5 STAR Rated 18 Best Stretch Mark Creams Review of 2024 for Men & Women

5 STAR Rated 18 Best Stretch Mark Creams Review of 2024 for Men & Women
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Usually, stretch marks have to appear either during or even after pregnancy. The expansion and contractions that your skin undergoes when losing or gaining weight make stretch marks to appear. The good news is, there are ways to lighten or reduce these marks. One of the best ways to do this is by using stretch mark removal cream also known as anti-stretchmark.

For a stretch mark removal cream to be known as the best stretch mark cream during pregnancy, it should have the following features:

  • Should contain vitamins A, E, and D
  • Should cure several types of skins
  • Should cure other skin conditions

There are many Stretch mark removal creams available in the market today. When pregnant you are supposed to use one of the best stretch mark creams for pregnancy. In this article, our expert team going to review the top 18 best stretch mark removal cream brands.

Who should get this?

This review is for persons who are continually trying to beat aging and its effects on the skin. More targets are individuals with unsightly stretch marks, those who went through the knife, expectant moms, persons with scars, and those who are prone to acne. There are products for each of these individuals in this review. We hope that they aid in solving your problem since they are health-approved for use and human safety.

How we picked this

We took on in-depth research with the help of the expert team. Having one-on-one experiences with previous and current consumers helped find first-hand information about the 18 products above. It wasn’t easy since we had to interview hundreds of people for their views. We took to Google to determine user reviews, product ratings, and rankings to be sure that we bring you the best products in the market. Amazon was our primary source of product listings.

How we tested

Anything concerning the consumer’s health is delicate to us. With the help of verified medics, we were able to confirm the authenticity of the products and their safety for human consumption. Major tests on these products were bleaching tests, absorbency tests, viscosity, cloth staining, reactions on different skin types, and ease of use. We are happy to confirm that none of the products on the list failed these tests.


1. PURE PLANT HOME – Anti-Stretch Marks Massage Oil

The anti-stretch marks massage oil has all the natural ingredients you may be looking for in a stretch mark removal cream. It works six times better than other stretch mark creams. It comes fully packed with vitamins and essential oils that detoxifies the lymphatic system. It tears down problematic fat cells which lie under your skin. It is suitable for thighs, buttocks, abdomen area and hips.
This product promotes skin elasticity, moisturizes the skin, and breaks down unwanted fat tissues that help to reduce stretch marks.


• It is affordable
• Works 6 times better than usual stretch marks creams
• It is one of the best stretch mark removal product
• It is a quality product that many people approve
• It firms, tones and smoothens skin
• This stretch mark oil has FDA approval


• It increases acne because sometimes the oil clogs pores
• It takes time for the oil to be absorbed
• Many users find the smell awful after applying the oil on the skin

2. Bio-Oil – Multiuse Skincare Oil

Bio Oil gets approval from dermatologists as a product that removes scars and stretch marks. It improves skin tone, dry skin, and aging skin. It is nongreasy hence won’t clog your pores. It is one of the best stretch mark removal creams to use on scars once the skin heals. It is a number one top-selling stretch mark product and has managed to win about 224 skincare awards.


• It is affordable
• Removes the remains of scars and blemishes
• It moisturizes dry skin and doesn’t leave it oily
• It is safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin
• It removes pregnancy stretch marks
• Each application involves little oil
• It comes in a durable and travel-friendly package
• It enhances elastin and Collagen which decreases wrinkles


• It is not suitable for those with super oily skins
• It contains botanical extracts that may cause skin irritation
• Those with severe acne can get breakouts because it contains liquid paraffin

3. First Botany Cosmeceuticals – 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub

It combines three natural substances that include organic coffee, Shea butter, and Coconut oil. It also contains Dead Sea salt that helps to exfoliate your skin. It contains antioxidants that remove sun spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.
This quality pregnancy stretch mark cream exfoliates your skin to give you a younger, fresher and moisturizing look.


• Combines three natural products into a single substance
• Contains high-quality coffee, coconut oil, and Shea butter
• Has antioxidants that help to remove wrinkles
• It is 100% natural scrubber and acne treatment
• Helps to exfoliate the skin
• It is a quality product that works well with most skins
• It can reduce varicose veins appearance


• Not for people who don’t use caffeine because it gets absorbed through the skin
• Maybe allergic to some people

4. Handcraft Blends – Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated coconut oil is a natural product that has many uses. One of its primary purposes is to moisturize your skin. Its other uses include massage, hair and skin moisturizer and for aromatherapy. It is Hexane free, 100% vegan, chemical free, fragrance-free, and preservative free.
It has a combination of fatty acids and medicinal properties which moisturizes the skin. It also contains antioxidants and has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It helps the hair it helps to fight infections, support hair growth, improves scalp health and adds a beautiful appearance to your hair.

