5 STAR Rated Best Led Strip Lights Review of 2024 | Top 20 Led Light Strips

5 STAR Rated Best Led Strip Lights Review of 2024 | Top 20 Led Light Strips
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Best Led Strip Lights Review

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The best LED strip lights will escalate your design experience by offering more light variations, more brightness, more straightforward controls, more flexibility, modern technology, and myriads of additional features over their standard counterparts. I need hardly say that finding the best one is an uphill battle, given the countless options in the market, and the wide range of features to consider. Luckily for you, the article you’re reading reviews the 20 best-LED strip lights in 2023. You can easily choose from the list and have your space illuminated in the most beautiful fashion. Read on.

Product Name

Technical Info



  • Wattage: 60 watts
  • Length: 32.8 feet
  • Features 8 light patterns
  • It has 300 LEDs


  • Has a 3M-rated self-adhesive tape
  • The length is 16.4ft
  • Working voltage: 12V
  • The strip is highly flexible

3. Govee

  • 12v/1.5A power supply
  • ETL listed
  • Length: 16.4 ft
  • Includes five adhesive clips

4. LE

  • Features 20 colors
  • Cuttable after 3 LEDs
  • Length: 5 meters
  • Includes a 44-key IR remote


  • Has a 24-key remote control
  • 8 levels of brightness
  • Input: 12V (DC)
  • It uses 150 LEDs


  • Lotus Lantern App Control
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Length: 16.4 feet
  • Has a 24-key IR remote


  • Length: 10metres
  • Stickiness rating: 3M
  • 4-Pin connectors included
  • 8 lighting modes

8. Chende

  • Features ten dimmable light bulbs
  • Length: 11.53 ft
  • Wattage: 30 W (total)
  • Each bulb is detachable

9. NightScene

  • A 40-key remote control included
  • Automatic off switch
  • Length: 32.8 feet
  • Self-adhesive tape included


  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Cuttable after every 3 LEDs
  • Features 8 light patterns
  • Working voltage: 12V


  • Uses 60 LED beads
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Comes with a smart dimmer
  • Length: 118 inches

12. HitLights

  • Uses a 3M adhesive strip
  • Features 150 SMD lights
  • Length: 5 meters
  • Uses a 2A 12V power adapter


  • Length: 16.4ft
  • Separable after every 3 LEDs
  • Power: 12V
  • Uses a 44-Key IR Remote

14. GBtroo

  • LED lights are battery powered
  • The LED lights change colors
  • Battery consumption is low
  • They’re IP65 waterproof

15. L8star

  • Length: 10 meters
  • Features 300 5050 SMD RGB LEDs
  • 3M self-adhesive
  • Weight: 1.32 pounds


  • Powered by DC 5V
  • Quantity: 48 LEDs
  • LED: 5050 SMD
  • Uses four light modes


  • Light brightness: 1100 lumens
  • The tape is highly flexible
  • Features 120 LEDs
  • Length: 6.6 feet

18. TBI Pro

  • 3M adhesive tape
  • Waterproof tape
  • Length: 32.8 feet
  • Uses super bright 5050 LED


  • Uses very little power
  • Powered by batteries
  • LEDs are 5050 SMD types
  • LED Length: 6.6 feet

20. Brightown

  • Uses 10 LED light bulbs
  • Each light bulb is dimmable
  • The strip is UL approved
  • 3M strong sticking power


The durable, multicolor Daybetter LED strip light is the best one you’ll ever meet in 2023 (and maybe beyond)! It’s highly adhesive (3M rated) for easy installation, and the lights have an exceptional brightness. This brightness can be dimmed using an included 44-key IR remote control. Daybetter strips will fit your bedroom, car, patios, around mirrors, and more other places. You can easily cut the circuit board after every three LEDs along the cutting lines.


