5 STAR Rated Top 20 Best Dog Beds Review, FAQs & Buying Guide of 2024

5 STAR Rated Top 20 Best Dog Beds Review, FAQs & Buying Guide of 2024
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Just like you love having a warm, comfortable bed to cuddle up and sleep in, or escape the world a little, our furry friends also love enjoying the warmth and comfort of a good bed. Your dog deserves a bed that offers enough support to all the right places. Getting the right foundation is the key to a happier, healthier and safer life for your dog.

With hundreds of beds of on the market, it’s not easy figuring out which bed is best for your dog, something that suits it entirely to give it enough warmth and comfort for the night or day. Above that, it has to look good and feel good. You don’t want a bed that your dog won’t love, or a bed that makes everything uncomfortable. Also, consider other factors such as your dog’s health, habits, and sleeping needs.

Choosing the best bed for your dog can be tasking, mainly due to the plethora of available sizes and shapes. To help you with this, we have reviewed the top 20 dog beds on the market to assist you in getting one that best fits your pooch.

Who should get this?

This article’s target is anyone and everyone who has a lovely furry friend. The piece targets people who know that their dog deserves a bed that will offer comfort and offers support for the dog. A good bed plays an essential part in the health, safety, and happiness of the dog — this article designed to help people in figuring out the best bedding for the dogs. The report states the pros and cons of different dog beds and therefore giving the customers a clue on what to expect after purchasing the products.

 How we picked this

As it is the norm, our team of experts had to invest time and resources to ensure that the best dog beds remained in their fame position. The different beds were bought and distributed to the customers and reviews made by the customers. Various aspects considered while reviewing the products. Reports also are given by the many customers who had bought the dog bed earlier. They managed to provide the best information about the experience with the product.

Additionally, the manufacturers and distributors also had to say something on the beds, for they had produced and sold them to different customers, respectively. The information collected compiled to come up with the list of the best dog beds. We also had to visit sites such as Google and research on the best dog beds.

How we tested

The credibility of the information that we give is significant. Therefore, we had to check the products to ensure that the customers got the best products. Once the procurement team purchased the products, it distributed the different products o different customers who had never used the products. The customers would then rate the product, considering the various aspects such as comfort, size, cost, and durability. We also involved animal experts as they reviewed the different dog beds, the materials used, and how they would affect the lovely animals physically and health-wise. The information gathered from the customers and the animal experts used in compiling the list of the top 20 best dog beds.

1. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

This cozy bed was made precisely for arthritic dogs with a risk of developing joint issues and older dogs recovering from joint problems. With the Big Barker 7″, your pooch won’t worry about support anymore, the bed provides more than enough support for an older dog due to the thick memory foam mattress.

The Big Barker mattress design for bigger dogs. Such as German Shepherds and Labs. Its design offers excellent support to your dog’s large body and ensures that its weight is evenly distributed. The microfiber used is exceptionally soft and attractive which makes it easier for cleaning.

Compressed with three separate layers, the Big Barker 7″ is one of the thickest beds available in the market.


  • Good for giant breed dogs
  • 10-year money back
  • Best support for older dogs with joint issues and recovering dogs
  • Its cover is made from 100% microfiber
  • Removable zipped cover for easier washing
  • The mattress doesn’t flatten or change over time


  • Expensive
  • A little too warm for hot weather
  • Cover is not waterproof

Expert Review

If you’re looking for a good investment that provides excellent comfort and is still durable, the Big Barker is an excellent choice for your pooch. Above that, the Big Barker comes with a 10-year money back warranty.

2. Kuranda Dog Bed – Chew Proof – All aluminum

This lightweight, all aluminum, raised bed with ballistic nylon fabric offers an excellent comfortable surface for your pooch to lay and stretch on. It is specifically designed and built to last for a longer time compared to other dog beds. The fabric is highly resistant and durable.

Due to the heavy-duty aluminum, the bed is entirely chew proof therefore almost indestructible. Its design makes it ideal for both outdoors and indoors. With Kuranda, you don’t have to worry about allergens, dirt or other bed bugs getting trapped in the bedding. Supporting up to 250 lbs, it is perfect for giant breed dogs such as Mastiffs.