• It is made from pure natural coconut oil and is 100% vegan
• It is rich in antioxidants
• It is preservative free, chemical free, fragrance-free and Hexane free
• FDA approves its use

• Some people don’t like how it smells
• Poor packaging and sometimes poor labeling
• It is too greasy

5. Weleda – Pregnancy Body Oil

Weleda is one of the best stretch mark creams that you can use during pregnancy. It has sweet almond oil, arnica extract and wheat germ oil that help to remove stretch marks. It combines roses, oils of neroli, myrrh, and frankincense that give it a sweet aroma.


• Removes stretch marks on breasts, tummy, bottom, and thighs
• Helps to improve elasticity and smoothness of the skin
• Many dermatologists approve its use
• Has no preservatives, mineral oils, colorants, and artificial fragrances
• Keeps the skin smooth, flexible and moisturized


• It is expensive
• Some find its smell awful
• It is too thick

6. Mederma – Stretch Marks Therapy

Mederma is a nourishing skin solution that has botanical ingredients to improve skin moisture and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It combines unique elements such as Hyaluronic acid which is a Centella Asiatica plant extract and Cepalin which is a botanical extract. You can use it after delivery or even on your second or third trimester.


• Has a nice smell
• Clinicians approve it as a way to remove stretch marks
• It is perfect for all skins mainly dry itchy skin
• Has a fast action formula
• Free from parabens
• Prevents skin discoloration
• It is safe to use during breastfeeding


• Contains strong smell that some people find awful
• It is greasy
• Can cause rushes to some people

7. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Palmer’s cocoa butter is an all over body massage cream that removes stretch marks during pregnancy. It improves skin elasticity, tone, and tone. Women who use this product recommend it as number one product that deals with stretch marks after pregnancy
It is a combination of Cocoa Butter, Collagen, Elastin, and natural oils that work well on stretch marks on your tummy, hips, breasts, and thighs It contains vitamin E that supports moisture retention, Lutein that supports stretching skin and improves hydration, Coconut oil that helps healthy supple skin and Almond oil that deeply moisturizes your skin.
Dermatologist approves it as it is free from parabens, phthalates and mineral oils.


• Clinicians and dermatologist approve its use
• Free from mineral oils, phthalates, and parabens
• Convenient packaging
• Makes skin supple
• Improves skin elasticity
• Works well on all skin types
• Reduces stretch marks that come about due to weight fluctuation


• Can cause rashes and irritation to people who have sensitive skins
• Takes time to absorb in your skin fully
• Some pregnant women find its smell awful

8. Body Merry – Green Tea & Lime Cellulite Cream

Body Merry Cellulite cream is a cheap stretch mark removal cream. It helps to prevent and reduce scars and stretch marks by moisturizing and firming your skin. It provides intense hydration and smoothens rough skin.
It is suitable for treating dark marks, keloids, stretch marks and surgery marks. It contains antioxidants, seaweed, rich oils, plant stem cells and vitamins such as vitamin C.


• Contains natural and high-quality ingredients
• The cream has been packed well
• Easy to spread on your skin
• It is a safe product
• Is suitable for all skin types


• Many people complain of its awful smell

9. Body Merry – Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream

It is similar to Body merry cream. The stretch marks and defense cream helps to prevent and reduce scars and stretch marks by moisturizing and firming your skin. It provides intense hydration and smoothens rough skin. It is suitable for treating dark marks, keloids, stretch marks and surgery marks. It contains antioxidants, seaweed, rich oils, plant stem cells and vitamins such as vitamin C.


• Contains natural and high-quality ingredients
• It is a safe product
• Is suitable for all skin types
• The cream has been packed well
• Easy to spread on your skin


• Many people find its smell awful
• It takes time before you can see results
• Not suitable for delicate skins

10. Honeydew – Stretch Mark Remover for Men & Women

This natural anti-aging cream is suitable for preventing wrinkles on your face. It contains Shea butter, Collagen, and Cocoa butter. Shea butter protects your skin from noticeable age marks and wrinkles, Collagen keeps your face tight and taunt, while Cocoa butter moisturizes your skin. It limits the formation of wrinkles which decreases the deep lines on your face.


