10 Best Passport Holders of 2020

10 Best Passport Holders | Personalized Passport Cover Review 2024
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Passports are some of the most important documents to keep safe especially when traveling to a foreign country. This calls for one to guard against theft, losses, and damage. Passport holders are great for this purpose and have been gaining popularity among travelers. In the following document, we have come up with a list of top 10 passport holders in the year 2024. These passport holders rank highly among consumer websites and have the best reviews. We hope that you will find one that suits your needs after going through the list.

Who should get this?

Travelers should be keen on this point. Passports are not easy to get. Neither do they cost peanuts. Having them secure in one holder makes it easy to carry once you are traveling to any country. Guarding against losses, damage, and theft saves you time and money. These items are crucial, and without them, you can’t travel and risk arrest.

How we picked this

We embarked on a consumer research session, which was fruitful. Our team had a question list to identify the features that users loved in these passport holders. Next was to determine what products are in the market then sieve to get the top 30. From a keen analysis and evaluation, we put together the 10 best passport holders that allow for spacious storage and safe holding of your travel documents.

How we tested

Practicality is of the essence when putting together a best-of list review, and that is what we did. We distributed the 10 holders to different individuals to gauge performance. These test samples are our purchases for authenticity. Durability will highly depend on care and maintenance and until. Otherwise, the 10 render very dependable service if you are looking to secure your passports and a few personal cards.

1. AmazonBasics

The AmazonBasics Hard Carrying Case comes at the top of our best passport holders in 2018. This amazing holder has got various features that ensure that your passport and various other documents are safe and secure. It has a compact compartment as well as an internal mesh pocket to store your travel documents, power cords, hard drives, credit cards, flash disks, and coins. It also has a slim design that allows it to fit into briefcases and backpacks with minimal difficulties. The interior is also zippered and has numerous straps that ensure everything inside is secured.


  • It is a well-designed product that does its job perfectly.
  • Product price is very reasonable.
  • The product is very durable.


  • Does not contain inside padding for impact protection.
  • Cannot store smaller accessories like microSD and SD cards.

2. Royce Leather

This awesome passport cover is made of 100% top American top grain cowhide leather. It is a very fashionable cover that that will also keep your documents safe. It is also made up of material that blocks Rfid waves that can be used by scammers to read your card information. The wallet has enough space for currency, documents and credit cards and does not bulge.


  • The soft leather used to manufacture it makes it easier to use than other wallets.
  • The wallet is comfortable and fits easily in apparel pockets.
  • A high quality of leather stitching.


  • Has an extremely tight fit that can make it an effort to retrieve and insert documents.

3. Access Denied

This passport cover has some exciting features that make it worth checking out. It is made of a material that is RFID protected and will, therefore, keep your pass[port safe from the hands of scammers. This blocking technology meets FIPS-201 Security Standards which is a major plus. It is also made out of durable leather that is sure to last for long. The interior of this wallet is also ample enough to allow storage of receipts, tickets, passports, currency and credit cards.


  • Its leather is smooth and soft.
  • Has a very attractive appearance and design.
  • Has plenty of pockets for whatever you want to carry.


  • Some passports such as the US passport do not fit in the wallet without a struggle.
  • The material does not feel like genuine leather.

4. Travel Smart

This passport wallet is RFID protected to keep you away from the hands of identity thieves. The wallet is also made out of faux leather which ensures it remains durable for a long period. It contains a myriad of pockets in its interior that allows for storage of business cards, credit cards, and currency. It also has a zippered pocket for coin storage. Also, it is small and will easily fit in your pockets without showing itself.


  • RFID protected passport wallet.
  • Ample space to store other documents.
  • Its small size makes it very portable.
  • Lightweight and thin.


  • A little cumbersome.
  • Hard to retrieve cards out of the pockets.


This passport cover is a must-have for all adventure lovers in 2018. The WITZ passport holder is made out of a material that is waterproof and is designed to withstand the wettest and toughest environments. In case you are going to wade through a river or a swamp, this is the passport for you. The WITZ also floats on water and is airtight which gives your documents an extra level of protection. It is also crash resistant and can withstand high impact from hard objects and surfaces.


