5 STAR Rated 10 Best Cool Shot Glasses Review 2024 | Unique Shot Glasses

5 STAR Rated 10 Best Cool Shot Glasses Review 2024 | Unique Shot Glasses
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A shot glass can just be any normal container that you pour your favorite alcoholic drink into. But if you want to add a little spice to your drinking experience, it sometimes pays to buy remarkable and cool liquor glasses that you can use during drinking activities. Such a glass adds a completely new dimension to the way you deliver your shots to your waiting palate. In this article, we scour the web to bring you the 10 best cool shot glasses that will take your drinking to a whole new level. Continue reading to learn more.

Who should get this?

Bar, joint, pub, and liquor store owners should not pass by this post. Other targets are event service providers and individuals who love to take a few shots of their favorite bottles to crown a day. These shot glasses are epic and not your common types.

How we picked this

We have a dependable expert team that went out of its way to determine the best from the plethora of shot glasses in the market. Our team visited the famous high-end pubs and joints in the areas to have a look at what they stock and what they’d wish to upgrade to. They got reasonable information to help in further research. Other sources of research were Google and Amazon to source for product listings and selected a fair number to test.

How we tested

We had several purchases of each shot glass to put them through the necessary tests to determine if they are reliable in an all-round aspect. Among the list of factors to test is impact resistance through a drop-down analysis, ease of cleaning through a staining test. Storage wasn’t a major issue since they are already compact. We are glad the 10 shot glasses passed the required criteria to make it to our review site. Test a few of them and let us keep the conversation going in the comment section.

1. Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses

Undoubtedly the coolest shot glasses ever to grace the market, the Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses are, you won’t believe it, made using actual ice, a creative way to enjoy your drink. All you need to do is to pour your liquor into the silicone molding, have it frozen and there you have a cool glass to naturally keep your drink cold until when it’s ready to b drunk. The best part is that there is no cleaning after you’ve used your shot glass. You can just eat your shot glass or allow it to melt away.

2. Barbuzzo 50 Caliber Shot Glass

This shot glass is crafted from premium-grade ceramics that is great at retaining the right temperature of your frothy beverages. The ceramic is designed in such a way that it mimics a sawed-off 50-caliber shell. The finishing is that of gold plating which gives it a unique styling bullets are known for. Barbuzzo, the shot glass manufacturer, actually do have another product by the name of Revolver shots. However, these are designed for smaller quantities of liquor. These unique shot glasses can easily accommodate 2 ounces of your favorite drink, something that gives “shot” glass terminology a whole new meaning.

3. Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass

Possibly the coolest shot glasses on our list, Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glasses borrowed heavily from the design of the M16A2’s flash hider weapons, something that might just add a little testosterone dose to any liquor shot. Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass is machine-made from one slab of anodized and billet-heat treated aluminum in the US by Letner-Wise Manufacturing. It can hold up to 1.5 ounces of your best liquor. Drinking gear certainly doesn’t get any more masculine than the Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass.

4. Collapsible Drinking Cup

On the folding of this cup is engraved a famous Marines maxim: Semper Fi, which translates to Always Faithful. This laser engraving is of the finest quality and won’t wear out with time. Through the laser engraving method, the image is embedded into the metal which makes it very difficult for it to lose its quality with time. This sharply contrasts with pad printing that only coats the metal with one ink layer that not only wears off but is also susceptible to scratching. You can use this lightweight and portable container as a shot glass for taking favorite tour whiskey. The brand new folding cup features a key chain attachment that makes it carry to your travels.

5. Mason Jar Shot Glasses

These exciting mini types of the famous Mason jars offer an ideal way to start a party. Made of clear glass, these shot glasses are capable of holding as much as 2.4oz (equivalent to 71mi).As these shot glasses slowly grow in popularity to take over our bars and kitchen cabinets, there is still a task that they have not yet adapted, which is taking shots. The good news is that there now is a jar for that very reason. This Mason Jar Shot Glass is a solid 2.4oz jar that resembles the smaller version of the classic, although with no lid. These glasses can almost fit a double shot, and they are perfect for large shots or those old- fashioned cocktails that will get just about everyone in the mood.

