Sun Joe TJ603E 16’’ 12Amp Electric Tiller Review

Sun Joe TJ603E 16’’ 12Amp Electric Tiller Review
December 6, 2019 Mamun

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About Sun Joe

Sun Joe partners with Snow Joe to design and manufacturer excellent outdoor tools to make the exterior spaces looking pleasant. The company has a vast product category to ensure that you can get what you want from the best manual tillers, electric cultivators and tools, trimmers, and many more. Their prowess is evident in this tiller review


This Sun Joe tiller comes with a mighty motor for land cultivation. The 12 amperes motor hardly breaks down regardless of the amount of time you take tilling. The electricity powers the motor to move the tines during pulverization


All ergonomics are admirable. The manual wheel has a 3-position manual and a height adjustment point to ensure that you can push this best front tine tiller when not in use. If using it, you can adjust the height to the minimum position to ensure proper tilling.

The handle is collapsible to allow the owner to store the small garden tiller easily. This aspect transforms the best electric tiller into a compact design and can fit in the smallest section of the basement or the garage. Also, the handles are comfortable to grip and ensure great control of the tiller as you pass through garden rows and columns.

Safety Features

We believe that this is the best garden tiller for persons who are less focused when working. There is an instant start on the small tiller to ensure that you can press it when you want to till. Releasing it means that you don’t want the garden tiller in use. You don’t need any tune-ups, oil, or gas to run the machine. This makes starting and stopping it very simple.

The safety switch prevents the occurrence of any accidents as you use the garden tiller. Sometimes, the tiller can get into hard rocks and begin to shake because of instability. The safety switch acts as a shock stopper. The tiller automatically stops alerting you to check on the happenings before you can proceed

Technical Features

  • 16’’ maximum cultivating width
  • 8’’ maximum cultivating depth
  • Six steel tines
  • 12-ampere motor
  • 27.1 lbs. product weight

Bottom Line

If you are looking for garden tillers for sale and come across this model from Sun Joe, pick it. The new one might be expensive, but worth it. It will serve you on your flowerbeds, small gardens, and plots very effectively. If you can’t purchase it yet, you can opt for rent a tiller near me service that is less costly and reliable. Others decide to get used tillers for sale. This is still a good option. However, ensure you check its condition well before making a purchase.

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