5 STAR Rated Top 10 Best Pizzelle Maker of 2024

5 STAR Rated Top 10 Best Pizzelle Maker of 2024
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Craving some pizzelle? We completely understand. Nobody can say no to a delicious pizzella, the thin Italian waffle we can shape as a cannoli and fill with tasty cream or eat it simple when we’re looking for a quick snack. Some people may not know this, but these cookies are extremely easy to make. Whisk together flour, sugar, eggs, butter, flavoring and put your batter into the pizzelle maker. Don’t have one? You’re in luck because we’re here to show you where you can find the best pizzelle makers for the absolute best pizzelles in town.

Who should get this?

Our focus is on all pizzelle lovers and those in the pizzelle making venture. We have done in-depth research on the best products for domestic use and those in small scale businesses. These cookies are delicious tough costs a little more. Making them at home saves you more while having plenty at your disposal.

How we picked this

The team of researchers made a few visits to the nearest coffee joints and snack shops to see the type of machines they use and those that they can recommend. Not so many households had it in the area. So, they went online to comb the social platforms and groups to get to know which machines work for a specific type of person. The team visited the nearest malls and kitchen and appliances stores to see what they stock. They added a listing from Amazon to what they had come up with.

How we tested

We distributed the samples we had purchased to the households and small pizzelle joints around the area. The consumers were to test durability through a drop-down test, energy consumption, disengagement of joints, rusting and corrosion of hardware, ease of operation, cleaning, and storage. Only the 10 out of the 23 o our list made it to our review site.

1.  Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press

This Cuisinart pizzelle maker can bake up to two thin 4-inch pizzelle and features two decorative patterns because you can’t have two pizzelle looking alike, right? Your cookies will come out all nice and perfect thanks to the lock lid that allows for even browning, and the nonstick plates ensure you won’t be breaking your dessert as you take it out. Included with this pizzelle maker are a measuring spoon and a rolling dowel for when you want to turn into a pastry chef and put together a few cannoli.


  • – Easy to operate.
  • – The nonstick plates are as advertised – as non-sticky as they could get.
  • – Users agree that this is one pizzelle maker that gets the job done beautifully.
  • – The most affordable quality pizzelle maker on the market.


  • – You need to keep your eyes on the indicator light to get the pizzelle out in time.
  • – The plates may be smaller for some user’s liking.
  • – Setting adjuster a little wiggly and you may have troubles setting the intended temperature.

The Cuisinart WM-PZ2 is a great little appliance that knows how to deliver perfectly-baked pizzelles in only 60 seconds.

2. VillaWare V3600-NS Prego Nonstick Pizzelle Baker

The VillaWare V3600-NS promises to bake two steamy 5-inch pizzelle in only 30 seconds. It features a traditional Fiori (flowers) pattern, Xylan non-stick coating for your cookies to come out of the baker in perfect shape, and a Steam Guard to keep your hands safe so you can continue making these crispy treats.


– Easy to use.

– Small enough to not take too much kitchen cabinet space.

– 5-inch plates, bigger than the standard 4-inch plates that come with most others pizzelle makers.

– The non-sticky plates work as advertise – no danger of sticking whatsoever.


– A bit pricey.

– Could use a signal to let you know when the pizzelle are done.

The VillaWare pizzelle maker is a top quality product, one of the highest rated appliances of its kind. And if user reviews are not convincing enough, then go ahead and give it a go yourself. A more expensive option than the Cuisinart. the VillaWare V3600-NS has a starting price of $79.99 on Amazon.com

3. Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic

This pizzelle maker is perfect for nostalgics who want to have a traditional-looking pizzelle baker in their home. With its cast aluminum plates and two thin 5-inch plates, the Palmer pizzelle maker will feed your sugary desires in half the time required by hand irons.


– Durable pizzelle maker.

– Non-sticky iron.

– Easy to use.

– Easy to clean.

– Beautiful pastry design.


– No light to monitor doneness.

– Tends to overhead.

– The pizzelles can come out too thick.

For those who want to experiment with a traditional-looking design and don’t mind the lack of an indicator light, the Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic is a bold, effective move. Just be prepared to free your wallet of $85.

4. Chef’s Choice 835 Pizzelle Pro Express Bake

Going back to more affordable choices, the Chef’s Choice 835 Italian pizzelle maker is a pretty little baker that can cook up to three pizzelles. It has an overflow channel for getting rid of excess batter and nonstick plates, both features ensuring your end product will come out looking picture-perfect.


– Comes with electronic controls.

– Heats up fast.

– Very easy to use.

– Easy to clean.

– You can control the brownness of the pizzelle with the dial on the side.


– The pizzelle come out smaller than with other appliances.

– Doesn’t always provide uniform cookies.

– Not that durable.

The Chef’s Choice 835 is a budget pizzelle make, perfect for anyone who loves their pizzelle but doesn’t want to spend a small fortune on a kitchen appliance.

