5 STAR Rated 20 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews | Swimming Pool Robot Cleaner 2024

5 STAR Rated 20 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews | Swimming Pool Robot Cleaner 2024
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Are you in on the hunt for the best robotic pool cleaners for your pool needs? You don’t have to stress so much. We have put together 20 of the best robot cleaners that will come to your aid to ensure that you maintain high hygienic standards. Besides, the general functioning and aesthetic features of your pool. The list comprises of different products from different brands that you sample first before making a solid choice that matches your budget and needs. With the overabundant types in today’s market, we know that it can get daunting on your own. Stick here to see what we have for you.

1. Dolphin

Featuring a mighty and ultra-efficient DC motor with 3000RPM, you can bank on it for frequent use in the shortest time possible without unnecessary breakdowns. Dolphin simplistically designs this cleaner resulting in a weight of about 40 pounds. This is reasonable to allow for secure handling, portability, and mobility. It has a 360 degrees swivel which allows for tangle-free operation and excellent efficiency.

Technical Features

  • 40 pounds product weight
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • 3000 RPM
  • 4 media types

Product Features

  • Highly efficient DC motor
  • Multi-media filtering system
  • Energy conscious with reductions up to 87%
  • Tangle-free operation
  • SmartNav surface cleaning

2. Polaris

A 60’ pool and 70’ cable are ideal to allow for use slightly further from your external power outlet. It allows for smooth operation minus tangling. There is a 7-day timer which is programmable to ensure that cleaning is on-going without need for monitoring. A Polaris hand remote allows for distance operation saving you time and energy, which is quite a functional relief. Vortex vacuum technology ensures that you can pick up substantial debris without countering maximum suction.

Technical Information

  • 43.6 pounds product weight
  • 4-wheel drive
  • 7-day pre-programmable timer
  • 110V transformer
  • 60 feet cord

Product Features

  • Comes with a heavy gorge
  • Vortex vacuum technology
  • Portable
  • ActivMotion sensor system for an excellent navigation
  • Oscillating brushes
  • High capacity filter canister

3. Dolphin

Dolphin has this pool weighing 37.2 pounds which is ultra-lighter than other pool cleaners in its category, allowing for excellent mobility, portability, and handling. The dual 24V DC motors and scrubbing brushes allow for efficient cleaning using 90% less of energy, unlike other cleaners. A SmartNav software, the machine’s coverage is on point and covers the walls, floor, and waterline. It has a suctioning rate of 4500GPH, which is relatively high.

Technical Features

  • 4500 GPH suction rate
  • 60ft cable length
  • Applicable for in-ground pools of 50ft
  • 2 24V DC motors

Product Features

  • Has an ultra-fine cartridge
  • Oversized leaf bag
  • Works for vinyl, fiberglass and plaster pools
  • Weekly smart timer
  • Remote operation

4. Dolphin Triton

The two scrubbing brushes, 1 active and 1 standard are a guarantee that the bristles will reach every inch of the surface to ensure optimal cleaning. You can set the robotic inground pool cleaner to either two settings. 1-hour quick cleaning cycle or 12 hours standard cycle to achieve the levels that you desire depending on how dirty the pool is. Another one for inground pools of 50ft max, the swivel cable is long enough for easy maneuverability and operation without tangles.

Technical Information

  • 16.5lbs product weight
  • 2 scrubbing brushes
  • 2 cleaning cycles
  • Works with MyDolphin app
  • Weekly scheduler

Product Features

  • Top load
  • Extra-large bucket
  • Ultra-fine filtering
  • Easy to clean
  • Longer cleaning sessions

5. Hayward

For full cleaning of the pool surfaces, TigerShark designs this cleaner with a 3-hour straight cleaning cycle to result in a spotless and germ-free swimming pool. Its 24V motor uses very little energy lowering the cost of your utility bills allowing you to make cleaning sessions frequent to that effect. If you are short of time yet need the spool sparkling, it comes with a 90-minute cycle that you can set then get into the pool without any health risks.