  • Waterproof passport holder.
  • Can float on water.
  • It is crash and impact resistant.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • It doesn’t have ample space for documents.
  • Some parts are quite fragile.
  • It’s a bit bulky.

6. Travelon

The Travelon is a great passport cover that clinches number six on our list. It is made out of nylon material which is water resistant. The Travelon is RFID protected and will protect you against identity thieves trying to read your card info. It is a perfect passport holder since it comes with 3 card slots and an ID window.


  • Water proof passport holder.
  • RFID protected.
  • Has ample space to fit even a smart phone.
  • Great functionality.
  • Great build quality.


  • Sets off the TSA security machines.
  • Too bulky when filled with documents.
  • Poor quality leather.

7. Smooth Travel

The smooth Travel Talus Passport Protector is easy to use and is also RFID protected. This ensures that your electronic documents are secure even public places. The document slots found in this passport wallet are properly aligned to effectively block RFID signals. This card holder is also designated to hold the UK, Australia, and US passports.


  • RFID protected passport cover.
  • Easy to pull passport out.
  • Thin and slim.
  • Has a snug fit.


  • Not water proof.
  • Triggers TSA security machines.

8. Swiss Gear

Coming in at position eight on our list is the Swiss Gear Passport cover. This passport cover focuses on three major areas namely security, water protection, and good organization. The Swiss Gear is made out of nylon material which is known to be water proof. This ensures that your documents are not destroyed by water penetration. The passport holder also comes with bi- folds covers that help to conceal your documents effectively from identity thieves. The pocket design is engineered towards keeping a good organization of how you store your documents.


  • Water proof.
  • Documents fit snugly and don’t fall off.
  • RFID protection.


  • Uneven stitching.
  • Surprisingly bulky.

9. Marshal

This passport cover’s interior and exterior is made out of pure leather which guarantees its durability for many years. The 601 – Genuine Leather Passport cover, also as ample space for fitting your credit cards and driving license in addition to your passport. It is also very slim; a feature that allows it to easily fit inside front and back pockets with unbelievable ease.


  • Very durable material.
  • Slim and easy to fit in pockets.
  • Leather quality is very good.


  • Sewing of the leather is defective.
  • Produces a chemical odor that can induce a headache.

10. Embassy

This passport holder features a leather exterior coupled with a man-made interior that makes it quite durable to wear and tear. The embassy Black Leather Passport wallet also comes with enough space to hold your driver’s license and credit cards in addition to your passport. It is also an embossed passport that does not feature the US emblem. This passport holder has been granted a lot of positive reviews that make it a great value for money.


  • Very spacious.
  • Quite durable.
  • Embossed passport.
  • It has a snug fit.


  • The man-made interior is easily cut by the passport edges.
  • The leather has an unpleasant odor.


Best Passport Holder Buying Guide


The use of passport holders continues to grow across the world. This is not surprising considering the many benefits that using one provides.

Benefits of Using Passport Holder

• Protection – A passport holder serves to protect your passport to extend its useful life. Indeed, it protects your passport from adverse weather conditions, grime, and dirt.
• Convenience – You can easily identify your passport holder among your stuff. This saves time and, therefore, convenient to have one.
• identification – It can be very challenging to identify your passport when traveling as a group. This is because you all surrender your passports at border points and in hotels. The challenge comes in at checkout when you need to identify yours. Having a passport holder makes identification very easy.
• Making of Friends – A nicely designed passport holder, in some cases, turns out to be a valuable ice breaker. Indeed, it can be the basis of communication between you and anyone sitting beside you.
• Security – Theft of passports is still a serious problem around the world. Having your passport in its holder makes it difficult for anyone out to steal your passport. This is because he/she will most likely think that it is a notebook. Most importantly, a passport holder designed with the RFID security feature blocks any unauthorized reading of RF chips on your credit cards.

