Sun Joe 24V-TLR-LTE Cordless Garden Tiller & Cultivator Review

Sun Joe 24V-TLR-LTE Cordless Garden Tiller & Cultivator Review
December 6, 2019 Mamun

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Main Reason for choosing this Sun Joe Tiller

We focus more on what it offers that most of the other best front tine tillers don’t. Briefly, we can describe it as a 2-in-1 machine. It works both as a cultivator and a tiller. The cultivator vs. tiller comparison has been there for a long time. Most users now prefer purchasing the best electric tiller that can double up as a cultivator. Surprisingly, it isn’t as expensive as most people think. You can check on the garden tiller for sale feeds and websites to compare prices and purchase one. There are also companies offering tiller rental near me services for those who don’t own but need to use these tillers.


Long-lasting Batteries

This is one of the best garden tillers with a considerably longer run time than most of the others. It runs on high-quality 24V 2Ah lithium-ion batteries that are fast charging and efficient. The results will last you 30 minutes if you are working continuously. The manufacturer includes a charger in the package for use.

Coverage Area

Most previous and current users recommend this tiller for small areas. The dual steel blades cultivate on a 4.25 wide and a 6’’ depth on a single spot. This ensures that you can dig your farm for planting and weed out to ensure healthy plant growth.

Steel Tines

The 6’’ steel tines are very durable to ensure that the tilling or cultivating action is at its best. They are razor-sharp and will need cautiousness while working with them. The best aspect of these steel tines is they don’t dull despite the duration of use and type of maintenance. Even if you compare it to the best gas tiller, this aspect stands out.


This Sun Joe tiller is extremely lightweight and weighs 6lbs. this allows for less burdensome working and transportation to and from the working space. It features a telescopic pole that is 37’’ for functionality. You will appreciate the auxiliary handle for further adjustability and use. This enhances your comfort as you work and ensures you don’t suffer or aggravate any health conditions. The unit is cordless to allow the user to work further from the power source. Also, cord extensions can sometimes cause accidents. A cordless substitute is a safer choice.

Technical Features

  • 37’’ telescopic pole
  • 24V 2Ah Li-Ion batteries
  • 30 min runtime
  • 25’’ wide by 6’’ deep

Bottom Line

All those planning to purchase the best electric tiller for smaller spaces should consider this unit from Sun Joe. Its features are fantastic and functionality a sure bet. Besides its core purpose, other subsidiary aspects like storage and maintenance are in consideration.

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