Technical Information

  • 3-hour full clean
  • 90-minutes fast clean cycle
  • 24V motor
  • 20 X 40 FT max inground pool use
  • 21.5lbs. product weight

Product Features

  • Optional Caddy cart
  • Easy to use
  • Low-maintenance
  • Two cleaning motions
  • Less energy use

6. Dolphin

While the PS and Nautilus PS almost resemble each other in features, the PS brings out the significant difference which is in overall weight, which is 16.5 lbs. This is lovable and reasonable for both adults and energetic teens to carry around. Offering over 2 years of quality service, you can be sure to find buying this cleaner cheaper than renting cleaning services. 8 times more energy-efficient, there is nothing to worry about your electricity bills.

Technical Features

  • 8 times energy efficient
  • 16.5lbs product weight
  • 2-hours standard cycle
  • 2 standard scrubbing brushes
  • 2 years of quality service

Product Features

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Set and forget design
  • Huge top-loading basket
  • Superior cleaning power

7. Dolphin

You would like something lightweight enough to quickly move with, immerse, and take out of the swimming pool. 19lbs is pretty it for this robotic pool cleaner. As it comes with an operational swivel, it allows for smooth movement on all the pool surface and once again for in-ground pools of 50ft max. There are 2 standard scrubbing brushes for easy and quick cleaning, and if you’d like to set a cleaning cycle, a standard 2-hour run will do.

Technical Features

  • 19lbs. product weight
  • 2.5 years of quality service
  • 2 standard brushes
  • 2-hour standard cleaning cycle
  • Up to 50ft for inground pools

Product Features

  • Optimal cleaning
  • Anti-tangle swivel
  • Large cartridge filters
  • Zero random patterns
  • Set and leave design

8. Pentair

The Pentair robot is compact to allow for secure storage. Measuring 19-inch width by 19-inch length and height as 235 inches, you are sure not to need too much space to store your cleaner after use. Though weight is slightly higher due to the construction. At 45 pounds, this could be somewhat heavier than others in its category. It features auto-reverse features that aid in countering hang-ups in the corners, ladders, and steps.

Technical Features

  • 45 pounds product weight
  • 19 X 19 X 23.5 inches product dimension
  • 2hrs 30mns cleaning time

Product Features

  • Superior cleaning power
  • Takes a considerable time to clean
  • Cleans all surfaces and corners
  • Compact design

9. Solar Breeze

As a 3-in-1 pool cleaner, you are sure to achieve a spotless pool in a short time. Built with a chlorine tray holder, it holds two 3-inch trichlor tablets, which is a separate purchase. Though they don’t cost much, they allow the machine to do its work as it goes. Solar energy is quite reliable in good weather for pool cleaning as it has no effects on your utility bills.

Technical Information

  • Solar energy powered
  • Use two 3-inch trichlor tablets
  • 3-in-1 pool cleaner
  • 12.35 pounds product weight

Product Features

  • Energy-free use
  • Allows for a reduction in run time by 1/3
  • No cords and hoses
  • Easy to use
  • No hand skimming

10. Dolphin

Unlike other Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners, this one uses 3 hours standard cleaning cycles to ensure that your swimming pool is immaculate. This one is a bottom load and comes with a large cartridge and works for pools of up to 50ft. The cleaning coverage is fully walls and floors. It doesn’t clean the waterline.

Technical Features

  • 2 standard scrubbing
  • 16.5 lbs. product weight
  • 3 hours standard cleaning cycle
  • Pool size up to 50 feet

Product Features

  • Dual scrubbing brushes
  • Large cartridge filters
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Less energy
  • Zero random patterns
  • No setup needed

11. Nu Cobalt

Equipping this Nu Cobalt Climber with an extra-large fine 20 micro-filter bag was resourceful enough to ensure that besides cleaning the surfaces of the pool, the climber also purifies the pool water. The Vortex suction technology is unique and gobbles the dirt in a single run without interfering with its quality and performance. The filter bag has a nylon frame which is unbreakable and very easy to clean and maintain.

