15 Best Sleep Apnea Pillow Reviews, FAQs & Buying Guide of 2019

15 Best Sleep Apnea Pillow Reviews, FAQs & Buying Guide of 2019
September 1, 2019 admin

The most significant disorder associated with sleep is sleep apnea since it affects millions of people across the world with many living with it undiagnosed. It entails blockage of the airways as you sleep which is a dangerous aspect. You can choose several mechanisms of treating the disorder whether you want to address its mild or severe stage. The best and simplest treatment you can implement is switching the manner you sleep. A sleep apnea pillow will assist you in recovering from the disorder while also uplifting your spirit and according to you a comfortable sleeping time. The following are the 15 best pillows for sleep apnea.

Who should get this?

We value proper lifestyle and health improvement, thereby directing this section to persons suffering from sleep apnea. Good and uninterrupted sleep in beneficial in many ways. If you know of someone with sleep apnea condition, then you know that they need more love and care. Do this by purchasing the best sleep apnea pillow that will help relieve their situation.

How we picked this

Health is among our priorities. Because of this, we go out of our way to invest in research mechanisms that yield accurate results that will be of great help to individuals with sleep apnea. You will discover that our products are from different manufacturers, so it isn’t a campaign strategy. We picked the best 15 out of the considerable number of items that were at our disposal.

Our considerations were the material used in sleep apnea pillow manufacture, the weight, size, certification, and unique technology used in construction. You will love our results and findings.

How we tested

We invest our funds in buying test samples to verify product quality. Our team distributed these sleep apnea pillows among the affected to try out. We also involved a team of health practitioners with expertise in the breathing system to aid in product verification. We are glad that the 15 did well and featured in our review list.

1. Endurimed CPAP Pillow – for Stomach, Back, Side Sleepers

This is considered one of the best nasal pillows for sleep apnea. It offers both comfort and stability because it is both soft to rest your head on and very firm when it comes to aligning your neck and your spine. If you have a facial mask or a nasal mask, this pillow allows lots of free space to accommodate them together with your connecting tubes without ever getting caught on your pillow.

It allows you to sleep on any side you desire, and whether you face upwards, on your sides or your belly, you can without the fear of bruising yourself or interference that would lead to general discomfort. Good with all noninvasive ventilation like the CPAP, Bi-PAP, and APAP. Any standard pillowcase will fit, but a custom pillowcase is available if you need one.

2. MedCline Acid Reflux Relief Bed Wedge and Body Pillow


Despite being a sleep apnea side pillow, it will help you with acid reflux as well. It is slanted at an angle to elevate your upper body and opens up your airways as lying flat for people with sleep apnea is not an option.

It is also very accommodative to back sleepers and side sleepers.


3. VISCO LOVE Celliant Sleep Universal Orthopedic and Ergonomic Neck Support Memory Foam Pillow


These are sleep apnea nose pillows that you will find efficient in their ability to address common sleep complications. The comfortable design and it’s 100% visco-elastic foam allow it to fit everyone and adapt to any body shape making it essential for preventing tension in your spine and joints.

It is hypoallergenic making it very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. You can sleep on it with or without a mask. It comes with a zipperless washable Celliant cover.

4. LUXELIFT Support Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow


If you are having disruptive nights, you should get nasal pillows for sleep apnea. This pillow has two adjustable variations, the 12 inches, and 8 inches height making it perfect for use as a toddler sleep apnea pillow. LUXELIFT pillow provides excellent therapeutic support with a two gel infused memory foam.

Its unique multipurpose design makes it suitable for pregnancies, sports injuries, congestion and snoring because it provides an optimal support elevation that is good for leg support.

5. InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow


It is made of two-inch memory foam with built-in channels to enhance air circulation. It is designed for people with breathing problems, acid reflux, neck and back problems. It is highly recommended for people recovering from surgery.

It is a very comfortable wedge pillow that serves a variety of uses. It keeps you elevated preventing you from snoring and keeping sleep apnea at bay.

6. FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow


FitPlus is a therapeutic sleep apnea position pillow that addresses all your sleeping concerns including snoring, allergies and acid reflux. It supports your upper body and shoulders by the bed wedge prompting better sleep positions.

It has 1.5 inches of memory foam molds to the shape of your shoulders to ensure that you have a good night sleep.

