[Recommanded] Top 9 Best Receiving Blankets of 2024

[Recommanded] Top 9 Best Receiving Blankets of 2024
December 4, 2019 Mamun

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Getting a new born baby is always a beautiful thing. However, the good news comes with great responsibility. It’s the wish of all parents to ensure the warmth of their baby their early days. This is where receiving blankets will usually come in. Many ask “what is a receiving blanket?” baby receiving blankets normally ensure that your infant stays warm to allow easy transitioning between the mother’s womb conditions and the rest of the outside world.

Acquiring the best receiving blanket is usually not easy (At least for many women). However, you need to worry no more. If you are in need of the best receiving blanket, then you’re definitely in the right place. In this article, we get to look at the best baby blankets either baby girl blankets or baby boy blankets you need. Without further ado, these are the ten best receiving blanket of 2017.

Who should get this?

All caregivers of expectant women, friends, and partners are the main targets here. A receiving blanket isn’t your ordinary blanket hence its specifications are a consideration. They are light though cozy and warm enough for a newborn.

How we picked this

We never lack a group of parents in our business. They are the first people to hear from on what to consider when purchasing one or the types they have purchased before. The research team interviewed a few parents in the areas and got more data from online forums and platforms. List sourcing was from the nearest baby shops and stores, malls, supermarkets and others from Amazon.

How we tested

We invest so much in purchasing product samples and that is what we did this time. The samples were distributed among all the reviewers who were expectant mums in the nearest maternity hospitals. We were on the lookout for the type of material, ease of cleaning, stain adherence and removal, coziness, and if the material reacts to some babies’ skin. The 9 emerged the best from our listing.

1. Carter’s Flannel Receiving Blankets

Carter’s baby receiving blankets are 100 percent cotton with the ability to provide the most comfortable and softest environment for your baby. They are Ideal for swaddling and burping, and they cater of your infant at the same time making sure that their skin is not harmed by being exposed externally to harmful substances. These baby receiving blankets are simply a must-have for moms for their kids’ sake.


  • Are attractive with incredible colors.
  • Machine washable
  • big enough to provide enough covering
  • Stain resistant.


  • They are quite thick, but not that thick during cold seasons.

2. Luvable friends (pink) Receiving blankets

For a while now, these receiving blankets have sustained their top position in being among every parent’s list of must-have attires. They are 100% cotton and are among the high and top rated items on Amazon. They are used when burping, cuddling, sleeping nursing.


  • They have multiple functionalities
  • They are easy to store and are the best when traveling


  • They are small and are not ideal for big babies.

3. Soft and Cozy receiving Blankets

If you looking for a material to wrap your new bundle of joy in a comfortable and beautiful baby receiving blanket without spending a fortune, then you need this brand. This is an awesome product to have. It is 100% made of cotton and top-tier quality. They are available in large sizes and are it suitable for big babies. Their stars, candies and lions patterns and designs make them look quite attractive for newborns. They are very breathable and will your baby great comfort.


  • They are made from eco-friendly materials.
  • They adjust to the body temperature for maximum baby’s’ comfort.
  • They are not toxic or harmful.


  • A bit costly

4. Gerber Flannel Receiving blankets

The Gerber flannel Blankets are normally made out of pure cotton that makes them very soft. They ensure the baby will stay warm and toasty being thick without the kid getting harmed. They are also machine washable which eases the child care. If one is looking for a top quality receiving blanket, this is the way to go.


  • They are made to be of Top-grade quality.
  • They do not stain easily.
  • They have no harmful substances.


  • Their thickness may be viewed both ways (as advantage and disadvantage).

5. Spasilk Receiving Blanket

Spasilk receiving Blankets are made purely from cotton which ensures the baby stays warm always. They are machine washable which makes them very convenient for most moms since as they lessen the cleaning work which is a burden for moms in child caring days. Their design and material are quite attractive, comfortable and soft.


  • They feature a soft and attractive design.
  • They have a number uses.


  • They can be deformed when exposed to sunlight for a while.

6. Ziggy Receiving Blankets

These Receiving Blankets are made out of soft muslin material. They are good for baby girl blankets and baby boy blankets. These Receiving Blankets are well-known for their excellent design and appearance. Made out of 100% cotton, not only are they breathable, but they are also uniquely comfortable and soft. They ensure the warmth of your child without being exposed to harmful conditions. To add to that, they have multiple functionalities. They come in a convenient size 48 x 48 (3 Pack.


  • The Muslin material makes them soft and comfortable.
  • Recommended for big kids.
  • They got a risk- free guarantee


  • They are not suitable for small babies

7. Margaux & May Newborn Baby Swaddle Blanket Blankets

Unique, lovable and attractive, Margaux receiving blankets make their way into this list as one of the best receiving blankets in the market today. They are breathable which provide a natural comfort for your baby. They take comfort to a new level. If you want your baby to be warm for quick and healthy growth, you need these receiving blankets They are made of 100% organic cotton. Muslin material is well known to become softer after each wash which means instead of wearing off or fading, and it becomes better with every wash. They have incredible prints and designs which make these baby Receiving Blankets quite remarkable.


  • They are very safe yet attractive.
  • They don’t shrink after washing or after using.


  • They are not stained resistant.

8. Gerber Receiving Blankets

Carter’s baby receiving blankets are 100 percent cotton with the ability to provide the most comfortable and softest environment for your baby. They are Ideal for swaddling and burping, and they cater of your infant at the same time making sure that their skin is not harmed by being exposed externally to harmful substances. These baby receiving blankets are simply a must-have for moms for their kids’ sake.


  • Are attractive with incredible colors.
  • Machine washable
  • big enough to provide enough covering
  • Stain resistant.


  • They are quite thick, but not that thick during cold seasons.

