Paint and Surface Cleaners of 2019

Paint and Surface Cleaners of 2019
August 31, 2019 admin

Some contaminants on your car cannot be removed by washing alone. Things like tree sap, paint overspray, water spots, light oxidation and bird droppings need something more, which is where Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 comes into its own. This shears off and removes surface contaminants which would otherwise break down the paint surface leaving it dull and open to deterioration.

Product Features

  • Mothers speed clay is for contaminants removal, to restore the original paint.
  • It does this in a very short time.
  • With just a single spray and cleaning, you get your painting restored and exactly smooth as it was.


  • Speed clay is reusable, for when you use and it remains, you can store it for future use.
  • It cleans up to 20 vehicles
  • Speed clay is easy to use and not laborious, making the process is an easy task anyone can do.


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