5 STAR Rated Top 9 Yogi Tea – Yogi Tea Flavors and Review of 2024

5 STAR Rated Top 9 Yogi Tea – Yogi Tea Flavors and Review of 2024
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Yogi teas have been directly linked with a long list of health benefits. However, there still lies a series of questions in the minds of most potential customers on whether these claims are true. Here, we will provide some of the issues and answer that you could probably be asking yourself. We will also go ahead and review several yogi tea varieties available in the market. Join me as I begin the walk:
Below is the review of Yogi tea varieties:

Who should get this?

We aren’t specific with regards to the target audience in this review. Why? These teas are highly beneficial to people of all ages and have proven to have so many benefits. Like the Neem Tree has over 40 benefits, this one takes after it. If you are looking to detox, revive your digestive system stay right here. If you intend to give more health to your kidneys, among other benefits, one of the 9 teas will be of great interest to you.

How we picked

This one was hectic since we involved the consumers directly in our research program. Previous and current users of these teas shared with us their experiences, choice of yogi teas, benefits, and what they didn’t love about them. We set on online research to determine if there are more consumers worldwide consuming these teas.

Google and Amazon were also helpful in sourcing our information. Besides consumer reviews, we were keen on product ratings and Amazon badges.

How we tested

We purchased several samples of each of the 9 Yogi teas through the procurement department. We had them distributed to consumers who’ve never used these teas to hear from them. We were on the hunt for their benefits, safety on human health, and applicability. Among other tests were solubility tests, dosage, content analysis, and product storage. We are lucky to have found accurate information to aid in compiling this review.

1. Yogi Green Tea Kombucha


This product is a good option for anyone intending to boost general body health. The Kombucha content has antioxidant properties which protect the body from free radicals, the primary culprit behind aging. Also, it contains components such as Lemongrass and Spearmint which combines with the Passion and Plum fruit flavors to deliver a pleasant fruity taste. Unlike some options, yogi green tea contains caffeine.


2. Egyptian Licorice Yogi Tea


This tea is from licorice root, an Egyptian herb that has with naturally sweet taste and soothing properties. This herb is harmonized with other components such as the Zesty Orange peel, Cardamom, and Cinnamon to deliver a delicious flavor in every sip whether taken daytime or at night. Licorice Yogi tea is free from caffeine and is tested to ensure that it is non-GMO.


3. Yogi Tea Detox- Healthy Cleansing formula


Yogi tea detox is made of Burdock and Dandelion that are combined with Ayurvedic blend (trikatu) and Juniper berry to aid in healthy body cleansing, facilitate digestion and improve circulation. If you want to detoxify your body and loss some weight as well, Yogi detox weight loss tea should help. Just like the other yogi teas, it is free from gluten and artificial sweeteners. Also, it doesn’t contain caffeine; hence you won’t find it difficult to sleep when taken just before bedtime.


4. Yogi Tea – Green Tea Super Antioxidant

Just like the green tea kombucha, this product is specially designed to supply antioxidants into the body to help fight free radicals. The naturally potent antioxidant properties are provided by a blend of Grapeseed and Amia extracts. It also contains Lemongrass which gives the tea a citrus flavor while the Licorice and the Jasmine green tea components act as natural sweeteners for the product. The product contains traces of caffeine, but it’s free from gluten and GMO ingredients.

5. Yogi Tea-Bedtime Soothing Spicy Sweet


Working at all day long can be sucking, if it is a labor intensive job. And yes, one of the best ways to unwind when you get home is to get a cup of Yogi Bedtime tea. This tea is a combination of Passionflower and Chamomile flower. These ingredients help to calm down the body to ensure quality sleep when taken just before bedtime. Yogi Bedtime tea also contains other components such as Cinnamon, Licorice, and Cardamon which provides the delicious spicy-sweet taste.


6. Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life Yogi Tea


If you want to lose some weight, incorporating this tea to your weight loss program should help. It is a blend of green tea and Garcinia Cambogia extracts which helps the body lose weight when accompanied with regular workouts and a well-balanced diet. The hibiscus flower components and the blueberry flavor delivers refreshment and provides a lightly sweet taste without the use of artificial sweeteners. It also has caffeine content.


7. Yogi Tea- Kava Stress Relief


If you have a sleeping disorder like insomnia, you should consider trying out this option. This product majorly constitutes of kava, a substance that is historically known for relieving body stress. Yogi kava tea features a purposeful combination of Kava, Cinnamon, and Sarsaparilla to not only calm the body from tension but also to enrich the flavor. It is a non-GMO product and doesn’t contain substances such as caffeine, gluten, or artificial sweeteners.


8. Yogi Tea Ginger


As the name suggests, this yogi tea contains ginger just like yogi tea classic. Ginger possesses energizing qualities and is traditionally known for supporting digestion. Yogi ginger tea also includes a blend of Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Licorice which help to spice up the taste. Additionally, this product is free from caffeine hence won’t deprive you of sleep when before sleeping. A full package has 96 tea bags that will keep you going for quite long.


9. Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Yogi Tea


This Yogi tea contains Ashwagandha and Shankhipushpi components that a traditionally known to uplift the spirit. It also comes with a combination of Assam Black tea and Yerba mate which possesses rejuvenation properties to keep you energized. The Tangerine flavor pairs with the Lotus flower flavor to give a perfect blend of delightfully sweet flavor. This yogi tea contains up to 80 mg of caffeine in a package of 96 tea bags.



Question 1: When was Yogi founded and for what purpose?
Answer 1: It was established in the late 1960s with the primary purpose to serve customers with quality products at the local, national, and international levels.
Question 2: Does Yogi detox tea work?
Answer 2: Yes, it does.
Question 3: What does Yogi detox do?
Answer 3: This tea comes with the perfect blend of natural ingredients that work to flush out toxins, improve digestion and circulation.
Question 4: Are Yogi teas safe?
Answer 4: Yogi teas are thoroughly tested by third-party bodies to ensure that they are safe. Furthermore, the ingredients are purely herbal and non-GMO.
Question 5: Where to buy Yogi tea?
Answer 5: The product is available in Amazon.com
Question 6: Does Yogi green tea blueberry slim life help lose weight?
Answer 6: Yes it does since it contains Garcinia Cambogia extracts.
Question 7: Can I drink yogi stress relief tea while pregnant?
Answer 7: Unfortunately, this product should not be used by pregnant women, persons under 18 years, and the breastfeeding mothers.

Bottom Line:

As seen, there are different yogi tea flavors available in the market. All these flavors are great for boosting body health. Yogi tea contains natural ingredients; hence it doesn’t pose any health risks when used for an extended period.


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