5 STAR Rated 10 Best Bushcraft Knives of 2024 – Bushcraft Knife Reviews and Buying Guide

5 STAR Rated 10 Best Bushcraft Knives of 2024 – Bushcraft Knife Reviews and Buying Guide
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As a bush crafter, you need a good bush crafting knife; otherwise, you will have trouble times performing regular wilderness tasks such as carving woods, cutting tree limbs or skinning a hunted animal. Currently, the market is flooded with bush knives with different specs and features that even the best bush crafter often find it difficult to select the best. There are two major important features that you must keep in mind when on your way shopping; first, you need to pay careful attention to the blade profile and the handle profile

The blade profile must be good enough to cut limbs for fires, cooking and for building shelters. It should also be able to skin an animal appropriately and act as a basic self-defense. The handles should be of a high-quality material, strong and able to provide a strong grip that won’t slip off in wet conditions. Based on these two features and many others worth considering, we have come up with 10 best bushcraft knives you can find in the market right now.

1. Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife

The Benchmade bushcrafter has made a lot of hype in the bushcraft’ knife market, particularly due to its high quality. The knife blade is made from S30 stainless steel blade with 1.45 % carbon which is considered optimal for bushcraft knives. The titanium infused G10 handle on this knife kicks expectation out of the pack. That’s why this is the best bushcraft knife in our review. You might also be glad to know that Benchmade bushcraft knife is made, so you expect nothing less of a premium product, but that also means that its price is a little higher than other knives in this list.

Perfection Beyond Improvement – Bushcrafter 162 Knife By Benchmade!

My search to shortlist the best knife came to a complete rest when I lay hands on Bushcrafter 162 Knife. My requirements, from the prospective knife, were crystal clear – A complete utility knife that should be blended for maximum outdoor use, full tang design (One solid steel blade piece with 2 handle pieces fixed onto the blade from either side), durable, easy honing, long-lasting sharpness, and low maintenance. And after rigorously using Bushcrafter 162 Knife manufactured by Benchmade for days together I can positively conclude that this product is perfection beyond improvement!

Worth mentioning is – this knife gives an absolute comfortable grip. Once you hold the handle into your palm, Bushcrafter 162 Knife becomes an extended part of our hand. It allows a total freedom with an absolute flexibility, gripped into your palms! Why? I think it is because of its design – a complete harmony between the rustproof blade and its solid G1 0 handle. Thank god I can use it in any climatic conditions as this sharp beauty can withstand extreme temperatures and various climatic conditions. My perfect outdoor companion!

Also, I am satisfied with its weight, which is very light. To be precise, the knife is just above 218 grams. Oh! Yes did I miss on its superbly attractive Sheath? Seldom will I forget to mention about its fantastic leather sheath reversible belt loop. Add approximately 75 grams of it! In totality, it gives rna a total mobility with hardly any weight to feel. To be honest, I get a complete package of an attractive sheath blended with sturdiness & robustness of the knife.

I call Bushcrafter 162 Knife as my Multi-Utility Outdoor Associate as well. It can perform almost all the desired tasks when I work on my outdoor skill sets! It can very easily cut the firewood in chilly night-outs or dress a turkey or chicken I Bushcrafter 162 Knife is an expert wood shaver giving a perfect cluster of delicate curly wood during damp nights, which helps in an easy fire. Stuck in a dense forest – just use this sharpened beauty to slice the jungle foliage. Use it on the seashore to cleanse the fish gut as well I This is my associate that helps, teaches, and give me ultimate solutions irrespective of any weather conditions.

After using it on and often on various terrains, I find this knife better than the folding knife as well! It empowers me with additional safety and reliability during my entire journey. Got your Bushcrafter 162 Knife messed up with dirt or filth? Why worry – as its simple design allows you to swipe it clean within minutes!

Bushcrafter is the ‘Value For Money” Product! Yes, comparing the initial cost with other C grade knives is a total mismatch. For me, the cost of this knife is a long-term investment. Without exaggeration, I can quote that the shelf life of this knife is definitely on a very higher platform than any other knives that are currently available in the market in the similar category! Use it rigorously for all the outside tasks and this knife will never let you down – For Years Together!

Get a superbly Sharp-Edge surprise if you have still not used Bushcrafter 162 Knife!