6. Bombs Away, Shot Glasses

With a set of 2oz shot glasses, you can serve up different fun party liquors to your most important guests. A fine addition to any at-home bar collection, Bombs Away is a fantastic conversation starter. It gives you and your drinking mates a great way to partake of your favorite liquor shots. This can be tequila, whiskey or even fruity cocktail blends. Additionally, they make for an unforgettable house warming gifts to cheer up your friend, guest or a business colleague.

7. Shot Glass Checkers Game Set

Did someone say checkers are boring? This upgraded version of checkers game complete with a glass shot can take the game to a whole new level. The Checkers game is great for a quiet Saturday evening or any party, whether you end up as the winner or the loser. Just get a bottle of your best liquor, and you will be ready to take on your friend or partner for a gamer shot of titanic proportions. You are guaranteed of lots of fan during the game so long as you are not playing an international checker champion. While we certainly scoff at excessive drinking, there is absolutely nothing wrong with immersing yourself in the excessive fun! Go on and enjoy yourself!

8. Stainless Steel Shot Glasses

These hand-polished shot glasses don’t just look the part, but they are also highly functional. The shot glasses are filled with reusable freeze gel that will instantly cool your liquor upon serving. All you need to do is to store it in your freezer for one or more hours, serve and repeat until you are hammered.

9. Ekke Soapstone Shot Glasses

Whiskey stones make a perfect gift largely because they chill your whiskey without necessarily watering it down as happens with ice cubes. Soapstone shot glasses has similar properties to whiskey stones. You can comfortably use these to chill your liquors from the outside. Have them tossed in the freezer before the start of the party for very cold shots later.

10. Pac Man Shot Glasses

Pac Man Shot Glasses provide you the best opportunity to celebrate the coolest arcade game of the 80’s. This package of funny shot glasses carries the whole gang: Inky, Blinky, Clyde and Pac man. Liquor shots from these funny shot glasses could just help you regain your gaming prowess of yesteryears.

If you like style, then how you take your drink matters a lot. While for some people a glass is just a glass, those who understand the uniqueness of shot glasses will immediately appreciate its value in adding class to a Saturday evening jamboree. But how much is a shot glass? Their prices vary of course, with the more elegant being painfully expensive. Whether you want to buy shot glasses bulk or you just want a set, there is no better place to buy than Amazon. It has all of the 10 best cool shot glasses that we’ve discussed above.

Cool Shot Glasses Buying Guide

A shot glass is a small type of glass used for containing or measuring liquor, which can be mixed into other fluids, or on most occasions, taken directly from the glass hence the origin of the term “shot”.

Benefits of shot glasses

  • Shot glasses are used to measure liquor especially when making cocktails or in taking liquor shots. They are mostly used in social parties and discos where people love taking shot of tequila and other liquor types
  • Shot glasses come in handy when making candles because you can make your custom sizes, shapes, colors, and scents using shot glasses. These candles can be used almost everywhere, from coffee shops to even romantic dates.
  • Shot glasses can be used for dessert recipes. Best looking desserts in shot glasses are ones with several layers. Colors and textures can be used to make the dessert unique and attractive. Shrimp cocktails is a good example of appetizers that stand out in shot glasses.
  • Shot glasses can also be used as vases. These shot glasses vases give restaurant owners a table look that’s elegant without over cluttering it. These small vases will give your customers the opportunity to see the entire table as well as enjoy the beautiful view from the flowers on the table.
  • Shot glasses come in handy for tea lovers especially when you no longer need a tea bag in your cup. Shot glasses are the best size for storing tea bags, plus it gives you the option of re using the tea bag later.
  • Depending on the material used to make shot glasses, they can be used for decorative purposes.

