Best Baby Rattle of 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Baby Rattle of 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide
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Once you have a baby, toys become part of your household items. They offer the much-needed entertainment for the kids as well as enhancing their development, from hand-eye coordination to sound recognition among others. This article aims at simplifying your search for that perfect and affordable toy for you by reviewing only the best from Amazon. Read through them make your choice.

Parents, guardians, caregivers, and gift lovers should stop by to have a quick read of this piece. Since these parties love to keep babies busy, entertained, and learn coordination, it is crucial to select a rattle that is safe for health, is within the baby’s age bracket, and is functional. Babies are delicate and need more attention when introducing such toys.

How we picked this

We have a team of researchers that comprises six parents who went ahead to make surveys on baby rattles. Other forms of data collection were an interview with parents, a few visits to baby shops and stores, and browsing on Google to see what online parents are talking about. The product listings were from the analyzed data and more from Amazon. We had the team come up with a list of over 80 baby rattles in all colours, shapes, sizes, and from different brands.

How we tested

We invested so much in purchasing five samples of each of the 80 baby rattles to see which ones will be excellent options for these little ones. We did thorough tests among them drop down tests, portability, health safety, ease of cleaning, paint and colour fading, and storage. Only 10 passed all the tests and proved value for money.

1. Manhattan Toy, Winkel Rattle & Teether

There is no easier way of introducing your baby to the Sound-Cause-Effect concept than with this little toy here. It doubles up as a rattle and teether, so you will be “killing two birds with one stone.” It’s super lightweight and very soft for your baby’s little hands, and the colors are beautiful as well. The size is also perfect for when you need to carry it in your diaper bag, and it looks so neat. It is available on Amazon at a very affordable price.


  • BPA, Lead & PVC free
  • Lightweight, soft, flexible, and small enough for small hands and mouth
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Only makes slight noise when you shake it
  • The loops easily attaches with a pacifier clip
  • No room for moisture to hide thus mold can’t grow
  • Bright colors to catch your baby’s attention


•Some babies might not like it

2. Bright Starts Grab & Spin Rattle

For hand-eye coordination developments, your little one will find this colorful spinning rattle really helpful. You can begin by spinning it for them if they are too young to grab stuff and see how quickly they will want to grab it. It also serves as a great teething relief thanks to its teeth able textures. It also weighs very little, just 3.2 ounces, and the size is ideal for small hands. It also helps soothe your little one to sleep, and it is machine washable.


  • Lightweight
  • Small enough for babies
  • Lead free
  • Unisex
  • Easy to grab and spin
  • You can easily hook it on a stroller or car seat
  • It spins easily plus the rings slide easily too


  • The toy gets some water in the clear piece but will dry fast when you leave it on a drying rack

3. Fisher-Price Rattle & Rock Maracas Musical Toy

For hand-eye coordination developments, your little one will find this colorful spinning rattle really helpful. You can begin by spinning it for them if they are too young to grab stuff and see how quickly they will want to grab it. It also serves as a great teething relief thanks to its teeth able textures. It also weighs very little, just 3.2 ounces, and the size is ideal for small hands. It also helps soothe your little one to sleep, and it is machine washable.


  • Lightweight
  • Small enough for babies
  • Lead free
  • Unisex
  • Easy to grab and spin
  • You can easily hook it on a stroller or car seat
  • It spins easily plus the rings slide easily too


  • The toy gets some water in the clear piece but will dry fast when you leave it on a drying rack

4. Oball Shaker

Your baby will have fun either by shaking, teething and rattling with this toy all at once. It serves all the three purposes perfectly thus no need to buy three different toys for the same. It is BPA free and needs no batteries to operate. It is also easy to clean and harbors no moisture so no worries of growing mold. The colorful beads are also visible through the clear textured rattle, and you will find it fun to play with as well as it has two ends thus you can put one in your mouth and shake it to entertain your baby. They find it hilarious!


  • Easy to wash
  • Lightweight and small sized thus easy to grab
  • Perfect for baby gumming
  • Unisex
  • BPA free


  • The rattle doesn’t make super loud rattle, but it’s enough to keep your baby entertained

5. Sassy Spin Shine Rattle Developmental Toy

There is so much you will love about this toy. First, it looks cool, and your baby will want to grab it straight from the box. The oscillating mirror spinner/vortex/ladybug will automatically catch their attention and keep them entertained for the longest time. The rings are super awesome as the baby can easily grab onto them plus it has a central bar with coolly raised dots for the same purpose. It is also lightweight with an excellent contrast.