  • An elevated design keeps the dog cool in hot weather
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from allergy friendly materials ideal for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Heavy duty frame and fabric that prevents damage from chewing
  • Inexpensive replacement parts that let you fix one part instead of buying the whole thing


  • Height isn’t adjustable
  • Kuranda only offers a 1-year warranty
  • Hard to assemble for some people
  • There are chances that your dog may not like the design

Expert Review

If you’re looking for solid chew proof and durable bed, Kuranda all Aluminum dog bed is the way to go. Above that, it is raised to offer more comfort, cooling, and ease of use both outdoors and indoors.

3. Brentwood Home Deluxe Gel Orthopedic Pet Bed

This USA-made dog bed is convenient for small dogs like Yorkshire terrier or a Pomeranian. The Brentwood Home is uniquely comfortable; therefore there is a higher chance that your dog will love it. Made to offer support to your dog’s pressure points, it prevents all kinds of body aches with a 4-inch-thick gel infused foam with gel particles that keep the bed cool and warm. Brentwood Deluxe Gel also offers relief and proper rest for dogs with arthritis. It features a zipped, non-slide microfiber cover that prevents it from sliding on the floor.


  • Resistant to mold, bacteria and dust mites
  • Features a soft and removable microfiber
  • Gel infused memory foam that keeps the bed comfortable and warm during summer
  • 100% waterproof inner liner that protects the foam from liquids
  • Base orthopedic foam layer that offers more support
  • Good for dogs with arthritis
  • Fits nicely in crates
  • Non-slip cover that prevents it from moving around


  • Low-quality zipper
  • The fabric on the bottom cover is very thin
  • Some units don’t come with non-slip grips

Expert Review

Brentwood Home offers more comfort and therapeutic support compared to other dog beds. The Gel infused memory foam makes the bed entirely comfortable and cool. Your dog will love it. Furthermore, it offers extensive support to arthritic dogs.

4. Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Bed

It features high-density memory foam that offers excellent comfort and support to your dog. It provides optimum support to your dog’s bone structure which helps ease joint pains. Its waterproof removable cover makes it easier to clean and maintain. It is made from fur resistant soft microfiber that entirely improves your pets sleeping conditions.


  • Waterproof removable cover
  • High-density quality foam
  • Comfortable
  • Offers support to your dog’s bone structure


  • Pricy

Expert Review

Furrybaby premium is entirely ideal for ailing and arthritic dogs due to its great comfort and ease of maintenance.

5. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

Designed with extra care. Friends forever Orthopedic dog bed offers amazing comfort to your dog. Regarded as one of the best luxurious beds, it provides exceptional comfort especially if your dog recently suffered any kinds of joint related problems.

It features raised curved walls that offer your dog support around the neck and the back. One wall is omitted to provide more room. Above that, the walls provide added security during sleep. Made from human grade foam, it offers the best support for fragile dogs.

Comfort is the first and topmost priority of this bed; therefore it is entirely ideal for arthritic dogs. Ultra-premium microfiber offers extreme flexibility, comfort, and stretch.


  • Extreme comfort and support
  • Pure metal liners and zippers
  • Nonskid bottom
  • Fur resistant cover
  • Sofa design with raised walls
  • Quality Foam
  • Easy to clean
  • Can accommodate large dogs


  • Quite expensive

Expert Review

Due to its extreme comfort to delicate and arthritic dogs, Friends forever Orthopedic dog bed is a perfect choice. Above that, it is entirely simple to wash and maintain.

6. Petfusion Large Dog Bed

The PetFusion is designed for your pet’s comfort and proper body support with thick memory foam that gives your pet quality cushioning. This high-quality orthopedic bed is made of superior quality materials compared to other models and is entirely suitable for large dogs. Its excellent quality helps reduce joint pain and increases your pet’s energy and mobility.

Premium materials ensure it is long lasting, and the fabric used keeps fur from attaching on to it which makes it easier to clean. A non-skid bottom helps the unit stay in place.


  • It doesn’t attract hairs easily
  • Comfortable and supports your dog adequately
  • Made of top quality dense foam
  • Able to support the weight of any dog


  • Does not have a fluffy surface
  • Quite expensive
  • Has an unusual industrial odor within the first two days

Expert Review

The PetFusion is ideal for older dog’s due to its comfort and bolsters that offer more comfort to your dog as it sleeps. It surely stands out as a quality dog bed among its competitors.

7. Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Laifug Orthopedic dog bed features high-quality foam that keeps your pet comfortable and still offers extra support. It is ideal for arthritic pets and those that suffer from muscle and joint problems. Furthermore, it is waterproofed and suitable for outdoors.