7. Cushy Form Bed Wedge Pillow


You can convert your bed to a recliner using this pillow which solves a variety of sleep-related concerns. It is relatively competent as a toddler’s sleep apnea pillow because it prevents the toddler from having blocked airway passages when they sleep in an elevated position.

This anti snore pillow is also used to prevent spine and neck discomfort. It is multi-purpose and allows you to enjoy comfortable reading and sleeping positions. Has very soft breathable covers that can be machine washed.

8. Relax Home Life 7.5 Inch Bed Wedge Pillow


This sleep apnea wedge pillow helps you to deal with your heartburn, GERD, and snoring issues. Its memory foam top measures 1.5 inches covered by a stay fresh bamboo encasing assuring you maximum comfort as you take a nap. With 40% bamboo and 60% polyester in the overall, this pillow is of premium quality, and it easily adjusts to all your sleeping positions.

The bottom layer base being a firm layer of foam offers you the essential support you require when your torso is raised.

9. Brentwood Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Sleep Pillow


The entirely knit fabric made within the US is a great option when you need to sleep comfortably all through the night. It also gives you the support you need when reading on the bed or just watching TV on the floor. The gradual comfortable gradient will help smoothen your respiratory difficulties while also ensuring reduced shoulder and neck aches.

If you have circulation issues, acid reflux, hiatal hernia, allergies or a perennial snorer then incline pillows such as this one can be the solution.

10. Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top by Cushy Form


It features a layer of highly dense memory foam which is made to comfortably contour to your shoulder, neck and head region forming a slope of comfort. This means that you will rest tranquility as the pillow is firm enough not to collapse under your weight.

You will in the overall have improved breathing; get rid of acid reflux and GERD problems with this sleep apnea wedge pillow that converts your bed into a comfy recliner.

11. Celliant Sleep Therapeutic Wellness Memory Foam Pillow by VISCO LOVE US LLC


This cervical pillow for sleep apnea is manufactured by the use of delicate but robust pure visco-elastic memory foam. It responds to heat signals and contours appropriately in line with the shape of the neck as well as the shoulders. This means that it offers full support to the relevant organs and eliminates all pain inducers.

It is hypoallergenic with an ability to ensure enhanced circulation of blood and lymph fluid. You can eradicate headaches, restlessness, and insomnia by the use of this pillow which enables air pathways to be kept open for minimizing snoring. It is also easy to use it with CPAP masks if you are a sleep apnea patient.

12. Bed Wedge Pillow by Splendoress


Bed Wedge Pillow is an ideal and multipurpose pillow for sleep apnea which accords you the comfort of high sleep, leg elevation as well as upright support. It serves the purpose when you need firm support post-surgery when you are experiencing back pain or also when you need adult pregnancy bolstering. It features a soft, easy-to-breathe-into cover that you can remove and wash.

Its benefits especially when sleeping at an elevated position are wholesome since your body assumes an ideal angle for enhanced breathing, neck, head, legs, and neck positioning.

13. Splendoress Bed Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux -Post Surgery, Leg Elevation, GERD, Snoring, Pregnancy


Its highly dense memory foam assists in the elimination of pain after surgery. It provides firm support for your body and organs assume a better position leading to reduced back and neck pain. You will have reduced acid reflux, breathe well and snore less, as well as achieve decreasing allergies. Its optimal height and angle enable you to assume better sleeping positions.

Your neck, shoulders, legs, and head will assume superb aspects allowing you maximum comfort as you rest or sleep on the pillow.

14. Bed Wedge Pillow for Alleviates Neck/Back Pain, Acid Reflux, Snoring, Heartburn


The ultra-soft bed wedge pillow assures that your head will remain elevated as you sleep and your body comfortably reclined ensuring swift relief once you lie on it. The highly dense layer of memory foam enhances your sleep, and you can also use it as a versatile incline pillow. The inclined position enables you to have a superbly reclined angle as you watch the TV or read your favorite books or magazines.

The Sleep Apnea Pillow Amazon purchase allows you to benefit from a 100% money back promise where you get your money back after 60 nights of trying the product. The acquisition also features a 2-year warranty.

15. CPAP Pillow by Lumia Wellness – Ideal for Back and Side Sleepers


It is contoured in design to give you comfort in whether you sleep on your back, side, or even your stomach. The side cutouts are ideal for free resting of CPAP masks with reduced pressure and leakage prevention. The pillowcase is more comfortable to remove and wash using a machine washer.