Types of shot glasses

Here are some of the most famous shot glasses models used in different occasions

  • Standard Shot glasses– Standard small glasses are sized about 2 inches in height and 1- 1/2 inches in diameter. Most of these glasses can hold up to 1.5 ounces of alcohol. Short glasses have thick bottoms to avoid shattering when slammed on a surface i.e. bars and tables
  • Small Shot glasses– These are shot glasses with a capacity of only an ounce of spirits. It’s also known as the pony shot. Another variation of the small shot glass is the cheater glass. A cheater glass has the same height as the standard shot glass but with a thicker base which reduces its shot capacity
  • Molded/customized shot glasses– These shot glasses are also referred to as fluted glasses. These glasses are similar in size to the standard shot glasses but have unique or customized designs. This type of shot glass has custom names or designs engraved at the bottom or on the sides. Most companies and restaurants use this types of shot glasses
  • Tall shot glasses– These short glasses come in handy for drinkers who prefer combining alcohol with other drinks. These shot glasses are in most cases thin with wider tops. It’s not advisable to slam these glasses on the table since they’re made of a thinner material.

Factors to consider when purchasing shot glasses

  • The material used– While most shot glasses are made of glass, there are many other options, some with several benefits while others are only used for decorative purposes. These materials include ceramics, metal, pewter and even edible shot glasses made from materials like chocolate.
  • The uses of the glasses– Different small glasses types and designs can be purchased depending on how you intend to use your shot glasses. Decorative shot glasses should be stylish and colorful, glasses meant for candle making, and vases should be long. Drinking shot glasses should have a thick base especially if they’re to be used in bars and lastly shot glasses meant for desserts should be crystal clear to allow customers to see what they’re about to consume.
  • The Occasion– Different circumstances require various types of shot glasses. Shot glasses meant for weddings come engraved with custom text while shot glasses meant for taking wine during dates are slim and fragile.
  • Budget– always consider your budget before purchasing shot glasses. Ceramic and pewter shot glasses tend to be more expensive than metallic and glass materials. Edible shot glasses are the cheapest since they’re only used once. The best and coolest shot glasses There are plenty of cool shot glasses in the market, but this list has five of the coolest shot glasses for your next liquor shot.
  • Mason Jar Shot Glass-this is a mini replica of the mason jar and holds up to 2.5 ounces of alcohol, which is just enough to start off a drinking day.
  • Cool Shooter Ice Shot Glass-These have shot glasses made from ice. After taking shots, you have an option of eating the ice or letting it melt away. Although most people prefer eating the shot glasses.
  • Muzzle-shot Tactical Shot Glass-These are aluminum shot glasses designed after flash hiders of a gun. This shot glass holds up to 1.5 ounces of liquor. Drinking doesn’t go wrong with this shot glass.
  • Shot-shell XL Whiskey Shot Glass-This shot glass is crafted from a heavy duty stainless steel material. The glass holds 4.5 ounces of liquor and it can surely stand up against the toughest liquor glasses
  • Shot Glass Checkers-this set comes with a check board,13 clear glasses, and 13 frosted glasses. One thing that’s common with playing checks with shots, nobody knows if they have won or lost at the end of the game.

Q: What to know before you go?

A: Shot glasses are not only meant for drinking; they can also be used for decorations, making candles, playing games, holding tea bags and even they can be given out as gifts. Before buying shot glasses always consider the occasion, your long-term users, and the prices. Also, the material used to make shot glasses also come in handy since not all materials are good for consumption. Features to Consider

  • Capacity-one should always consider the capacity of shot glasses before buying them. Deserts and individuals who like mixing their liquor with other drinks should opt for larger sizes compared to people who take their alcohol without mixing
  • Material-The type of materials used to make shot glasses vary from one glass to the other. Some materials are only meant for decoration, and it’s not advisable to use them for drinking.
  • The design-the design of your shot glass matters. Stylish designs always tend to stand out from common models. This factor is why most companies and restaurants have custom made shot glasses.
  • Thickness– The thickness of your glass matters depending on your mode of use. If you know the users will be smashing them in the table, look for glasses with thicker bases to avoid breakage.
  • Price-Don’t forget to check out the price of what you’re buying and cross check with other varieties. While going for the cheapest glasses in the market, don’t forget that cheap will always be expensive in the long run. For many people, especially those who want shot glasses mainly for drinking, Amazon offers an extensive collection of shot glasses.


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