2. Condor Knife and Tool BushLore

No many bushcraft knives will beat the Condor knife in term of quality. The knife features a high carbon steel and incredibly simple finish that makes it among the popular knives on the market right now. It’s blade it razor sharp and thick enough to do all routine task on your bush crafting endeavor. Equipped with a wood Micarta handle that can be easily gripped even when one is wet. The convex grind gives you more strength and cutting efficiency.

Are you looking for quality, durable, economical knife with a good customized look and feel? Then look no further, the condor tool and knife bushlore knife is all need. This knife is very good quality, and it is well designed making it attractive. This knife is one item you don’t want to miss on your next cutlery and tool shopping wish list. The condor tool and knife bushlore’s handle, the blades, the edge say it all, not forgetting the fact that the knife’s manufacturers are one of the world’s largest manufacturer of swords and knives.

The knife is very durable because of it’s sturdy and fine quality material. For instance, the blade is made of quality carbon stainless steel with a fine blasted satin finishing; the handle is made of good hardwood which comes with replaceable soft pads making it very comfortable to use. No matter how hard you grab the knife, you are guaranteed of pure comfort.

The high-quality carbon stainless steel makes the blades durable as they are rust- free. The knife can be easily hand washed after use hence you don’t need to worry about cleaning it.

The knife has 44 sculpted vents; its sheath is made of 100% leather, steel rivets and welted seams making this a must-have item worth its price. Besides the quality, the knife is also very solid, it has a perfect weight, and the good hardwood handle sits in the user’s hands well making it very comfortable to use. This is not the type of knife you will want to quickly sharpen as soon as it is delivered at your doorstep, you do not need to worry about sharpening this knife as the blades are very sharp, thus saving you the hustle besides making it easy and fast to use

With the condor tool and knife bushlore, all the indoor and outdoor cutting and chopping needs are well taken care of. The quality carbon steel blades are of very good quality which ensures the knife’s durability thus giving the buyer value of his or her money.

Every single aspect of this knife makes it a must have as it is very economic and worth the buyer’s hard earned money. This knife offers everything one will look for in a knife. Comfort, quality, and durability are some of the qualities people look for when buying a knife.

Why would you look further when you can find all these qualities in one knife? The condor tool and knife bushlore. I would highly recommend this knife to anyone who is looking for a feel and look good but the quality and performing knife. One could also gift his or her friends and family members who fancy quality and performing knives.

Unfortunately, this amazing item is not eligible for international shipping as Amazon only ships within the United States. This may, therefore, discourage the international buyers who may be interested in buying. Nevertheless, the local buyers have a great advantage since shipping is free as it attracts zero taxes on sales.

3. Spyderco G-10 BushCraft Knife

Spyderco bushcraft knife has a reputation of making affordable folders used by the military, but they have also received a share of praise in fixed blades knives. The Spyderco G-1 0 is one of their best-fixed blade survival knives. It features a full tang strong which is different from most Spyderco’s offering that has styled pocket knives. The knife’s blade is made of high-carbon steel with razor sharp edge. The knife also features a fitters sheath making it easy to carry right from the box.

If you are looking for a solid and durable tactical knife, then look no further. The Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 PlainEdge Knife with Leather Sheath is exactly your match. It offers excellent service and is the perfect companion when camping, hunting, and fishing among other outdoor adventures.

Retailing at slightly over $200, this masterpiece is a great bargain for anyone looking for a sharp, solid and durable survival knife. Having owned it for quite some time now, I can attest to the fact that this is real value for money. Today, we are going to review it to see why it ranks among the best survival knives on the market.


  • Comes with a leather sheath
  • Ambidextrous handling
  • Offers easy sharpening
  • Strong and durable
  • Lanyard hole for carrying
  • Warranty on defects


  • Susceptible to rust

Immediately I opened the package; I was impressed by the fact that Spyderco fixed blade included a leather shield for storage. Personally, I can’t do anything that doesn’t come with a protective sheath. I’ve seen a lot of people injuring themselves with sheathless tactical knives. With mine, however, I had a little problem with the sheath. The first day I hooked it on my belt, the rivets popped in what seemed to be a manufacturer’s defect. Fortunately, it comes with a warranty. I contacted the manufacturer, and I was impressed with the support. Even though the two weeks seemed like an eternity, I finally got a replacement that has remained intact until today.

