perfect traction for grip
  • Cool urban design with 3 printed stripes


  • It is not a high top shoe. This may not adequately prevent ankle injury.

The Reebok Zig pair is a unique pair that has been praised for being the best regarding traction and grip. It is a low outdoor basketball pair with a unique design that makes it stand out from the rest. This is by far one of the best pairs to wear on extremely hard terrain like concrete or asphalt, thanks to the ZigTech technology from reebok. The technology also enables the player to easily retain stability even when in fast motion. The shoe is also generally comfortable with a well-cushioned interior for a comfortable leap when playing. Because of its light-weight and design, the pair is also preferred by other athletes like sprinters.


  • Cool eye catching design
  • Doubles up as a sprinting and running shoe
  • Zigtech technology that helps to maintain stability
  • Hard quality outsole and a perfect traction for hard grips
  • Comfortable to wear and clean


  • Ventilation is wanting on the shoe. It has poor ventilation areas

For those with sweaty feet, the Air Overplay is the pair to go for. It has been praised as one of the most comfortable and well-aerated pairs of outdoor basketball shoes in the market. With a synthetic and mesh finishing, the pair ensures that your feet are well ventilated. The shoes are made from high-quality textile combined with rubber. This makes them durable and usable over a long period. It also comes with phylon midsole, an exclusive technology that helps to maintain comfort along the cushion. TPU shank features help to maintain stability when playing. Overall, the shoes add up as one of the best looking shoes regarding design.


  • Comes with a unique combination of synthetics and mesh
  • Cool appealing design
  • Perfect aeration and comfort
  • Light-weight with TPU shank features for stability
  • Phylon midsole technology for comfort
  • Made with quality rubber and textile for durability


  • The traction is not perfect
  • Some people find it to be too narrow

This is by far the best-looking show on the list. The design is sleek and irresistible just as its first debut in 1972. The pair comes with an all leather exterior and a well-designed rubber outsole finishing. The sole is perfectly tracked for the perfect grip when playing. The exterior is well ventilated to ensure that your feet are well aerated. It also features a sturdy rubber toe cap which offers unmatched protection to your forefront. With its molded EVA midsole technology, this shoe will offer you incredibly form- fitting cushioning support. It is both durable and comfortable when worn. Being an extremely lightweight shoe, it allows you to easily optimize your performance- when moving or running.


  • All leather exterior for durability
  • Cool, sleek and irresistible design
  • Molded EVA midsole technology for comfort
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy to clean
  • High shoe design with textured rubber shell toe


  • It is a bit heavier than most shoes

If you are looking for the best shoe regarding preventing ankle injury and relaxing comfort, then look no further. The Reebok royal is unbeaten as the safest shoe currently. The pair also comes as one of the most durable pairs available. The outdoor basketball shoes are crafted with high-quality leather and synthetic. It is both comfortable and also fitted with Ortholite foam sock liner, which helps to keep off bacteria. It is the best pair for people with sweaty feet. The ortholite helps to keep your feet healthy with less odor.


  • Removable, anti-microbial Ortholite foam sock liner to kill bacteria
  • Very comfortable and safe. Prevents ankle injuries
  • Made from high-quality rubber and synthetic hence durable
  • Perfect traction to enhance stability on hard floors
  • Eye-catching design


  • May be heavy for some people

The Adidas D Rose is the perfect shoe for comfort and stability. If you are a vigorous player, this is the shoe for you. It is one of the most comfortable mid top outdoor shoes in the market. The pair is made from both leather, synthetic top, and a high-quality rubber out sole. The pair comes with StableFrame technology for midfoot support offering a comfortable guard to your feet. The traction is even and tough to withstand rugged terrain. This is the best pair of athletic and heavy players.


  • Offers top class protection against injuries
  • It is one of the best-looking pairs
  • Comes with StableFrame technology for comfort and protection
  • Made from high-quality leather and synthetic hence durable
  • Perfect traction to enhance stability on hard floors
  • Comfortable to wear and clean


  • The shoes are best for bigger and heavier players

This is the best shoe if you are looking for the lightest and most comfortable outdoor basketball shoe. The Under Armour pair is not only light, but it is also one of the most durable shoes on the market. The EVA sock liner makes it comfortable to wear and is backed by a full-length EVA midsole for more comfort. This one of the top rated mid-sole basketball shoes available at the moment.


