Sun Joe TJ600E 14” 6.5Amp Electric Tiller Review

Sun Joe TJ600E 14” 6.5Amp Electric Tiller Review
December 6, 2019 Mamun

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Does Sun Joe TJ600E 14” 6.5Amp Tiller Guarantee Efficiency?

Sun Joe is a household name in the manufacture of outdoor equipment, and we can’t doubt its prowess. To prove this, we base on the numerous customer reviews from different users. You can fetch this under each Sun Joe product once you search it on sites like Amazon. For this small garden tiller, we pride in its design, choice of materials, construction, functionality, and durability. Its incredible features translate to the benefits it offers to any user.

What are its Features?

Powerful Motor

While the best gas tiller can promise the benefits of a powerful motor, this one will surprise you with the efficiency and convenience of a mid-range motor but with exceptional performance. The 6.5Amp motor isn’t as potent as others in this review, but for the areas it serves, it is worth it. People who want this for small spaces can look for rent a tiller near me service if purchasing isn’t an option of the moment. However, if you can spend some more, look up the product code on garden tillers for sale and make a purchase.

Safety Features

Why would Sun Joe include safety features on a basic small tiller? First, to keep you and anyone near you safe and prolongs the life of your unit. This aspect makes it one of the best front tine tillers that you can buy. The instant start option allows you to operate the machine once you set it on. If you release the start, you switch off the tiller. It looks obvious, but its benefits are immense.

Angled Steel Tines

Sun Joe has this small tiller with four durable steel tines in an angled manner. Why is angling the tiles necessary? This is to ensure that the pulverizing action is quick and efficient. The steel tines work on the earth’s surface to loosen soil within a width of 14” and a depth of 8”.


First, the adjustability of the manual wheel at three different positions is one of the best aspects of this tiller. It helps with maneuvering in the flowerbed or farm without carrying the unit or damaging plants.


A collapsible handle for a front tine tiller is thoughtful. This is to ensure easier and safer storage in compact spaces. Also, you can adjust it to your height level and work comfortably.

Technical Features

  • 6.5Amp motor
  • Four steel tines
  • 3-position manual wheel
  • 14” by 7” coverage
  • Safety switch
  • Instant switch

Our Parting Shot

An aspect that excites us most is the two-year non-questionable warrant on this garden tiller. The manufacturer will offer full service of either repairs or replacements within this period.

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