This RGB 5050 LED strip lights with remote make control as easy as pushing a button. It’s designed to use indoors because of the lack of a waterproof property. It doesn’t only feature red, green, and blue colors, but also 13 others. The colors and lighting speed change automatically, but with the remote control, you can customize the colors according to your moods. The manufacturer (Minger) offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a full year’s warranty on the product. That gives a hint on its quality, too.

3. Govee

The Govee RGB led strip lights are a perfect ornament for your kitchen, ceiling, bedroom, stairs, and other places in the home. It has SMD 5050 LEDs that are made to stay in action for over 50,000 hours! You can use the IR remote controller to change the lights’ brightness from dim to bright in 8 different settings. It has 17 other colors from the red, green, and blue primary ones. This LED strip has an ultra-flexible and adhesive circuit board that will fit onto your uneven surfaces.

4. LE

The LE 12v led strip lights works at low heat to reduce the risk of damage. This means that you won’t often replace it so that you enjoy a long time’s use. The LED light comes with 20 colors that are customizable according to the user’s preferences. A user’s guide is included with the package to help rookies enjoy the experience without a worry. LE can be used in the bar, as a TV backlight, in bedrooms, and in many other places. It’s cost-effective, and that adds to the reasons why you should add it to your cart now.


I like the PANGTON VILLA LED lights for their gem mini controller, which is easy to hide. I also like the straightforward installation involved in mounting it. Customers praise it for versatility, as it’s usable in bars, homes, amusement parks, theaters, and other locations. You’re free to choose from the strip’s four-color modes eight-light brightness options. The attached remote can control the lights from eight meters away. PANGTON’s voltage rating means that it works at a low temperature, which spares its lifetime.


The versatility in control of this red strip light is what makes it unique. You can use a remote control device, an app, or the controller to customize its behavior. This LED strip light can also be used as a light alarm. Simply set the time when you need the lights on at night, and the strip will obey your command in the morning. Due to the light’s waterproof property, it can be used outdoors. Customers say it’s durable and cost-effective.


All strip LED lights often consume little electrical power, but the PHOPOLLO consumes even less. Interestingly, it’s longer than most of its counterparts. It uses 300 individual 5050 SMD LED lights along the long strip. There are 20 color setting options that can be DIY controlled using an included IR 43-key remote control. The LED light strip has a lifetime of 50,000 hours. It works at low temperatures, but the strip is heat-resistant so that in case of unplanned high-heat conditions, it can still withstand use.

8. Chende

If you’re looking for led light strips for room, look no further. Chende is a perfect mirror LED light kit that features dimmable light bulbs. The 4000k light bulbs are expert-endorsed for makeup. These aren’t dazzling mirrors that’ll cause complications to your eyes. Chende is a Hollywood make-up mirror that saves your wallet while helping you achieve beauty. The bulbs’ connection wires are thickened and made to be wear-resistant. Below are its additional features.

9. NightScene

Change the scene of your night into a decorative one with the NightScene LED strip lights. It has music sensitivity; thus, the lights change with the beats of your music and or microphone. There are four music modes to choose from. Additionally, there are four brightness adjustment modes. This LED strip light can also simulate both sunrise and sunset. For this reason, it can be used as a morning light alarm as well as a night-time sleep soother. The manufacturer offers an 18-month warranty.


Here’s yet another strip light that’s usable outdoors due to its waterproof property. It’s usable at parties, for example, during Christmas, Halloween, birthday parties, and so on. The lights can also decorate your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and living room, among others. In every meter of the circuit board length, there are 30 LEDs. The circuit board is long and flexible, leave alone adhesive so that fixing it on uneven surfaces is a DIY process. Here are more features.


These are bedroom led strip lights that are used for make-up. They can also be installed in the bathroom owing to their waterproof (IP65) properties. The lights are both dimmable and separable, so they can be customized to fit your needs. If you’ve always wished to buy a Hollywood make-up mirror, here’s the product! It will offer brightness up to 1200 lumens. The lights work at a low voltage, which means that they’ll generate minimal amounts of heat; thus, their life will be extended.