5. CucinaPro 220-05NS Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker

The CucinaPro 220-05NS pizzelle maker can bake two gorgeously “crafted” 5-inch pizzelle at a time. The extra-thick plates offer even heat distribution for neat cookies, while the steam guard keeps your hands safe when baking your goodies. It’s one of the most popular appliances of its kind on the market today, just check out the pros and see why.


– Heats up quickly.

– Easy maintenance.

– Non-sticky plates as long as they’re oiled.


– Doesn’t have a built-in timer.

– The non-removable plates make it a bit hard to clean.

– Manufactured with cheaper materials that may break.

6. CucinaPro Piccolo Pizzelle Baker

Another quality product from CucinaPro, the Piccolo Pizzelle Baker model offers you not two, not three, but four mini pizzelle at a time. The cookies measure 3.25 inch, so this makes it the perfect pizzelle maker for parents who want to keep their kids’ sugar intake at a decent level. It too offers extra-thick plates for perfect heat distribution and a steam guard for protecting your hands.


– The lovely size of the pizzelle.

– Offers thin cookies.

– Durable product.


– The size of the plates might have batter spilling from one plate to the other.

– Some users complain that the pizzelle don’t bake evenly.

For anyone wanting the mini version of these Italian cookies, the CucinaPro Piccolo Pizzelle Baker is the ideal addition to any kitchen. It may take a while to get the hang of how it works and how long to leave the cookies in, but once you do, your mini pizzelle will come out evenly baked every time.

7. Villa Ware V3850 Quattro Pizzelle Baker

Not that convinced by the CucinaPro Piccolo baker? Then allow us to show you another mini pizzelle lovers’ favorite: the VillaWare V3850. Every 30 seconds, the Quattro Pizzelle Baker promises to deliver four nicely browned 3 1/4″ pizzelle. And you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen cleaning the mess, as the Xylan non-stick coating is incredibly easy to clean.


– Compact and easy to store machine.

– Long-lasting, just as any VillaWare product.

– Comes with recipes so you can make the best mini pizzelle ever.


– Can’t roll up the pizzelle in a cone.

– No timer.

With hardly any mentionable complaints, the VillaWare V3850 is one fine product you should try if you enjoy your mini pizzelle.

8. Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press, Silver

Cuisinart WM-PZ10 pizzelle maker offering consistent, even heating. This is a standard machine, offering two 5-inch pizzelle in a matter of seconds. Its instant temperature recovery ensure this pizzelle baker is always ready for the next batch.


– Easy to use if you follow the instructions.

– Cleaning it is a breeze.


– May not stay upright when the top is open.

– Feels a bit too light weight for the price.

With a price tag of $49.05 on Amazon.com theM& T Nonstick Pizzelle Maker 5000 is a quality machine, and a good option to the more expensive products on our list. It just goes to show that VillaWare and CucinaPro are not the only ones making quality pizzelle makers.

9. Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron

The Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron is the most basic, minimalist product you could ask for. If you’re looking for an appliance that takes the minimum kitchen cabinet space, then you’ve just found yourself the winner. This Scandinavian product features a flowers and leaves pattern which is absolutely lovely, and you also get a rolling cone for shaping your cookie into a cone.


– Extremely versatile: can bake anything from omelets to pizzelle.

– Guaranteed to last you a very long time.

– Easy to clean.


– Very light weight.

– Requires using a pot holder.

– Harder to use than other products of its kind.

Fancy a trip back to the ol’ days? Then you should give the Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron a spin.

10. Palmer 1000T Electric Pizzelle Maker

Last but not least, Palmer’s 1 OOOT Electric Pizzelle Maker is one of the best pizzelle makers out there. It makes two 5-inch cookies in half the time required by hand irons, and they’ll come out crispy and high ribbed, just as they should. You’ll have a hard time finding a better product, but it does come with a price. And we mean it.


– Sturdy, good build.

– Offers perfect thickness.

– One of the most durable products on the market.

– Heats up in just a few seconds.


– High price.

Once you go Palmer, you don’t go back. At least not when it comes to the best pizzelle makers. The Palmer 1000T may cost you almost $90 on Amazon, but it’s one product you’ll most likely still use 15 years from now. Here they are, the ten best pizzelle makers for anyone who enjoys their Italian sweets now and then.

We’ve rounded up both cheap and more expensive options to cater to everyone’s budget. However, either product you choose, you can rest assured that you’ve picked an appliance capable of offering the most delicious, perfectly baked pizzelle you could ever wish for.

Best Pizzelle Maker Buying Guide

If you have a craving for cookies, then getting a pizzelle maker should be a priority for you. A pizzelle is one of the oldest cookies that originated from the Italian regions. It can be compared to today’s waffle, except for its thinner and crispier feel. During Christmas and Easter, pizzelles make for great snacks. But for those who love cookies, you don’t have to wait for these seasons to come. With the right pizzelle maker at your disposal, you can easily make a batch at home from time to time. If you’re looking for a great pizzelle maker to add to your kitchen, then have come to the right place. In this article, I will be sharing with you a bunch of information about pizzelle makers.

