5 STAR Rated 15 Best Bowling Ball Reviews | FAQ’s | Buying Guide of 2024

5 STAR Rated 15 Best Bowling Ball Reviews | FAQ’s | Buying Guide of 2024
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Bowling sport gives a proficient, fancy, yet complex experience to players. If you are a bowling enthusiast, there is no better way of other than using the best bowling ball on the market. This is because the ball you use to play hugely determines your performance. Investing in the best bowling ball makes the game fun and easy.

Due to the numerous options available on the market, it can be a challenge picking the best. Additionally, bowling balls perform differently in various surfaces. Hence, you may not know which product to purchase for different circumstances and skill level. Here are reviews of some of the top quality bowling balls on the market and where they best perform.

Who should get this?

All bowler enthusiasts should stop here and if possible, re-read the guide. More categories that we are addressing are individuals who love to gift friends and relatives. Having the best bowling ball is a determinant of your performance. Skill is a bonus. A good one makes the sport more comfortable, more fun, and worth playing anytime you are free.

How we picked this

Our main area of research for products was on Google and Amazon. Initially, we had about 50 bowling balls from different brands to sample. We are happy to involve our team of ambitious testers and guides who put the bowling balls through the necessary tests to determine performance and durability. A few pointers were the warranty period, the overall weight of each ball, and the type of surface that you can use the bowling ball on, the material of construction and what the core looks like.

How we tested

The guides took to the field to determine the quality of each ball. The primary basis was on the core, the coverstock, the filler material, and how to correctly spin such balls. It is a great honor to confirm that all the 15 balls feature stupendous quality and performance. Despite a few cons here and there, they are not deal-breakers.

1. Storm Physix Bowling Ball

Storm Physix bowling ball comes with an NRG Hybrid Reactive coverstock making it a versatile bowling ball perfect for the advanced players. Besides, this product weighs 15 pounds, which gives it a strong, reliable move. With the new atomic asymmetrical core design, this bowling ball has a strong mid-lane reaction as well as a continuous motion off the breakpoint.


  • NRG hybrid reactive coverstock
  • 15 pounds weight
  • Atomic asymmetrical core design

2. KR Clear Red Rose Bowling Ball

This KR Clear Red Rose bowling ball features a polyester coverstock. Hence, it is perfect for beginners and one of the most durable options on sale today. Therefore, you can ideally use it on very dry lanes. It also features a vibrant red rose core which gives the player a fantastic combination of style and value.

The product only comes with 14 pounds weight, and this makes it perfect for people who weigh at least 140 pounds. The manufacturer gives a 1-year limited warranty to all customers, which covers any dysfunctions that could occur. This means that this is a risk-free purchase boosting your confidence.


  • Polyester coverstock
  • Vibrant red rose core
  • 14 pounds weight
  • 1 year limited warranty

3. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball


Here is one of the best bowling balls on the market as it features a lightweight design. With 12 pounds weight, this product has more power, and this enhances your playing experience. Additionally, it is a bowling ball that features different colors and sizes. Therefore, it is a product that will match the taste of most people as there are numerous options to pick from.

It also features R-16 reactive coverstock which makes this bowling ball suitable for both oily and dry lanes. Moreover, the 500 Siaair/royal compound/ royal shine finish of this bowling ball gives it a fun color scheme and design.


  • 12.0 pounds of weight
  • Different colors and sizes available
  • R-16 reactive coverstock
  • 500 Siaair/royal compound/ royal shine finish

4. Motiv Bowling Ball

This bowling ball has the advanced version of Gear core and comes with a slightly lower RG. Nonetheless, it has a slightly higher differential and a Hexion MFP Pearl coverstock. The product is perfect for use on a medium oil and dry lanes and perfectly suits the skills of advanced bowlers.

It comes with the 5500 grit polished finish, and this boosts manageable length at the front of the lane. The bowling ball has a strong back end reaction and smoothly glides to the breaking point. It also has a high rev rate which boosts extra hook on shots.


  • Enhanced gear core version
  • Hexion MFP Pearl coverstock
  • Ideal for medium oiled to dry lanes
  • 5500 grit polished finish
  • Strongback end reaction

5. Hammer Black Window Bowling Ball

Are you a seasoned player who is looking for the best bowling ball on the market in 2024? Well, this black window bowling ball is all you are looking for as it comes with an aggressive hybrid coverstock that makes it highly flexible. The product also features an angular core that makes it have a strong back-end.

