11 Best Wireless HDMI Transmitter And Receiver Review of 2024

11 Best Wireless HDMI Transmitter And Receiver Review of 2024
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This article will expose you to the 11 best wireless HDMI splitters for watching movies, gaming, transmitting videos, and much more. Just to refresh your memory, a wireless HDMI consists of a wireless receiver and wireless transmitter to transfer sound and picture signals from your Blue-ray player, wireless TV box, PC or gaming station to the monitor, TV screen or projector. If you are tired of the HDMI splitter cable adapter and many HDMI cables scattered all over your room, a wireless HDMI system might be all you need to transmit high-quality sound and picture signals through all the floors and walls of your house.

Who should get this?

Anyone wishing to achieve better audio and visual clarity from one gadget to another should consider stopping here. These HDMI transmitters and receiver kits are some of the best selections in the current market for 2023. They are highly portable and easy to use.

How we picked this

The Best Products for You team set on a task to determine the best HDMI transmitters and receivers in the market. Usually, the customer is the verdict on whether a product is good or bad. So, consumer interviews came in handy here. More research sources were Google and Amazon. The two were resourceful in assessing user reviews and product ratings. We sourced our product lists form Amazon.

How we tested

The purchasing team brought in a few samples of each of the 11 wireless HDMI transmitters and receivers to put to the test. The gadgets were distributed to consumers for testing over a while. Some of the tests conducted were latency tests, reception and transmission tests, coverage tests, ease of use, and portability tests. We are glad that the 11 products passed the tests.



1. J-Tech Digital HDbitT Series

2. Nyrius Aries Pro Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver

3. OREI Wireless HDMI Transmitter Receiver Extender 1080P Kit

4. IOGear Wireless HD Digital Kit

5. Actiontec MWTV2KIT01 My Wireless TV 2 Wireless HD Video Kit

6. Gofanco 660ft 1080p 60hz Wireless HDMI Extender

7. Cable Matters Extender 3 Port Wireless HDMI Splitter

8. DVDO Air3C 60GHz WirelessHD HDMI Cable Replacement Kit

9. Peerless HDSWHDI100 Wireless HDMI Splitter

10. StarTech HDMI over Wireless Extender

11. LG ANWL100W Digital Device – Black

1. J-Tech

This wireless HDMI comes with an insane range of approximately 660 feet. Besides being compatible with all video formats, the J-Tech Digital HDbitT Series also supports remote use. Other outstanding features of this wireless HDMI include the ability to extend your infrared signal, the ability to transmit surround sound, and much more.



  • Maximum coverage area (660ft)
  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Simple design
  • Nothing found yet



J-TECH DIGITAL HDBIT series is the best wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver, and it supports full HD 1080P with IR signal transmission. With the J-TECH DIGITAL HABIT, you will be able to transmit wireless HDMI 4k@ 30HZ video signal.


J-TECH DIGITAL HDBIT series has a great sound effect. J-Tech accepts PCM audio through its wireless audio transmitting system. This device is 20-60 kHz wide frequency IR controlled. J-TECH DIGITAL HABIT can be controlled from 164ft away.

Latency Time

The latency time from your source to your display is only about 0.3-0.5 seconds.

Wireless TV Transmitter

J-Tech is one of the best HDMI splitters. It allows you to split wireless HDMI signal to broadcast up to 2 wireless TVs


All the products of J-Tech Digital wireless HDMI extenders include a warranty period with a free lifetime technical support. So if you find any internal problem in it, then you no need to go for a repairer.


J-TECH DIGITAL HDBIT series supports two receivers. The transmitter can send video to 2 HDMI wireless receiver.


This device can be controlled by a wireless connection, a good signal that can go through the wall and ceiling.

Overall, you can find it has a useful feature. It can be controlled by a wireless configuration that saves costs than the wired connection is. It is easy to fit and save time. It has a warranty that saves your money significantly. High quality and secure video transmission with a good sound effect and range are also good.