Technical Information

  • Vortex Suction technology
  • Extra-fine 20 micro-filter bag
  • CE, CSA, and ETL approved
  • Automatic shut off after 2-hour run
  • Works for inground pools of a maximum of 20’ by 40.’

Product Features

  • One switch supply of power
  • No pumps or hoses hook-ups
  • Does full pool cleaning
  • Durable construction
  • Energy efficient

12. Dolphin

Dolphin gives this robotic pool cleaner an extended coverage of 1 year. It might seem short but is reasonably cost saving compared to having to hire cleaning services. The cleaner weighs 13.8lbs. which is very lightweight, and if you have able children and teens willing to help in pool cleaning, they can easily handle it. It comes with 1 active scrubbing brush. It ensures that the cleaner works on every inch of the pool starting with floors, then walls since it doesn’t cover the waterline as the Triton Ps would. With a standard 2-hour cleaning cycle, there is no doubt that all debris will be removed from the pool surfaces and water.

Technical Information

  • 1 active scrubbing brush
  • 13.8lbs. product weight
  • 1 year extended cleaner coverage
  • Up to 33ft pool size

Product Features

  • Top load with large filter basket
  • Active brushing
  • Schedule cleaning
  • Less energy consumption
  • Operates on a single button

13. Kreepy Krauly

Krauly has this aboveground robotic pool cleaner weighing 22.6 pounds which is manageable to work with. It is easier to move it, immerse in the pool and pull out. As a 4-wheel drive, portability in the pool becomes nothing to worry about. The top load filter basket ensures that it removes all debris quickly and easily. There is nowhere that both large and fine debris will escape to apart from the mesh filtration basket for disposal.

Technical Information

  • 22.6 pounds product weight
  • A top load filter system
  • Four-wheel cleaner

Product Features

  • Effortless vacuuming
  • Easy and quick dirt removal
  • High-speed scrubbing
  • Powerful cleaning action
  • 60-days limited guarantee

14. Polaris

This one boasts of a new and unique design with 31ft of feed hose. The length is pretty generous to ensure that the cleaner cleans the pool without reaching its edge quickly. Checking on it often isn’t necessary. The vacuum inlet measures 2.25 inches, which is reasonably long. It comes ready to be connected to the 1.5-inch pressure cleaner line, so there is no need of setting it before the first or the next uses.

Technical Information

  • 2.25 inches of vacuum inlet
  • 31 feet feed hose
  • 1.5-inch pressure cleaner line
  • 16 units

Product Features

  • Compatible with TailSweep PRO
  • No tangles
  • Great for inground pools
  • Needs a booster pump

15. Aquabot

A pool cleaner that is customizable is the real deal, and this one works on 5400 square feet in every hour. It takes less than one hour for the system that propels with the help of a jet to clean a floor and slope of about 24 feet in diameter. Even debris as small as only 2 microns is removable by the cleaner and goes into the 19-quart micro bag. The manufacturer includes a 1-year warranty to cater for any repairs and replacement after purchase.

Technical Information

  • 19-quart micro bag
  • 5400 square feet per hour in coverage
  • 41 feet cable
  • 1-year warranty

Product Features

  • Low-maintenance machine
  • Self-contained filtering system
  • Automatic vacuuming
  • Energy and resource-saving
  • Thorough and superior cleaning
  • Shorter cleaning time
  • Works minus supervision

16. Blue Wave

It features a low-profile design, and this robotic cleaner comes with a 40 feet cord that floats and is free from Kinks. The linear jet motor will deliver premium suction during cleaning at a very faster rate. This ensures that the cleaning time is significantly reduced. Its 48V DC motor is very powerful and completely safe for use and costs reasonably low to operate daily. It cleans pools made from different types of material and will be useful for both above-ground and inground pools. The cleaner is easy to operate and has a power supply system that is up to date

Technical Information

  • 40 feet EZ swivel
  • 48V DC motor
  • Low-profile design
  • 23.8 pounds product weight
  • Linear jet motor

Product Features

  • Dual filter bags
  • Both for aboveground and inground pools
  • Kink-free cords
  • Superior cleaning
  • Enclosed filtration

17. Aquabot

With very powerful suction, Aquabot designs this robot pool cleaner to work on 80 gallons in every minute. This is huge to ensure quick and superior cleaning while conserving energy. It features a linear jet motor. The motor takes very little power, and with a voltage of 48, you are sure to cut on power bills while still maintaining excellent pool hygiene levels.