You will also love the black or gold color that it features on the outside, giving it a unique look and feel. It weighs 15.0 pounds, and this means that it suits players weighing at least 150 pounds. The weight also ensures that this bowling ball has a strong, reliable move, making it the best on the market.


  • Hybrid coverstock
  • Angular core
  • Black and gold look
  • Weighs 150 pounds

6. Brunswick Lizard Eye Bowling Ball

This eye-catchy bowling ball is the best for beginners as it comes with a plastic coverstock. It makes one of the most durable bowling balls for sale. Being one of the Brunswick bowling balls, this is a highly durable and high-quality product you can invest in. Additionally, this bowling ball features a lizard eye, making it great for animal lovers.

Its design allows it to glow in blacklight and so it adds a new angle into the bowling scene. With the rubbing and finishing compound single buff it comes with, you can ideally use it on dry lanes. However, this bowling ball is suitable for any lane, making it a great purchase.


  • Plastic coverstock
  • Lizard eye look
  • Glows in blacklight
  • Rubbing finish compound single buff design

7. Roto-Grip Bowling Ball

Roto-Grip Bowling Halo Ball features a combination of sky blue, coal and fuchsia colors that will always give it a unique and great look. It has a new asymmetrical weight block known as centrum, and this is what it comes with as the core. The product comes with a MicroTrax-S18 solid reactive coverstock which gives the ball high traction. Moreover, the product features 2000 grit box finish, which boosts the ball’s hooking capacity, and this demands minimal effort from all kinds of bowlers. You should use this bowling ball on a heavily oiled pattern


  • Sky blue, coal and fuchsia color combination
  • Asymmetrical weight block core
  • MicroTrax-S18 solid reactive coverstock
  • 20000 grit box finish

8. Hammer Bowling Black Window Gold


This product is one of the best looking bowling balls that come with gold color. It features a luxurious and elegant look that adds pretty sleekness in the game. The coverstock of this bowling ball features semtex pearl. This implies that it is perfect for use on dry lanes and also makes it perfect for front end throwing motion.

On the backend, this bowling ball provides a high hooking ability. Moreover, you will love the 500/1000 Abralon polished finish it features. To give this product enhanced stability and durability, it features a carbon-fiber outer core.


  • Elegant golden color
  • Semtex Pearl coverstock
  • 500/1000 Abralon polished finish
  • Carbon-fiber outer core

9. Pyramid Bowling Ball

This is a 15-pound bowling ball that comes with a lot of stability and reliable motion. Additionally, this product features a New Era 149 symmetrical core that gives it the smoothness and control required on a medium to heavy oil lanes. Moreover, this bowling ball comes with a GPS navigational solid coverstock which provides the ball with a high hooking or flare potential.

This coverstock is popularly known as a reactive resin coverstock. It is perfect for use by experienced players. To give you high confidence in investing in it, this bowling ball comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • New Era 149 symmetrical core
  • Ideal for medium to heavy oiled lanes
  • GPS navigational solid coverstock
  • 2-year warranty

10. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball


This is a bowling ball that comes with different colors and sizes to choose from. Therefore, you will always find a perfect choice for you within the available options. One of the things you will love about this bowling ball is that it has a cool 1500-Grit finished, which makes it ideal for medium to dry lanes. The product features a reactive pearl coverstock which is perfect for beginners and also highly durable.

It also houses a New Era 139 symmetric core, making it perfect for allowing you to drill holes on it according to how it suits you best. The ball features high quality, and this is one of the major reasons why it comes with a 2-year warranty to guarantee that it is a risk-free investment.


  • Different colors and sizes available
  • 1500-Grit finish
  • Medium-dry lanes
  • Reactive pearl coverstock
  • New Era 139 symmetric core

11. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Are you an entry-level bowler who is looking for the best bowling ball on the market? This is exactly what you are in search of as it features a polyester or plastic coverstock, making it ideal for learning basic bowling skills. The ball rolls straight and it is ideal for use on dry lanes. One of the best things about this bowling ball is that it comes with unpre-drilled holes and so you can drill them in such a way that they best suit you. Additionally, it has a 3-piece core and features multiple colors and sizes available to match your taste.