Another talking point of the Spyderco FB26GP is the ergonomic and most importantly, ambidextrous G-1 0 material handle. Unlike these cheap survival knives, this one offers comfort and better handling regardless of whether you are right handed or left handed. I must also applaud it when it comes to wet handling. There’s this time I was out with it in the rain, and unlike other knives I owned, I was still able to use it with minimal slippage. Spyderco bushcraft knife also included a lanyard hole on the handle for easy, convenient and safe carrying.

This knife has been equipped with a full tang 4-inch blade with a 3.9-inch cutting edge. It doesn’t feature a hand guard as is the norm with bushcraft knives. However, I didn’t like the 0 -1 steel blade material. I realized that it started rusting near the handle; something I didn’t expect for such a high-end survival knife. I wish Spyderco fixed blade would have used 02 steel. Yes, it is not stainless, but at least it is a bit resistant to rust. On a positive note, this blade’s high carbon content makes it strong and resistant to twisting and even hacking. Furthermore, sharpening is easy and holds the edge for longer; this is what matters most! Weighing 7.75-ounces, this is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventure; camping, fishing hunting and so on.

Bottom line

Spyderco has several bushcraft knives, but from our expert review, Spyderco G-10 is the best Spyderco knife out of them. Even though the blade gets rust easily, the Spyderco Bushcraft G-1 0 is a great purchase considering it’s a top brand. However, the best part about it is the small factor design and solid construction that makes it great for heavy duty use.

4. Schrade schf9

If you are looking to buy a survival knife, you cannot do better than the Schrade SChF9. In a word, Schrade SChF9 is the best survival knife in the world. For starters, the brand name tells you everything you need to know about the SCHF9 – a versatile knife with a timeless design, which is guaranteed to give you a perfect performance. You will also not be disappointed once you get to know this knife intimately. Designed with a highly durable 1095 high carbon steel blade, the of Schrade SCHF9 is just what you need for survival tasks when you are outdoors. It also comes with a small, compact, and lightweight design (12″ overall length and 1-pound weight), which makes it very easy to carry and use. Below is a detailed review of this excellent survival knife.


1. 1095 Carbon Steel Blade

The highlight of the of Schrade SCHF9 is the 1095 high carbon steel blade. The steel, which is very popular among knife lovers, gives the knife excellent strength and rigidity – just what you would expect from a good survival knife. This means that it can handle pretty much anything you can throw its way – from cutting to chopping, slicing, and more.

The blade also comes with anti-reflective coating, which helps to protect the knife from rusting and corrosion. It also serves as an excellent protective layer against dings and scrapes. In addition to these fantastic features, the carbon steel blade is easier to sharpen than steel blades. Therefore, in addition to an excellent performance, you are also guaranteed to have an easy time when using the of Schrade SCHF9.

2. Ring Textured Kraton Handle

While the blade is undoubtedly the best feature of the of Schrade SCHF9, a lot of attention was focused on designing the handle. The handle is built using Kraton, a hard rubber that is very durable. The material also provides excellent grip regardless of whether it is wet or dry. Kraton also has shock absorption properties, which help to prevent injuries to your hands when using the knife for tough tasks, for example, chopping wood.

Schrade also put a lot of effort in designing the ergonomics of the of SCHF9. The blade features three finger coils as well as a large palm surface, which provides you with more leverage. This makes it extremely easy to handle and use the knife, even without gloves. The impressive design, combined with the soft rubber material also makes it very comfortable to use.

3. A Ballistic Nylon Sheath

The sheath might seem inconsequential to some people, but any survival knife lover can tell you how important it is. This is something that Schrade understands all too well, which is why they also focused a lot of attention on the design of the of the SCHF9’s sheath. The sheath is made from a high-quality black nylon material, and it is double stitched in several places to make it more durable. It also comes with a stylish tactical design, which gives the knife a great look.

The sheath features a heavy-duty plastic liner, where the knife fits snugly. Adjustable straps are used to secure the blade in the sheath with a snap closure system. It also comes with a flip and tuck belt strap system, which allows you to strap it easily to your belt for more comfortable carrying. Another impressive feature of the sheath is the small zip lock bag, where you can fit a range of survival items such as a sewing kit, fishing hooks, waxed string, a roll of wire, waterproof matches, striker paper, and more.