The unique CPAP hose roping mechanism ensures kinky, and tangling is reduced as you sleep. It is as such guaranteed to ensure that your head and face remain comfortable throughout the night.

Numerous aspects are essential in distinguishing several types of sleep apnea pillows on Amazon. You should check the essential features such as shape and measurements like length and width. You should also verify the washability of the covers and cases. When you can easily clean them using the machine washer, it is easier to maintain the pillow.

There are lots of pillows that can help you enjoy a good night sleep if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea. Finding a pillow that works for your body is relatively easy once you know you’re sleeping positions. Most sleep apnea pillows will help you sleep in different positions with much comfort.

Select the best product which fits within your pocket limits. The products above are ideal for helping you rectify your sleep apnea problem while also ensuring your nights are comfortable and restful. You can also purchase such a pillow when recovering from surgery or in need of reading and TV watching support either on the bed or floor.

FAQs and Buying Guide of Sleep Apnea Pillow

What is Sleep Apnea?

Most people living with sleep apnea do not know because they have never gone for a sleep test or been diagnosed with it. If your doctor diagnoses you today with sleep apnea, part of the solution in managing it includes getting a right pillow. But before we indulge in the kinds of pillows you need, we must first understand what sleep apnea is.

Sleep Apnea is a common sleep complication which results from shortness of breath while you are sleeping. This shortness of breath can be characterized by loud snoring, gasping and struggling to get a breath while sleeping, waking up with a dry mouth, and having difficulties falling asleep. You can as well suffer from daylight fatigue, and you feel that you have had no adequate sleep.

Recent developments on the science of sleep have revealed quite interesting facts about sleep and allowed scientists to understand sleep complications better. There are two main processes which have been identified to regulate sleep. The first one is the circadian rhythms. These rhythms are controlled by the biological clock and are known to respond to the level of light and the quietness in the environment. This explains why neurologists and sleep experts advise that you sleep in a quiet and dark room to enhance the quality of your sleep.

The second process which affects sleep is the sleep drive. This is a craving within your body for sleep and results from mental and physical exhaustion. Just like hunger which makes you crave for food, sleep drive will make you have a strong desire to sleep. And the dangerous thing with a sleep drive is that it can overpower you and make you fall into sleep even if you wish not to. This explains why people fall asleep at work, in meetings, and more dangerously, when driving. To avoid this, ensure that you have enough sleep.

Who is Susceptible to Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is associated with people of all ages, and in some cases it is hereditary. It is a common sleep disorder that interrupts breathing while they are asleep. Any person suffering from sleep apnea will stop repeatedly breathing during the night. Breathing is an involuntary act. It becomes a danger to any individual to stops breathing unknowingly. This results in a lack of oxygen in the brain and a limited supply of oxygen to the body. If sleep apnea is left untreated you stand a risk of suffering even more sinister consequences;

-Constant headaches


-High blood pressure


-Heart failure


The two forms of sleep apnea are:

-Central sleep apnea

-Obstructive sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea happens when the soft tissues at the back of your throat block your airways. Central sleep apnea is less familiar, and it occurs when the brain stops communicating with the muscles that control your breathing.

Why You Need a Sleep Apnea Pillow?

While this disorder is life threatening, treatment is relatively easy and involves making minor adjustments to your pillow. A sleep apnea pillow is designed to accommodate the tubes and masks that are associated with the management of the disorder.

What is a Sleep Apnea Pillow?

A sleep apnea pillow is a specially designed pillow which helps to lower the incidences of sleep apnea. There are a wide variety of these pillows including the sleep apnea position pillow and the toddler sleep apnea pillow explicitly designed for toddlers with sleep apnea condition.

Revolution of Sleep Apnea Pillow

Sleep apnea pillows started making their way into the market in the 1990s, a decade after Colin Sullivan discovered continuous positive airway pressure therapy as a treatment to chronic respiratory conditions. Design attempts began immediately, but it was not until the late 1990’s that reliable sleep apnea pillows were designed.

Continuous advancement on this area has seen the development of sleep apnea position pillows and sleep apnea nose pillows which deliver better results. Medical research has shown that sleep apnea is not only prevalent in adults but also among children. To help treat this condition, toddler sleep apnea pillows have been designed which effectively help to manage the condition among the toddlers.