Its extra-large size easily accommodates large dogs. The removable cover is made up of soft faux suede to ensure maximum comfort.


  • Filled with memory foam that ensures extensive comfort
  • Removable water-resistant cover
  • Comfortable and offers adequate support to delicate dogs.
  • Designed to fit in tight places


  • Not suitable for heavy dogs

Expert Review

If you’re looking for an extra-large dog bed that still offers adequate comfort, Laifug Orthopedic bed is the way to go.

8. The Dog’s Bed, Premium Plush Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Beds

Made from high-quality premium orthopedic foam. The Dog’s Bed offers extensive support to arthritic dogs, dogs with aching joints, and muscle stiffness. It is a perfect dog bed for dogs who love to enjoy quality time lazing around.

It is entirely suitable to all kinds of dogs with a removable waterproof outer cover that makes easy to clean. The faux fur is pretty much comfortable and ideal for your dog’s regardless of the position they want to lie.


  • Offers extensive support
  • Easy for old dogs to getting in and out
  • Waterproof inner lining
  • Made with premium grade memory foam


  • Too narrow for larger dogs
  • No small sizes

Expert Review

The Dog’s bed offers a perfect solution to older dogs who love lazing around. Its excellent comfort is ideal for delicate dogs.

9. Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is a luxurious yet stylish orthopedic memory foam dog bed that performs as good as it looks. The bed features a high-density supportive memory foam that offers excellent comfort and support to delicate and ailing dogs. It features a removable waterproof cover that provides extra protection. Your dog will love the look and feel of the bed.


  • High-density support to offer adequate comfort
  • Waterproof material
  • Removable, washable covers


  • Small for some dogs

Expert Review

If you’re looking for a luxurious, and stylish bed, this would be a perfect choice. Its thickness offers extensive support to ailing and arthritic dogs.

10. Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Premium Orthopedic dog features solid memory foam that offers extensive support and comfort to arthritic and delicate dogs. It relieves back pains and promotes healthier joints for your dogs. Its removable waterproof cover is also easy to clean and maintain. The Premium Orthopedic dog bed is designed to bring comfort to the most delicate dogs with high-quality materials that offer nothing but comfort.


  • High density
  • Removable waterproof cover
  • Made of premium high-quality materials


  • Small for larger dogs

11. Villa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products

This bed’s design provides maximum comfort for your dog. It is one of the XL dog beds ideal for extra-large sized dogs weighing 70-100 lbs. It is made of waterproof 300/600 Denier and soft, durable polyester/cotton material which is easy to clean and maintain. The bed also has spine support that allows the dogs to rest their heads as well as straighten their spines

12. FurHaven Orthopedic Ultra Plush Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed

Perfect for both young and old pets, the FurHaven Pet Dog Bed is designed with a soft, ultra-plush sleeping surface that provides luxurious snuggles for your dog. This bed has joints that improve circulation for a more comfortable sleep, and a base that supports your dog’s joints. This feature makes this dog bed ideal for arthritic pups. The bed comes in different colors and sizes that provide you with a varied range of choices. However, due to the softness of the outer material, this bed is not suitable for pups with teething behavior.

13. JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is a memory foam dog bed that is not only built with high-quality materials but is also antibacterial-treated. The beds’ design ensures its stability and has Bolsters for protection to your pup’s neck when he is affected by fatigue. The material is water and tears resistant. The cool Natural Rattan liner is meant to provide relief during hot days. The bed is easily washable by machines. As a purchase bonus, it comes with bone-shaped squeaker toys as a gift. However, the bed’s sides lack rigidity which makes it unsuitable for dogs that like to snuggle.

14. The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

Coolaroo provides you with a raised dog bed made up of a lightweight, incredibly durable powder-coated steel frame. The bed’s portable design allows you to use it anywhere you want to go with your little friend. Moreover, the bed is treated for maximum protection of your dog against fleas, molds, mites, and mildew. The Original Elevated Pet Bed comes in 5 colors and 3 sizes which give you a variety of options to choose the right one.

15. Best Friends Fur Donut Cuddler

The round shape of this Donut Cuddler allows your dog to snuggle over luxurious and durable nylon. It has a raised rim that enhances better sleep by providing support for the head and neck. Choose one among the different sizes available to match your pup’s weight. This lovely dog bed beautifully slips into your room’s decor with its attractive outlook. However, the bed is not recommended for puppies with teething behavior.

16. MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Pet Beds

If your pup belongs to the medium dog breeds that weigh between 26-40 pounds, get him the MidWest pet bed. This bed is made up of ultra-soft synthetic fur for the comfort of your pup. These beds are machine washable, dryer safe, and easy to maintain.

17. Furhaven Mattress Pet Bed

If you are in search of cheap dog beds that provide the best comfort for your pups, then this is your best bet. This bed is made from CertiPUR-US Certified Polyurethane Foam that provides joint support for more restorative rest. It is soft on paws and noses, but not suitable for dogs with teething behavior.

18. FurHaven Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed

If you love your couch bed, there are high chances that your pet dog does as well. Why not get her one too? This FurHaven dog couch is made to a thoughtful and comfortable design that decorates your home while assuring the comfort of your pup. The couch contains a removable and washable deluxe cover that is easy to maintain.

19. Midwest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed

If you are looking for a bed for your small canine that weighs between 7 and12 pounds, the Midwest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed could be a great option. This bed features ultra-soft fleece cover and comfortable polyester padding. You will love seeing your little pup resting joyfully in this friendly dog crate.

20. The Dog’s Bed. Premium Water Resistant Dog Bed

This is a high-quality water-proof dog bed available in various stylish colors to suit your house decor. Its outer cover is made of quality Oxford fabric that makes it a perfect outdoor dog bed. The solid, dense mattress makes this bed supports the pup’s body regardless of its weight. Also, the materials have been treated and tested to ensure it does not have choking hazards.

Today, pet dogs have become an essential part of our lives. These lovely fluffy friends are more like family members. Just like us, our dogs also love having a comfortable dog bed where they can cuddle, sleep, or take a nap at night or during the day. Other than providing comfort. Some beds such as heated dog beds serve different purposes like warming the sick and elderly ones. The cheap dog beds reviewed above have been to be of the highest quality and are the most common among users. So, if you want to buy a dog bed for use at home, in the car, or outside, visit your desired online store and choose the one that fits your requirements.

Best Dog Bed Buying Guide

Is your dog sleeping alright or does he turn erratically in his sleep as he tries to find a comfortable position? These are just signs of an urgent need for a dog bed. As a pet owner, your dog’s comfort should be among your top priorities. A good quality bed is beneficial to keep them youthful for long and to bring back some youth in older dogs.

As man’s best friend, the dog has become a quintessential part of our lives for some of us. We have learned to accept him as our companion, and we must take care of him as he has done to us.

What is the Best Dog Bed?

The best dog bed should be comfortable, durable and easy to clean. As per our expert team review, the Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top orthopedic dog bed fits this description exactly. If you own a large breed dog, such as a German Shepard, then this bed is just the right one for your dog.

The bed does not flatten; hence it is durable. It is made of American Made therapeutic foam used cheap furniture to ensure your dog’s perfect orthopedic health and extreme comfort. To wash it, you need to unzip the machine washable cover and put it in the washing machine. Simple, right? It also provides relief to dogs suffering from musculoskeletal ailments such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other bone or joint disorders.

Types of Dog Beds

While choosing a dog bed, it is essential to consider some factors including price, pet size, the desired location of a dog bed, bed’s shape, and quality, and ease of cleaning. Dog beds come in a large variety to specifically suit the needs of your dog. Here are some of the types of dog beds that are out there to give you an idea of the ideal one for your dog.

1. Standard Dog Beds

These are the most common canine mattresses. They lack any special features such as rims, edges, orthopedic foams or any other element. They look like pillows and cushions that come in various sizes, shapes, and colors.

They are mostly made of fleece or flannel which are soft and comfortable for pets. Others are made of microfiber fabric materials, faux suede or even denim. Most of them come with fully washable covers.

2. Large Dog Beds

If you have a large dog, for example, a Rottweiler, a Husky or even a Doberman, then you should choose a large dog bed. These beds don’t sink in but are made to withstand and evenly distribute the weight of your dog.

3. Dog Bed with Covers

Perhaps you have a skittish dog who does not open up to the company; this bed provides a cover for your dog. Since it comes with a small canopy, it will also provide insulation for your dog during cold nights or cold months. Similarly, a small blanket is also available for extra warmth.