  • It is a high-quality knife that is guaranteed to perform flawlessly outdoors
  • The blade quality is impressive, and it makes the knife perfect for heavy duty tasks
  • It is sharp and sharpens easily when the edge becomes blunt
  • It is very easy to handle and use
  • It is very affordable


  • The carbon steel blade is prone to rust, but the coating on the blade gives it some level of protection. However, you still take great care of the knife by keeping it dry, storing it in the sheath when not using it, and oiling, all of which will minimize the risk of rusting.


Out of all the survival knives that are on the market, the of Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife is at the top of the line. It is a favorite for many knife lovers, who adore it for its stylish, compact and lightweight design, heavy-built, comfortable handle and versatile. And if all these fantastic features are yet to convince you, the amazingly low price will undoubtedly push you over the edge. Grab this knife today and enjoy a great time when camping, hunting, backpacking, canoe camping, diving, and other several outdoor adventure activities.

5. Morakniv Classic Original

The Morakniv is the best bushcraft knife for the money out there. It measures 9.1 inches long weighs around 8.8 ounces. It’s the only 3/4 of a tang, unlike other bushcraft knives. The blade spine is perfect for fire starters; the blade is sharp right out of the box. It laminated on one end and oiled birch wood on the other end. You can easily grab the handles, thanks to the rubber handles, Overall, this is among the best bushcraft knives for anyone on the budget.

The Morakniv Classic 125th Anniversary fixed blade knife is a masterpiece from Morakniv that continues in the legacy that has been set since 1891. This knife has been designed with perfection in mind by the makers of the world’s most exquisite knives. It exudes elegance with its tanned leather handle while the stainless steel blade gives it to razor sharpness. It was designed to by Morakniv as a celebration of 125 years of designing and producing the best knives in the market.

The knife has a nostalgic feel as it has a classic wooden pattern engraved on its handle, which is how Morakniv knives looked before they acquired their trademark red handles.

Why it stands out

1. Stainless steel blade

It features a top-grade Swedish Sandvik 14c28n stainless steel blade. This makes it resistant to corrosion as stainless steel is not as susceptible to corrosion as carbon steel. As a result, it will last longer. The blade is also very sharp, and it’s able to maintain this sharpness for a very long time giving you an excellent cutting experience. The blade is tough and hard as well with an exemplary edge performance. The number ‘125’ is imprinted on the blade. This is to pay tribute to Morakniv’s 125th anniversary has been in this business since 1891.

2. Outstanding handle

The handle is uniquely designed to reflect the heritage of Morakniv. It is made of natural oiled birch wood which reflects how
Morakniv used to design its knives before it changed to red handles. It is quite comfortable on the hands, and the surface even seems to grip your hand when you hold it.

3. Great sheath

The Morakniv Classic 125th Anniversary fixed blade knife comes with a vegetable tanned leather sheath. This amazing sheath is a product of Tarnsjo Garveri, a Swedish tannery that is among the select few that still produce vegetable tanned leather. It not only looks great and classic but also holds the knife very well and smells great. This classic knife comes at a length of 7.1″ with the blade length being 3.3″. The blade is 0.0064″ (2.5mm) thick. The knife weighs 2.6 oz. (73g).

This knife is ideal for all tasks

You can use it for the more mundane tasks such as opening letters in your home office or sharpening a pencil. However, its sharp blade is tough and hard enough for the more challenging tasks such as cutting fabric or other such tough materials. It is full tang which makes it ideal for outdoor use. Whenever it loses its sharpness, and its blade becomes a little blunt, a very quick and easy stropping is all it takes to give it back its sharpness.

This knife is not just handy but is also beautiful and can thus be perfect as a collector’s piece. It is not susceptible to corrosion and will last for many years. It is made even more ideal for collecting given that it is limited edition and also marks a milestone of Morakniv; its 125th anniversary. Grab yourself the Morakniv Classic 125th Anniversary fixed blade knife while stocks last from Amazon today.

6. Ontario RTAK II

Most knives have the specs of a basic description of abrade geometry, but not the Ontario RTAK II. Its Micarta handle is six inches and with a long blade designed for either quick or precise work rather than slashing or hacking. Its pointed blade is made of high carbon steel and covered with a powdered coating that makes it’s less susceptible to lust while at the same time giving it an appealing non-reflective edge. This is a stellar backup if you have a strong fixed blade knife.

