5 STAR Rated 10 Best Electronic Dart Board Reviews of 2024 | Soft Tip Dart Board FAQ’s

5 STAR Rated 10 Best Electronic Dart Board Reviews of 2024 | Soft Tip Dart Board FAQ’s
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Electronic dartboards are a way to pass some time after a long working day. The activity needs tact and skill. With the best electronic dartboard, it is easier to sharpen your focusing skills. You should aim at the target space more often. There are so many brands of these boards. However, choosing the best one that will suit your needs can be a problem. We have analyzed the best ten electronic boards. Besides, we have put up a few common questions and their answers. This will help with the purchasing process.

This guide covers:

  • The cheapest electronic boards with full functionality
  • The best electronic dartboards for persons with different skills
  • The best electronic dartboards for pre-teens and teens
  • The best electronic dartboards for many players
  • A few outdoor dartboards

Product Name

Technical Features


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1. Arachnid Pro 800

  • Up to 8 players
  • 39 games
  • 179 variations
  • Seven cricket games
  • NylonTough segments

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2. IgnatGames

  • Kenyan sisal fibers
  • Six steel tips
  • Aluminum shafts
  • Darts measuring tape
  • Free guide

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3. Viper by GLD Products

  • 42’’ by 21.5’’ by 3.’’
  • 42’’ diameter
  • Sisal/bristle fibers
  • Complete package

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4. Arachnid Pro 650

  • 24 games
  • 15.5’’ target area
  • 132 options
  • Five cricket games
  • LED display

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5. Hathaway

  • 15.5’’ regulation area
  • 90 variations
  • 29 games
  • 180 days warranty

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  • 3.68kgs
  • 15.5’’ target area
  • App-enabled
  • Plastic material (body)

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7. Fat Cat by GLD Products

  • ABS cabinet
  • Complete package
  • 13.5’’ target area
  • Five skill levels
  • 34 games
  • 138 scoring options

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8. Franklin Sports

  • 15.5’’ play area
  • 28 games
  • 100 variations
  • Has six replacement tips

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  • 21 games
  • 65 variations
  • LCD
  • Up to 4 players

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10. Viper 797

  • 5V 1000mA adapter
  • 32 games
  • 300 variations
  • 15.5’’ target area

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1. Arachnid Pro 800

Arachnid designs one of the best electronic dartboards for multiple players. It is usable with up to 8 people. It comes with 39 games and 179 variations, including seven cricket games and gives the best dart flights. The combination is incredible. The segments are from NylonTough material. This is to enhance playability and durability. It is also the best electronic dartboard for tournaments because of its quality.

2. IgnatGames

IgnatGames ensures that its products are of high quality. This electronic dartboard is from high-grade Kenyan sisal. It is to increase the board’s density while maintaining excellent dart penetration. This is one of the best magnetic dartboards for players of all skill levels. It is ideal for two players. It comes with a free guide for learners and amateurs.

3. Viper by GLD Products

Viper is a reputable company. It is evident in this electronic dartboard package. It consists of the cabinet, steel tip darts, dartboard, dry-erase scoreboard, mounting hardware, and a marker. The board measures 42’’ by 21.5’’ by 3’’ and with a diameter of 42’’. The sisal bristle fibers undergo thorough compression for longevity. For you to prevent bounce-outs, the inner bullseye is staple-free. The length of the diameter makes it usable for tournaments. The manufacturer also designs the best backing for dartboards.

4. Arachnid Pro 650

Arachnid seems to be setting the pace in the gaming department. Its Pro 650 is a fantastic electronic dartboard allowing for eight players. There are 24 games with 132 options. Among them are five cricket games. The display is detailed enough to show scores of up to 8 players and has the best soft tip darts. The regulation target area is 15.5’’ and comes with a tournament spider. It has a solo play option and a voice prompt feature

5. Hathaway

Hathaway is the mother of all creativity when it comes to gaming equipment. You can see this in the outdoor dartboard. This one has the looks and the function. It can display scores of up to 8 players. Like the Arachnid Pro, it has a regulation target area of 15.5’’. It is comparable to the cork dartboards. You can win in 90 ways with the 90 variations from 29 games. The electronic dartboard cabinet is for storing the accessories


You can’t compare this electronic dartboard to its noisy predecessor. It is an upgrade version with a system on your smartphone or tablet. Its target area is 15.5’’. So far, it is the best option for home use. It is a soft tip dartboard that comes as a complete set. This allows you to enjoy indoor or outdoor gaming without having to sweat. It is a suitable bar dartboard. The main body is from high-grade plastic material and weighs an approximate of 3.68kgs. You can check it up under dartboards for sale.

