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Bestproducts-4u.com is an Amazon affiliate advertising program and also an Amazon Service LCC associate. Amazon designs the program as a way to bring in cash from publicity marketing Amazon products and Amazon supplies

FTC Disclosure necessities

Compliance with the FTC new guiding principles is our priority, and we have ensured that every regulation relating to product assessment and testimonies given by our beloved customers is well dealt with at all times. The primary purpose as to why we advertise is to ensure that customers can make the most informed decision on products before they buy.

Customer evidence

Our beloved customers give testimonies on how they felt after using the product they brought, utilizing the help of our site. They provide feedback to help all other customers on how it feels to have that particular product after having an experience with it. Therefore, no customer is pressured to give a testimony or either paid to provide a statement. Additionally, no one has ever been compensated in the past to testify for a piece of evidence. Neither none is to be paid at present nor in the future to give complete information to the customer on how they feel about a product they bought using this site.


All images used to advertise products come from Amazon.com

Confidentiality policy

Before you give any personal information to this site, it is advisable that you read and understand this privacy policy and also enlightened on how we use any personal information taken under this site. In any case, there is a reason to change these practices, without a doubt, we will change, but it will be made public. Therefore buy accepting to use this site you are giving in to the privacy policy described below.

Information assortment

We take names, physical addresses, and emails to provide you with your specific request. We do not use your personally identifiable information in any other way apart from when we have permission to use it in any different approach, like adding you to our mailing catalog for notifications.

Information issuance

We can share information with the relevant government institutions if;

  • (a)Required by the law to do so
  • (b)When a fraud investigation is in progress
  • (c)It is for fraud prevention that may occur.

Note that no customer information can get released to the institutions for marketing reasons.

Data Security

All customers’ identifiable information is always secure and cannot be given to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Only the our team has access to the information and only for customer purposes. Newsletters and notifications sent to customers who want the full get information, and they can stop the newsletters anytime they want.

Children exceptional note

No child is supposed to use this service for any reason whatsoever. All children under the age of 14 years should not give their personal information for we are not going to keep any record of underage for it is against our terms and conditions. Therefore for all minors, the only way you can use this site is with the help of your parents.

Contact Information

In case you have any comments or queries about our policy you can visit contact us page.

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