5 STAR Rated 10 Best Tasting Protein Powders 2024

5 STAR Rated 10 Best Tasting Protein Powders 2024
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Whether you’re just keen to control your nutritional intake to manage your fitness or aiming for the kinds of big gains that only come with appropriate protein intake. You will no doubt have spent countless hours (and dollars$$$) trying to find a protein powder that isn’t just cost-effective and great for your body but that also provides a taste that you can handle, not just the first time, but after weeks and months of downing those protein shakes. The best tasting protein powder doesn’t just taste great by itself, it also goes well with anything else you like to throw in your shake, be it fruit, nuts, or your own choice of liquid.

Look, we’re not saying that taste is everything. Obviously not, otherwise you’d just be kicking back with that caramel and chocolate banana split with extra toppings, right? Sure, you need to research sugar per serving and protein per serving, confirm the quality of the product, make sure it contains only the right ingredients in case you want vegetarian protein powder and that it comes from reliable sources. Oh, and there’s the question of prices, too.

When it comes to the price of protein powder, the only way to get your cost down to a level that makes sense, especially when you’re really hitting the gym and pounding down those post-workout shakes, is to buy in bulk. The big problem with buying bulk, whether it’s pure protein powder or even unflavored protein powder, is that once you’ve started in on that powder, if you find out you hate the way it tastes, too bad, bro, you’re stuck with that foul concoction for a few months. Either that, or throw it away, and who needs that? Well, I guess you could always pawn it off on your unsuspecting buddies but what kind of friend would that make you?

Now, we’re not going to be able to say 100% which powders offer the best taste for you. After all, everybody’s different, and we don’t have a crystal ball. The best we can do for you is to help you avoid the protein powders that nobody likes and give you an overview of Amazon protein powder that the majority of people are likely to enjoy.

Can you easily get the best protein powder you need without working too hard? Sure, you could just go for the same GNC protein powder as they guy next door but what if you’ve decided you want to search for something better priced or with a better taste?

Okay, so let’s got on with the important business of ideal protein reviews. Here, in no particular order (hey, taste is subjective, right?) is our 10 best tasting protein powder review list:

Protein powder does not necessarily have a pleasant taste that you may like or love, but you have one thing in mind, and that is to manage your fitness that has the best value coming from the protein intake. Anyone in need of maintaining their fitness is welcomed, and this piece is for you. Good tasting protein powder is your decision. Therefore you need to have something added to your protein powder to achieve the taste that you want without losing the value of protein intake required by your body.

How we sort out the best tasting protein powder

As a team, we had to reach out to different places in the city to ensure we had the answers. We got into gyms and also asked people questions to assist us at least get a rough idea of their taste and preference. We managed to get a good number of the best tasting and the ones that many people termed to be as best according to plan. Out fitness editor also dug deeper in research and we were able to come out with the list.

How we tested

Testing of the best tasting protein powder was to be done with the help of new people who had not used the product before. This was because those in gyms had their taste and could not compromise their favorite just for testing purposes. The few who agreed to help in testing did not love the feeling that they were not fond of every day. The new team helped us in getting the best results, and we finally managed to get our final best reviews.

1. Isopure Whey Protein Isolate, From Nature’s Best

A solid favorite in gyms everywhere, this unflavored protein powder does what it says on the box. It has virtually no taste, leaving you free to add whatever you want to taste. If you’re sick and tired of bad-tasting flavored protein powders, especially those overly sweet options, then Isopure Whey Protein Isolate is the answer. What’s more, unflavored protein powders generally work out cheaper? Nature’s Best are serious about giving you the best-processed powder, free of additives. If you’re a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian, this powder will work for you, too.

