A Brief look At The 10 Best Resistance Bands in 2024

A Brief look At The 10 Best Resistance Bands in 2024
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Resistance bands have become part-and-parcel of strength training, physical therapy as well as general fitness. People love them for their simplicity, effectiveness. Versatility, portability and many other reasons. However, the truth remains that not every band will be right for you. Some will be too long or too short; others may be too rigid or too flexible, while some types may start fraying or break easily. In addition to providing poor results, low quality or substandard resistance bands for legs or arms may injure you when they snap. Luckily, you don’t have to worry too much, risk buying the wrong product, or waste too much time, simply follow this 10 best resistance bands in 2024 review and get a top product.

Who should get this?

This buyer’s guide targets all strength trainers and physical therapists. Those looking to achieve general fitness aren’t left out. The good news is that they can be used both in the gym and at home. They are pretty compact and extremely versatile. They come in all colours, shapes, and different brands.

How we picked this

Our team of researchers took to the field to collect relevant data to help in compiling this review. They visited various gyms and sporting centre in the area to see what they stock for use. They interviewed the trainers and trainees to determine what they have used previously, what they have currently, those they can and can’t recommend. More information from Google communities and forums to deduce product types that persons worldwide are using. They had a list from Amazon that they added to the collected data.

How we tested

We depend on consumers and reviewers for help in this final stage. The procurement team purchased a few samples of the products on the final list and distributed them to consumers for tests. All consumers brought feedback that helped select the best resistance bans to feature on our site. Some of the considerations were the material choice, product elasticity, ageing, portability, ease of storage, ease of cleaning and maintenance. We are glad that we had the best ten from the list that no feature on our website.

10. Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands

Working out your legs, arms, c shoulders, back, butt and other areas is more effective with this loop bands. Made from sturdy and quality latex, this loop bands provide good resistant and are less likely to snap when the recommended pressure is applied. The set offers up to 15 combinations and is fit for lunges, stretching, side-to-side exercises, biceps, Triceps, cross fit, squats, and more. The light and portable design makes carrying conveniently while the smooth surface feels soft on your body.


  • – Lightweight and portable
  • – Suitable for many exercises
  • – Smooth operation
  • – Sturdy and long lasting


  • -They are a little narrow
  • – Not very wide especially for big people

9. SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands

With this exercise cords, resistance training and working-out will be more effective. The spri resistance bands set features 5 different-colors sets that include yellow, green, red, blue and purple. Each color comes with a different resistance and allows you to choose the best. The spri bands are made from high-grade material and come in a portable design and will easily fit in a suitcase, gym bag, and handbags. It’s perfect for the home, office, and travel.


  • -easy to use
  • – Good quality
  • – Good resistance
  • – Feels very solid


  • – No cushion on the handles
  • – No door handles loops

8. TheraBand Professional Resistance Bands

This latex resistance bands are fit for beginners as well as seasoned users. The high quality and professional looking pieces come in three different colors, red, yellow and green, and each color has a distinct resistance level. The muscle band is suitable for stretching, Pilates, chin-ups, lower and upper body exercises. The set also doubles as physical therapy bands and can be used for yoga.


  • – Easy to use and good resistance
  • – Good length and width
  • – Suitable for a range or exercises


  • – The resistance level isn’t indicated on the bands
  • – Not suitable for people who are allergic to latex

7. Tribe 11 pc Resistance Band Set

Designed for a range of exercises, these physical therapy bands are suitable for both men and women. The set consists of 11 pieces with varied resistance, and this makes them ideal for different exercises. The high-quality silicone not only has good resistance but also is also very sturdy. And for improved performance, the bands feature handles, door anchor, and ankle straps. When stacked together, they can withstand a force of up 80 pounds.


  • – Good resistance
  • – Easy to use
  • – Comfortable handles
  • – Versatile and colorful


  • -Handles not very long
  • – The bands aren’t very long

6. Black Mountain Resistance Band

There is no doubt that the black mountain resistance bands are among the best in the market. They are revered for their high quality that guarantees a user of good performance and durability. This unit consists of five differently colored (yellow, blue, green, black and red) and when stacked can withstand a force of up to 75 pounds. Also included in the kit is a carrying bag, exercise chart, ankle strap and door anchor.


