5 STAR Rated 10 Best Electric Skateboard & 7 Cheap Electric Skateboard Review 2024

5 STAR Rated 10 Best Electric Skateboard & 7 Cheap Electric Skateboard Review 2024
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Is skating your passion? If yes then you need to commit yourself and invest on a skating board. Electric skateboards will be the best ones to use. Currently, there are many types of electric skateboards on the market, and you might be confused on which one to buy. This article will guide you on the best and affordable electric skateboard kit to use. Following are the best electric skateboard brands.

Who should get this?

Skating lovers are our main focus here. We direct this review to both young and old skaters who wish to get the best high-quality skates that are fully functional and long-lasting. You will appreciate how much this review is educative. The review covers different skates from different manufacturers, so this isn’t a marketing gimmick.

How we picked this

We went deeper into the corners of the internet to see what buzz is on about the best skates for the money. We got helpful information, and we are relieved that alongside what we sourced from face to face interviews, we are glad to bring to you this review.

Other sources of research were Amazon product lists and sports and fitness analysts who gave their reviews of the products that we selected.

How we tested

Field tests are the primary ways that our reviewing team used to identify product features, their pros, and cons. The procurement department did the necessary sample purchases the test samples. Our expert team ran a drop-down test to determine impact resistance. More tests were the charging test, the span of use before charge exhaustion, and water-resistance test. Their quality is at par with the high-end skaters. They are easy to untie and tie laces. Some come with advanced features like safety lighting to ensure that you keep safe even as you have fun. They are worth your money. You will love how much they can tackle.


10 Best Electric Skateboard Reviews of 2023

Product Name Product Weight (lbs.) Maximum Speed (mph) Maximum Range (miles) Power (watts) Length (inch)
1. Evolve – Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard 17 22-25 12 3000 40
2. Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard 16.8 20 14 2000 29.5
3. Walnutt Spectra Skateboard 12.7 15 12.4 19.4
4. Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hover Board 34.2 17.5 12 500
5. Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard 14.5 22 11 760 37
6. Meepo Electric Skateboard & Longboard 16 29 11 800 38
7. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard 16.5 18.5 13 700 36
8. Freestyler Electric Longboard Skateboard 12.1 15 8 720 30
9. Koowheel Electric Skateboard 26.5 24.8 19.7 700 36
10. Fitnessclub Hiboy Electric Longboard 13.23 18.5 9-13 700 36

1. Evolve

Evolve skateboards carbon GT series electric skateboard is among the fun and fastest motorized skateboards that are available on the market. This skateboard will have two belt powered motors giving it the ability to cover the long distance at high speed. You will be able to continue your ride in GT mode up to 25 percent gradient. Evolve skateboards is very convenient to carry around as made by carbon fiber. Because of the carbon fiber structure, the price is higher than other skateboards.

Technical Review

Mileage: 31 miles
Top Speed: 22-25 Mph
Weight: 30 Pounds
Length: 40 inches
Motor Power: 3000w

Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT, which is first on our list, is an all-terrain skateboard. You can use it on any surface/terrain without any issues. Due to the carbon fiber deck, Evolve is very sturdy and stable while riding. The carbon fiber material increases the strength without making it bulky. The low-profile look along with proper control makes it a good option when looking for an electric skateboard. We will now highlight the details of the skateboard to help you understand more.

• Design:

The first feature which you will notice about Evolve Carbon GT electric skateboard is the carving. The carving is such that it makes it more dynamic and reduces the wind resistance if any. It facilitates high control, which allows you to move around the electric skateboard without any problems. The carbon fiber deck provides it with unparalleled sturdiness. All in all, whether you look at the precise design of the electric skateboard or the heavy duty construction, it is a good option.

• Mileage:

Unlike some of the other electric skateboards which are just for fun, you can use this daily. Evolve Carbon GT offers an average range of 12 miles. It can stretch up to 31 miles in ideal conditions. Even though the exact distance may vary depending on the terrain and the rider weight but this is a general figure you can consider. You can use it on surfaces which have a gradient of 25%. Evolve is suitable for bitumen, concrete, short grass, uneven, and tarmac surfaces. In addition to the mileage, the versatility of this skateboard helps it stand out.