Technical Information

  • 480 volts
  • 115 volts AC
  • 8 gallons in every minute suction
  • 40 feet max pool size

Product Features

  • Good for all shapes of pools
  • Cleans the floor, wall and partially on the walls
  • A top load filtering system
  • Kink-free cord

18. Aquabot

A 24V pump powers this robotic cleaner ensuring that jet-drive propulsion and vacuum suction works effectively with only one touch of a button. The 40 feet floating cable ensures that the machine moves to all the pool surface since it is generous in length. It features an automatic shut off after 2 hours reducing resource wastage

Technical Features

  • 24V pump motor
  • 40ft kink-free swivel
  • 2-hour stop time
  • Less than 1-hour clean time

Product Features

  • Easy to handle
  • Powerful motor
  • Saves on resources
  • Durable robot pool vacuum cleaner

19. Hayward

Wanda the whale weighs 4 ounces which is relatively lightweight to ensure easy maneuverability and portability at all times. The cleaner works with the pool’s filtration system to ensure surface cleaning and water purification. If you are looking to escape manual cleaning, the whale has it all at your service.

Technical Information

  • 4 ounces product weight
  • Compact design

Product Features

  • Easy to work with
  • Works with the pool’s filter system
  • No emptying or replacing bags
  • No chemical overuse

20. XtremepowerUS

The XtremepowerUS cleaner comes with 10 hoses that can work on a pool size of 30 feet maximum and will correctly clean floors and walls only. Needs 1 hp pool pump or the 1600 GHP to ensure proper functionality. There is a 1-year warranty on the cleaner for part replacements and repairs. The moving rate is about 8 to 12ft in every minute.

Technical Information

  • 8 to 12ft/minute work time
  • 1-year warranty
  • 1 hp pool pump/1600 GHP
  • 30ft max pool size
  • 10 hoses

Product Features

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Quick cleaning time and speed
  • Good for floors and walls only
  • No setup needed

Swimming pool robot cleaners are beginning to be favorites for many pool owners because of their work efficiency and relief on bills. From robotic pool cleaner reviews online, we have put together the 20 best machines for pool cleaning. They are within different price ranges and suitable for various types of swimming pools. Your needs will determine which one to settle on for proper pool maintenance.

 FAQ’s & Buying Guide for Robotic Pool Cleaners

Technology advancements are pacing up. Not to replace the pressure-side or suction robotic cleaners but to improve workability and create more efficiency. The robotics are purely hands down and so far the best value for money. Forget about fiddling hoses. We have put together commonly asked questions by both potential and new users. Their answers gear towards making your pool life easier, low-maintenance, and immaculate.

Revolution of robotic pool cleaners

Initially, the first swimming pool cleaner came into existence in 1912 as an invention by one John Davison who was a Pennsylvanian. Then there came a suction-side cleaner in 1937 after that prompting the invention of the first robotic cleaner that ran on electricity in 1967 by Robert Myers, a resident of Boca Raton. This was patented around the same time.  In 1972, another inventor, Melvin Henkin, who was from Tarzana California, made the first officially accepted robotic cleaner. It had three wheels which were used for mobility as the cleaner dislodges debris from underwater.

Types of robotic pool cleaners

Below are different types of robotic pool cleaners that you can select from depending on your pool cleaning needs and budget:

Robotic Smart Pool Cleaners

These smart devices are typical, and it will surprise new users that they can control these robots using their smartphones. Most of them use Bluetooth technology to synchronize to your smartphone enabling the user to spot clean their pool minus the human effort.

Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

For these cleaners, each has the maximum feet they can go. The highly efficient ones feature rollers that ensure easy navigation over the bumpy bottoms and come with non-marring high-grade tires that are kind to the pool liner.

Robotic Inground Pool Cleaners

A robotic inground pool cleaner with automatic functionality is superb for cleaning all the pool surfaces from the floors to the pool walls and tile liners. Some come with quality scrubbing brushes that have pleats. They have inbuilt sensors that help them figure out their position in the swimming pool, allowing it to adjust paths and efficiently clean without tangling machine cords.

Advantage of robotic pool cleaners

Without quick-functioning pool cleaners, swimming pool owners can agree that ensuring that your pool is sparkling and maintaining it is exhausting. For this reason, the denominator becomes buying a high-quality robotic cleaner for this task. Below are more benefits that you will experience after investing in one:

  • Eco-friendly since no emission of hazardous gases or chemicals can pose a danger to swimmers.
  • Energy efficiency is top-notch since they operate on low-voltage transformers that consume very little energy.
  • Saves you money since the only pressing cost is the initial expenditure. With proper care and maintenance, you have almost nothing to spend except small utility bills. It is cheaper than often hiring the services of pool cleaners.
  • Doesn’t alter pool chemicals like chlorine but removes all pollutants from surfaces.
  • Saves water by independently removing all the debris and dirt from the swimming pool’s pump countering the chances of clogging, leading to minimal backwashing conserving more water.
  • Low maintenance since these robotic pool cleaners have their inbuilt filtration that traps debris, saving you from frequently backwashing, which is time and energy-consuming. You have to remove and then clean the canister filter and bag then return it to its place.
  • Advanced technology that is easier for anyone to use since the work is automatic.
  • Requires less to no human intervention. You plug it then play, and it satisfies your pool’s cleaning needs.

Factors to consider while shopping

Below are a few pointers to have in mind and consider when you are shopping for the best robotic pool cleaner that suits your needs


The size of an RPC might not matter but how much it weighs matters. Bigger pools will need bigger machines. However, you need to ensure that you can carry it in and outside of the pool. Heavier ones might be a problem to handle.

Four-wheel-drive and size of tires

A robotic pool cleaner will need to do the job by getting up and around the swimming pool. It will need wider tires for this reason. Rubber tires are an ideal choice to allow the cleaner move over bumpy surfaces and navigate the slippery surfaces unlike plastic tires would do.

Swivel cord

An RPC has a swivel cord that counters tangling of the cord, giving the cleaner enough freedom to move and clean because it has to climb stairs and vertical walls.

Durable brushes

A high-quality and durable scrubbing brush ensures that the robotic cleaner thoroughly cleans and removes all the dirt and the debris from pool surfaces. Brushes with hard bristles or the rotating type will be an excellent choice.


As it makes your life comfortable, programming the cleaning time will save you energy and time to keep going back to run the machine. It is automatic and this is the essence of it being resource-saving and efficient.

Ability to climb

The best robotic cleaner can efficiently climb the walls of this swimming pool easily, work on the sides, deal with the pool’s waterline and climb the stairs of your pool.

Sensors and deflecting features

Often most robotic pool cleaners get stuck in meanders and corners. It is a frustrating thing. However, some have sensors and deflecting features which prevent such occurrences, ensuring that they clean within the programmed time.

Cleaning cycles

Each cleaner has its cleaning cycle. Some last longer, while others take a short time. Others have multiple cycles that you can use to make different cleaning levels. You need one that cleans efficiently and quickly.

Q: What is a robotic pool cleaner?

A: A robotic pool cleaner is an automatically-operated vacuum cleaner that collects debris, leaves, dirt, and sediments once you submerge it in your swimming pool. It requires negligible human intervention to function.

Q: Are robotic pool cleaners worth it?

A: Going by standards, robotic pool cleaners are worth every dime. Despite them being expensive and almost nearing a buyer to a financial edge, they offer practical and convenient cleaning and removal of both small and large chunks of debris. Their efficacy goes beyond cleaning since they ensure all-round pool water circulation in the event of filter breakdown. They scrub the pool tile lines and the entire wall.