  • -Well-made and solid
  • – Versatile and portable
  • – Lightweight and sturdy


  • – Switching the handle not very easy
  • – The bands are a bit long

5. Fitness Insanity Resistance Bands

Your stretching and resistance training will be more effective and reward with this resistance/muscle bands from the Fitness Insanity brand. The 5-piece set comes in different colors, and each comes with different resistance and when stacked together can support up to 150 pounds. The cushioned handles are comfortable to the hands while the ankle straps enhance stability. Also included in this set is a door anchor for added versatility and 4 workout e-guides.


  • – Versatile and easy to use
  • – Good resistance
  • – Comfortable cushioned handles


  • – D-Ring not very strong
  • – The bands are a bit long

4. 321 STRONG Resistance Band

Coming in purple color, this latex-made resistant band is perfect for both beginners and seasoned users. The high-quality piece offers six different resistance levels with the lowest recommended setting being 35 pounds while the highest is 100 pounds. The smaller elastic bands are recommended for stretching or warming up whereas, the larger ones are best used for chin-ups, pull-ups and offsetting the body. They come in a simple and ergonomic design for added comfort and stability and will last for a long time if used as recommended.


  • -High quality
  • -Good resistance
  • -Versatile and easy to use


  • -Strong rubber smell
  • -The bands are narrow

3. Fit Simplify Resistance Bands

Blending durability and reliability, these resistance bands by Fit Simply are suitable for men, women, amateurs, and professionals. It’s made from natural latex and is fit for a range of exercises including stretching, yoga, chin-ups, power lifting and more. The 5 resistance levels enhance the exercises while the included eBook and instructional videos to improve the experience


  • – High-quality bands
  • – Feel and look solid
  • – Natural and safe latex


  • – The bands are not very long
  • – Not very effective for seasoned users

2. Serious Steel Assisted Resistance Band

These stylish and colorful resistance bands are perfect for a range of workouts including stretching, resistance training, power lifting, pull-ups and more. They are made of tough natural latex and offer six different resistances to suit your needs. The pieces are fairly thick and come in a decent length to suit different users. The smallest and lightest band and is perfect for beginners and warm-ups while the toughest piece is for the more experienced users.


  • – Good size and weight
  • – High quality and affordable
  • – User- friendly design
  • – Easy to use


  • – Small band is a bit too light
  • – They are a bit narrow

1. WODFitters Resistance Bands

Type the keyword “resistance bands Amazon” and one name that will come up on the top is the WODfitters resistance bands. This set comprises of five bands that come in different colors and resistance and are suitable for different exercises. The set is recommended for stress levels ranging from 10 up to 175 pounds and is suitable for jumping, stretching, pull-up, chin-up, light weight lifting and other workouts. Depending on the resistance required, you can use a single, double, or stack all of them for maximum resistance.


  • – Five resistance levels
  • – Soft and smooth surface
  • – Can withstand up to 175 pounds of pressure


  • – The bands are slightly pricey than some alternatives
  • – The rubber smell is a bit strong when new

There you go – the 10 best resistance bands in 2017. If you look closely, you will notice that they share many similarities. For instance, they are light but very sturdy, are very versatile and can be used as resistance bands for legs, arms, physical therapy bands, stretching bands and other workouts. Furthermore, they are made from easy-to-clean user-friendly materials and are also portable. Their effectiveness and reliability are evidenced by the many five-star ratings as well as overwhelming positive

Do you wish to bring a change in your mundane exercise routine? Resistance bands can help you achieve a fine-toned muscular physique while ensuring that you do not have to perform repetitive workout sessions. If you are interested in trying out resistance bands, our detailed buying guide will help you in purchasing a band suited for your needs!

Benefits Of Using Resistance Bands:

The sheer flexibility, convenience, effectiveness, and versatility of resistance bands have made them a top choice among trainers, sports physicians, and home gym lovers.

Some of the major benefits of resistive bands are as follows:


Easy Storage and Portability:

From hotel rooms to outdoor camping, workplace to school gyms; resistance bands can be taken anywhere easily. Stuff them into your bag or backpack, hang them on a hook or store in your car’s dashboard, they are highly portable and save you storage space.

Versatility in Exercise:

With resistance bands, you can perform a huge variety of exercises. Common exercises include front squats, leg extension, leg curl, ankle flexion, seated row, bent-over row, push-ups, incline chest press, bench press, overhead press, forward raise and much more. Hooking a resistance band with a door or support adds even more possibilities.