  • Perforated upper for improved durability
  • It is one of the lightest quality pairs available
  • Comes with EVA technology for comfort and stability
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from high-quality leather and synthetic


  • Not for people with wide feet

This is by far the most comfortable, stable and durable outdoor basketball shoe available in the market. The Crazylight comes with a full-length boost cushion, SPRINTPLATE technology for torsional support & stability. For the rigorous action of extra hard terrain, this is the best pair to go for. It offers ultra-high protection against injury and guarantees stability at the same time; it is made from high-quality Continental Rubber with a perfect traction for rough terrain. The shoe is so light it can even be used for indoor basketball too.


  • One of the most durable outdoor basketball shoes available.
  • Offer top class stability and comfort
  • Doubles-up as an indoor basketball shoe
  • SPRINTPLATE technology for torsional support & stability.
  • Made from high-quality Continental Rubber
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all leg sizes


  • It does not have a cool design. The design is purely sporty.

This is undoubtedly the best basketball shoe for both indoor and outdoor basketball games. It is by far the best pairs regarding design, comfort, stability, and durability in the market right now. The Nike Air Jordan also top the list of the most preferred and outsold basketball shoes ever. The pair is made from premium leather for durability. They are the most durable outdoor shoes available. It offers the ultimate comfort for rigorous outdoor activities due to its traction. It is also a favorite pair for many pro basketball athletes like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. The pairs come with the best air-sole unit that offers you lightweight cushioning. This makes the shoe both comfortable and light-weight. It fits perfectly on all types and sizes of feet.


  • The most durable shoe made from premium leather
  • Perfect ventilation and aeration for your feet
  • Doubles up as both an outdoor and indoor terrain
  • Rubber outsole with perfect traction for all terrain
  • It is by far the best looking pair of Jordan in the market
  • It is worn by many pro athletes and celebs
  • It’s the best-selling Nike shoe available.


  • Non

Making sure you don’t miss out on a good pair of outdoor basketball shoes.

Having the right basketball shoes may determine the difference in one’s play. Outdoor basketball courts have an effect of wearing out shoes much faster than indoor courts. Moreover, exposure to the various weather elements such as direct sunlight can have a detrimental impact on the material used to make your shoe. As a result, when choosing a pair of basketball shoes, there are various factors that you need to consider carefully. This article will take you through an all-around guide to selecting the right outdoor basketball shoes.

Benefits of outdoor basketball shoes

  • Outdoor basketball courts tend to be rougher than indoor courts. This tends to create a problem in the form of decreased speed and increased traction. Outdoor basketball shoes are made with this problem in mind. They can provide adequate grip hence enabling sufficient movement in the court.
  • Due to the nature of materials used in most outdoor courts, shoes are more prone to wear and tear. The need to push the shoes a little bit harder and exposure to sunlight increases wear and tear on some materials such as leather. Outdoor basketball shoes are reinforced to reduce wear and tear of the upper shoe part as well as the sole.
  • Playing with the right shoes enhances not only performance but also increases the player’s comfort. Outdoor shoes tend to have thicker soles to cushion the player against the effects of uneven surfaces. Lack of adequate playing conditions in outdoor courts leads to more serious injuries. Unlike a fall in an indoor court, a fall in an outdoor court is likely to lead to bruises and cuts which can turn infectious. Having the right shoes reduces the risk of encountering accidental falls and injuries.

Types of outdoor basketball shoes

High top cut:

The high top cut type of basketball shoes are the most preferred amongst basketball players. This is due to their ability to maintain the ankle’s comfort. High top-cut shoes extend their top cuts to just above the ankle. This reduces chances of ankle strains and injuries. Unfortunately, they are noted for being heavy hence decreasing a player’s speed.

Mid-top cut:

These shoes have a cut that extends to just below the ankle. The shoe cut allows for quick movement while retaining a mid-level of comfort. Unfortunately, they do not offer ankle anchorage which may expose the player to ankle injuries.

Low top cut:

Low cut shoes are known for their ability to reduce exhaustion while increasing player speed due to their lightness. They are not common amongst players since are the least comfortable of all the models.