4. Indestructible Dog Beds

If you have a dog who is not shy of using his teeth and claws, this bed will come in handy. These beds are mainly made of plastic or metal with a fabric for the sleeping surface that slides into the metal surface, therefore, discouraging chewing or digging.

5. Chew Proof Dog Beds

These are very much similar to indestructible beds but are not exactly durable. They are generally tighter than regular beds. They can still be chewed but are much harder to destroy due to their durable material and features to guard against chewing.

6. Orthopedic Dog Beds

As previously mentioned, dogs with musculoskeletal problems, those already in their late years or those born naturally skinny, require a good bed to lie on it. The foam padding in these beds is highly specialized to conform to the shape of your dog’s body to distribute his weight evenly.

Orthopedic dog beds will relieve pressure from the joints and other bone prominences. These beds will ensure that your dog does not yelp painfully each time your dog tries to lie down.

7. Luxury Dog Beds

If you want to make sure your dog looks classy, these beds fit that description. An average dog spends 12-14 hours in a day sleeping, so why not make their sleep as luxurious as it can be? These beds come in various designs from dog sofas to bunk beds. They are the choice to pick if you want to complement the interior decor.

8. Heating and Cooling Dog Beds

These beds are generally suitable for breeds prone to overheating during the hot months or falling into hypothermia during cold months. The cooling effect is provided by the mattress which contains a gel-like liquid or water. Rapid warming of the cooling fluid is prevented by the bed itself, therefore, providing a cooling surface for your dog.

Benefits of Using a Dog Bed

1. Improve the Physique

Your dog’s postural health is usually at risk when your dog lies on the hard floor. This is because a dog sleeping on the floor has to use whatever space and position he can muster. Being in this uncomfortable situation may lead to restless and erratic sleep making him irritable and troublesome during the day. For dogs in their later years, their physique troubles them if they sleep in a cushionless surface. In this case, you should get them an orthopedic bed to ensure their optimum health.

2. Insulation from Weather

Dogs have a high susceptibility to temperature change. They are therefore prone to sickness in cold weather or extremely hot temperatures. For this reason, make sure to get your dog a bed to keep him comfortable in any weather. In areas experiencing extreme weather changes, temperature controlling beds are ideal for your dog’s maximum comfort.

3. Protect Your Furniture

Your dog wouldn’t have the slightest clue of how expensive your rug was nor your Italian sofa. He will snuggle there and leave quite a mess of fur and dander. If you’re regularly cleaning up your sofa because of your dog, it’s time you got him a bed. It will be easier to clean his fur from there since most of it will be concentrated at that point.

4. Comfortable Sleep

Letting your dog sleep on your bed is adorable, but after some time it will become intolerable. Unexpected twitching or turning, random butting by limbs or a wet nose snuggle can cause a few sleepless nights. Get your dog a bed so that both of you can rest easy and get enough sleep.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Bed

1. Cushion

A good bed should be comfortable and provide a good surface for resting for your dog. It should be the right size and not too small nor too large.

2. Insulation

As previously described, the dog bed should be warm and comfortable. In cold months, it should be warmer than the floor thus providing your dog with the proper place to snuggle into when its cold.

3. Cleaning

Water-resistant dog beds are more comfortable to clean. You should also consider it will be easier to remove fur and hair from the dog bed as you wash it.

Tips on choosing the dog bed

1. Size

Before choosing a bad make sure to have measured your dog’s length from snout to tail. Look for a bed that it is 5 inches longer and wider than your dog’s length or generally one that is big enough for your dog to stretch easily.

2. Durability

It is essential to consider the bed’s ability to withstand your canine’s fondness of chewing. Ensure it is also strong enough to withstand the sharp claws. Don’t forget to take into consideration if the bed cover is also durable.

3. Location

You should also remember to think of where to place the bed after you buy it. The location will help you choose a material that’s suitable for the setting; either outdoors or indoors. If you want to place it indoors, make sure to pick one that will not clash with the interior decor of where you are going to set it.

FAQs on Dog’s Bed

1. Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds?

– She’s/He’s a copy cat

Sound ironic right – but if you have a new dog in a house that already has other dogs, he/she is honestly just picking up the habits of the other dogs.

– Security

Sometimes dog scratch at their beds because they are making sure that they aren’t any creepy crawlers that could try and eat them during the night.

– Comfortability

Your beloved scratches her bed to make herself much more comfortable when sleeping. She could also be making the bed warmer in winter or maybe because there’s a cold breeze coming in.