J-TECH DIGITAL HDBIT is so good in performance. It is one of the best wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver in the market. J-Tech Digital HDbit has an excellent star rating from the users. It has a warranty and supports its original weight is only 2.3 pounds, so that easy to carry. It has one Receiver, one Power Adapters, one IR Cables. Wireless HD audio/video streaming up to 164 feet away and supports two receivers simultaneously.



You can experience a good video quality up to 660 feet away.


This wireless HDMI adapter has wall cancelation feature. So, you can enjoy HD audio and video up to 660 feet away through your home walls.


You will be able to control your cable box, Blu-ray player, and video streamer with this wireless HDMI extender from anywhere your display is located, allowing for optimum convenience. The IR ensures you the best control experience with a good coverage area.


If your dish receiver doesn’t have the HDMI slot, don’t be disappointed, it should have worked but if it doesn’t then send an email to J-TECH about that they must give your email’s response.



This wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver supports HD resolutions including 4K@30Hz, 1080P@60/50Hz, 1080i@60/50Hz, 720P@60/50Hz, 576P@60/50Hz, 576i@50Hz, 480P@60Hz, 480i@60Hz with a good sound effect and 660ft coverage area.


J-TECH DIGITAL HDBIT’s latency time is only 0.3-0.5 sec from the source to your display.
IR (INFRARED RAY) REMOTE CONTROLLED: J-TECH DIGITAL HABIT can be controlled by IR remote from 164ft away. IR can go through the wall and ceiling, so you can control your device from anywhere staying in the range.


This wireless HDMI extender has a one-year manufacturer warranty with free lifetime technical support.

Our Expert View about IOGEAR Wireless Digital Kit:

  1. J-TECH wireless HDMI dongle has a good coverage area (Highest coverage area is 660FT). So, from the side of coverage, it’s rank is 70%.
  2. This product has one year warranty. That means from the view of warranty its rank is 85%.
  3. J-TECH DIGITAL HDBIT supports HD 1080p, which gives you a clear and streamless vision. So, from this corner it’s ranking can be 80%.
  4. Overall J-TECH DIGITAL HDBIT’s ranking is 75%.


This HDMI switch has got 4.3 stars from the users out of 5. Most of them like the IR remote controlling system and its warranty. One of the Amazon customers named Andres Serrano said, “this product is a fantastic piece of technology, but more than that is a great company behind it.” She bought years ago but still, it caught her attention and nothing to be worried about J-TECH wireless HDMI extender.

2. Nyrius

Just like any of your AV components, the Nyrius ARIES Pro is designed as a wireless adapter for TV. In fact, this wireless HDMI is extremely compact with its transmitter being about the size of an Apple TV and the receiver assuming the shape of an Android television stick.



  • Best wireless HDMI transmitter as per easy plug & play setup
  • Zero-latency wireless video transmitter
  • Robust with 100 feet range
  • The blue LEDs below the kit indicates the strength of your signal
  • Excellent signal strength
  • Can handle 1080p video
  • 4K content not supported

Nyrius is a Popular Brand

Nyrius is a reputable brand known for its cutting-edge connectivity solutions. Since inception, the company has specialized in high-performance product design and outstanding customer service. Nyrius specializes in media fusion docks, smart home automation products, and Bluetooth audio transmitters. Nyrius is backing up perhaps one of the most remarkable portfolios in the history of innovation; The brand has received seven prestigious Consumer Electronics Awards (CEA) for innovation.

Product Description

The Nyrius Aries Pro wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver allows you to stream content away from the messy framework of endless cables. The wall-mounted HDTV and projectors will provide an endless array of supported formats. Imagine the abundant amount of entertainment that will be brought next to you, on the coach. Unleashing a brand new real-time experience for garners and movie enthusiasts.

Worth to mention is that the Nyrius is a simple plug and play device. It requires no software porting to function. Your set up will take a minute if not seconds. Streaming without latency and an extra-wide range of 100 feet through walls or floors, the device will also not interfere with surrounding wireless networks.