  • Entry-level friendly
  • Plastic/polyester coverstock
  • Unpre-drilled holes
  • 3-piece core

12. DV8 Pitbull Bite Bowling Ball

Here is a bowling ball that comes with a composite fang coverstock which makes it ideal for intermediate to advanced players. Additionally, it features a pitbull low RG core, which gives it a stable and reliable motion. Moreover, you will find that this bowling ball has a hooking potential that will always push you to learn new skills.

You will love the 1500 Grit siaair micro pad finish that comes with it as it gives it a beautiful look. It weighs 15 pounds, making it ideal for adults who weigh at least 150 pounds and facilitating a motion that is both strong and reliable.


  • Composite fang coverstock
  • Pitbull low RG core
  • 1500 Grit siaair micro pad finish
  • Weighs 15 pounds

13. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball


Here is a high-quality bowling ball that features a polyester coverstock. Hence, you can be sure that it is beginner-friendly and one of the best kids bowling balls available and perfect for straight shots. One of the great things about it is that it has multiple colors and sizes that will match any bowler’s preference. The ball is delivered undrilled and so you can drill holes that fit you perfectly. It has a royal shine finish and has a cool glowing effect under blacklight.


  • Polyester coverstock
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Undrilled ball
  • Royal blue shine
  • Cool glowing effect

14. Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball

Every advanced bowler should get this product that features medium hooking potential. The ball features a nitrous constructed core which gives it a sturdy construction and a great look. With the boost/gear will coverstock it comes with, this ball does well on lanes that are lightly and medium oiled. Additionally, it is one of the most beautiful bowling balls as it features a 2000 abrasion finish. The ball comes without grip holes and this allows you to drill it in a way that it offers you a firm and grip.


  • Medium hooking potential
  • Nitrous constructed core
  • Boost/gear will coverstock
  • 2000 abrasion finish undrilled state

15. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

This is a bowling ball which can be used by any bowler regardless of the skill level or age. It is perfect for straight shots because it comes with a polyester coverstock. Due to the pyramid quality that comes with this bowling ball, the manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty to customers for some peace of mind. It comes in a new and undrilled state which allows you to drill it in a way that it can give you a perfect grip.


  • Ideal for any age or skill level
  • Polyester coverstock
  • Pyramid quality-2-year warranty
  • New and undrilled state


Here are the top 15 bowling balls that you will always love. From these reviews, you are better equipped to pick the right bowling ball for yourself or a loved one. Remember to consider the configuration, construction, as well as materials when selecting your fines fit.

Additionally, the lane condition, as well as skills, should influence your choice. Hence, with all this information in mind, you are well equipped to pick the best bowling ball on the market in 2024. Pick any of the above and make your order today.

FAQ’s and Buying Guide of Bowling Balls

Bowling is an exciting and fun sport but also very complex. In most cases, it is never about luck but skill and the right equipment. Nonetheless, it is not always easy to spot the right bowling ball because of the numerous options available. Here is an in-depth buying guide that will equip you with all the information you need to make the right decision when buying the best bowling ball.

Revolution of the Bowling Ball

Bowling is a sport that people have participated in since thousands of years ago. Anciently, bowling balls featured lignum vitae, which is a hardwood as the main material. Fast forward to the early 1990s; there was the development of the first rubber bowling ball. Shortly after, Brunswick Corporation made a rubber mineralite ball.

In the 1970s a lot of hard rubber balls were made and they dominated the market. Then, the introduction of urethane bowling balls hit the market in the 1980s. In the 1990s, the core design changed, leading to dramatic changes. The core featured a  design which affected the balance of the ball. A new reactive urethane coverstock was also introduced in the market shortly after. Changes have continued occurring, resulting in new designs on the market time after time.

Types of Bowling Balls

Types of bowling balls rely on both the weight block and the coverstock materials. Here are the types of bowling balls available on the market.

Types of Bowling Balls According to the Coverstock


This is one of the most common bowling balls on the market. They are highly durable and feature a very low price. In most cases, these are referred to as entry-level bowling balls because they feature a smooth finish. Since polyester or plastic is less porous and hard, this bowling ball has limited hook potential. Nonetheless, it is a ball that is easy to control.