12. HitLights

The RGB 5050 LED color changing strip lights from LE is usable in quite a number of occasions and places. Controlling it is made fun using the included IR remote controller (with 44 keys). The red, green, and blue primary colors of the strip aren’t alone. There are 16 more multicolored options. The brightness of its lights is adjustable. You can use the LED lights for Christmas and Halloween, alongside other celebrations. Use the lights to give your bedroom, living room, bar, café, and other places an exceptional shine.


These color changing led strip lights have a low power consumption that saves your electricity bills every year. They’re, however, super-bright, and dimmable to fit your brightness needs. The self-adhesive LED light tape makes installing the strip seamless — you only need to peel off the protection layer and remain with the adhesive layer. The 5050 RGB LED strip has 16 additional multicolor options, too. The manufacturer offers a whole year’s comprehensive warranty.

14. GBtroo

GBtroo wall scones feature battery led strip lights on them. The LED lights display a sign of peace in wherever they illuminate. The sconces make a great gift, but the addition of led lights on them makes them a perfect gift. The LEDs will decorate a wedding, bridal shower, Christmas, Halloween, and more. With a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer, it’s a win-win situation for you. You either love them or get your money back. What an offer!

15. L8star

If you need flexible led strip lights to install on cars, in the bedroom, on screens, or anywhere else, the L8Star got you covered. The 10-meter long strip gives you control via an app or using a remote. The app is available both for Android and iPhone users. It comes with 41 modes to help you kick off your party in a stylish fashion. L8Star lights are also usable as music lights. They change according to the beats of your music. Its light brightness us adjustable between 10% and 100%. It uses 300 lamp beads to achieve its function. Here is additional information about the L8Star LED strip lights.


For led light strips for cars, look no further than SUNNEST. It’s perfectly suitable for car decoration, but can also be used for other purposes. The 8 Color RGB LED lights aren’t waterproof, to mean that they’re only useable within the car. Controlling the lights is simple using the included remote control. It comes with a DC 5V USB port to attach to the car’s USB power outlet. The lights will always change with the rhythm of your music, which makes it look even more stylish.


If you need some cheap led strip lights, WOBANE is all you’re looking for. You can use it in the car, under the counter, at the back of your TV, in the cabinet, and in many other places. The easy-to-install LED lights have a 3M adhesive tape that sticks to all surfaces, including uneven ones. WOBANE is UL listed for quality assurance. This means it’s highly reliable. It’s backed with a 12-month replacement policy.

18. TBI Pro

This LED light feature over 16 million colors that are able to change your room from ordinary to extraordinary. Control is made simple and enjoyable by both an app and remote control. The controls include a timer setting that allows you to make advance settings to suit your time schedule. No more peel-offs after installation because of the extra adhesive tape. You can use the strip lights in your bedroom, in the cabinet, in the bar, and in other places.


The HABOM Rustic Manson Jar can’t look beautiful without the LEDs attached to it. The LEDs change their color to give a beautiful, Bohemian look. The LED strip lights are powered by batteries (not included in the package). I love the way the LEDs conserve power but give a bright light. You can detach the LED strip to use it in other places like the café, bakery, bistro, bar, and others. You can also use the lights as led grow light strips. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee form the manufacturer.

20. Brightown

Brightown LED lights are exceptional make-up lights that can also be used on the dressing table. The LED bulbs glow with a natural, soft, and bright light that will not affect your eyes in the long run. The LED bulbs also do not produce any extra heat that can make your bedroom, bathroom, or makeup room extraordinarily hot. You need not drill any holes before installing the bulbs; attaching the sticky strip is just enough.

How We Picked 20 Best Led Strip Lights

There’s no distinct criterion of sifting out the ultimate best LED strip lights. That’s why settling upon the best one is a process. Within the process, there are gem determining factors that point in the right direction. We used these factors to make our list of the 20 best led strip lights for you. The factors included;

The Strip’s Brightness; We selected LEDs with the brightness adjustment feature that can be customized to fit every user’s preferences.