What about the Specifications

  • Video Resolutions: Television 480p,576p,720p, and 1080p
  • Computer: 800×600, 640×480, 1280×1024, 1024×768
  • Ports and Peripherals: Mini-USB, HDMI
  • Wireless Infrastructure: GigaXtreme Technology
  • System Latency: Less than 1 ms
  • Maximum Wireless Range: 160ft
  • Infrared Frequency: 38 KHz
  • Power: USB or 5V DC
  • Receiver Specifications: 3.89 x 2.2 x 0.81 inches
  • Systems Being Supported: PS3 and 4, Xbox One and 360, any laptop optimized with HDMI support port
  • Bandwidth: 20MHz/40MHz
  • Certified by: FCC, CUL

Set-Up and Installation

Most importantly note all the features of your device. Turn it upwards and downwards. It is easy to notice the Video Indicator LED, and Network Indicator LED. A sync button and the USB connector. Both the receiver and the transmitter have the above features.

Upon connecting the receiver with the HDMI input of any display device, the network indicator flashes slowly to indicate a successful connection between the transmitter and the receiver. The video indicator also flashes when the display connects syncs successfully with your device.

Sync Quality

The short-range playback quality is excellent and impeccable. Do not expect any bits of spluttering and interference unless there are blocks of walls between you and connection. The bottom line remains that your sync will be stable.


Does it not surprise you that Nyrius Aries Pro Wireless HDMI extender can stream 1080p and 3D content 100 feet away? This wireless HDMI adapter is ideal even where you have to share one receiver among multiple transmitters. It will not matter which part of the room your display is or the space between you and the receiver. Get ready for razor-sharp latent free video and audio quality. Most importantly, you should note that streaming the line of sight will produce maximum range.

Game Experience

Stay calm, relax and play games. Of course, my favorite penned line when it comes to Nyrius Aries Pro and playing games. The powerful range and lack of latency ensure your game is completely synced in real-time. Automatic and appropriately scheduled response without lag will give you a power snap of the Nyrius Aries Pro Wireless HDMI gaming experience.

Optimized Laptop to TV Wireless HDMI Splitter

Our research team top rate this device among the coolest for this very fact Connecting with your bedroom computer while in the living room is ultimately fun. Just how much time and discomfort would you be saved, running to get your subtitle files or a video game program file? Nyrius Aries Pro gives you the capability to connect your HDTV with a personal computer in another room. The laptop optimizer works if you connect a keyboard and a mouse to the receiver’s USB port The multiple transmitter capabilities will ensure that you can switch between any of your connected devices.

Closing Remarks

The wireless HDMI adapter delivers a crisp 1080p HD signal that provides an image quality that is incredibly stellar. The device is highly recommended for transmitting video and audio files, playing games and surfing the net. You do not need to break the bank to purchase the device. Any value is worth Nyrius Aries Pro an innovative solution that you will be proud to show off to friends. The practicality of a wide coverage area blending with perfect content delivery; is what you need for your home entertainment


The sleek Orei WHD-100 wireless HDMI video transmitter and receiver comes with many top-notch features including 1080p resolution, universal compatibility, and much more. This wireless HDMI kit also supports CEC, 3D TV, and 7.1 channels of high-quality digital audio. What’s more? This wireless extender is capable of transmitting HDMI signals to any High Definition display within a range of 600 feet (30 meters).



  • Universal compatibility
  • 1080p video transmission up to 600 feet
  • 165 feet IR remote control
  • It comes with two adapters
  • Walls and ceiling cancelation technology works well but not so good.

4. IOGear

If you are searching for a highly- functional wireless HDMI kit, the IOGear Wireless HD digital kit is all you need. This wireless HDMI comes with an HDMI output as well as two HDMI inputs. The two HDMI inputs give you the freedom to connect a transmitter. TV and other sources like satellite/cable box, Blu-ray, and much more. Additionally, the receiver unit can be powered using a USB port. As a result, the IOGear can draw power from the TV without the need to connect additional wires to a power outlet. If your television doesn’t have the USB provision, you can as well use the power adaptor that comes with the IOGear wireless HDMI digital kit. According to the manufacturer, this wireless HDMI supports high-quality wireless media streaming in full High Definition and 5.1 channel digital audio from up to 600 feet away. If you care about safety and aesthetics, this wireless HDMI is ideal for you.