2. Why Do Dogs Lick Their Beds?

– To keep clean

If your dog has just had puppies, she could be licking her bed to make sure that her babies sleep in a clean area.

– Irritable detergents

Some detergents have ingredients that are irritable to the dog or make it itch. Licking removes the remnants of the detergent and increases his/her comfortability when sleeping or just relaxing.


If you notice your dog licking his bed religiously all of a sudden, they probably want some of your attention. Just go and give them some cuddles.

3. How to Build a DIY Dog Ramp?

Step one:

Get three of the same sized boxes; a standard size will do.

Step two:

Fill each box with something hard to keep the boxes of sinking inward. (Plastic filled with sand?)

Step three:

Take duct tape and attach the first two boxes to form the first level. Take the remaining box and place it directly on top on one of the boxes. Right now, it should look like a staircase with two steps.

Step three:

Cover the staircase with some foam layering, especially by the corners. Now, cover the foam layering with some decorative plastic cover. There you go! Your very own dog ramp.

4. How to Keep Your Dog Off Your Bed?

– Get him/her their own sleeping space:

Once your dog has his or her designated sleeping area( either XL dog bed, a heated dog bed or just an ordinary cheap dog bed), it will be much easier to show them where and where not to sleep.

– Consistency is key.

As difficult as it is not to invite your loved one to bed, you need to be consistent – once you slip up, your dog is going to interpret the situation like an open invitation to always sleep in your bed.

5. Should Dogs Sleep in Your Bed?

As much as we love them, the short answer would be no.

  • Dogs can accelerate allergies(they do a lot of discovering during the day and might end up catching something on their fur that you might be allergic to) This is particularly harmful to a young child with a weaker immune system.
  • Whenever your partner comes to bed, your sweet angel turns into the devils incarnate – howling and growling, causing havoc in their wake. Well, that’s because it thinks that it’s protecting you from an invader of your shared territory.

6. How to Keep a Dog Off Your Bed When You’re not at Home:

Crates or pet-friendly gates are created to keep your dog outside certain areas. If you’re opposed to that, you can buy your beloved dog an outdoor dog bed with a bowl or a few bowls of water, and he/she can chill there until you come back.

7. What to Put in a Dog House for Bedding?

Dog houses are fantastic places for dogs to rule their kingdom and have their territory.

– Get an old blanket is the next best thing. Every time it gets all smelly and wet, pop it into the washing machine, and there you go. I want to make sure that, check Jor any creepy crawlers that could hurt your doggy.

– If you got that cha-ching, you could splurge on some dog beds. You could get a heated dog bed that can keep your lovely dog warm or a waterproof dog bed which requires less hassle. You could also get a dog cave bed which ultimately allows your dog comfort.

8. Are Orthopedic Dog Beds Good for Dogs?

A short answer would be yes.

Over time, our dog’s bones and joints begin to deteriorate. It can be hard to get up, to walk and even sleep. Orthopedic dog beds have memory foam which morphs to the body resting on top of it. This makes life more comfortable, and your beloved dog will have the peace of sleeping on a bed that is supportive of their ailments.

9. Why Do Dogs Hide Under the Bed?

Hiding under the bed is, but usually, it isn’t a good sign.

  1. I want to nap!

– Sometimes, the house is full, you’re having a house party, and there’s no quiet place downstairs to relax and take it easy. If your dog has a stressful and long day, they might sleep under your mattress to rest and be in a safe and quiet space away from all the stimuli around it.

  1. I’m recovering, and I’m sick.

– Suffering from an illness, sometime they would usually hide underneath the bed to kind of, aDiick their wounds’ and heal. Usually, this is a phase, but if you see this, try I discourage your dog from doing thins and let him sit out in the open with you. Also, you can take them hiding under your bed as a sign that they’re not feeling well.

  1. I’m feeling anxious.

– Just like humans, dogs feel these emotions too, and being empathetic animals, if there’s some tension in the air, they’re likely to feel it. Hiding away in a safe place( under your bed) may be a way to deal with their anxiety or remove themselves from the area wherein which their fear stems. As a pet owner, it is your job to make your dog feel as comfortable as they can be without making them want to isolate themselves and act uncharacteristically.

Bottom Line:

With that said, you can now go out and look for a cool dog bed for your pet. The more you show your dog you care, stronger the bond between you and your pet becomes. Trust me by getting this bed; your pet will adore you even more.


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