The Ontario Knife Co RTAK- 11 knife comes with a designer nylon sheath that allows you to hang the knife on your belt or vests when using it. The knife’s handle is made from the hardy canvas Micarta material. The Micarta material offers a good grip on the handle. Further on, the cutting blade is curved from the tough carbon steel. This makes the Ontario Knife ideal for the hard cutting chores either in the kitchen or outdoors. But these aren’t the only features that make the Ontario knife standout. Below is an in-depth review of the Ontario Knife Co RTAK- 11 knife.

Notable features:

  • Blade made of 5160 Carbon Steel
  • A six-inch canvas Micarta handle
  • 17″ plain edge blade
  • MOLLE compatible nylon sheath
  • An exposed pommel with a lanyard hole
  • Foliage green’ powder coat finish on the blade
  • 1 lb 6.5 oz in weight
  • 17-inch knife’s overall length

Let’s weigh on the pros and cons of this knife.


  • The toughened 5160 steel blade offers more impact resistance that minimizes the chipping off of your knife’s blade.
  • The carbon steel blade has a hardness range of 54-56 which makes it easy to sharpen the knife.
  • The blade of the knife easily slices through foliage and green wood owing to its flat grind feature.
  • The abrasion resistant Canvas Micarta handle is ergonomically designed for easy handling. Additionally, this handle is also impervious to moisture absorption.
  • Though the knife has a large chopping area, it still balances nicely in your hand as you slice through bunches of vegetables in the kitchen.
  • The tang part of this knife has a grain of pommel which makes it ideal for breaking glass if you are trapped in a vehicle or a downed airplane. It’s thus an ideal survival tool.
  • The powder coating on the blade makes it corrosive resistant. You can, thus, use your knife in extreme environmental conditions such as swampy areas.


  • The steel blade will require constant sharpening to remain effective.
  • The rough blade coating on this knife may pick chippings especially if you are working on green wood.
  • The grip might be too large for individuals with smaller hands.
  • While they can use it for basic slicing, it can be tiring when working on heavy duty tasks.

Who Should Use this Knife?

The Ontario Knife Co RTAK- 11 knife is ideal for individuals who often need a sturdy knife to cut through foliage or soft wood. Owing to its design and features, it can be a great tool for hard-core adventurers, professional soldiers, and civilians. You’ll also find it effective for heavy-duty cutting tasks such as slicing meat around the kitchen.

Verdict, the pros of Ontario Knife Co RTAK- 11 knives largely outweigh the few limitations. Although the knife seems enormous, it’s pretty easy to handle thanks to its lightweight and an ergonomic design. Overall, the Ontario knife will be a great addition to your survival tools or your kitchen’s cutlery arsenal.

7. Helle Utvaer

Scandinavian knives will always have a place in the best bushcraft knife. Helle Utvaer is among the few that have garnered population due to its versatility features. The knife is built in Norway and features a Scandinavian finish, and a curly birch wood handles not to mention an easy to maintain drop point blade. Helle uses a special patented sandwich steel for its knives blades, you when it comes to durability and quality, you cannot question this bland. It’s a joy to hold this knife when you are in the wilds, however, if your hands are large, then you might have issues handling it perfectly. You might find the sheath a little disappointing, but overall, this is among the best Scandinavian knives you will find on the market right now.

The Helie Utvaer is a very strong knife featuring full tang construction, 4″ blade, and a curly birch handle. It is named after a place where a chain of Norwegian islands meets the North Sea – a long time ago, the northern men (Vikings) met there to sharpen knives and swords on the rocks. If there is one blade that amplifies beauty, functionality, and strength, it is Utvaer. Why?

Materials and construction

One of the materials used to make Utvaer is Sandvik 12C27 steel, which is a solid piece of steel. What this means is that you can abuse it the way you want without destroying it. Additionally, the knife has flared thong tubes that hold the curly birch scales and phenolic liners in place all year round.


One of the greatest attributes of this knife is its ease of use. How so? As a Scandinavian ground knife, you can use it to chop, shave or cut materials because of its grind. And since it comes with a functionality of multiple edged knifes, it is ideal for survival when camping. Moreover, you can use the pointed pommel to dig holes, break harder materials or even windows if the need arises.

Edge retention/steel quality

The Sandvik 12C27 steel used to make the blade is re-known for its ability to resist corrosion, maintain sharpness for lengthy periods and its sheer durability. If the treatment procedures, for making it hard to a degree of 54-61 HRC, are done properly you can be sure you will have a knife whose toughness can be likened to that of a nail.