• Top Speed:

The top-speed on offer is 26 mph. It means that when covering a short distance like within your college campus or to your neighborhood supermarket, you can reach the destination in a short time. Evolve Carbon GT is faster than walking and running. The skateboard comes along with remote control. Evolve has magnetic trigger controls which allow you to brake and accelerate as per your requirement. There is also an LCD digital screen in the remote, which helps you monitor the relevant data. The four different speed modes allow you to control the speed precisely. So, you can enjoy the outdoors and also reach your destination faster. Since you no longer need to take the car, Evolve is more economical as well. It serves many purposes due to which, it can be the best option for commutation.

• Weight:

Evolve electric skateboard supports a weight of around 220 lbs. It makes it suitable for most of the adults. If you want to reach your destination, you will have to carry the skateboard to keep it at its place. That is why; the weight of the skateboard also matters a lot. You don’t need to worry about the weight as it is just 18 lbs. It means that you can carry it around comfortably. You can store it in the corner of a room, and it will not occupy a lot of space. If you’re planning on using the skateboard for your daily commute, it will not hamper your movement at all. The excellent load-bearing capacity, along with the minimal load of the skateboard, makes it the perfect solution for the daily commute.

• Length:

Evolve carbon GT electric skateboard is 38 inches long, which means that you will have plenty of space to keep your feet. You can balance your weight on the skateboard. There is no cramped space on the skateboard which allows you to ride it comfortably. Even if you’re planning to cover the entire distance of 31 miles in a single go, you can conveniently place your feet on the skateboard.

• Motor Power:

Evolve electric skateboard consists of twin censored brushless motors. The combined power of these motors is 3000 W. With 83 MM hybrid wheels; it can handle most of the terrains. The powerful lithium battery ensures that you can cover the distance of 31 miles in a single charge under ideal conditions. The brushless construction also means that the maintenance is on the lower side, and increases the durability of the motors significantly.

Thus, when you’re looking for an electric skateboard which is easy to use and can help you cover a fair distance at ideal speeds, you can go with Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT series.

2. Boosted Mini x

Boosted mini x skateboard has two motors with a capacity of 1000W each giving it a very comfortable and smooth ride. This skateboard has 2000 Watt power to take you up hills comfortably. Boosted mini electric longboard is also featured with belt drives, regenerative breaking, and its battery can be replaced easily. Fast charging technology can charge its battery within 1 hour and 45 munites. Because of its 2×1000 watt motor, it is one of the best motorized skateboard of 2023.

Technical Review

Mileage: 14 miles
Top Speed: 20 mph
Weight: 16.8 Pounds
Length: 29.5 inches
Motor Power: 2000 watts

If you’re looking for a compact electric skateboard, the Boosted Mini x is a good option. In spite of being robust, it is comfortable to ride and provides you with an adequate mileage on a single charge. When you’re looking for robust electric skateboards, you should not deviate from this option. With three different riding modes on offer, you can easily use the skateboard in a customized fashion. Boosted Mini x allows you to travel at comfortable speeds which facilitate local commutation. Let discuss some specific features of this skateboard.

• Design:

The deep dish composite deck of the skateboard ensures that it is lightweight. Boosted Mini x uses fiberglass on the outer surface, which ensures that the strength of the skateboard is on the higher side. The combination of these materials provides you with a smooth ride. The compact design also means that you can use it for shorter commutes. Boosted skateboard design is such that it maximizes the battery performance, which helps you cover an adequate distance on a single charge.

• Mileage:

On a single charge, the skateboard can provide you with a range of 14 miles. Boosted Mini x can handle steep terrain without any degradation in performance. The mileage makes it perfect for commutation to your campus, around the bock as well as your nearest supermarket. You can use it for day to day chores. With three different operational modes, you can control the motion of the skateboard precisely.

• Top Speed:

The maximum speed which Boosted skateboard offers is 20 mph. When you run it consistently at the rate of 18 mph to 20 mph, it has complete stability. You will not have to worry about jerks or imbalance. You can ride the entire distance at 20 mph in a smooth fashion. The heavy-duty construction ensures that weight balancing is not an issue which facilitates proper movement. With the help of the controls, you can quickly accelerate and brake in a split second. The split-second response provides you with excellent control. With the quick-response, you don’t need to worry about the steep learning curve. Even if you have not used an electric skateboard before, you can use Boosted Mini x easily.