  • Super light
  • Perfect for addressing developmental needs (color, sound, grabbing, eye-hand coordination, etc.) of your newborn
  • Not overly loud rattle
  • Easy to wash (you can just wipe with a damp cloth)
  • Have bright high-contrast colors & patterns


  • Water might get into it if fully submerged, so you better wash it without submerging it.

6. SmartNoggin 10483 Nogginstik Baby Toy

This is a light up rattle that every infant is bound to love. It easily attracts the baby’s attention thanks to the cool shape and bright colors while also entertaining them for long without boredom as it lights up with babies battling hands. It is a great toy to have. It is easy to hold thanks to the bumpy texture of the center part, has a nice rattle sound, awesome color changing and a nice and clear mirror at the bottom part.


  • BPA and PVC free
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for birth+ babies
  • The head lights up. Changes between blue, green and red
  • You get a nice happy sound from the rattle


•The light goes out on its own and lights up with slight movement

7. Playgro Clip Clop Activity Baby Rattle

If your baby gets bored by toys quickly, then you should consider getting them one full of different features, and this here will make a great choice. It is 100% polyester so expect it to be lightweight. It captures every developmental aspect for babies, and they get to discover each feature as they grow. Your baby gets to enjoy the rattles, a peek-a-boo saddle, click-clack beads and much more. The baby will also have several textures to explore when teething.


  • Super lightweight
  • Unisex
  • Has many features to keep the baby entertained
  • Easy to grab and hold
  • No choking hazard


  • Not dishwasher safe

8. Oball Rainstick Rattle

This has a round/ball shape with a flat top and bottom enabling it to stand without toppling over. The shape makes it easy for babies to hold with both hands and shake it to get the soothing raindrop sounds from the rattle. Also, it has 30 finger holes which again makes it easy to grab and shake. The rattle has multi-colored beads thus your baby might have fun exploring them as the rattle is clear. The ball’s material is soft and bendable plastic so it can’t hurt your baby’s fingers. It is also BPA free so no harm if they teeth on it.


  • Ball shaped toy with many holes for ease of grabbing
  • It is BPA free
  • Soft and bendable plastic material
  • The rattle produces soothing raindrops sound
  • The rattling sound is just enough to amuse babies yet quiet enough for anyone else who dislikes noise
  • Even older kids will have fun watching as the beads cascade


  • Might be a little large for little hands

9. Wishtime Baby Rattle Teether 9pcs Toy Set

I don’t think you will be buying any more toys once you get this for your baby. At least not for a few months. It consists of 9 pieces, all colorful and ideal for just any baby learning how to hand grasp, and most importantly, teething. The toys attract the baby’s attention, and they will easily switch from one toy to the next thus no boredom. Each of these toys is very lightweight thus can’t hurt the baby even if they fall on them. You will also get a “giant bottle gift” for your baby.


  • Nine pieces newborn toys
  • Bright, colorful and sturdy toys
  • Serves as a rattle and a teether
  • BPA free
  • Lightweight
  • Great for enhancing babies’ recognition abilities
  • Features different shapes, colors, and designs
  • Waterproof


  • The colors are too many which might not work for some people

10. Lamaze Bitty Bite Bug Rattle

This is a great rattle and teether for babies. The design is beautiful and unique plus the toy is very lightweight and small enough for your baby to grab and carry with ease. It features several colors which make it attractive for babies while also stimulating their visual development. It is made with soft, premium materials so your baby can play with it without any worries. The wings crinkle thus more play for the baby. In general, this is a cute, tiny ladybug with lots of teething fun for your lo.


  • Contrast colors
  • Great texture for babies
  • Doubles as a rattle and a teether
  • Lightweight and small sized ideal for babies
  • Unique design
  • A sturdy toy with great teething options, rustling and rattling paper sound


  • No squeaky on the inside for the babies to press though the other options offer enough entertainment

Best Baby Rattle Buying Guide

As a parent or primary care giver, your number one priority will always be your child’s happiness. And the best ways to do this is by ensuring that they have plenty to keep them busy and entertained. Rattles have been around for centuries and their effectiveness as fun toys in unparalleled. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to find and choose the best rattle for your little bundle of joy.

Benefits Of Baby Rattles

Baby rattles have been used to soothe and entertain children for more than 2000 years. And in spite of their old fashioned nature, their popularity shows no signs of waning. This is mainly because parents all over the world recognize and appreciate all the benefits that a baby rattle has to offer. Yes; this means that the rattle doesn’t just exist to keep the little one pre-occupied. It has a lot more in store for users.
The most important benefits of baby rattles is the fact that it helps with the development of hand eye coordination. It also helps with the development of limb strength. It is for these very reasons that parents instinctively begin to use rattles as soon as the child can grip objects.
Another important benefit of using baby rattles is that they are very useful during the child’s teething age. In this case, biting and gnawing on special soft rattles can help offer the child relief during this otherwise distressing period.