To be called an outdoor champion, the knife must retain sharpness for a long time despite being used outdoors daily. However, although Utvaer is among those champions, there is need to take care of it. For each knife section does the following:

  • The blade – treat the blade with grease periodically and wipe with a piece of cloth when wet.
  • The sheath – to keep the leather supple, use a colorless impregnation agent like wax or grease. In case the
    sheath gets wet, carefully dry it at room temperature.
  • The handle – wax it periodically and use a piece of cloth to dry it when wet.


At some point, you will require to sharpen it using either a wet stone or a diamond tool. When sharpening, work on the whole blade while keeping the knife bevel flat. Continue working on one side until the other side has a burr to establish an edge. Furthermore, you can use the sharpening surface to gently stroke the blade on both sides to remove the burr. Then move the blade from side to side while keeping the bevel flat. When the blade is more damaged or dull, use plenty of water and fine-grindstone to sharpen it up until it has a raw edge. Always remember to never use a dry stone to sharpen it. Nevertheless, you can use any amount cooling liquid you want to avoid the hot ground edge ruining your blade.


  • Full tang construction
  • Includes care instructions and storage
  • Functional pommel


  • Sheath is only right-handed

Bottom line

From the above discussion, it is evident that Helie Utvaer knife is a remarkable depiction of what a contemporary survival knife should be. Besides, its composition and design are well thought out to ensure high reliability, maintainability, and durability.

8. TOPS Brother of Bushcraft (BOB)

If you are looking for the best camping knife, then you may need to consider the TOPS BOB bushcraft knife. The price tag on this knife will tell you that quality on this one is out of the question. This knife has an extra weight compared to other bushcraft knives, which makes it’s a highly effective chopping tool. The handle features a bow drill divot designed for starting a fire. The handle is designed to provide better grip when doing a task outside bush work, like skinning. Overall, if you can afford the slight price tag on this one, it is a great choice.

If you know knives, then you know who the Brothers of Bushcraft are, and you know what to expect from them. A coalition of men across North America who spend their days educating the public about wilderness living skills, The Brothers of Bushcraft designed this Cayote tan knife.
And they must have done a decent job because the knife has only elicited positive responses from the public, not only because of the thickness and sharpness of the blade but also the overall aesthetic.

What You Should Expect

1). Size

This knife is ten inches in length, from the top of the handle to the tip of the blade. On its own, the blade comes up to four and a half inches. And sure, that sounds compact, but the 3/16 inch thickness of the blade makes it more than serviceable.

2). Blade

A lot of hullaballoo has been raised about the modified Scandinavian Grind of the cutting edge of this 1 095 High Carbon Steel blade, and for a good reason. Despite its seemingly inferior size and appearances, consumers have praised this Bushcraft knife for its ability to carve and skin. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find an aspect of the woodwork in which this blade won’t effectively meet the challenge you present.
The hardness, thickness and edge geometry of the knife work together to make its blade that much easier to sharpen. This is despite the fact that the blade is unlikely to require that much sharpening.

3). Handle

A lot of people make the mistake of analyzing the abilities of a knife based solely on its blade because they believe it to be the first and only important aspect of this tool. But that only proves that they don’t know much about knives.

Bushcraft designed this knife to have one of the most ergonomic handles on the market. It isn’t just the canvas micarta from which the handle is crafted that makes it a standout but also the presence of a frictionless bow drill divot destined to simplify the primitive starting of fires.
Even with the integrity of the blade, skinning and carving would be difficult tasks if the handle did not have thumb scallops to ensure greater comfort and control. The canvas micarta will take any abuse thrown at it, so you can tackle the wilderness certain that this knife will stand the test of time.

4). Sheath

A blade of any kind isn’t quite complete until you give it a sheath that enables safe storage. And the Bushcraft Sheath provided for this knife is built from kydex which is strong and durable. The product is made available with a steel belt clip that will keep the knife safe and comfortably out of the way, regardless of whether you are keeping it around your neck or on your belt.


This is what you call a serviceable field knife. There are few chores you can throw at it that it won’t execute with precision and efficacy. You cannot go wrong with a knife boasting a plain edge drop point high carbon steel blade (56-58 HRC), Coyote Tan Traction Coating and a Kydex Sheath.