• Weight:

Boosted Mini x can handle a weight of 250 lbs. The load handling capacity makes it suitable for adults and youngsters. The weight of the skateboard is just 16.8 lbs. When using the skateboard, at times, you might have to carry it within the premises. You can use your hands or attach it to your backpack. You can store it in a corner because of its compact design. So. you will face no hindrances at all. The lightweight design works to its advantage.

• Length:

The length of the Boosted Mini x board is 29.5 inches. The ergonomic design of the board not only makes it agile but ensures that you can keep your feet on the board comfortably. The design facilitates high stability and makes sure that the board will occupy little space. The small length provides it with increased mobility. It also means that you can move around the board with ease.

• Motor Power:

The board incorporates a 1000 w motor. It has three different ride modes. You can choose between the three ride modes with the help of remote control. There is an additional feature in the skateboard which helps in the conservation of energy. The regenerative braking in the board reduces energy consumption. The motor powers the 80 mm wheels which make them deal with gradients as high as 20. The kicktail design allows you to take 90 turns as well. The acceleration provided by the motor is entirely smooth. You can break it securely. With the help of this motor power, there will be no jerks at all in the ride. The motor is heavy-duty in construction, which again makes it very reliable.

So. if you want to make mobility and daily commute easy, you should opt for the electric skateboards. The electric skateboards mentioned in our electric skateboard review have been curated from a wide variety of options. Our aim of this electric Skateboard Review is to offer you only the best skateboards which can make a difference. Once you start using the skateboards, you will not prefer the traditional means of communication. It is time to revolutionize how you travel with the help of these skateboards.


WALNUT spectra motorized longboard are build using integrated magnesium giving it the best balancing ever. This board will skate in an inclined surface with a speed of 15 mph without slowing down. Spectra is also fitted with lights that make you visible when skating at night. It also has a very sensitive and reliable ABS MagBrake breaking system, which will provide you with a higher level controlling experience.

Technical Review

Mileage: 12.4 miles
Top Speed: 15 mph 
Weight: 18.2 pounds
Length: 19.4 inches
Motor: 2 motor


TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed hoverboard is one of the best electric skateboard for kids and adults with less learning time. It will be more enjoyable with it inbuilt music system that you can use to enjoy your favorite music while skating. This skateboard is very simple to operate as it is self-balanced even in slanting areas. It will support inclination of 30 degrees maximum and a maximum weight of 220 lbs moving at a speed of 17.5 mph. A single charge can cover 12 miles.

Technical Review

Mileage: 12 miles
Top Speed: 17.5 mph
Weight: 34.2 pounds
Motor: 500 watts

5. Teamgee H5

Teamgee H5 is another unique electric longboard kit with excellent remote control functionality. This board has two motors with 760W each enabling it to cover a long distance of not less than 11 miles without recharging and with a maximum speed of 22 mph. These features make it much unique and one of the best skateboards to use. Its weight support will be limited to 14.5 lbs.

Technical Review

Mileage: 11 Miles
Top Speed: 22 mph
Weight: 14.5 lbs
Length: 37 inches
Motor Power: 380W*2


MEEPO electric skateboard will best suit people who want to move at a higher speed on inclined surfaces. It will run with a rate of 29 mph on an inclined area up to 30 degrees. Its two motors with a capacity of 8oo watts each will support it to cover up to eleven miles without the need to recharge.

Technical Review

Mileage: 11 Miles
Top Speed: 29 mph
Weight: 16 lbs
Length: 38inch
Motor: 800W

7. Hiboy S22

Hiboy S22 electric skateboard will cover the longest distance without recharging but at a lower speed. It will move for 13 miles at a rate of 18.5 mph. This board is suited with dual motor, and it can be best used by college students or commuters who want to avoid traffic. It’s a bit long, and it can be controlled using a wireless remote.

Technical Review

Mileage: 13 Miles
Top Speed: 18.5 mph
Weight: 16.5 pounds
Length: 36 inches
Motor: 350w *2

8. Freestyler

If you need the ultimate skateboard for playground activities and street cruising, then Freestyle will be your best choice. Freestyler 30″ electric longboard is packed with two motors of 350 watts and 2.2 Ah Samsung battery which can propel it up to 13 kilometers. This skateboard will take only two to three hours to charge fully.