Safe and Inexpensive:

A resistance band is safe especially if you are suffering from injury or exercising alone without a trainer. You do not have to worry about crushed fingers or dropping weight on your body parts. They are cost-effective and provide you with the benefits of multiple exercising tools. Since they exert less muscular strain, special bands are constantly used by physicians and rehab specialists for post-injury therapy.

Multiple Fitness Levels:

Whether you are a serious muscle builder or just starting out, resistance bands are equally effective for everyone. They are available in varying color-coded resistance levels. You can start out slow and increase resistance afterward as you look for more challenge. Resistance rating starts from 2 lb and goes up to 23 lb for extra-heavy bands.

Greatly Effective For All Muscle Parts:

Since you are moving your muscles against the resistance, they are tremendously effective for muscle workouts. Depending on the tautness or slackness of band you can add even more muscle exertion. Another effective way is to exercise with multiple bands at the same time.

Types Of Resistance Bands:

Tube Type Bands:

 Clip tube bands:

These are multi-purpose bands fit for all kinds of exercises. They have clips at their end which can be attached to handles and use rubber latex as their primary material. Length can be as much as 4 feet, and they usually come as a set of bands with strength-variable colors.

 Fit or Compact Tube Bands:

With built-in plastic handles, fit bands are made of heavy-duty latex material. They are commonly used for upper body, lower body, and arm exercises. As an added accessory, door attachments are provided for more exercise variations.

  •  Figure-S Bands: Specialized 8-shaped bands for arm exercises. They are short and around 50 em long.
  •  Velcro Cuff or Lateral Resistance: With Velcro cuffs that can be fastened to your ankles, lateral bands are designed for lower body and thigh exercises.
  • Flat Type Bands: These flat and thin bands are suitable for hips, buttocks and leg exercises. A very popular sub-type of flat bands is therapy or rehab band which is used by those undergoing muscle and joint therapy.
  • Strength Classification: Another important thing to note is the strength rating for your chosen type of band.

Bands come in following colors:

  • Yellow: Very Light strength, 2-3 lb
  • Green: Light strength, 4-6 lb Red: Medium strength, 10-13 lb
  • Blue: Heavy strength, 15-18 lb Black: Extra-heavy strength, 20-23 lb Color coding, and corresponding resistance rating vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Factors To Consider Before Shopping:

  •  Always check the color coding of your band for its resistance level. Light bands are suitable for elderly or starters, while heavy bands are reserved for those who work out regularly. Usually, light or medium level bands are a good starting point.
  •  If you are training after a muscle, tendon or bone injury, then you should purchase rehabilitation and treatment bands. If in doubt, be sure to check with your doctor or therapist.
  •  You should also look for the durability of material and quality. For example, multi-layered bands are more durable and convenient than extruded rubber types. In the case of allergy, use a different material instead of latex.
  •  Be sure that the band is sufficiently long for your chosen exercise routines.
  •  Choose bands with detachable handles that can be hooked to doors for a variety of exercising options.

Important Qualities Of Best Resistance Bands:


  • High-quality bands come with added accessories such as wall mounts, door anchor, ankle straps and removable handles. Availability of accessory depends upon the type of band.
  •  They use high-quality latex and durable materials to ensure the elasticity of the band remains unchanged during your workout. A resistance band is good as long as its elasticity holds.
  •  Protection from injury is important, best bands have protected plastic or foam handles.
  •  If you are a set buyer, look for resistance rating booklet that comes with your purchase.
  • Top resistance bands come with exercising DVD’s and tutorials so those who are new to resistance bands can get familiar.

Key Points To Know Before You Go:

  •  Before purchasing it is a great idea to visit your local gym so you can get an idea of your resistance rating. That will help you in getting the right purchase for your needs.
  •  Look for money-back guarantees and warranty as they are characteristics of top companies.
  •  When in doubt, go for the reputable brand as they perform extraneous product testing and use high-quality manufacturing material.
  •  If you can afford it, try and purchase a complete set for yourself. This will allow you to test various strength levels and settle with one which is most suited for you.


Resistance bands are the most useful and versatile exercise equipment that you could ever purchase. Affordable price, portability, convenience, and variety set them apart from other products. Coming with stylish colors and accessories, these bands are safe and perfect option for rehab and treatment therapy.

Armed with the knowledge of right exercises, you can start improving your coordination, muscle strength and endurance. We hope that our buying guide was able to erase the complexities surrounding resistance bands. If you have any further questions, be sure to ask us through comments.


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