Top 10 Best Cheese Grater of 2020

5 STAR Rated Top 10 Best Cheese Grater of 2024
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Choosing the best tools to work with in the kitchen is important as professed by some of the best chefs in the world. Just like other equipment used in the kitchen, having the best cheese grater close when you need it is essential to make a scrumptious meal. A good cheese grater helps you to prepare food much faster and makes cooking easier, be it as it may, do not muddle up easy with simple.

Are you trying homemade Italian cheese, cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, feta cheese, blue cheese? The question is not whether you need a cheese grater or not; the real question is what kind of grater do you need. Highlighted below are some of the best graters in 2024 that will not only make your cooking easier but also leave your kitchen with a modern touch.

1. VonChef Cheese grater

This versatile cheese grater comes with three graters and one slicer that are handy when grating cheese, fruits, and nuts. The grater has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to use even when grating or slicing relatively harder objects like nuts. The stainless steel makes the grater dishwasher safe. Moreover, it comes with a BPA collection box which immensely reduces the mess while grating.


  • Easy to handle
  • Comes with a collection box
  • Slices softer and firmer ingredients indiscriminately.


  • Time consuming

2. Multi-purpose Grater

This grater is six sided with a stainless steel outer frame. It comes with with a non-grip handle, non-moveable parts hence there is minimal clogging and a base that comes off when cleaning the grater. The multi-purpose grater is dishwasher safe and can grate an assortment of foods such as cheese, carrots, zucchini, cucumber and much more. Multi-purpose cheese, fruit and vegetable grater comes with an extended warranty and free bonus ebook recipes.


  • The six sides make the grater versatile.
  • Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)
  • Secure grip
  • Non-slip base
  • Lightweight hence portable


  • Difficult to chop thicker fruits.

3. Super durable rotary cheese grater

The compact, sturdy design of this grater makes it stand out from the rest. The grater barely requires any effort, by simply turning the handle after putting your food in the hopper, it is shredded fast and satisfactorily. The excellent fusion of stainless steel and hard plastic makes the grater durable and dishwasher safe.


  • Easy to store
  • Conveniently designed
  • Easy to clean


  • Some plastic parts break easily

4. Kuuk Drum Grater for Cheese

The Kuuk grater is versatile and can be used to grate foods such as cheese, sweet potatoes, nuts, hash browns, and coleslaw. The grater comes with a hand turn wrench that rotates in the drum to shred food. The drum is removable and can be interchanged to suit different cooking occasions. The non-slip suction base allows you to use the grater without any unprecedented movements that may lead to a mess.


  • Razor sharp slicing blades
  • Easy and fast while grating
  • Many cooking options
  • It’s not bound to grate cheese only


  • Mushy cheese can get mashed
  • Not quite versatile like the box graters.

5. SimPrium rotary cheese grater

This hand held grater is light, with a simple grasp handle. The sturdy grater is ideal for grinding hard cheeses, chocolate, spices, and nuts. It has 2 edges for the choices of fine or coarse shavings. Stainless steel cutting edges make for simple, tidy up. Dishwasher safe.


  • Incredible for cutting different types of cheese
  • Lightweight and has a safe design
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Easy to clean


  • Keeps moving while grating

6. LOVKITCHEN Cheese Shredder Slicer Cutter

This multi-purpose grater comes with three different drums which contain stainless steel blades cylinders with disparate sharpness for grating slicing and shredding different types of food and ingredients. By inserting the food and ingredients into the hopper then turning the handle, the contents are shredded nicely, moreover, with a simple tap on the side of the rotary grater the stuck contents are freed.


  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.
  • Compact design
  • Easy to store
  • Durable stainless steel


  • Does not come with instructions

7. Zyliss Cheese Grater

Zyliss cheese grater is the best when it comes to side table cheese grating. If you are looking for a table side cheese grater, then consider purchasing the Zyliss classic cheese grater. The grater is fast and has an elegant design that will give your kitchen the 21st-century modern look and feel. Housed in a plastic outer frame, the grater is dishwasher safe and has some removable washed separately.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe, efficient and durable
  • Cheap


  • The removable parts are breakable

8.Ikea Stralande grater

Ikea features a compact stainless steel and plastic housing and removable parts that are easy to fix hence making it dishwasher safe. The grater comes with two interchangeable blades which allow you to make coarse or fine shavings, depends on your specifications. The accurate blades and durability of the rotary grater guarantee seamless shredding and grating with laser like precision.


  • The removable parts makes cleaning easier
  • Portable
  • Grates food in different thicknesses
  • Perfect for different cooking occasions
  • Cheap


  • Has easily breakable parts
  • Not quite versatile

9.  OXO Box Grater

This grater is a most loved for most people. It has four sides for fine, medium and coarse grinding, and a cutting surface. It has an elastic hold at the base and a delicate non-slip grasp. It is stainless steel and dishwasher safe. The grater is made of strong stainless steel with a delicate, agreeable non-slip handle that doesn’t hurt your hands. It has a thin and has an append-able holder for getting newly ground content. You can measure and store ground cheese shavings in the capacity holder and seal with the pre-included cover.