This bowling ball makes a good option for first-time shoppers. It is easy to manage and features a high hook potential as this creates more friction between the lane surface and the ball. A bowling ball with urethane coverstock comes with high durability and better pin action.

 Reactive resin

This is a bowling ball that gives you full control. It generates more friction, giving you better pin action and high hook potential. It features three types, including the reactive hybrid, reactive solid, and reactive pearl.

These balls easily react to lane conditions that they get in touch with. Therefore, if you committed a handling effort or the lane condition is poor, this will be seen on the ball’s performance and direction.


Here is a perfect bowling ball for expert and advanced bowlers. The ball features a bumpy or textured surface, generating a lot of friction when used on heavily oiled lanes. Additionally, they tend to dig; hence, they aren’t the easiest for beginners.

Type of Bowling Balls Depending on the Weight Block


These are bowling balls whose cores have great weight distribution. In most cases, they always come drilled and their spots are heavier than others. Hence, they produce defined and angular motions.

Apart from having a high intermediate differential, these balls respond quickly to friction at breakpoints and this maximizes the hook potential. Additionally, with this ball, you can develop a lot of revolutions.

Its action relies on the lane condition and the coverstock material it has.


This is a type of core where a 2-piece bowling ball features low intermediate differential. The ball features low flare potential and this translates to less hook at breakpoint.

It is perfect for bowlers who throw balls at low speed and those who bowl on dry lanes due to the smoother arc motion it comes with.

The ball makes a perfect option for individuals without full hook control when hitting the targeted pin.

High mass or pancake type

This is a bowling ball that is designed to reduce a heavy roll. It has a puddle shaped weight block, or a thin pancake layer finished with high amounts of filler material. Hence, one of its ends is heavier than the other and this gives low hook potential and track flare.

This is considered as a traditional weight block and mainly classified as a symmetrical ball.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Bowling Ball

There are numerous factors you can consider when buying a bowling ball. However, the key points to consider include the ball type, the perfect ball weight, and the grip.

Q: What is a bowling ball?

A: A bowling ball refers to the piece of equipment used when engaging in the bowling sport. The bowling ball interacts with all the physical elements of the game including the pins, the lane, the oil pattern, and the bowler. For top bowlers, the bowling ball is the largest piece of equipment investment and actually, it features all the potential to make or break every shot you engage in.

Q: What the best bowling ball has?

A: The best bowling ball features two components, namely the coverstock and the core. The coverstock is the outer layer which interacts with the lane and the core is the inner layer that influences the ball’s performance and direction.

Q: What are bowling balls made of?

A: There are two major components that make a bowling ball. These two include a core and a coverstock. However, sometimes, you can come across the three-piece bowling ball that features a coverstock, filler material, and the core. All these components feature different materials, making all the balls unique and different from each other.

Q: How to spin a bowling ball?

A: Your fingers should maintain constant grip pressure from stance position. Using one of your feet, move a step forward and make sure the ball also comes forward above your foot. Your non-bowling hand should support the ball.

Releasing the ball from your non-bowling hand, bring the ball to a knee-length then further behind you. Get into the highest point of the backswing still with the ball on your hands. Take your last step towards the line and bring the ball forward. Lower the hips and move your weight a little back and while bending your torso forward, throw the ball. Always keep your wrist and arm straight to impart spin.

Q: How to release a bowling ball?

A: As your hand moves forward, maintain a constant grip. Release the ball as the ball passes past the laces of your sliding shoe. Before releasing, make sure that your thumb is the first one out of the ball.

Q: How to choose a bowling ball?

A: Here are some of the critical features that you should consider when choosing a bowling ball.

Core types

This is a critical feature that you need to consider when choosing a bowling ball. It makes a huge difference when playing. In case you are a beginner and requires a functional ball that needs no skill, buy one with a symmetrical core.


A bowling ball with a lot of weight limits your capacity to utilize its full potential. However, if it is too light, it can likely swerve off. This is why you need to choose a bowling ball with the right weight.

Style and looks

A good bowling ball should add some style in the game. Therefore, the finish and colors should look the part and match your personality and taste. Luckily, the bowling balls on the market come with multiple colors, making it easy for you to spot the best that matches your style, taste, and interest.