Factors to consider while purchasing that outdoor basketball shoe


As you choose your shoe you have to consider why you need the shoe. One of the dynamics you might have to look at is whether you are buying the shoes for training purpose or more for active playing. Another aspect will be how often you expect to use the shoe. This personnel needs aspects will inform on the level of durability you should choose.


while getting a good shoe is important it should not be way too expensive as compared to the need. If the shoes are meant for home use, you should consider buying a cheap but effective shoe.


You might be asking if it matters whether you buy a Nike or an Adidas. The answer is yes, it does. Different manufacturers have different features incorporated into their shoes. For instance, Nike shoes have a hyperfuse feature that makes a good number of their shoes a little lighter. On the other hand, some Adidas shoes are made with a hard knit feature that makes the shoe hold more firmly to the foot during a game.

New or old:

New basketball shoes can be pricey. As such you might get tempted to buy a pair of second-hand shoes. If you can get a nice, almost-new pair of shoes, then you are okay. However, if you decide to go the second-hand way you might need to look for signs of wear and tear. The soles should be rigid with the grooves intact. Otherwise, you are better off buying a new pair of shoes.


As you buy the shoe you should consider the size of the shoes. The shoes should not be firm, but also provide for space to wiggle the foot. It is important to consider that weather patterns too, affect the shoe fit. For instance, shoes tend to expand during hot weather and contract when it is cold. As such it is advised, you try out those shoes in the evening when they are likely the right size.

What does the best outdoor basketball shoes have?


Shoe outsoles are almost always made of rubber. In exceptional cases, there are shoes that are made of PVC. For outdoor basketball shoes, the best soles are made of rubber. Outsoles are responsible for traction and therefore the grooves on the sole need to be adequate to handle all form of outdoor courts.


The midsole is responsible for maintaining the player’s foot comfort as they run and when they land from a jump. The material should be able to provide a cushion during gameplay. The most common materials used to make midsole are polyurethane and Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

Superior upper material:

The upper shoe material is very important in the maintenance of high shoe quality. The most used materials include synthetic materials, leather, and fabric. Leather has been the first choice but due to their need for high maintenance synthetic materials are being adopted. Fabric materials are more popular due to their light-weight nature. For superior quality, you can choose a shoe that combines two or more materials.


To improve shoe fit you should choose a shoe with a good set of enclosures. There are various styles of closures including, bare laces, zips, Velcro, and straps. The most common choice is the use of laces. However to create a more tight fit without the need to always close the shoelace you can choose a combo style of closings.

What to know before you go

Before placing your hands on that box of shoes, there are a few things that you need to check including;

Personal skill level:

As you buy an outdoor basketball shoe you need to consider your skill level. This will inform the type of shoe you choose. As an example, if you are not highly skilled you should choose light shoes with high traction to enable quick movement without exposing yourself to fatigue.

Player’s health:

How prone are you to injuries such as hamstring, ankle and knee injuries? If you have recorded high incidences of on-court injuries you should choose shoes that will cushion against such. Also, some shoes are more compatible with safety accessories such as knee braces. Such shoes should be your first choice.

Features to Consider on a good outdoor basketball shoe


Good shoes should create a good grip on the court. Lack of grip is likely to expose you to slips and falls on the courts. Extra traction, on the other hand, inhibits quick movement on the court and may also lead to forwarding slips. For enhanced traction in outdoor basketball courts, shoes with hard rubber and thick grooves are considered more ideal

Comfort and cushion:

To complement grip and quick movement mid-top cut shoes are more preferred amongst players. The playing conditions outdoors also require shoes that are more cushioned due to the rough nature of some of the courts.


Good shoes need to be able to withstand the abrasive nature of outdoor courts. The material and soles ought to be sturdy enough to withstand damage from rough surfaces.


Buying the shoe is one thing, keeping it in good shape is another thing. You should, therefore, choose a shoe that is easy to maintain. The shoe should be able to withstand a few games before requiring thorough cleaning. However, after each game, you should always lightly wipe the shoe. You can also fit the unworn shoe with pieces of cloth or newspapers to maintain the shape.

Bottom Line:

Finally, there are a couple of more features that you may consider when choosing your pair of shoes; like the color of the shoe. However, if you consider the factors above you are assured of getting yourself a good, reliable pair of outdoor basketball shoes.


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