  • It comes with a remote control panel.
  • Transmits perfectly through walls and other barriers without compromising video and audio quality.
  • Switching between two inputs takes a couple of seconds.


  • GREAT VIDEO SUPPORT: IOGEAR wireless digital kit is capable of streaming uncompressed HD 1080p.
  • A GOOD SOUND EFFECT: IOGEAR wireless Digital Kit support the latest 3D movie content with 5.1 digital surround audio sounds.
  • A DIGITAL EXPERIENCE OF SOUND AND VIDEO: This is a digital and this device contains HD 1080p and gives you excellent sound effects and a good view of television with better resolution.
  • SCREAMING LESS GAMEPLAY AND TV WATCHING: This digital device is also, can be used for gaming and watching TV, even I play my PS3 with this thing all the time, and nothing about it affects my gameplay.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: IOGEAR can be controlled by remote, and its range is also good, so, you can manage your television or your personal computer from anywhere, being within the range.
  • WAY TO BEST SOUND EFFECT AND VIDEO: To have the best sound effect and steamless video set this receiver device where you can have a clear view and lowest distance between the receiver device and transmitter, following this instruction you can have the best of this device.


The IOGEAR wireless digital kit is so good in performance as easy to adjust. If you want to have the best performance, best experience, and the best resolution, then you have to set the receiver underside of the television where the wireless signal may not experience interference. It’s new and digital with a unique experience and new practice to be connected with the new stream less wireless digital world.


A GREAT COVERAGE AREA: This is capable of up to 600 feet away from home.
GOES THROUGH CONCRETE: IOGEAR Wireless Digital Kit can be controlled through the walls and ceilings for your desired setup.


A wired connection always rejects more interference and data collision than the wireless connection, and fewer links in the signal chain will always reduce latency so that if you want to erase all doubt that this thing is slowing you down, you’ll have to go wire connection.

Why You may Choose IOGEAR Wireless Digital Kit:

Simply the best: IOGEAR wireless HDMI splitter kit is one of the best wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver.


This contains more than one receiver to receive the data and to help you to have a good quality of sound and vision. You can find 100ft/2 HDMI inputs, 100FT/5 inputs, 150FT/1 input, 200FT with one, two and three additional receivers.

Our Expert View about IOGEAR Wireless Digital Kit:

  1. IOGEAR is one of the best HDMI wireless transmitters. So, from the side of coverage, it’s rank is 95%.
  2. This product has 3 different types based on its coverage area (165ft, 400ft, and 660ft receivers). That means from the view of the receiver its rank is 75%.
  3. IOGEAR Wireless Digital Kit supports HD 1080p, which gives you a clear and streamless vision. So, from this corner it’s ranking can be 80%.
  4. Overall IOGEAR wireless HDMI extender ranking is 83.33%.

Customers Reviews:

IOGEAR Wireless HDMI extender reviews have 3.3 stars on average given by customers. Many think that it is easy to set up and works well. Some people believe that it is a solution to installing a wireless HDMI TV on the patio without having to coax, HDMI or Ethernet cables and the price on Amazon is excellent. A customer named Robert C. Margerison said that “I’m very pleasantly surprised at wireless HDMI gaming quality of this item.”

5. Actiontec

This wireless HDMI allows you to transmit displays from your smartphone, laptop or tablet onto almost any HDTV. Using the ScreenBeam technology, you can share your photos, videos, website or music onto almost any HD device. The ScreenBeam of this wireless HDMI features a resolution of 1080p.



  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Independent of your Wi-Fi network.
  • It features an easy-to-follow quick start guide.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and 8 PCs/laptops.
  • It allows you to surf and even to share from your HDTV.
  • It comes with a USB transmitter for laptops.
  • Some customers reported about video lagging.