Advantage of Sleep Apnea Pillow

  1. Help in proper spinal alignment
  2. Gives adequate head and neck support
  3. Guarantees more comfortable sleep
  4. Are effective in curbing sleep apnea condition

Types of Sleep Apnea Pillows

1. Positional Pillows

These pillows are designed to keep the neck in the right position and support the soft tissues around the throat to avoid airway blockage. They include the wedge-shaped pillows which are suitable for back-position sleepers and cervical pillows which are best for those who sleep on their side. Toddler sleep apnea pillows fall under positional pillows and are designed for toddlers who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.

2. CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) Pillows

These type of pillows work alongside CPAP machines to deliver prescribed positive airway pressure treatment to your lungs through the nostrils and keep the airway open. Your doctor may recommend that you get nose pillow for sleep apnea to treat your condition instead of the positional pillows. Nasal pillows for sleep apnea are more comfortable than masks which cover the bigger part of your face and leave you with marks on your face.

Factors to Consider While Shopping

1. Support

A perfect sleep apnea pillow should help you safely support the internal organs surrounding the throat and hold them from collapsing. By doing this, these soft organs will keep the airway clear and thus avoid any instance of sleep apnea.

2. Comfort

Your night’s rest should be a comfortable one. Go for a pillow which enhances this comfort while still helping you keep off from sleep apnea.

3. Firmness

A firm pillow will not lose its shape over time. Choose a firm pillow as it will maintain its contours and not collapse during sleep.

4. The Shape

There are several sleep apnea pillows designed for different sleeping positions. For instance, if you love sleeping on your back, the back sleep apnea position pillow will be the best. There are also those sleep apnea pillows which have several contours and are designed for those who mostly sleep on their sides.

How to Clean Sleep Apnea Pillow?

For positional pillows, you can wipe the pillow on a weekly bases using a sterile liquid and a mild antibacterial soap. To ease the cleaning process, you can buy a pillow cover, and you be cleaning the pillow cover instead of the pillow.

For CPAP pillows, you can clean them using warm and soapy water. This cleaning should be done on a daily bases. Rinse the pillow thoroughly with clean water and keep it flat, clean surface to dry. Never use any alcoholic substance or any other substance which can irritate your nose.

How to Make a Sleep Apnea Pillow?

The simplest way of making a sleep apnea pillow is by modifying the existing regular pillows. You must note that the resultant sleep apnea pillow will not be as good as those which are purchased.

Take your regular pillow and tie a soft piece of the strap at a length which is two thirds from one end. Position your pillow lengthwise such that the part with the constriction is facing the foot of your bed. Lie on your side on this pillow and your head mask will fit perfectly on the contraction giving you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Where to buy Sleep Apnea Pillow?

Amazon is the best place to buy sleep apnea pillows as they offer a money back guaranty. Here, you will get all sorts of sleep apnea pillows including sleep apnea nose pillows, sleep apnea position pillow, and toddler sleep apnea pillows. You will also get an opportunity to compare different companies and buy from those companies which have a good reputation.

Does my Pillow Help with Sleep Apnea?

If you have the regular pillow, the chances are that the pillow does not help you in any way to manage sleep apnea. Go for cushions which have been designed to alleviate sleep apnea condition and avoid the generic pillows as they may not help you much.

Do Wedge Pillows Help with Sleep Apnea?

Yes. Wedge pillows do help with sleep apnea. But, they are more useful for those people who mostly sleep on their backs.

What is the Best Pillow for Sleep Apnea?

The best pillow for sleep apnea will depend on your sleeping position. If you mostly sleep on your sides, the cervical sleep apnea pillow will be the right one for you. But if you love sleeping on your back, the wedge-shaped sleep apnea pillow will effectively help manage your sleep apnea condition.


Choosing the right pillow may pose a significant challenge to you. You will be overloaded with lots of information and find it difficult to distinguish the pillow which will solve your problem from that which will not. Use the above guide to filter this information overload and make a perfect buying choice.


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Review Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.

Visco sleep pillow is worth the money

5 5 1
My sister was having terrible neck problems. After the first night using this pillow, she already noticed improvements. Really a great product.

Exactly what I've been looking for

5 5 1
EnduriMed CPAP has quality foam and beautiful thick covering make this bed wedge a great product. This is one of the best pillow for using the CPAP mask.

I just order MediCline

5 5 1
I order this pillow for my wife. I am thinking about ordering the 2nd one for myself, but I'm waiting for first one.
Review Title
Review Content

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