  • Fits in cabinets and drawers easily
  • Easy to use
  • Non-slip grip
  • Comfortable and soft while using


  • Relatively expensive

10. Ketinos Rotary Cheese Grater

The Ketinos grater is safe and additionally has an ergonomic and lightweight design make that allows you to seamlessly work on the cheese to perfection. This multi functional rotational cheese processor is the ideal decision for a wide range of cheese(like Cheddar and Parmesan ), chocolate and nut. It is sufficiently small enough to fit your kitchen drawer, furthermore, it has enough space for expensive pieces of cheese. It accompanies a flawlessly composed polished gift box and a reward brush, a remarkable present thought for any event


  • Constructed using high-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel
  • Lightweight hence portable
  • Flexible (soft or hard cheese)


  • Expensive

Best Cheese Grater Buying Guide

Some tools are necessary to have in the kitchen. One of them that is usually overlooked is the cheese grater. In the market, there are different types of cheese graters regarding design and function so choosing the best can prove difficult. If you are thinking of buying the perfect cheese grater but you are unsure of the best choice to make, this is a guide that you should read.

Benefits of Cheese Grater

The following are some advantages of using a cheese grater that should make you buy one.
• Simple to use-Using cheese grater is very simple. Anybody can use it in the kitchen.
• Saving time- Compared to the use of a knife in chopping, using a cheese grater saves a lot of time and effort.
• Reduce risk of injury-When you use a knife for chopping or cutting; there is a risk that you may cut yourself. This is fairly common especially when cutting a big piece of cheese. When you use a grater instead, you will be assured of reduced risk of injury.

Types of Cheese grater

There are different types of cheese graters regarding design and shape.

Box Grater

This kind of cheese grater has a box-shape. It is suitable for both soft and harder foods. It has sided with different sizes of holes. For harder foods such as potatoes, you should use the side with the large holes. It also has a sharp horizontal edge for slicing hard foods like carrots.

Handheld Graters

They are also called the Rasps. They only have a single (medium to small) hole size. They are suitable for small quantities of hard cheese.

Rotary Graters

They have a cylindrical grater plate that will never come close to the fingers of the user. They are fast and more-knuckle friendly compared to the other types of cheese graters. They achieve a perfect dusting.


They are used for releasing tiny bursts of concentrated flavor from cinnamon sticks, citrus rind, and nutmeg. They are more slender and have smaller holes thus can make hundreds of fine cuts. They are ideal for lemons and limes.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Cheese Grater

As you try to ascertain the options for the best cheese grate, the following are some of the most important factors that you should give emphasis:
• Material: on top of your list of considerations, material should be given high priority. The material will determine durability and functionality of the product. I recommend stainless steel. It is a good choice because of its ability to withstand the test of time.
• Handle: another thing you should consider is to choose a cheese grater that fits in your hand perfectly. A handle with ergonomic design, large enough to be comfortable while handling.
• Blades: you should also think about the quality of the blades. Good blades will stay sharp for a longer period. Interchangeable blades will be perfect since you will enjoy the versatility.
• Ease of cleaning: it is true that the grater will wear after some time. With this in mind, it is good you choose a cheese grater that will be not only easy to clean but also easy to maintain. Consider the ones which are dishwasher-safe.
• Size: as much as you can, try to consider a cheese grater that has a minimal size. You should consider a product that is space-efficient. Besides, this will mean that you will grate small amounts of cheese within a short span of time.
• Safety: think about the safety features before choosing your cheese grater. A rubber stopper or a grating guard will be a useful feature to ensure your safety. Additionally, choose a grater that has a non-slip base to reduce the possibility of slicing your skin.
• Versatility: Of course it is a cheese grater, but it does not mean it is exclusively for cheese. Consider a grater that is multipurpose. Consider a grater that you will use even for vegetables and fruits.
• Stability: It is crucial that the base of the grater be stable enough to avoid slippages which can lead to the slicing of the user’s skin. It should be stable enough to absorb pressure exerted during grating. This is particularly the case for the box-type cheese graters.
• Warranty: to eliminate doubts about the product you purchase, you should consider graters which have offered guarantees. The best option is the one which has a lifetime warranty. It is a guarantee of the user’s satisfaction.

What the Best Cheese Grater has

The best cheese grater has the following:

• An ergonomic handle large enough to fit perfectly in the user’s hand.
• Sharp blades which can stay sharp for an extended period.
• A grating guard or a rubber stopper to protect the user from injury.
• Lightweight material.
• Durable construction material like stainless steel thus can serve for an extended period.

What to Know Before You Go to Purchase a Cheese Grater

Before going to purchase a cheese grater for your kitchen, it is crucial you understand the following things:
• Different cheese graters have different prices depending on their quality. If you want a top quality product that will last longer, you will have to part with a little more.
• Stainless steel is a top choice since it can withstand the test of time. Graters made of stainless steel are more durable and functional.
• The box-type cheese grater is the most stable cheese grater. In most cases, they accommodate the pressure exerted while grating.
• Size matters in the choice of a grater. A small size will mean space efficient.

Features to Consider

As you go to purchase your product, the following are the most important features you should consider:
• Quality of blades.
• Handle.
• The material of the cheese grater.
• Stability of the base.

Indeed, your search for the best product that meets all your needs will not be an easy task. But with this guide, you should be not overwhelmed. The guide will help you to evaluate the possibilities and decide beyond the price. However, there are many options out there where you can purchase a cheese grater; I will highly recommend buying the product from Amazon. They have top quality products that will ensure that all your needs are met! With Amazon be sure that you will be highly satisfied with your cheese grater.

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