Price; We chose cost-effective, yet high-quality LED Strip Lights for you. You don’t have to break the bank for them.

Ease Of Installation; Installing a LED Strip Light shouldn’t be an uphill battle. That’s why all the ones on our list need simple DIY installation skills, plus the shortest time possible.

Colors; The range of colors produced by LED strip lights differs. Our list has RGB LEDs, which can get customized into the user’s best color combination.

The voltage; We only went with 12v led strip lights. They’re compatible with most DC outlets (most probably even yours).

Length Of Strip; All the LED Strip Lights on our list are divisible into convenient lengths. Most of them can be easily cut (along designated points) without causing any damages.

Customer Feedback; We did not ignore what past customers had to say about the products we chose. We only went with LEDs recommended as durable and robust. All of them have pros that outweigh the cons and high ratings.

Waterproof Property; LED strip lights can work indoors, outdoors, or in both environments. We have both types on our list. Using our test criteria, we ensured that outdoor led strip lights meet their waterproof ratings.

Ease Of Control; We also looked for digital led strip lights that are easy to control. On our list are many kinds, like the Bluetooth led light strip, which is controllable via a mobile app.

How We Tested Those Products

Investing all your trust in the manufacturer’s description can turn out disappointing. That’s why we have employed a team of experts to do industrial standard tests on all the products we recommend. We did this for the LED strip lights on our list. Please note that we don’t accept bribes from the manufacturers for a favor.

Revolution of Led Strip Lights

The first light-emitting diode was created back in 1962 by Nick Holonyak Jr. The invention came while Nick was attempting to create a semiconductor laser. At the time, the light was only available in red, and acquiring one was very expensive, leave alone the fact that they consumed large amounts of energy. In the 1970s, T.P Pearsall created the first LEDs with intense brightness and higher efficiency than his predecessor’s. But still, LEDs hadn’t exited the realm of indicator lamps. Since then, LEDs have undergone a series of evolutions that have borne fruits lately. We now have LED strip lights, sensors, dimmers, and other modern appliances.

Types Of Led Strip Lights

LED strips can get grouped in many ways. Here are the most common types, according to the most popular grouping.

  • AC LED strip lights.
  • DC LED strip lights.
  • Outdoor LED strip lights (waterproof led strip lights).
  • Indoor LED strip lights.

Advantage Of Led Strip Lights

These decorative types of lights have myriads of advantages. The main ones include;

✓ Their extra-low power consumption property places them above bulbs and ant other lighting alternatives.

✓ They’ve got a wide range of colors for different uses, e.g., the Daybetter led strip lights. You’re free to be creative about what to use them for.

✓ They’re highly flexible and can be installed on corners, curved surfaces, or made into shapes, unlike bulbs

✓ LED strip lights are also eco-friendly, and they can be recycled because they’ve got no harsh chemicals.

✓ LEDs use no amount of their energy as heat, unlike CFL’s and bulbs.

✓ They have a long life expectancy, too. Most of them can provide light for as long as 50,000 hours!

✓ They’re also cost-effective in the long run. Although their one-time purchase fee may be higher than their counterparts’, they last much longer than them.

Q: What Are The Best Led Strip Lights?

A: Each individual has their definition of the best led strip lights, depending on what they’re planning to use them for. So the best one is the one that suits all your needs perfectly. For example, bedroom led strip lights may have settings that imitate sunrise and sunset to help you in and out of bed quickly.

Q: How To Install Led Strip Lights?

A: Earlier on, we mentioned that installing these pieces of lights is a straightforward process. This remains true. However, the installation process will differ with the location. For example, ceiling led strip lights won’t be installed the same way with wall strip lights. Either way, you have to;

√ Measure the length of the track upon which you need the lights installed, and cut the same length of led strip light;

√ Determine the voltage requirements of the lights you have — to see if it matches your outlets’. If it doesn’t, purchase one that does;

√ Keep an eye on the distance between your power outlet and the area of installation. Make sure you have an extension that can get there;

√ If you have to make cuts, only make them along the designated lines.