Technical Review

Mileage: 8 Miles
Top Speed: 15 Miles/H
Weight: 12.1 lbs
Length: 30 inches
Motor: 350watt *2

9. Koowheel

Koowheel electric skateboard is a 36 inches motorized longboard. This makes it possible for this board to support a total weight of 286lbs and move at a high speed of 24.8 mph. Koowheel is fitted with two motors of capacity 350 watts each. This makes it possible for the board to cover several kilometers with one single charge.

Technical Review

Mileage: 19.7 Miles
Top Speed: 24.8 mph
Weight: 26.5 pounds
Length: 36 Inch
Motor: 350watt *2

10. FitnessClub

FitnessClub will have a top speed of 18.5 mph, and it can be used both for fun and riding to work. It is very easy to control as it will need no foot energy to ride. FitnessClub will only need to be charged, and it has a wireless remote for easy control.

Technical Review

Mileage: 9-13 miles
Top Speed: 18.5 mph
Weight: 13.23 pounds
Length: 36 Inch
Motor: 350watt *2

Top 7 Cheap Electric Skateboards Review of 2023

When choosing an electric skateboard, you also need to consider your budget. You may have a tight budget and need a skateboard at the same time. Thus you can opt to have a cheap electric skateboard to use for work or maybe fun. Following are the top seven affordable electric skateboards you can choose.

Product Name Product Weight (lbs.) Maximum Speed (mph) Maximum Range (miles) Power (watts) Length (inch)
1. Premium Electric Skateboard & Longboard 15.4 12-15 15 350 37
2. BLITZART Huracane Electric Skateboard 13.6 17 6-8 350 38
3. VOXPREE Electric Skateboard 15.4 22 22 350 38
4. Maxfind Waterproof Electric Skateboard 12.5 14 5 500 27
5. Miageek Youth Electric Skateboard 11 12 10 250 35.4
6. OuchTek Portable Electric Skateboard 8.4 9.3 6 200 27.6
7. Urban - Portable Mini Electric Skateboard 7 12 7 150 17


MUTTUS Premium electric skateboard is the best cheap electric skateboard with great skating experience. This longboard will have two brush motors of 350 watts each making it possible to go for 24.3 kilometers without recharging. It so easy to control as it is fitted with a remote control functionality.

Technical Review

Mileage: 15 miles
Top Speed: 12-15 mph
Weight: 15.4 lbs
Length: 37 inches
Motor: 350watt *2 Brushless hub motor


BLITZART Huracane is one of the best motorized longboards that is 38 inches long. Commuters and college student can use it as it is cheaper than other similar skateboards. BLITZART has maximum speed of 17 mph. It is also fitted with two powerful motors enabling it to cover many miles with a single battery charge.

Technical Review

Mileage: 6-8 miles
Top Speed: 17mph
Weight: 13.6 pounds
Length: 38 inches
Motor: 350watt *2


VOXPREE is an economical skateboard with great features. It will cover 22 miles without recharging the battery and at high speed of 22 mph. VOXPREE is facilitated by its powerful dual motors which have a capacity of 350 watts each. It is the best electric longboard with ease control as it has remote control functionalities.

Technical Review

Mileage: 22 Miles
Top Speed: 22 mph
Weight: 15.4 pounds
Length: 38 inches
Motor: 350watt *2

4. Maxfind

Maxfind will be best for the college student who doesn’t need high speed and only wants to use it for fun around the school compound. This skateboard is fitted with a single motor, and it’s not suitable for areas with steep hills. Maxfind is waterproof, and it can not be affected if it rains while skating.

Technical Review

Mileage: 5 Miles
Top Speed: 14mph
Weight: 12.5 pounds
Length: 27 inches
Motor: 500-watt Single motor

5. Miageek

Miageek is a top speed skateboard that can even be used by experienced skaters who want to have more fun. It is fitted with 250 watts motor that can accelerate it to a maximum speed of 19.5km/h. It is packed with remote control, and it can be easily controlled around the compound.

Technical Review

Mileage: 10 miles
Top Speed: 12 mph
Weight: 11 lbs
Length: 35.4 inches
Motor: 250 watts *2

6. OuchTek

Ouchtek is one of the best options you can have if you need a reliable and cheap skateboard. It is suitable for adults and children. It has a unique design, and at first, you may think it’s a longboard, but it’s not. Outchtek will need less experience to control because of remote functionality.