Benefits of a pizzelle maker

There are a number of benefits that come with investing in a pizzelle maker. The major advantage of buying a pizzelle maker is that you get to prepare different types of pizzelles instead of depending on a store. Making your own pizzelle is cheaper compared to buying them from your local store. For pizzelle lovers, there is nothing better than fresh pizzelles that are straight out of the pizzelle maker. You will only experience this if you have a maker at home. Pizzelles are healthy and tasty. They are a great alternative to otherwise unhealthy snacks available at the market. With a pizzelle maker, you will have many happy moments with your friends and family.

Types of pizzelle maker

There are different types of pizzelle makers available in the market. We can categorize pizzelle makers according to their models or according to the material used to make them. The various makes include:
Cuisinart pizzelle makers which make two thin cookies at once and have dual indicator lights for easy operation.
Villaware pizzelle makers which feature models such as vintage Villaware prime, Villaware quattro, Villaware presto and others, all perfect for the making of Italian pizzelle waffles.
Palmer pizzelle makers which are the original Italian pizzelle makers. Palmer has different models including electric pizzelle makers which come with iron compliments and preserves the Italian origin of the pizzelle.
Other pizzelle makers include CucinaPro, Chef’s choice, and Picollo.
The different pizzelle makers are made from either cast aluminum or iron.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Pizzelle Maker

There are a number of factors that you should consider before checking out the prices and specs of various pizzelle makers.

Your frequency of baking

If you are hooked up to this cherished Italian treat and need to bake some regularly, consider buying a durable pizzelle maker. The iron cast type is a good example of a maker that can withstand wear for a long time while being used all the time. For those with occasional cravings and will only need to make pizzelles once in a while, an electric maker will do. They are also built to last but can’t stand frequent usage as much as the iron cast ones.

Your baking experience level

If you are making pizzelles for the first time, you should consider getting a pizzelle maker that is user-friendly. There are machines that have features such as lights and other notifications to help you make the perfect pizzelle. If you’re familiar with pizzelle recipes or are an expert in this field, you can use any pizzelle maker including the traditional ones. It is always easier though to use the modern simplified version of the machine.

Overflow allowance is another factor to consider

For those who can’t avoid overflow due to the texture of the batter, choosing a pizzelle maker with higher edges or bigger space would be more appropriate. Again it will depend on your baking experience where the more experienced bakers are in a better position to control the overflow.

The distribution of heat should be even

A pizzelle maker with even heat distribution ensures that you end up with a pizzelle that is firm at the middle and not burnt at the sides. Modern pizzelle makers have a latch connected from top to bottom which facilitates even heat distribution. The traditional makers are made of iron and aluminum which are generally good at distributing heat evenly.

The ease of cleaning

Modern pizzelle makers have nonstick coatings to eliminate residues which are very hard to clean. This makes cleaning easier as the maker can be cleaned with water and soap. Having detachable parts also makes a machine easier to clean.

The versatility of a pizzelle maker

Choosing a pizzelle maker that can also serve as a waffle maker is a good idea. You will even be able to make cookie shaped waffles. In short, choose a pizzelle maker that will make the delicacies of your imagination a reality.

Features to Consider in a Pizzelle Maker

When it comes to choosing a pizzelle maker that suits your needs, there are a few features that vary between the different models available.

The material used

  • Modern pizzelle makers either come in metal or teflon finishes. Cast iron was used for traditional makers but it has been gradually replaced by aluminum in recent pizzelle makers. A metal pizzelle maker looks more like grills of old and is sturdier than a teflon model.
  • Metal pizzelle makers are for those who are after authentic, real pizzelle and plan on making them regularly.Pizzelle size and thickness. Each pizzelle maker varies in the size of pizzelle it makes. Most models will give you a 5″ but some are slightly smaller. The thinness of the pizzelle also matters and it’s determined by how well the latch of the pizzelle works on squeezing the two hot plates together.
  • The functionality of a pizzelle maker. Functionality can be used to refer to how good the final product is. This will depend on your personal taste for pizzelle. There are those who will prefer a really thin pizzella while others like it a bit thick.

What You Need to Know Before Shopping For a Pizzelle Maker

– Decide whether you prefer an uncoated cast aluminum finish or a nonstick coating.
– When you choose to use uncoated iron, you will have to grease the plates before baking.
– Nonstick coated iron provides for an easy and carefree way of making pizzelle.

For me, the best pizzelle maker is the Cuisinart wm-pz2 pizzelle press. It comes with all the qualities of a great pizzelle maker. It has a light indicator, nonstick plates, brownness control and cleaning it is easy. You can get it on Amazon.com today and start making your pizzelles using your favorite recipe.


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