Types of Passport Holders

Passport holders are available in different styles. As a matter of fact, it can be very difficult to point out a specific type of passport holder. However, the many different styles available can be narrowed down to at least 6 different types.

• Waterproof Passport Holder – This suits you if you are an adventurer traveler. Its rugged design makes it the right passport holder to buy if you plan to go hiking and sightseeing. It features a waterproof finish and can have spaces for your passport, phone, headphones, cash and credit cards.
• Waist Passport Holder – This type of passport holder is designed to fit on your belt. It can be a little bulky considering that it provides for different spaces for storing your passport and other documents.
• Phone Passport Holder – This type of holder features a built-in charger that you can use to charge your Smartphone. This is in addition to spaces for your passport and other valuable documents.
• Travel Organizer Passport Holder – This is probably the most common type of passport holder. Its design provides for ease of access and convenience. You can easily store your passport, credit cards, plane tickets and hotel reservation tickets all in one place.
• Vintage Passport Holder – This is the traditional type of passport holder. Its design provides for limited space only enough for your passport and credit cards.
• Multi-purpose Passport Holder – This is probably the largest type of passport holder that you can find. It suits you if you frequently travel with your family. It is spacious and accommodates passports for all family members and other valuable documents.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Passport Holder

It is very important that you pay attention to several factors while shopping for a passport holder. Doing so makes it possible for you to buy one that will meet your travel needs.
• Size – A passport holder that is of interest to you should have sufficient space to accommodate your passport and any other documents you need to keep safe. However, it should not be so big that it attracts others’ attention.
• Material and Durability – Passport holders are made of different materials including leather. Choose one made of long-lasting material. Such will certainly be a durable holder.
• Design – Passport holders are designed in different ways. There are those that have a simple design and can, therefore, only accommodate your passport and a few other documents. There are also others that feature zipped pockets for storing other documents.
• Security – Choose a passport holder with security features. For instance, there are those designed with anti-slash and anti-theft RFID feature for improved security
• Price – Your budget certainly comes into play when shopping for a passport holder. Passport holders are available at different prices and you should be able to find one that is best for you. A visit to Amazon, in particular, should introduce you to some of the best passport holders at an affordable cost.

Know Before You Go

It is important that you know certain things before you go out shopping for a passport holder:
• Passport holders are designed and manufactured by different manufacturers. While some are established manufacturers, others are relatively new.
• Not all passport holders are the same in terms of quality. They are made of different materials, which inform their durability.
• There are passport holders designed specifically for men and others for women.
• There are different types of passport holders in different styles.
• Passport holders are available in different sizes to suit different document storage needs.
• Passport holders with the RFID security feature are very effective in preventing identity theft.

Features to Consider in a Passport Holder

It is always the best idea to take consider specific features in a passport holder that you are about to buy:
• Size – Buy one of a size that you will carry and manage with ease. Remember that it is a holder for your passport and not a wallet.
• Security – Having a passport holder in itself serves to secure your passport. However, go the extra mile to buy one with an added security feature.
• Quality – Buy a holder that is of high quality. In particular, ascertain the quality of the material it is made of.
• Design – The design of a passport holder informs its functionality Buy one in a design that will serve you well.
• Waterproof – Buy a holder that is waterproof. You never know when you will be caught up in rain or in an accident that subjects your passport to water or other liquid.

Your passport is the only document that identifies you while traveling overseas. Losing it or subjecting it to unnecessary damage can easily ruin your travel. Indeed, you may be forced to wait for a new passport or travel document while overseas in case you lose your passport or if it is seriously damaged. Investing in the best passport holder can save you from all such trouble.

Q: What the Best Passport Holder Has?

A: You really need to settle for the best passport holder while shopping for one. The prize of a holder should not be the reason for not picking the best. The best holder should ideally have the following:
• Sufficient space – Apart from your passport, you will want to keep your credit cards safe. Settle for one that provides sufficient storage space.
• Security – Buy a passport holder with security features. This can be very helpful in preventing identity theft.
• Quality – Buy a holder made of high-quality material. Such is a durable passport holder.


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