Technical Review

Mileage: 6 Miles
Top Speed:
Weight: 8.4 lbs
Length: 27.6 inches
Motor: 200W

7. Urban

Urban is a portable motorized skateboard that can be carried everywhere. It is very short with 17 inches only long, and this makes it possible even to fit on medium bags. It will be mostly used for fun on urban centers with its maximum speed of 12 mph. It also has a total mileage of 7 with one battery charge. Urban is the cheapest but quality full electric longboard in this list.

Technical Review

Mileage: 7 Mile
Top Speed: 12 MPH
Weight: 7 pounds
Length: 17 Inch
Motor: 150 watts

There are several types of electric skateboards on the market that you can choose the best one. Through this guide, you can get your preferred skateboard depending on your requirements and budget. A cheap electric skateboard can also serve you well. Also, remember to buy your skateboard from a reliable supplier.

An electric skateboard can characterize as an individual transporter, which is essentially found on a motorized skateboard. Since it is electronic or mechanized, weight sensor controls or handheld throttle utilize in controlling its speed. You can make changes on the movement bearing if you tilt the board to the other side.

Revolution of the Electric Skateboard

Looking back at the evolution of the electric skateboards makes for some interesting reading. It has roots not too long ago in 1999, when electronics, especially wireless technology was still in its infancy. A gentleman called Louie Finkle brought out the very first patent for the electric skateboard as we know it today. His ingenious invention was able to take handmade electronics to the next level, to have an electric skateboard which was able to run on a motor utilizing a brushed motor.
During 2004-2006 significant advances were made in skateboard design and capability. This period a period when electric motors and lithium batteries were becoming the order of the day. This fueled the original idea of Finkle and resulted in the production of electric skateboards which ran on an electric motor and batteries. In further advancements, these boards were given more power and were more energy efficient than their original predecessors.

In 2012, the first premium electric skateboards so the late of day. These were also called the “premium electric skateboard.” The inventors were three geniuses; Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulman and Matthew Tran. Their work changed the face of electric skateboards to what we know it today.

Q: What is an Electric Skateboard?

A: Electric skateboards are almost identical to their conventional counterparts with a few add-ons, which has revolutionized the original skateboard. They have an electric motor which securely mounted on the undercarriage, close to the wheels. A rechargeable battery usually powers the motor. Most of the electric skateboard has a remote control device which takes care of speed, power, and braking of the actual skateboard. There are various remote control designs including a push button and joystick controls. Some of these operate on Bluetooth technology. An added advantage is that some of the motors and their accessories are water-proof.

Q: Why Do You Need an Electric Skateboard?

A: Many individuals still love the manual skateboards and longboards and merely find it fun to paddle their transport along a flat, adding some extra leg power up a hill and enjoy the thrill of freeing down a mountain. Then there are those who believe in why all the power and effort when electronics and batteries have been invented to make life easier. These are the electric skateboarders.

Electric skateboards are easy to transport and carry with you on the bus or train. Most of the electric skateboards weigh less than 7 kilograms. On the road is where the real advantages you can realize. No more battling and sweating up a hill. Simple increase the power and glide up the incline. Gaining some extra speed along a flat, easy with the push of a button.

Q: Is There Any Difference Between Skateboard and Longboard?

A: Longboards and skateboards are mostly the same things. People who can ride a skateboard would usually be able to ride a longboard as well. The main difference comes in the dimensions and with a slight difference in design.

Most skateboards are 18 to 27 centimeters wide and 71 to 84 centimeters long. Longboards are 23 to 25 centimeters wide and are 84 to 105 centimeters in length. Individuals who use boards as a form of commuting prefer longboards to skateboards, especially if they travel long distances at a time.

Different Types of Electric Skateboard & Longboard

If you are in the market for an electric skateboard, longboard or mini skateboard, there are some different options of these motorized boards. Buying a complete electric board from the store is a possible option. Another option is to buy an electric skateboard kit and convert your existing skateboard to a motorized model. When it comes to models of electric skateboards, longboards or mini skateboards, there are a few brands which are absolute leaders in the industry. These include the Action series, Boosted and Maxfind Dual motor boards, Inboard boards, as well as Yuneec motorized boards. Electric Skateboard & Longboards are mainly two types.

1. Hub Motor

Hub motors are usually one kind of brushless motor. Most electric vehicles such as electric bicycles, cars, and electric wheelchairs use brushless Hub Motors. Most of the time Hub Motors type skateboard has 2 or 4 hub motors.

