5 STAR Rated [Recommanded] Top 9 Best HDMI Splitters of 2024

5 STAR Rated [Recommanded] Top 9 Best HDMI Splitters of 2024
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HDMI splitters enable you to share HD content on multiple displays. This feature is quite handy if you own multiple TV sets and you have one primary source of content. Traditionally, a PC with a high-end graphics card would have been used, but HDMI splitters simplify the process and cost far much less. Most HDMI splitters in the market are configured to use one source and have multiple HDMI output ports. Splitters will automatically detect the TV set’s resolutions and match the output signal. Here is a list of the best 9 HDMI splitters 2023.

Who should get this?

We are not biased as our target is to anyone who appreciates HD content and loves to share it on several displays. Even if you have a single primary source, you can transmit content to several TV sets at the convenience of your space. These HDMI splitters are a simplification of PCs with high-quality graphics.

How we picked this

We did not only choose the 9 HDMI splitters and settle on them. Our research team presented us with a list of 43 HDMI splitters from various brands. From a session with them, they sourced data from consumers to find out which ones served them well and which ones were a fail. They took to Google to find online conversations on HDMI splitters and Amazon for product listings.

How we tested

The procurement team purchased three samples of each of the 43 splitters to be te. The testers shared the products which they sput to check for over two months to gauge product performance and durability. Among the aspects that we were keen on were durability, corrosion of hardware, ease of use, connectivity, and resultant audio and visual clarity. Only these 9 were top-rated from our analysis hence featuring on our review site.

1. ZettaGuard HDMI Splitter


A top seller on Amazon, the Zettaguard has enjoyed much success thanks to its state of the art design. It supports a wide variety of formats and can be used by both high and low-resolution TVs. The Zettaguard has two output ports and also supports essentially all types of audio formats. If you are trying out HDMI splitters for the first time, then the Zettaguard is your best bet. It works perfectly with devices such as the PS4, XBOX, 4K TVs, Bluray players and much more. Little or no configuration is needed when using this splitter.

2. Sewell Active 4K HDMI Splitter

Sewell Active 4K is a 3 port HDMI splitters with full 4K support. Active booster technology enhances picture quality thus delivering great picture quality with this splitter. The 3 ports system includes one input port and two output HDMI ports. Sewell sells different versions of the active 4K with version V1.4 as the base model. V1.4 duplicates HDMI signal quality thus maintaining the same high definition signal on the 2 output. A wide variety of audio technologies and needs no technical know-how while configuring.

The OREI HD-102 features a sturdy metal build and is a 2 output port splitter. Signal from the input HDMI port is mirrored or duplicated thus maintaining the same picture quality with the output. The metal case build acts both as a protective casing and for cooling purposes. It supports high-resolution video formats of up to 1440p. All audio formats are supported and you will enjoy your movies in digital surround sound. Unfortunately, 4K video is not supported by the HD-102. OREI offers a 1-year warranty on this model and its parts.


The OREI HD-102 features a sturdy metal build and is a 2 output port splitter. Signal from the input HDMI port is mirrored or duplicated thus maintaining the same picture quality with the output. The metal case build acts both as a protective casing and for cooling purposes. It supports high-resolution video formats of up to 1440p. All audio formats are supported and you will enjoy your movies in digital surround sound. Unfortunately, 4K video is not supported by the HD-102. OREI offers a 1-year warranty on this model and its parts.

5. Goronya 4 Port HDMI

If you are looking for an HDMI splitter with more than two output ports, then the Goronya is the perfect fit. Goronya is a 4 output port HDMI splitter and supports a wide variety of devices. You are assured of no signal quality loss as it employs cutting-edge picture mirroring technology. If you have multiple displays or planning to increase your TVs in future, the Goronya 4 port is the best option. Goronya supports 4K video mirroring and comes with an 18-month warranty. You will be surprised by its performance and newer HDMI cables can be used too.