6. Gofanco

Gofanco is one of the best wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver. It supports full HD video at 60 Hz frequency which will give you the best video experience. Dual antenna(CUT-EDGE technology) improves its data transmission and receiving process. It’s IR controlling device operate 20-60 kHz bandwidth. So, this remote control device will provide you smooth predominant experience.

7. Cable Matters

This wireless HDMI transmitter features 1080p at 60Hz video alongside 5.1 and 7.1 surround audio and a 2 channel stereo.



  • It comes with additional 4K wireless HDMI cables.
  • Compact design for easy installation.
  • Compatible with PS3, Blu-ray, satellite boxes, Xbox 360, and laptops.
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty.
  • Transmits within a short-range.


DVDO Air3C wireless HDMI transmitter kit comes with an interference-free 60 GHz wireless signal that is less affected by either phones or microwaves. It taps its power from your HD TV, requiring no additional cables to connect to power output. Its auto-aiming technology ensures that a stable connection is maintained at all times. DVDO Air3C is one of the best wireless transmitters for TV, in the market.



  • Interference-free.
  • Easy to install.
  • Its remote does not need a line of sight.
  • It is compatible with most HDMI switchers.
  • Perfect for gaming thanks to its zero latency which eliminates delays between your gaming console and the big display.
  • Compatible with Blu-ray, satellite, stream video, cable, and much more.
  • It can only transmit signals up to a range of 30 feet.

9. Peerless

This top-notch wireless HDMI kit is ideal for gaming thanks to its wireless USB connectivity between peripherals and other source devices. Even though it is battery powered, it has no lag. What’s more? This wireless HDMI transmitter’s wired pass-through connection also permits a hard-wired connection to a second HDTV.



  • It comes with mounting hardware.
  • Easy to set up, just a matter of minutes and you are through.
  • Not aesthetically pleasant.

10. StarTech

This amazing wireless HDMI kit comes with a compact body designed for use with video game consoles and computers (both PC and Mac). The StarTech.com HDMI over wireless extender allows a total range of about 165 feet. What’s more? Its signal is extremely strong even when going up against some floors or through walls.



  • No video lag.
  • Long-range transmission.
  • Not strongly constructed.

11. LG

This reliable wireless HDMI can send uncompressed full High Definition 1080p signals to your HDTV from a range of up to 50 feet away. What’s more? Its signal not only penetrates through walls but also many other obstacles like doors. This wireless HDMI also features 4 HDMI inputs and a wireless-ready receiver.



  • Easy to connect.
  • Universal compatibility.
  • No disadvantages reported so far

Final Thoughts

All the wireless HDMI transmitters elaborated on this page are not only efficient performers but also serve slightly different purposes. Among the 11, the J-Tech Digital HDbitT Series wireless HDMI transmitter Kit remains the top best wireless HDMI transmitter when it comes to transmitting great quality digital audio and video signals. Besides having a long range of approximately 660 feet, this best HDMI wireless transmitter and receiver also supports the highest video quality possible.

Tired of adding hundreds of wires around your television system? If yes, then you will probably be much better off investing in a wireless HDMI adapter.

Types of Wireless HDMI switch

There are many ways to categorize Wireless HDMI switch. Probably the most important way is differentiating them by the standards they support:

  1. WHDI: This standards works on the 5GHz frequency has a 30-meter range and a latency equal to around one millisecond. It is, hence, pretty good for gaming and supported by many electronics manufacturers.
  2. Wireless HD or UltraGig: This one runs on a shorter range but has a much higher frequency of around 60GHz. Also, it might need the transmitter and the HDMI receiver to be in direct line of sight.
  3. WiGig: Managed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, this wifi transmitter and receiver works on a frequency similar to UltraGig. However, it can provide speeds anywhere near 7 Gbps.

Each standard has its strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to choose the correct type of wireless HDMI switch as per your requirement.