• It’s excellent for skin after pregnancy, weight gain/loss or surgery.
• Rich in nutrients that ensure the quick healing process
• Works like sebum which naturally occurs in your skin
• It contains different high-quality substances such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and Collagen
• It is suitable for all skin types
• Contains UV protection elements that ensure you maintain a youthful appearance


• It’s not hypoallergenic
• Doesn’t work for all skin types

11. Tetyana naturals – Advanced Treatment for Face & Body

Applying all sorts of foundations with the name of hiding a scar can be quite tiresome. Say bye to injuries with Tetyana body cream, be it an old or new scar, the cream has the capability of eliminating the scars out of your body to give you the confidence to appreciate your body.
The cream is made from herbs making it safe and usable to persons with any skin type. Tetyana cream improves the skin elasticity to make it firm and secure. Watch your scar become less visible as it fades away, thanks to Tetyana cream.
Tetyana has proved to be among the best stretch mark removal cream. Either cuts, nicks, scars or stretch marks, bio-oil has the right components to fight these skin intruders.
Apply the product daily for at least three months for excellent results, furthermore; pregnant women are recommended to start using the product from the start of the second trimester on areas at high risk of stretch mark attacks like hips, thighs, breasts, and belly.

12. Botanic Tree – Stretch Mark Cream Remover

Botanic Tree cream is the kind of cream that gives you the wow factor on your skin. Botanic is super useful in removing stretch marks, and if you are pregnant and worrying about how rapid your body is welcoming the marks. The Botanic Tree got you covered. Furthermore, the cream is organic hence super friendly since it consists of natural ingredients.

The cream helps the body to reduce collage and is rich in anti-toxines. The botanic Tree comes in a 4 Fl.oz. Tube. Moreover, it is one of the best stretch mark creams for pregnancy, with the help of Botanic cream, assured that the thick lines on your belly are not permanent.

13. Primal Soapworks – Stretch Mark Removal Cream for Men and Women

The body cream works well against scars and stretch marks. The cream adds moisture to the skin, also removes skin redness, burns and cut marks. The lotion restores your skin to its healthy state by improving its tone and elasticity. It has an antibacterial component which protects the skin and helps it to heal faster from any skin damage.

Apply Primal Soapworks daily after bathing. Rub the cream over any scars and stretch marks. To pregnant women, apply the cream on the stomach, sides, thighs, back, and legs twice in a day, rub it gently until the skin absorbs it.

14. COSNATURALS SKIN CARE – Organic Anti Stretch Mark Cream

Cosnaturals is one of the best stretch mark removal creams. With an endless struggle of dismissing scars and stretch marks from your body, the cream puts an immediate stop to your skin struggles. Cosnaturals is an effective moisturizer hence aids in the skin elasticity. Moreover, the stretch mark cream is rich in vitamin B, E, C, and Hyaluronic acid for maximum moisturization and hydration of your skin.

It’s a cream that effectively fights off acne, balances facial oil and stretch marks. The cream aids in the promotion of absorption of nutrition to restore the smoothness of the skin. Tea Tree contains monoterpene alcohol and some oxides which act as an effective weapon against sketch marks and acne growth.

The cream balances oil secretion on the face, to keep your facial pores clear and moisturize to give you a delicate, smooth skin.

15. Mustela – Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

Most pregnancies come with a package of stretchmarks which at times can be a little disappointing. No one wants to lose the youth like skin tone. Which stretch marks, maintaining that type of skin seems to be mission impossible. Thanks to Mustela, pregnant women have the opportunity of preventing themselves from stretch marks. Moreover, not only does the cream shield you from stretch mark attacks but also guarantees your baby with a breath-taking skin.

The pregnancy stretch mark cream, made from natural ingredients of avocado peptides and fragrance- free making it safe for both the mother and the baby. Apply the cream on from the first month of the pregnancy till after birth, in the morning and evenings. So far, it’s the best stretch mark cream during pregnancy.

16. Body Boost – Milk & Honey Stretch Mark Butter

They say stretch marks are marks of motherhood, well, not all want to maintain such beauty. During pregnancy, you are at high risk of getting stretch marks due to the upper range of gaining weight. The itchiness around your belly or breast is an alert that the stretch marks are intense. Body Boost is the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy, which boosts your skin’s elasticity to minimize stretch mark attack.

As an expectant woman, your skin ought to be healthy and elastic enough. Develop a habit of constant nourishing your skin, and one way to achieve that is by using Body Boost cream to give your skin the justice it deserves.

The cream is rich in Collagen and elastic fibers which is an effective weapon against stretch marks. Moreover, it has many ingredients like shea. Gotu Kola, grapeseed, jojoba and borage oil which are essentials tools towards a delicate, smooth skin. Apply the cream twice in a day on clean, dry skin over the stretch marks.