High gloss balls are highly preferred as their finish never comes off, keeping the ball stylish and shiny for a long time. Moreover, the outer layer also determines a ball’s durability. Hence, you should be extra keen to ensure that you get a bowling ball of high durability.

Finger hole position

In most cases, symmetrical bowling balls do not have holes in them during purchase. Therefore, holes are drilled later after purchase. These holes determine the amount of curve as well as the technique of bowling the ball. Custom bowling ball feature finger holes that are only perfect for your fingers and hands.

Q: How to clean a bowling ball?

A: Bowling balls get dirty after playing especially on oily lanes. If left unattended, the accumulated dirt hugely affects your game. Therefore, you need a cleaning schedule where you need a spray cleaner to get rid of any oil that could be stuck on the ball. If you play on dry lanes only, you need to clean your ball occasionally.

In case your bowling ball requires thorough cleaning, you can consider hiring the cleaning service of a pro shop to maintain it in good shape. Another way of cleaning is, taping the finger holes to prevent water from getting inside, then using a decent ball cleaner to get rid of the accumulated dirt.

Q: How much does a bowling ball weigh?

A: Bowling balls feature different weights and most of them weigh between 6 and 17 pounds.

Q: How are bowling balls made?

Bowling balls are made using different number of pieces. Hence, a bowling ball can either be a two-piece or a three-piece. For instance, the 3-piece bowling ball can contain the coverstock, pancake weight block, and the filler material or the coverstock, the core and the filler material. The two-piece bowling ball mostly features the coverstock and the core. These layers are filled with different materials, giving the bowling balls different characteristics.

Q: How to pick a bowling ball?

The bowling Ball of the modern-day features individualism and high tech. This is why it could be a challenge choosing the best bowling ball on the market. However, you should consider selecting a product that features a comfortable weight. Secondly, obtain the perfect grip for your fingers. Additionally, remember you should consider whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

Q: How heavy is a bowling ball?

A: Bowling balls have different weight range having 6 pounds as the lowest weight and this is meant for kids while the heaviest bowling ball weighs 16 pounds. Women and seniors mainly use a bowling ball that features between 12 pounds and 14 pounds. Men, on the other hand, mostly use the 15-pound bowling ball while a few other men go for the 16-pound bowling ball.

Q: How to drill a bowling ball?

A: On the market today, you will have a choice of buying either drilled or non-drilled bowling balls. A pre-drilled bowling ball is similar to your house ball and so you would save money because it does not have anything different to offer.

A non-drilled ball is drilled to fit your hand and fingers, giving you more control and significantly reducing injury risk. Do not drill the ball on your own because there are pro shops that specifically do that. In the pro shop, your hand measurements take place and the ball drilling commences to fit you alone.

Some stores will not charge you for the drilling service if you buy the bowling ball from them. However, even if you have to pay to obtain a custom bowling ball, the drilling process is inexpensive and worth the service fee.

Q: What weight bowling ball should i use?

A: Your weight should determine the perfect bowling ball weight that you should use. Hence, buy a bowling ball that weighs 10 percent of your body weight. Therefore, in case you weigh 100 pounds, invest in a bowling ball that weighs 10 pounds.

You should never buy or use a bowling ball that is too heavy, even if you feel the need to challenge yourself. The real optimum weight of a ball should be the heaviest you will comfortably throw.

Q: How to choose bowling ball weight

A: Experts recommend that your perfect ball weight should be a tenth of your body weight. This implies that if you weigh 140 pounds, you should use a bowling ball that weighs 14 pounds or if you weigh 160 pounds, your ideal bowling ball should weigh 16 pounds. In most cases, bowling balls weigh a maximum of 16 pounds although you will find a few weighing 17 pounds. However, most people use the 15-pound bowling ball.

Additionally, another way of determining the ideal weight of your bowling ball is to add a couple of pounds or even a single pound to the weight of your house ball. This is because a heavier ball which is drilled to fit your hand precisely will feature the same weight as that of your house ball but 2 pounds lighter.


For you to score in this game, you must have the right bowling ball that matches your weight, lane condition and skill. With the comprehensive guide above, you will surely land the best bowling ball that will match your skill, personality, and taste.


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