Factors to consider while shopping

Okay, there can be many factors that must be taken into consideration. However, here we are going to highlight the most important ones.

  1. Need: Purchasing a wireless HDMI adapter is a costly affair. It will also require a reconfiguration of your home devices. So, make sure you need one before you sit down to buy it.
  2. Price: Wireless HDMI splitter has yet to become a mass-market product. Hence, there is a huge variation in prices. You have very cheap products which won’t last a month. You have very expensive products which offer more than you might need. Therefore, it is advisable to look for that product which meets all your needs at a reasonable price.
  3. Features: Some factors influence the performance of a wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver. Among them are the range, frequency, portability, etc. Hence, one must make sure that the device is feature-rich and ticks all the required boxes.
  4. Warranty: Make sure that you have a warranty card as a precaution. The device may stop working when you least expect it to.

Q: What is wireless HDMI splitter/ switch/ adapter?

A: Simply put. Wireless HDMI splitter/switch/adapter is a wireless replacement of those HDMI cables you find all around. Just to clarify, HDMI cables are used to transmit video or audio from one system to another system. For example, an HDMI cable can be used to transfer video from a VCR to a television. That way you can watch the broadcasts collected by the VCR on your television.

If you have just one or two connections to a single television, you don’t have to worry. However, what if you have two or three devices connected to two or three televisions. That will mean a lot of wires. This is where wireless HDMI splitter comes in handy.

Wireless HDMI switch works using a simple mechanism. Wireless HDMI transmitters are attached to source devices. Then, wireless HDMI receivers are plugged into televisions or any other output device. That is it. Now, one can freely watch the source device’s output on the television screen or any other output device.

Q: Why do you need wireless HDMI transmitter?

A: There are several reasons why you might want to use a wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver.

  1. Fewer wires: Once an HDMI transmitter is attached to a source device, it can begin transmitting data to any other connected output device. No extensive wiring arrangements needed.
  2. Covers long distances easily: Imagine having a DVD player and television in your bedroom at one end of your house. Now, imagine having another television in your drawing room on the other end of your house. It will be a clumsy affair to connect them with wires and cable box. With a wireless HDMI adapter, it will take seconds.
  3. One transmitter for all output devices: One DVD player can be used to play on 5 television sets simultaneously. If it were not for a wireless HDMI adapter, each connection would have taken a separate pair of wires.
  4. Portable for Presentation: Need to show a PowerPoint presentation on a projector in your office. Or need to make a window display in your shop. You can pretty easily use the same wireless HDMI adapter everywhere. Imagine that instead of taking a set of wires everywhere!

Q: What the best wireless HDMI and receiver has?

A: So, what kind of device can be considered as the best Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver? Lets us take a look:

  1. Range: Best wireless HDMI switch doesn’t have to be very large, but it must at least cover half of your house. Otherwise, you might end up feeling too cramped up.
  2. High Frequency: The higher the frequency, the better the quality. The frequency must at least be good enough to seamlessly transfer High Definition wireless video transmitter between devices.
  3. Portable: The wireless HDMI must be lightweight enough to be carried around easily. Otherwise, it may risk becoming as clumsy as the wires we first set out to get rid of.
  4. Easy to operate: It must be easy to install and go about. Also, there must be a simple way to solve all kinds of errors which might crop up.
  5. Warranty: There must be a warranty for at least one year. Otherwise, at this price range, it might become more of a gamble.
  6. Price: A good product will not come at a cheap price range. No doubt about that. However, it also cannot be impossibly expensive. Wireless HDMI adapter must have a reasonable price tag attached to it.