2. Belt-driven

The belt-driven electric skateboard has conventional DC motor which transfers its power by chain or belt to the wheel. Most of the time belt-driven type skateboard has only one belt-driven motor.

Q: Are Electric Skateboards Worth It?

A: This is the type of question which must be answered considering all the odds and the purpose of acquiring an electric skateboard in the first place. Many individuals use skateboards as a mode of transport. If you are an entrepreneur or even a person on your way to work, the obvious would be to have a convenient method of getting to your destination with the least amount of effort. In these type of situations, an electric skateboard seems to hold the advantage over traditional skateboards and longboards.

The main reason for arriving at this conclusion is that in a professional environment it is almost unacceptable arriving at a meeting or an appointment all hot and sweaty. When boarding is your only mode of transport, and you are expected to look at your best at all times, then electric skateboarding can be the practical solution. In this type of situation, electric skateboards are worth it, irrespective of the price tag.

Q: Can You Take an Electric Skateboard on a Plane?

A: Planes and airlines have been overwhelmed with safety regulations in respect of aviation safety, especially in light of the increased scourge of terrorism and hijacking. We curb on the types of items we can take on board when flying. In some cases, it is also the capacity of essentials that need to keep within the prescribed regulations. Fortunately, most airlines do not have a problem with skateboards.

If you are an ardent skateboarder traveling abroad, most airliners would not have a problem with a skateboard. If it does not conform to regulations governing hand-held luggage, you can include it with your other traveling bags. One factor that you might have to clear is the regulation regarding the lithium battery of the electric skateboard. It is therefore essential to contact the airline you are using. Ensure that you have the specifications of the skateboard lithium battery at hand. Your request might be denied or granted depending on the lithium battery capacity and dimensions. Remember, the problem is not with the actual skateboard, but with the lithium battery.

Q: How Hard is It to Ride an Electric Skateboard?

A: When considering this, it is essential to look at it from a few vantage points. It is not only the actual easy of riding, transporting the real board becomes a point of consideration as well. The other factor is the distance and terrain that you would be traveling using the skateboard.

If you can ride a conventional skateboard, then an electric one could be even easier to ride, especially without the physical exertion. You will need to get accustomed to driving and controlling your board, not paddling and balancing. The focus will not only be on balancing and using your legs but to get used to the fact that you are riding a motorized device and that everything you do lies in the power of the motor and your skill with the remote control.

With conventional boarding all of the power comes from the power in your legs, with an electric skateboard you determine the speed you travel with the speed control on the remote device. This could take some practice initially when using an electric skateboard or longboard for the first time. Some factors would know at which speed you are the most comfortable. It is easy to overshoot in speed if you are still becoming familiar with the speed control.

With a conventional skateboard, friction provided by your shoes on the ground is the primary source of breaking and coming to a standstill. You are in complete control. An electric skateboard has a breaking device attached to the wheels, connected to the motor. The unpracticed person could easily engage the break too quickly, which could result in physical harm to yourself by overshooting the board as it comes to a sudden halt. A few electric skateboard brands using ABS technology to provide you with perfect braking experience.

With all of this said, and considering all of the mechanics and power of an electric skateboard or longboard, there seems to be a general consensus. Once you know your remote control and the power of the motor under your feet, everything else becomes a piece of cake. Riding an electric skateboard can be more comfortable than riding its conventional counterpart.

Q: Can Electric Skateboard Charge by Cell Phone Charger?

A: In many cases, it is a lithium battery which can be charged using the same charging device like a mobile phone. So, if your Electric skateboard has a 3.7-volt battery, then you can use your phone charger, but it will take a huge time to recharge your Electric skateboard battery. Which is not worthy. Also, if you don’t have enough technical knowledge then, do not try to do it yourself.

Q: How Much Does an Electric Skateboard Cost?

A: Electric skateboards and longboards have a significant variation in price. This depends on many factors such as the type of material used to manufacture the board, battery size, number of motors, brand value, the model, and dimension of the wheels, the power of the electric motor, the maximum weight the board can carry, the maximum speed and range on a fully charged battery, etc. Generally, the price of electric longboards and skateboards can range anything from under $200 to about $2000. More than its conventional counterparts, but with the value-added extras and convenience.