9. Esee-3Mil-P

The Esee-3Mil-P is not the longest bushcraft knives you will find, but it is among the best. It measures 8.31 and weight 10 ounces. It features a full tang 1095 carbon steel blade. Picking the knife at the first time, you can easily tell that this is a perfect bush crafting knife. It is robust, versatile, simple and with great design. The Knife’s handle features a Micarta material for better grip on tough wild tasks.

10. Ka-bar Becker BK2

The Ka-Bar might be a little bulky, but it is among the best survival knives you will find out there. Its proportion on a picture may suggest it is a small knife, but you can literary use it as a camp axe without any issues. The blade is 0 .25″ thick of 1095 high carbon steel. The blade is also classic drop point shape with sturdy tip. If you intend to accomplish a lot of different task within a small footprint, then this is your best pick.

Hiking, mountain climbing, hunting and more importantly camping. Not an exhaustive list though. But just a tip of what Ka-bar Becker BK2 knife was designed to be a companion.

But first, it’s background.

The blade roots run back to a renown survivalist Ethan Becker who was also a chef and a climber. Later on, after joining Ka-Bar, the knife was born. Thus it is designed by survivors for survivors.

If you haven’t yet noticed, the Kabar Becker Bk2 Companion is born and blended by Ka-Bar. A well-known manufacturer and successful supplier of the military, tactical, all-purpose, utility, hunting, outdoor and laws enforcement knives. Meaning, the knife owner is not just a ‘militant’ as its blazing grisly edges may suggest. No, it has no boundaries. All it is is a partner to your adventures. No wonder Ka-Bar is quick to declare it a companion – simply a friend in need.

Frankly, many reviewers have branded these piece of the blade a heavy-duty beast. Probably it is because it is built to suit your all-around needs. May it be, Chopping sticks, defense, cooking utensils, or even skinning your hunt. You can merely sum its adventures with few word. Light. Robust. Space economical. Meaning more fun, less effort and lighter loads.

Ka-Bar Beker Bk2 blade Physical Abilities.

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 blade weighs just 1.5pounds packed in an 18 x 5 x 5 inches size body. Hence, making it ideal for massive works yet light in your hand. To even make the blade edgier the Ka-Bar have printed its info on the blade which adds more authenticity and futuristic looks.

On the tripping side though

The handle of the knife is quite clumsy, because of the poor choice of nylon material. As a result, the grip is somewhat slippery.

Though a disservice to this piece, here is the quick fix: use a 240-400 grit sandpaper to scuff the handle or cut a bike tube and fit onto the handle nicely. It will play out nicely.

Ease of use.

For a knife, ideal for outdoor activities, blade angle, weight, type of sheath, and type of handle should be a key takeaway.

With that in mind, Ka-Bar has worked extraordinarily skillful and artistic. For they have ensured that the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 is a heavy-duty blade packed in a relatively lightweight material except for the failure of the handle.

Interestingly, the blade has a 20-degree angle tip yelling back, more game and faster rabbit-skimming. Whats more, the five and a half inches blade length – in good hands – make it perfect for survival bushcraft.

Bottom line: Why quality matters.

In the heart of every product is the term quality. Either by instinct, company virtues or by government imposition.

This fact is no different when it comes to Ka-Bar Becker Bk2 Companion. Why? The curation of the blade is preferably a craft involving a 1095 Cro-Van Steel, which is nothing more than a standard carbon steel – a little dash of highly curated elements of steel to drive durability, high levels of resistance to corrosion and further hold a sharp edge longer.

To put it in a lay mans words. For the price, you pay for this knife; you can chop, skim, toil in the soil without a bunch of butterflies.
Surely, a perfect companion for your outdoor activities.
So, go for it.

A Comprehensive Bush Craft Knives Buying Guide

A knife is an essential tool when going to the woods or carrying out outdoor activities in the wilderness. It is not only small but also portable as well. Bushcraft knives come in handy in cutting wood, shaping animal skin, making hooks spars traps and all other outdoor activities that require a small sharp tool. They can also be used for self-defense.

The Benefits of Bush Craft Knives

Craft knives are very sharp hence; you will need little or no force when cutting into wood or skin., Bushcraft knives can be used for almost all cutting purposes, you will, therefore, not need to carry all your cutting tools with you as this knife serves almost all. These knives can also be used to cut fish and flesh just in case you come across any bushmeat. Craft knives have shorter edges making them easier to maneuver than longer blades. These knives are essentially for small tasks, therefore, do not use them for heavy work if their durability is essential.