6. Movcle HDMI Splitter

Movcle is a four output HDMI splitter allowing for greater video distribution. A single video input can be distributed to four different TVs sets or another splitter without losing picture quality. It features a full metal casing catering for better heat dissipation. HDMI cables of up to 15 meters can be used with this splitter and little or no signal loss experienced. This allows for long distance transmission of videos thus sharing your content with more devices. It is HDCP compliant and supports a wide variety of video resolutions.

7. J-Tech DIgital 4-Port HDMI Switch

The J-Tech DIgital 4-Port HDMI Switch is a top of the line splitter. If you are establishing up a video shop and looking for an HDMI splitter that will comfortably handle a lot of HD TVs, then this is your best bet. It supports 3D technology and ultra 4K resolution. Manual switching is also supported over remote control giving its owner great flexibility and saving on energy. J-Tech gives you the freedom to configure different TV resolution thus getting better video quality. It is HDCP compliant and will deliver great picture quality with HDMI cables longer than 66ft. J-Tech is built to handle a wide variety of audio signals. If you are looking for the best wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver, then you may go with J-Tech Digital HDbitT Series.

8. CSRET Ultra HD 4K HDMI Splitter

CSRET Ultra HD 4K HDMI Splitter brags of having the most advanced splitter technology. It uses the latest HDMI 1.4a technology and is a 1 input two output splitter. This splitter produces an identical picture quality without comprising on audio quality. It is easy to set up and has plug-n-play functionalities. The CSRET Ultra HD 4K HDMI Splitter comfortably handles 4k video and lower resolutions. You will be surprised by its performance and durability. It is built using a full metal casing which helps in reducing heat buildup. It is available on Amazon and comes with a 1-year warranty.

9. FarSail 1 to 2 HDMI Splitter

The FarSail 1 to 2 is a 1×2 signal splitter with an inbuilt amplifier. It is HDCP compliant and supports HDCP handshakes between different HDMI devices. Built using a heavy-duty metal body case you can be assured of great performance and durability. Various video formats are supported and can also split 3D video technology. 2 displays can be used simultaneously and get the same picture quality. Works great with HDMI cables longer than 50 feet and is great for training environments such as schools or camps.

The above-mentioned HDMI splitters are the top 10 selling splitters on Amazon. Owners of these splitter models are happy with their durability and capability of sharing their video source. You can choose 2 outputs or 8 outputs depending on the number of displays you wish to distribute your video source with.

HDMI Splitter Buying Guide

An HDMI splitter is a tool that is used to display audio and video on more than one TV. They make life simple and convenient given how easy they are to use. Most TVs and computers now are HDMI enabled to make almost all devices HDMI compatible. This editorial gives you all the information regarding the types and specifics of HDMI splitters you need to know about. Read on to discover.

Benefits of HDMI Splitter

Saves space

If you have more than one TV and you want to connect it to a satellite box, you will not have to go through the long process of buying another satellite box so you can give the TV its own. Simply use an HDMI cable splitter on the same satellite box to connect to the different TV. By so doing you shall have saved the space of installing another satellite box.


Similarly, the use of HDMI splitter saves money; in situations where you need to buy other devices such as a satellite box, may prove quite expensive. This is because if you have say 4 TVs, buying each of them a satellite box is not only unnecessary but also means spending money you can save. An HDMI splitter helps you save money because it can help you use one satellite box to stream on the four TVs. Moreover, most of these HDMI gadgets are pocket- friendly and so most people can afford to buy.

Promotes convenience

Promotes convenience; this technology comes in handy during conferences, concerts, public shows and even schools can use it to enhance their presentations. It comes in very convenient, more so, if the concert involves a large population where the people at the back have difficulties seeing the main screen. With the help of an HDMI splitter, you will manage to connect other screens to display the same thing. This is very convenient especially if you get the right length of the HDMI cable splitter.

Easy to use and install

Easy to use and install; the splitters are simple devices that any ordinary person can set up and connect to their TVs, DVD players and more. Ideally; they come with minimal additional equipment which makes them easy to install. Furthermore, they will come with a manual on how to install the device. You can always connect and disconnect at will, consider how easy it is to use.