2. Pea Protein Isolate, From NAKED nutrition

A great option if you’re looking for the best vegan protein powder. This is vegetable-based and contains no gluten or cholesterol, so it’s also a great option for coeliac sufferers looking for a plant based protein powder. This powder is unflavored, so you’ll have to sort out your own special recipe for flavorsome gym success. Now that we’ve dealt with the ideal protein reviews for unflavored, as well as vegetarian and vegan options, it’s time to get on with finding you the flavored powders that will taste the best. You’ve probably had your fill of all the great tasting’ vanilla, chocolate, strawberry options out there, so it’s time populate the rest of our 10 best tasting protein powder reviews with some awesome tastes that are different.

3. Machine Whey Protein, From MTS Nutrition

There must be a good reason this is a top-selling protein powder, and it won’t be just down to the performance of the powder. Do you want awesome taste? How about American Apple Pie or Gourmet Mint Cookies & Cream? Or maybe you’d like to try Blueberry Muffin? That’s right, with MTS Machine Whey Protein, you get a wide range of flavors from which to choose, so it is much easier to find a tasty powder that you’ll continue to enjoy and, therefore, stick to your nutrition regime instead of reaching for a snack bar. And if those tastes sound a little, uh, elegant, don’t worry. You can also get tucked into Peanut Butter Fluff or Key Lime Pie.

4. Best Protein, From BPI Sports

This is another popular, highly rated best-tasting protein powder. The quality of the powder itself is well noted, and you get a decent range of flavor choices, though not as many as with the MTS option. Perhaps the best flavor available is Smores, but if you’re still looking for some a little more chocolaty, we’d say go for Chocolate Brownie.

5. Cellucor Performance Whey, From Cellular

Another top protein powder, this one comes in the best taste ever (well, we think so) – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Yum, yum! Enjoy your post-workout protein shake without worrying mom is going to smack your hands for licking the bowl.

6. Combat Powder, From MusclePharm

While we’re enjoying our selection of dessert flavors for the best tasting protein powder, we have to include Orange Creamsicle from MusclePharm. It’s a great way to enjoy the right sensations while you’re cooling down from your big workout.

7. Phase 8, From MuscleTech

This one is going to fall very much in the love it or hate it area for most people. But there’s no doubting that if you love White Chocolate, you’re likely to love this protein powder. If this is your taste, be careful, it’s going to be very Moorish.

8. ISO 100, From Dymatize

We don’t really need to talk too much about quality here. Anyone who’s been in a gym in the last few years has heard about Dymatize. Flavors, though, that’s what we’re talking about here. Though you can get the MTS powder in Birthday Cake flavor, if that’s your flavor of choice, you’re probably better off getting it from Dymatize.

9. Hydra 6, From Grenade

Fitness aficionados go nuts for Hydra 6 and that’s not only thanks to the qualities it offers. The Cookie Chaos option is for many just the best they’ve enjoyed, and they never tire of it.

10. Syntha 6, From BSN

A solid favorite in gyms everywhere, this unflavored protein powder does what it says on the box. It has virtually no taste, leaving you free to add whatever you want to taste. If you’re sick and tired of bad-tasting flavored protein powders, especially those overly sweet options, then Isopure Whey Protein Isolate is the answer. What’s more, unflavored protein powders generally work out cheaper? Nature’s Best are serious about giving you the best-processed powder, free of additives. If you’re a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian, this powder will work for you, too.

The Best Tasting Protein Powder Buying Guide

Protein powders are a confusing world of their own. With more and more people becoming more aware of their nutritional needs, it is soon becoming impossible to select what protein powder is good for you. In some cases, the reason why you need the protein powders is what is in question.

What Are They?

Protein powders are powdered nutrients which contain actual protein. They are divided into soluble and non-soluble forms as well as into the different categories depending on the protein contained. They are gaining fame because of their use by athletes and body builders. They are also slowly becoming a mainstay of individuals looking to gain muscle mass and vegans.

Why You Would Need A Protein Powder

  1. If you’re going vegan

Vegans eliminate quite a number of protein sources from their diet hence the need to supplement with any other source of protein such as protein powder.

  1. Rapidly growing people

The need for protein for muscle and tissue is evident in teens and young children.