17. Amar Botanica – Advanced Stretch Mark Prevention

Amar Botanica, designed for expectant mothers, and highly organic making it 100% safe for both the mother and the baby. Battling stretch marks is a challenging task but with the right cream, dealing with them could be much more comfortable.

As an expectant woman, your skin needs to be ever hydrated and firm. It is however rich in natural ingredients of avocado, shea butter, and Centella asiatica. The cream has an exceptional thickness; it takes approximately 12-24 hours to be absorbed by the skin completely. Apply the cream daily for effective results.

18. ReTone – Stretch Mark Kit

The cream is the type of lotion that gives your skin the therapy it deserves. The product which is rich with ingredients like jojoba that will ensure your skin achieves its natural tone within 60 days – furthermore, the cream, it’s designed for both men and women.

How do you apply the cream? First and foremost, it is good to remove any layers be it from the makeup you used a while ago or sweat. With the help of a microdermabrasion sponge, apply the exfoliating body cleanser (it’s found in the Retone Kit).

Massage the liquid gently over the stretch marks. It’s a way of removing the dead skin to give your skin clarity and firmness. Apply the cream two times a day, which is once in the morning and once at night.

All these products can work well, no matter the kind of skin you have. Specifically, they heal very sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin or combination of all. You should be patient and follow instructions on the label to have better results. Some creams are costly, but the outcome is priceless. Before applying any lotion, try consulting your dermatologist for directions to avoid further damage to your skin.

FAQs & Buying Guide:

Advantages of stretch mark cream

Stretch mark creams are designed to assist your skin by provided nourishment, hydration and stimulate the production of elastic tissue; this is great for you and your body whether you are pregnant or not. In a world where we are given many different chemicals unknowingly, your body will be all too grateful to receive some of the natural ingredients that these creams have to offer, and receiving it in regular intervals makes it all the better.

Factors to consider while shopping

  • When shopping for the right cream for you, you need to consider a few things; Reviews should always be read up on, simply because if it is tried and tested by others, it may be the way to go for you.
  • Ingredients play a vital role in fighting stretch marks; you need to have ingredients that promote the production of collagen, and elastic tissue, retinol, and hydroxy acids are great for this, and these combined with other products such as cayenne pepper can make it even better for you and your skin.
  • Have there been any studies on this particular product? Find out this information and try to get access to the results.
  • You will also need to find out if these products work best in conjunction with other products or services, such as laser treatments. Choosing a product that has these needs without adhering to the guidelines could leave you feeling despondent in your efforts.

Q: What is a stretch mark?

A: Before we get to stretch mark cream, first we need to understand what a stretch mark is; these are asymmetrical lines where the skin has been stretched. They are tears of the dermis when the skin is not used to the rate at which it is expanding. This happens particularly often when women are pregnant, during puberty or with sudden weight gain. It also happens to bodybuilders when they are training, so rest assured it is not just you that has to face this struggle.

Q: What is stretch mark cream?

A: Stretch mark creams are designed to use a combination of different ingredients, both natural and synthetic to lighten, prevent or even get rid of stretch marks. The most desired being stretch mark removal cream, as stretch marks can cause a great deal of embarrassment to the woman who has them. Some creams work better than others, and all work within their time frame. They assist in making the skin supple, exfoliated, toned and hydrated; in doing so, this has an impact on the stretch marks. The influence of these would be that the stretch marks begin to fade, lighten and with the hope that they eventually will disappear leaving you looking at your body as you once did, positively.

Q: Does stretch mark cream work?

A: Any stretch mark cream that uses hydroxy acids and retinol will encourage the production of collagen or elastic tissue while doing the same for circulation. During pregnancy, you should start applying these creams as early as possible. Increasing circulation and elasticity is a great way and preventing them.

Q: When to start using stretch mark cream during pregnancy?

A: Anything that maximizes the skins ability to stretch should be applied as early in pregnancy as possible, but it is not enough to start with these and then stop as the fatigue sets in, you must be committed to applying these creams two or even three times a day to have great results. Any natural products containing retinol (Vitamin A) will be closed on the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy. If you are planning to try and get pregnant, then even that would be a great time to get started. The point is to keep your skin as hydrated and supple as possible, allowing for as much elasticity as possible.

It is important to note that all these products will not cause a dramatic overnight effect; they all take time, patience and dedication to see results. Expecting instant results is going to leave you with a cabinet full of products feel the same way you do now, awful. Do your research on the product, and find one that will work for you, but perseverance is key.

Bottom Line:

No matter what the reason is for why you are searching for the best stretch mark cream, it is clear that women all around the world have the same problem that you have. While all the information may seem overwhelming, they are key to finding the best cream that will suit your needs, budget and get you back to feeling great about yourself.


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