Types of HDMI splitter

There are numerous HDMI splitters on the market that consumers can choose from. They vary depending on the number of ports, power source, and prices. Here are three of the most popular HDMI splitters on the market so far.

Cable and Wireless

You should select cable or wireless HDMI splitter as per your requirement. In this article, we discuss about simple cable connected HDMI splitter. You may also check out the best wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver if you want to avoid cable.


Of all the HDMI splitters on the market, this is arguably the best HDMI splitters. This is due to its ability to produce excellent pictures and the remote control that comes with it. What’s more is that it offers extraordinary customer services. This is owed to its high-quality performance together with the built-in HDMI switching capabilities. It is lightweight and also compatible with most HDMI cables and inputs. Sewell is the most expensive of all the HDMI splitters mentioned here, but you get what you pay for considering it is also the highest quality of them all.


This is an energy efficient HDMI splitter because it is a passive splitter and therefore does not need an external power source. However, this can lead to an underpowered device. Just like the Sewell splitter, the Cmple HDMI splitter is compatible with all the different HDMI inputs and cables on the market. It also has a remote control that enables the user to wirelessly switch between HDMI inputs and outputs.


Popularly known for affordability and high quality, this HDMI splitter provides high-quality resolution and power source ensuring the gadget is never underpowered. It also features HDMI switching capabilities. Purchasing Monoprice HDMI splitters means you will also buy additional hardware separately since it comes with no cables at all.

Factors to consider while shopping for HDMI splitters

  1. Cord length

Cord length is very important for you to consider before purchasing an HDMI splitter. While longer HDMI cords may seem perfect, they have their limitations. It is, therefore, advisable to go for an ideal cord length. Most HDMI splitters come with specified cord length, consider using an extender if you find it insufficient for you.

  1. Amount of power

The amount of power used by a particular HDMI splitter will affect its resolution over a given distance covered. Most HDMI splitters have limitations on the amount of power they can use, while others do not even have their own power supply. HDMI splitters without their own power source are less reliable and can only be used over a short distance.

  1. Resolution usage

Resolution usage is an important aspect of the HDMI splitter which must also be considered before shopping. You can go about it by ensuring that your HDMI splitter obtains lower resolution of all the available devices. This will come in handy in a case of difference in resolution where the HDMI will use that of the lowest resolution to broadcast to all the other devices.

  1. Number of ports

If you wish to plug in several devices into the splitter, then you need to go for one with numerous ports. The number of ports depends on the number of devices you would wish to connect. A splitter with more ports is much more costly, therefore buying one means you will dig deep into your pocket.

  1. Price

Before you narrow your choices to one product, it is vital you consider its price. The right product for you is one with a reasonable and considerable price for an individual. The right product is, therefore, not based on the notion of cheaper or expensive ones. If your budget is very low, then you can check out best cable HDMI splitters.

What the best HDMI splitter has

  • Have more numerous ports
  • Has a considerable and reasonable price
  • Has ideal cord length with a premium cable that can carry signals over long distances
  • Adopts lower resolution on all available devices
  • Has their own power supply to avoid underpowered devices
  • Supports your preferred audio

Things you need to know before you go for an HDMI splitter


Before going for an HDMI splitter, you need to be wary of the brands available on the market and the services they offer. Go for brands that come with a warranty so that in case of any defects they can help you out. Similarly, you can consider companies whose products support all basic requirements like EDID and HDCP.


Cable length

Go for a premium cable length that will meet your desires. The right splitter cable length that is right for you is that which can cover your intended distance.


Video resolution

Consider if the HDMI splitter you are going for is a 3D enabled.

Features to Consider

  • Numerous ports to enable to you display on multiple screens
  • Powered HDMI Splitter to avoid chances of underpowered devices
  • 3D-enabled HDMI splitter to enable you to connect to long distances over 25ft


An HDMI splitter is an inexpensive way to display video and audio on different devices without purchasing similar devices. Above are all you need to bear in mind before you purchase a splitter, they will come in handy for you.


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