7. Fat Cat by GLD Products

GLD Products is the manufacturer of the famous Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard. It comes with 34 games. The total scoring options on the electronic dart machine are 138. You can cyber play with the five skill levels. The maximum number of players is eight on the 13.5’’ target area. Segment holes are concave to counter bounce-outs. You can read the control panel on the LCD front display of the electronic dart scoreboard.

8. Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports is a household name when it comes to dartboards and other gaming items. This tournament electronic dartboard has a target area of 15.5’’. It comes with 28 games and more than 100 variations. It comes pre-assembled with six darts, 6 Dartboard tip set, and the play area. The dartboard set is excellent right from the box, and mounting is stress-free.


WIN.MAX wants you to keep winning in the darting game. Its electronic dartboard comes with 21 games and 65 variations. The digital dartboard automatically keeps scores and displays on the LCD. Only up to four players can play at a time. The voice announcer is a relief when it comes to the scoring notification. It allows you to save time, energy, and focus on gaming more.

10. Viper 797

GLD Products designs this Viper with a target area of 15.5’’ giving it a tournament quality. Resin segments ensure durability and full functionality. It has 32 games and over 300 options. The maximum number of players is 8. The package includes everything you need minus the players. It comes with a power supply adapter saving you the stress of using batteries.

Dart games are playable both indoors and outdoors. There are various manufacturers with different designs of these electronic dartboards. Amazon has these darting boards in multiple models and at affordable prices. You will love the modernity aspect and how efficient score recording is.

FAQ’s and Buying Guide for Best Electronic Dartboards

Worries arise when you don’t know how to choose the best electronic dartboard but are dying to own one. This desire to have a dartboard of your own and enjoy gaming at your convenience should remain since we have help. This FAQ section has the basics of electronic dartboards. Go through them and make up your mind on the best that you can choose from the above products.

How We Picked 10 Best Electronic Dartboards

The bestproducts-4u Company spends time and resources researching and testing several electronic dartboards to identify the best from the rest. We have a few colleagues who are expert dart players and help much in this process. Below are our findings as we took on testing to determine the best ten electronic dartboards:

  • Poor quality construction material
  • Overly small target spaces
  • Improper demarcations
  • Poor display of scores
  • Lower runtime for those operating on rechargeable batteries

We are honest enough to advise that you should purchase an electronic dartboard that is well-built of the right size and excellent quality. From our testing criterion, we selected the ones without such issues and are in the review section.

Revolution of Electronic Dartboards

After gamers used the traditional dartboards for a long time, there was a significant invention in 1935. Maurice Elliot and Baden Warne were the people who patented the Broome Electronic Darts, which was the first production of electronic darts ever. This was by the two Suffolk men from England. From this point, other manufacturers took up the idea. With a few modifications, there were new improved and more efficient electronic dartboards, as you can see from the electronic dartboard reviews online.

Types of Dartboards

  • Bristle dartboards
  • Cork dartboards
  • Wooden dartboards
  • Magnetic dartboards
  • Electronic dartboards
  • Coiled paper dartboards
  • Bristle dartboards

Tips before You Purchase

Power Source

You need to understand that electronic dartboards run digitally with the help of electricity. Each manufacturer builds theirs differently. Others have batteries, some ACC power, while others combine both. Ensure the AC electronic dartboard comes with an adapter.


Some electronic boards come with LEDs or LCDs. The display shows elements such as scores, the name of the player, and much more. LED displays are easy to read and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and are majorly in professional electronic dartboards. Those with LCD will need you to play in a well-lit area to avoid dullness and readability issues.