Types of Bush Craft Knives

There are different categories of craft knives depending on the design; the material used, grind, purpose and environment for their use. Bushcraft knives can be categorized according to the blade, grind, and tang. Below is a detailed list of the major categories of Bushcraft knives;

  1. Grind

In this type, depending on knife grind, which determines their effectiveness in different tasks. These are;

Convex Grind

It has a round blade that ends with a sharp point similar to the one found in kukris, hawks, and axes. This grind type has a thicker metal on edge making the knife stronger and efficient in chopping small wood. They are sharpened with small round stones.

Sabre grind

Commonly referred to as compound grind consisting of the primary bevel and a lower angle that makes the edge. This type is common in the market as it is easy to manufacture. This knife requires some skill to sharpen. It is placed at an angle same as the edge for easier sharpening.

Hollow grind

This knife has a concave shape on the upper part of the blade with a narrow bevel at the edge. These knives are thin weak and light because of the smaller metal at the forefront. They are sharpened with small round stones like a saber.

Scandi grind

Scandi grind is one of the most popular processes to make sharper the bushcraft knife. This knife owes its name from Scandinavia where it is commonly used. It is suitable for woodworks. It consists of a single bevel, which makes it very easy to sharpen and use.

  1. Blade styles

According to blade, design, and style, there are about seven knives. These are

  • A trailing point, straight back, dip point, drop point and spear point blade designs are suitable for wood cutting and hunting.
  • Saw teeth blade, which is suitable for batoning and carving.
  • A double-edged blade that is extremely used for hunting.
  1. Knife tang

This refers to the portion made of steel, which extends into the handle of the knife. The handle is usually fixed on the tang with glue, bolts, screws or pins. The durability of a bushcraft knife is usually determined by the type and length of the tang. Knives according to tang include;

Full Tang

The tang extends fully into the handle and is of the same length as the handle, which is usually made of two equal slabs glued or bolted on the tang. Full tang knives are most durable although they are heavier.

Skeleton Tang

On the sides, it resembles a full tang, however, on the inside it is skeleton-like. Some portions of the still are cut out making them lighter than full tang knives.

Partial Tang

They have only a small portion of steel extending into the blade with a rubber or plastic handle. They are lighter and tend to last long if handled with care.

Narrow Tang

The tang runs all the way into the handle but becomes narrower to the end.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bush Craft Knives

When buying a knife, you need to consider the environment in which this knife will be used so that you choose one that will carry out your tasks effectively. Other than the environment, you should consider three major things about the knife before purchasing it. These are;

Batoning capability

This refers to the different techniques you can use to split or cut wood. Your knife needs to withstand the force when struck with a button to cut wood. Weak knives will break or not penetrate into the wood making it hard for you to survive in the wilderness.

Type of steel

Every type of steel has its specifications, therefore; you need to choose that which fit the tasks you are to perform. Stainless steel of 440C is are relatively cheaper and are resistant to wear and tear with very high strength. High carbon steel 1095 is the strongest but corrode easily as opposed to stainless steel knives.

Carving capability

The best carving knife should be flexible and easy to handle. Moreover, they should be sharp and long to penetrate deep into the material being shaped or cut.

The Best Bush Craft Knife

There are many variables to consider when buying your craft knife. These variables will make your knife the best companion during either outdoor activities or just any other knife. The best knife should:

Have a full tang.

This offers the best strength and can perform many tasks with no worry of breaking. Partial tang knives are prone to loosening. Make sure to grab a full tang knife if you need a durable, strong knife.

The thicker the blade, the better

Although it will be a challenge to sharpen thick blade knives, they are the most robust. Blades ranging from ¼ to 3/16 inch thickness are the best for crafts and woodwork.


Very small and short knives cannot perform many tasks too large knives are not easy to use and hard to sharpen. Consider buying medium-sized knives for the best output.


This will protect and secure your knife, which ensures its durability. Look for a sheath that best holds your knife in one position.

Important to Know Before You Go Shopping

  • You can buy your Bushcraft knife online from Amazon where there is a variety to choose from.
  • The materials used to make the knife are also key when you are choosing. This depends on what you will use your knife to do.
  • Some of the best Bushcraft knives to look for are Morakiniv black carbon knife, Spyderco plain-edged knife, carbon telle knife and BK2 Champion knife.
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