Rattles are also very useful to babies as they help with sight, hearing and touch development. Pretty much everything about the rattles from the bright colors to the fun sounds directly contribute to this special development.
In a nutshell, baby rattles have a lot to offer your baby both regarding entertainment and overall growth and development.

Types Of Baby Rattles

A rattle is any instrument consisting of a solid mass and loose units which when shaken produces a rattling sound. All baby rattles have this basic definition in common. However, there are a few major differences that distinguish baby rattles in the market. Below are a few of the major categories of baby rattles and the main examples under each.

Based on material

-Cloth rattles
They are usually made of cotton but can also be made from wool or other fabric with a few tiny plastic or metallic balls at the core.
-Plastic rattles
These are the most commonly sold today. The material used is usually free from toxins to prevent harm as children often put them in their mouths. One of the main advantages, in this case, is the fact that plastic is durable and does not stain, unlike cloth.
-Wooden rattles
Wooden rattles are as vintage as it gets with baby rattles. They usually feature exquisite carvings and patterns making them more for aesthetic purposes than actual use.
These are also pretty old school with gold and silver being the most commonly used metals.
-Shell rattles
In this case, the shells are arranged in such a way that when shaken, they bump against each other for the characteristic rattle sound.

Based on design

-String rattles
This is common with shell and beaded rattles where the pieces lie adjacent to one another in a ring formation string.
-Stuffed animal rattles
This is common with the cloth rattles where the toy takes the shape of a stuffed animal, fruit or even soft ball with the rattling balls at the core.
-Straight or stick rattles
In this case, the rattle has two main parts; the handle and one end with the rattling pieces. In some cases, the rattling part may be present on both ends. You can have different designs with the lollipop and dumbbell designs being the most popular.
-Round rattles
Finally, round rattles have, as the name suggests, a full loop design. This can be in any shape from common circle rattle designs to more interesting polygonal shapes. In this case, the rattling pieces can be either on one end or within the actual loop frame.

Based on purpose

-Teething rattles
Finally, there are baby rattles specifically designed to aid with the teething process. These usually feature special grooves and soft materials to make it safe and comfortable for the baby to gnaw on.

General Factors To Consider When Buying A Baby Rattle

Buying a rattle might seem easy and straightforward from a distance. But to ensure that you get the very best there are several factors to consider. Below are the 3 main things you need to take into account before purchasing a baby rattle.

1. The baby’s age
Different rattles are appropriate and ideal for different child ages. It is therefore very important to take this into consideration when looking for the right baby rattle. Basically, children below 6 months respond better to more colorful pieces with softer rattling sounds. They also do well with lighter pieces. Above this age, the rattle needs to be interesting with multipurpose units that double up as other toys being your best bet.

2. Price
The price is also something very important for you to consider when buying your child their baby rattle. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money without getting full value for your investment. More often than not, a good rattle should cost anywhere between $5 and $25.

3. Customer reviews and comments
As with any other product, it is always important to find out what other parents think about the baby rattle that you are interested in getting. This gives you a better idea of what you can expect.

Specific Features To Consider

In addition to the general factors, you also need to consider specific features on the rattle. These include:

1. Rattle design
This will determine how easy it will be for the child to handle and play with the rattle. For younger kids under 6 months, round rattles are the best with the support offered to be perfect for their developing muscles.

2. Material
This directly influences the durability of the baby rattles. Plastic rattles are pretty much immortal and are resistant to breaking, cracking and other forms of damage. They are also stained resistant due to their liquid proof nature.

3. Colors and pattern
With rattles, the more colorful the piece the better it is for the child. This helps them differentiate colors while keeping them interested and busy at the same time.

4. Dimensions and weight
These two are particularly important to consider with children under six months. This is because larger and heavier units might be too difficult for the little one to handle.

What The Best Baby Rattles Have

Having understood what to lookout for below is a summary of what every good baby rattle has.
1. Color and pattern variety
2. Ergonomic handle
3. Stain resistance or at the very least material that is easy to clean.
4. Resistance to impact
5. Overall durability

Bottom line
After-all is said and done, and it is safe to say that buying a rattle is an art form. If you follow all these guidelines and tips, you will find the perfect rattle for your baby. So whether you are a first-time mommy or a friend looking for the perfect baby shower gift, the tips above should go a long way to ensure that you get full value for your money.


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