Size of Target Area

We recommend getting an electronic dartboard that is 15.5’’. These are tournament sizes to ensure that you experience professional gaming and level your skills to such expertise. Conventional boards are more significant at 18’’ like bar electronic dartboard and are also considerable.

Other aspects like the face of the board, the segments, the type of construction material, the electronic dartboard cabinet, and the type of darts will influence the quality you choose.

Electronic Dartboard Games Rules

Below are the general rules of electronic dartboard games. However, each game has its specific guiding rules.

  • As you throw your darts, you are forbidden from stepping over or even in front of the throwing line.
  • Only sharp-pointed darts are to be used to avoid damaging the target space.
  • The maximum weight of the darts shouldn’t surpass 24 grams.
  • Each throw will consist of three darts.
  • You have to follow the indication on the electronic dashboard before throwing any dart.
  • You shall remove the darts from the board only when the throw is over.

Q: Between an Electronic vs. Bristle Dartboard, which is best?

A: As you are planning to make a dartboard purchase, you will have to consider your tastes and preferences. However, from our statistics, electronic dartboards have proven to be superior to the bristle dartboards. Despite the manufacturers of the two products using almost similar materials, what beats the bristle dartboard is the availability of electronic records, displays on LCD, and voice options.

Q: Where to buy Electronic Dartboards?

A: Electronic dartboards are available in most gaming and sports stores. However, you might not find the high-end options there. The most basic electronic dartboard Amazon choice for practicing your skills can be from malls or stores. If you are looking to weigh the prices against different vendors and explore the features of these electronic dartboards, you can check the products online on sites like Amazon.

Q: How much is a Dartboard?

A: The prices of dartboards will depend on the manufacturing aspects, its features, and which vendor you are buying from if sourcing it online or from a store. All in all, you can land a great electronic soft tip dartboard while spending lesser than $100. Commercial electronic dartboards cost more. You need a keen eye for detail and know the features you want before making a purchase. If you are a beginner looking to practice darting skills to a professional level, you can start with a cheaper option and advance when you feel like the current one is below your level of expertise and gives the best dart flights. Some people sell used electronic dartboards at a throwaway price.

Q: What is The Center of a Dartboard Called?

A: The central part of a dartboard is called the bulls-eye. These are the two circles you see at the center. One is usually smaller than the other one.

Q: How to Refurbish a Dartboard?

A: Start by rotating the dartboard to ensure that all moving parts are in perfect state. When cleaning the dartboard, avoid using water or any liquid on it. Ensure that it is completely dry every time, even if it is the best magnetic dartboard. Brush it with a soft brush or wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. Anytime you use darts on it, they should have very sharp tips to reduce bounce-outs. Don’t pull the darts; simply twist them to avoid boring holes in the target area.

Q: Can Soft Tip Darts be used on a Bristle Board?

A: Yes, you can use the best soft tip darts on bristle boards without having a problem. The soft tip darts have the same action as the steel tip darts. The only significant difference is in the plastic tip.

Q: How heavy is a Dartboard?

A: The least weighing dartboard is about 2.5kgs. This is the most uncomplicated design that allows for the softest darts that weigh less than 12 grams. A lighter dartboard like this is the best for beginners. Different brands manufacturer dartboards as massive as 30 kg, and more these are mostly for stand up electronic dartboards. These are primarily from high-grade hardwood, which is a more substantial material.

Q: What is the Best Electronic Dartboard to Buy?

A: The best electronic dartboard is that which is efficient for use. You need to enjoy playing on the board. It should have a digital scorekeeping system to prevent any discrepancies in the results. It should come with additional dart tips in case yours become faulty in the middle of a game. One that comes as a complete set is among the best ones as you don’t need to purchase any accessories or gaming items separately.


We believe that clarity is essential for a non-regrettable purchase. This article talks about the basics of electronic dartboards, how to identify and choose the best one, and ten of the best products in this category. After identifying one that is best, you can click on the Amazon tab or check electronic dartboards for sale online, make a purchase, and enjoy gaming at your convenience.


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