Q: Can You Cut Led Light Strips?

A: Yes, of course, and there are lines along which the cuttings are recommended, often after every group of three LEDs.

Q: Where To Buy Led Light Strips?

A: Led strip lights are nowadays popular, and almost every electronics retailer sells some. However, there are countless fake ones in the market, so you have to be vigilant about who sells you one. LED strip lights Amazon is the best. Amazon only sells original products, which you get to view their specs before purchasing. We recommend you to buy one from Amazon only.

Q: How To Install Led Strip Lights On Ceiling?

A: Installing LED strip lights is a simple cut-and-attach process. If you want to install them on your ceiling, you have to identify the right area on the ceiling (mostly the edges), measure the lengths, determine the voltage requirements, and then “do your thing.”

Q: How Long Do Led Strip Lights Last?

A: Generally, these lights  last for 50,000 hours, which is equivalent to approximately six years. They’ll always lose their light output over time, and it takes 50,000 hours before this output is considered insignificant.

Q: How To Connect Led Strip Lights To Power Supply?

A: Connecting power leads to a led strip light is nowadays made a simple process with the led strip light connectors. They’re modern, easy-to-use, safe, and cheap.

Q: How To Fix Led Strip Lights?

A: Led strip lights may stop being functional for power problems, the strip’s damage, or poor connections. If your LEDs aren’t lighting up, check if the power output socket has the right voltage needed by the strip. If it’s the right one, check for any loose connection or remove other devices connected to the same power source (if any). If there’s a dark section, check for a broken connection. Sometimes, you may need to confirm that you’ve used the led strip light connectors in the right way.

Q: How To Hang Led Strip Lights?

A: The process is similar to the one involved in how to install them on the ceiling. Measuring the length, cutting along the designated points, and ensuring voltage compatibility are mandatory steps.

Q: How To Install Led Strip Lights Under Cabinets?

A: Under cabinet led strip lighting is essential for a good number of reasons among reducing shadows, adding a distinction to space, and more. Here are the steps.

  1. Connectthem to a power supply to see if they’re working.
  2. Take the necessary length measurements and make appropriate cuts on the strip at the designated lines.
  3. Use connectors to join the strips wherever necessary.
  4. Again, test the strip if it’s working all around.
  5. Wipe-clean the length onto which you want to mount the sticky strip under your counter.
  6. Install the dimmer
  7. Mount the strip, and check if it’s functional.

Q: How To Set Up Led Strip Lights In Room?

A: Follow below steps

  1. Identify the right place to install the lights.
  2. Measure the line along which you want to install the strip using a flexible tape measure.
  3. Cut and join the strip to meet the shape and length of the measurements you made.
  4. Test if it’s working before you install it.
  5. Install the strip, followed by its dimmer, if any.

Q: How To Cut Led Light Strips?

A: Led strip lights to should be cut along marked lines. As long as you cut them along these lines, there’ll be no circuit breaks created. Here’s how to do it the right way.

  1. Measure the right length that you need.
  2. Find the designated cut lines on the strips.
  3. Cut along the lines using a scissor.

Q: How To Install Led Strip Lights In Car?

A: Mostly, car owners install these lights on the outer edges or under the body of their cars. They’re mostly battery powered led light strips, because cars have a battery in them. Blue led strip lights are the most common ones used, but some prefer the black light led strips, while others will go with the color-changing types.

  1. If necessary, use a car jack to lift it high for better access to the underside. Then, clean the entire length along which the light will oube installed.
  2. Measure the cleaned length and cut your LED strip according to the measured length and shape.
  3. Join the cut strips using the right type of connectors, according to the shape of your track.
  4. Now mount it on the cleaned and measured track using its own 3M adhesive tape.
  5. Secure the strip further using zip-ties.


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