• Cheap Electric Skateboard Under $200

There are a number or motorized skateboards for under $200. Many of these may classify as mini skateboards. Some of them have little foot space on the deck. Most of these boards have a maximum speed of between 10 – 20 km/h and are approximately 5 kg in weight. Our expert team figures out two cheap electric skateboards under $200.

Product Name

Product Image

1. OuchTek 28″ Portable Electric Skateboard for Adults & Teen

2. Urban – Portable Mini Electric Skateboard Skateboard

• Cheap Electric Skateboard Under $300

Motorized skateboards in this price range include many boards which are ideal for children, as can be seen by the maximum weight they can carry on deck. They have a maximum speed range of between 20 – 22 km/h and are generally between 5 – 6 kg in weight. Let’s see four more cheap electric skateboards as per our expert review.

Product Name

Product Image

1. MUTTUS – Premium Electric Skateboard & Longboard with Remote Controller

2. BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Skateboard Electronic Longboard

3. VOXPREE Electric Skateboard with 350W Dual Motors

4. Maxfind 27″ 14 mph 500 w Single motor Waterproof Electric Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard Under $500

There are many superb electric skateboard brands in this category. Some of them can carry a weight of 122 kg on deck with sufficient foot space. Amongst the top contenders in this price range have a maximum range of about 10 km on a fully charged lithium battery. Some also have advanced, easy to use wireless remote controls. If you searching for best electric skateboard and longboard between $360-$500 then check out below links.

Product Name

Product Image

1. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

2. MEEPO Electric Skateboard & Longboard

3. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

4. Freestyler 30″ Electric Longboard Skateboard

5. Fitnessclub Hiboy Electric Longboard

• Best Electric Skateboard Under $1000

Boards in this price range have a maximum speed of between 20 – 30 km/h. Many of them are also to carry weights of up to 125 kg on deck. Electric boards with this price tag also have a range of between 16 – 22 km on a fully charged battery. Now, let’s see some premium quality and best motorized skateboard as per our expert review.

Product Name

Product Image

1. Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard

2. WALNUTT Spectra Skateboard

3. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hover Board for Kids and Adult

4. Koowheel Electric Skateboard

Factors to Consider while Shopping for a Skateboard

Before embarking on buying any electric skateboard or longboard, there are a few important factors to consider.

• Why Do You Want to Buy an Electric Skateboard?

There are many reasons why people want to invest in an electric skateboard. Some people want a skateboard as a source of entertainment. They wish to room around in parks and public spaces. Other people use an electric skateboard as a means of commuting and might need to travel extended distances.

• Are You Going to Use It in Areas with Many Inclines?

Whether you are going to travel in the regions which are hilly or not plays a huge role in the type and model of the skateboard, you will buy. You have to purchase and model which can contemplate inclines or not.

• Type of Motors

Electric skateboards and longboards can have either in-wheel hub motors or belt driven motors. Most older boards have belt driven motors, while newer ones come fitted with in-wheel hub motors. In-wheel hub motors are much more reliable than belt driven motors and also come with superior braking capabilities. If in your price range, then consider going for a board with an in-wheel hub motor.

• Battery Capacity:

Most electric skateboard brands use Li-ion battery. Whereas few other brands use LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batter. The range of an electric skateboard mainly depends on its battery. Let’s see some specification range of skateboard batteries.

  1. Standard voltage is 36V.
  2. Continuous current follows capacity 30A.
  3. Battery energy range is 50-150 Watt-hours.

• Maximum Speed

If maximum speed is important to you, the look a closely. Generally, the maximum speed at which these electric skateboards can travel range between 25 – 45 km/h.

• The Range

When we speak about range, it is about the maximum distance one can get from a fully charged battery. This could be a significant consideration, depending on the distance(s) you are going to travel each day.

• The Maximum Weight It can Take

Different skateboards and longboards can carry different body weights. Another indicator that needs careful consideration. If the body is built to carry a smaller body weight than what it is subjected to, it could contribute to damaging the board or electrical failure.

• The Weight of the Board

Even if the electric skateboard is being used for commuting, there will be times that the body must be transported or carried. A heavy board could be cumbersome to carry around. Be sure to check out the body of the electric skateboard you buy.

Bottom Line:

Electric longboards and skateboards are an extraordinary method to get around and are insane amusing to utilize, as well. Each time you go out on an electric longboard, it changes your ride into an experience. Be that as it may, choosing the correct item can be precarious.


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