9. Luvable Friends Receiving Blankets

Finally, these comfortable and warm receiving blankets, of course, carry the day to be at the top thanks to their incredible quality, appealing patterns, and attractive design. They are made out of high-quality cotton, and they boast a cute pattern design and have the preferred size. Being machine-washable, they stay good as new even after a long period of using use.


  • They are the top best seller in Baby girls’ receiving blanket.
  • They are made from the safe, not toxic materials.
  • They are durable and remain reliable for long.


Their size is only ideal for small babies specifically for girls.



There’s probably nothing as exciting finally getting that baby you’ve been waiting on for so long. Babies just bring out that bubble within most people. For mothers, however, handling a newborn can not only be scary, but it also requires absolute care and caution. There are several basic baby items that are a must-have by the time the baby comes around. One such item is a receiving baby blanket. Whether it’s a boy or girl, the market offers a wide range of receiving blankets for young ones. Receiving blankets are not only essential but also make excellent baby shower gifts.Any first-time mother may get a tad bit confused when it comes to buying one. Is it necessary? What exactly do you need a receiving blankie for? The following gives you a slight overview of just about everything you need to know about receiving blankets. Without further ado, let’s get down to the subject matter.


Baby blankets are of several types. Each serves a purpose of its own. A receiving blanket in simple terms is a light, multipurpose blanket specially designed for toddlers and newborn babies. They are usually rectangular or square and are easy to wrap a baby in. A receiving blanket is the most versatile and flexible of all baby cloth items. Made to serve multiple purposes, they come in very handy.


When something has as many uses as this item does, it’s list of benefits is remarkably long. Here are a few benefits that come with using a receiving blanket.

1. Used for swaddling.

Keeping a newborn covered up and warm enough is a matter of topmost importance. A receiving blanket can be used to swaddle up your baby just fine. Its lightness makes it easy to wrap around a baby without necessarily overdoing it. Heavy, bulky blankets may be a little constricting as swaddle clothes; receiving blankets serve this purpose just fine.

2. As a burp cloth.

Burp clothes are easy small; this makes them easy to forget. In such a case, a receiving blanket can be used as a substitute. Being larger than your average burp cloth makes it even easier to work with as it covers a bigger surface.

3. Changing table pad.

To protect your baby from bare surfaces when changing them, lay down a baby blanket. A receiving blanket creates a comfortable and warm base when it’s time to handle that diaper change.

4. Playing or lying mats.

Anytime you want to put him or her down to play; a receiving blanket is always up for the task. Their size offers up enough space for the baby movements. What’s more, it’s safe for a baby to nap on them in case they get tired from crawling about too much.

5. Nursing or breastfeeding cover.

When a baby is hungry, it doesn’t matter where you are. A receiving blanket can be used to create some privacy in case a mother needs to feed her baby out in public.

6. As a towel.

As unusual as this may sound, some mothers use receiving blankets as towels. You, however, need to be sure it’s safe for use before trying this. Rather than using it as an actual towel, you can also use it to wrap up your baby after a bath. This will keep off the cold while you dress them up.

7. Lap cover.

Everyone knows just how messy babies can be. Using a baby blanket as a cover is a clever way of keeping yourself clean of any baby messes.

8. Great travel companions.

The versatility of a receiving blanket makes it perfect for any trips or journeys. By acting as burp clothes, nursing covers, changing pads among other uses, they provide a single solution for many baby needs that may come up when traveling.


Baby blanket categories are defined by the purpose the blanket is made for. Below are some of the most common ones.
1. Swaddling blankets. As the name suggests, they are used to swaddle or wrap up a baby.
2. Security blankets. These are designed to provide comfort for the baby. Made from cozy materials such as fleece, they create a safe and warm environment.
3. Sleeping blankets. When looking for bedding, sleeping blankets or sacks are the right choice. They are made for baby cribs and cots.


1. The fabric or material used. This is the most important factor to keep in mind. Baby skin is very sensitive; the wrong fabric could result in a disaster. It is also important to consider the fabric’s warmth capacity.
2. The baby’s gender. You will find that most receiving blankets are designed especially for either a girl or boy. Although there are neutral designs and patterns around, be sure to pick one that suits your baby.
3. The texture of the blanket. You should only purchase the softest blanket you can find for your baby, that goes without saying. Some textures may not be very friendly to the baby’s skin.
4. Weight. Heavy receiving blankets are prohibitive and difficult to work with. Go for something that works well for your baby keeping in mind the temperatures of your dwelling area.
5. The size. Depending on how big your baby is, you can pick out a size that suits your ideas.
6. Durability. No one wants something that easily wears off. Be sure to look for something long lasting judging from the fabric and quality of design.


1. The print pattern or design.
2. The fabric.
3. The size.


1. Particular materials are safer and suitable for a receiving blanket. Cotton, muslin, and microfiber blankets are the best. They are durable, warm and easy to clean. In case you live in colder regions, a fleece blanket is the best as it maintains very warm temperatures.
2. Can be machine washed. This type of blankets saves you the trouble of having to hand watch your baby’s blankets.
3. Are large. Such a size allows them to effortlessly serve the intended purpose without causing much of a headache.
4. Do not have loose ribbons or tassels. The baby could get stuck on them; they are a safety hazard.


1. Online markets offer a variety of blanket choices. Extra caution is essential especially when picking out the size and design; mistakes are easily made.
2. Handmade blankets are available in craft fairs. In case you want a blanket with that special design and touch, this is where to go.


When deciding on a receiving blanket, keep the baby in mind. The good thing is that the market has a tremendous amount of options to choose from. Amazon is one of few markets that house guaranteed good quality blankets not to mention a wide pool of variety. It is the perfect shopping ground for such a commodity. With the above knowledge, picking several out should be a piece of cake now.


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