  1. If you are recovering from an injury

Protein supplements will help you rapidly adjust to the demanding needs of your tissues and muscles.

  1. If muscles are your goal.

Due to their increasing popularity, the choice of a certain protein powder over the other is soon becoming a difficult one. Which is why we present the:

Benefits Of The Best Tasting Protein Powder Buying Guide

  1. Narrows your choices

There are many protein powders to choose from. With a great buying guide, you can effectively select what works for you in terms of taste and know ahead of time what might not work for you.

  1. It is comprehensive

Search engines may only give you a certain number of protein powders, our buying guide offers a wider range of protein shakes both available online and exclusively in the store. This allows you to make an informed decision given all the data available.

  1. The guide is sorted on account of price

You are therefore able to choose from a range of products which are within your budget. No surprise expenditures on your credit card.

  1. Nutritionist approved

Tips, tricks and all advice included has been approved by a nutritionist for general wellbeing.

Factors To Consider When Shopping

Amino acid score

This is the number of essential amino acids contained in the shake. The key is to find at least 8 or all of the 9. Essential amino acids are needed by the body in higher quantities. The one protein powder with all the essential amino acids is whey.

Nutritional preferences of the user.

Most people who eat all kinds of meat will just about select any protein powder. Vegans, on the other hand, have to be particular about the protein shake they take. The most preferred protein powder by vegans is soy, it is nutritious but has a particular taste and scent.

Whey? Or casein?

Whey is the liquid extract of milk. It is high in the essential amino acids and is highly digestible. It is the most preferred of all the three but is not popular among vegans. Casein is also from milk, it has a lower amino acid score but is more effective when a slow, gradual rise in plasma amino acids is needed. It is highly digestible and is mostly found mixed with other protein powders.


If the aim of the powder is to be made into a shake or smoothie, it is best to select one that dissolves in water mostly because most proteins form a sort of curd.

Ingredients Of The Best Tasting Protein Powder

  1. The flavor

Depending on what the flavoring is, most protein users will then select their preferences. The most commonly loved is chocolate flavor, vanilla and even strawberry. It is essential to note that you can artificially flavor your own powder for less. The flavoring should not provide unnecessary calories to the powder.

  1. The content

A great tasting powder can be told from the contents. Ensure that all the contents have no particular smell of their own and that they can blend into an overall taste.

  1. Pre-flavoring

Some protein powders come pre-flavored which is great especially for people who might be skeptic about the soy flavor.

Tips For Shopping For A Protein Powder

You can make your own!

If you are big about do-it-yourself projects, making your protein powder will be a great way to start. With all the ingredients from scratch, you can successfully make your own at home and healthy as well.

The content is more important than the label.

What goes in the protein shake is more important than the label it holds. While the label carries loyalty, you might do well to carefully take note of all the contents of the protein powder.

There is a wide range of vegan options

Vegans are not limited to soy protein, there are a number of different shakes available for vegan use such as pea protein, rice protein and flax. Indulge yourself in the number of options given and then choose what works for you.

You can flavor your powder at home

If you are psyched about a particular protein powder and it so happens to cost more than you want, select the same brand but unflavored. Flavoring at home is way cheaper and gives you options. It is cheaper to invest in unflavored protein powder.

Calorie range

Select a protein powder that has maximum calorie and protein per scooping compared to one that may need you to continuously top up.

Features to take note of:

Individuals with diabetes should ensure that they select shakes with low sugar or none at all. Anyone with irritable bowel syndrome or even lactose intolerance should focus on shakes with minimal lactose or none at all.

Kidney disease patients should make their daily protein intake minimal to avoid nephropathies. If you are looking to lose weight, the best way is to focus on getting a shake that has very limited sweeteners and branched chain amino acids as these only serve to add extra calories. Finally, stick to your budget and shop around, with our detailed buying guide, limit yourself to the best you can get that is within your budget range.


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