The power is from an electric pump and motor. They connect to very low-voltage transformers which plug into your outdoor power outlets. Some advanced types have inbuilt computer chips for tracking activities and helping you clean thoroughly, which is an excellent way of saving resources.

Q: Is it safe to leave a robotic pool cleaner inside the pool?

A: There is no problem with leaving your robotic pool cleaners in a swimming pool before or after use. It also acts as a good water filtration system. However, you need to take it out of the pool when you want to add chemicals to the water in the pool. Only until the right PH balance and chlorine level are reached, then you can return it.

Q: Is it possible to swim with a functional robotic pool cleaner?

A: Most instructions discourage owners or users from swimming with the cleaners inside the pool. It is still safe since there is a very low risk of electric shock since the part of the cleaner that goes inside the swimming pool has low voltage. As long as the machine’s power supply doesn’t get into the pull, it is applicable. A good cleaner with a functional GFCI is usable in water as you swim.

Q: How do robotic pool cleaners work?

A: Follow below steps

Setting up

One has to plug a workable transformer into the wall outlet. The unit’s cord is to be plugged into the transformer. This transformer will take some volts from the outlet and change it to volts that are safe around water.


The power with low voltage is responsible for operating the cleaner since it powers the DC motors into the filter of the machine and a drive motor that moves the cleaner around the swimming pool. The pump draws water under the cleaner and pours it at the top. The pump motor ensures the cleaner presses to the surface and the rollers are forced to scrub and brush the surfaces.

Q: How often to run the robotic pool cleaner?

A: This is highly dependent on the frequency of pool use. If you swim more often, you can clean it once a week. If you don’t swim frequently or have a pool cover that you use each time, cleaning the pool once or twice a month will be a good idea.

Q: How to use dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Set Up

Set the cleaner’s diagonal handle and change it at the start of every cycle by pressing down the handle clip and positioning the handle’s end in one of its slots and do the same on the opposite side to make it diagonal.

Step 2: Untwist cord

Unravel the twisted power cord for easy use. Connect it to a power supply which is plugged to a nearby outlet following the manufacturer’s power instructions.

Step 3: Submerge the unit

Place the unit in the pool and ensure to rotate it sideways to release any air. Allow it to settle then turn on the power supply. The machine begins to crawl on the floor for optimal cleaning until done.

Step 4: Remove the unit

Take out the machine from the pool and allow to drain at the edge before switching off the power supply and cleaning the canister and filter bag.

Q: Who should get this?

A: We have done in-depth research to create awareness for pool owners and those in the pool cleaning business on the best robotic pool cleaners. Whether for home or commercial use, pool cleaning is vital for proper health maintenance and vicinity aesthetics.

Q: How we picked this?

Q: The Best Products 4 U Company has an expert team of researchers who aid us in creating these reviews. From their report analysis, information sources included random interviews and meetings with pool owners, visits to the nearest stores to sample product brands, and a thorough session on Google to check what other pool owners’ use. Amazon was resourceful in finding product lists.

Q: How we tested?

A: Through our procurement team, we spent a lot of finances on purchasing product samples to ensure that we render authentic reviews to the public. Out of the 54 products identified, we selected 38 that we ranked higher and bought four samples of each. We distributed to pool owners and cleaners who have never used these robotic pool cleaners before to put to the test and give their reviews after six months. Among the criteria were the cleaning efficacy test, mode tests, ease of operation, energy consumption, areas of cleaning, and a portability test. Only the 20 robotic pool cleaners made it to our review and buyer’s guide. Your budget shouldn’t be a limitation since we have products in the low, mid, and high-end price points.


Automation is changing the world in many aspects and making life simpler for swimming pool owners. There are a plethora of these robot pool cleaners on Amazon from different brands and by different vendors. Considering your pool cleaning needs, you can opt for one that suits your budget to ensure you achieve convenience and efficiency.


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