Features to Consider

Some features influence the performance of a wireless HDMI extender. However, these are the most important ones. Make sure you consider them before you pick the best wireless HDMI extender:

  1. Lightweight body: The device must be easy to carry around. If you are buying online, you can check its weight to get a fair idea regarding this feature.
  2. Operability: Often, we end up using only 40% or so features of a product because we do not know how to use it. Make sure you know how to use the product to its maximum.
  3. Range: This is a make or breaks feature. A device with a short-range will simply fail at its job. Also, make sure that the wireless HDMI transmitter and the wireless HDMI receiver do not have to be in direct line of sight. That will again mar the usefulness of the product.
  4. Frequency: A good frequency would give the device more space to transfer data. This will have a direct impact on the quality of the output.
  5. Quality: Make sure you have an idea of the overall quality of the product. Often it happens that while checking the technicalities, we miss the bigger picture. For this, one can check online or offline demonstrations of the product.


Since it is a relatively new technology, people have some questions:


  • What is a wireless HDMI adapter?
  • Do wireless HDMI work?
  • How far can you extend HDMI?
  • Do you need a wireless HDMI adapter?


If you need to deal with high-quality data remotely, then you need to install the wireless HDMI adapter. Wireless HDMI adapter consists of two main modules one of them is a transmitter, and another one is a receiver. Let’s take a look, how wireless HDMI work.

  1. Wireless Transmitter: It connects with your data source to stream or transmit data. So that, you need to connect this transmitter with your cable box, gaming console, PC/Laptop, Blu-ray or media player. It works to transmit your source data wirelessly to the receiver.
  2. Wireless Receiver: This module works to receive your transmitted data on your TV or Monitor or such other console. Most wireless HDMI receiver can receive an average of 100 feet, but you receive data up to 660 feet.


  • How do I connect two TVs with HDMI?
  • How do I wirelessly connect my computer to my TV?
  • How to install a wireless HDMI device?
  • Can I connect my cable box to my TV wirelessly?


Yes, you can connect your cable box to TVs wirelessly with wireless HDMI. Setup a wireless HDMI with your devices is so easy and straightforward.

Installation: Instructions will, again, differ from one device to the other. Please make sure that you get a user manual along with the product. However, the basics will remain the same. The transmitter will be connected to the source device while the HDMI receiver will be connected to the output device. Let’s discuss this step by step below.

Step1: Power off your HDMI adapter and TVs which you want to connect with this HDMI adapter.

Step2: Plug in your source devices such as cable box, gaming console, PC/Laptop, Blu-ray or media player using a short HDMI cable to your wireless HDMI transmitter module.

Step3: Connect the wireless HDMI receiver module with your TVs. So, if you want to connect two TVs, then you need two receiver modules. If you want to connect four TVs, then you need four receiver modules.

Step4: Power up your entire devices. So that, wireless HDMI adapter, sources, and TVs as well.

Step5: Setup your TV input with your TV remote and select the corresponding HDMI receiver module to receive data to your TV. Do this step to all of your TVs or monitor.

Step6: Press the remote control of your HDMI adapter to transmit your source data to all receivers which connected with your TVs or monitors. Now, wait a few seconds to display incoming data to your end devices.

Question: Will the device require a Wifi to work?

Answer: No, it won’t. It has its transmission system which does not require a Wifi connection.

Question: Will it be able to communicate through walls?

Answer: This depends on the kind of device you purchase. It may have a long range and yet require a direct line of sight between the transmitter and the HDMI receiver. So, please make sure to check your exact model for this.

Question: Will it work without a cable box?

Answer: Definitely. However, your television must have an HDMI port.


  1. Andrew Heinzman: What Is Wireless HDMI and Should You Use It?
  2. Geoffrey Morrison:Wireless HD video is here, so why do we still use HDMI cables?
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I brought Gofanco after reading this review site. I'm using it in commercial TV systems. The distance between transmitter and receiver is around 550 feet and this device working correctly.
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Last week I purchased Nyrius ARIES Prime. There is a very very slight delay between source and output video. Its coverage area is not so good. Overall it's a nice wireless HDMI for presentation and video transmission.
- David Hunter

I'm satisfied with J-Tech

First I try it at my office presentation in 100 feet distance, and it worked perfectly. Last month I purchased 2 additional devices to connect two TVs. I set those TVs around 150 feet distance. I'm happy this J-Tech.
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