5 STAR Rated Top 14 Best Headphones Under $100 of 2024

5 STAR Rated Top 14 Best Headphones Under $100 of 2024
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Everybody expects more for less nowadays, and headphones are no exception to this rule. Fortunately, the modern headphones renaissance that has taken place over the past few years has created a veritable explosion of numerous options on the markets, creating cut-throat competition between companies, and crowning the consumer as the king.

There is no question that a few hundred dollars can easily procure you some headphones that will transform your music collection to a revelatory experience. However, if you don’t have that sort of money, there are still a lot of affordable options that will offer a good ride. To ease your burden, we have put together this comprehensive list of value-packed headphones for $100. Treat your eardrums to excellent sound with one of these affordable headphone picks! Here are the best headphones under $100:

Who should get this?

There are no limits this time around. We put together this piece for all music lovers, gamers, movie fans, students, lecturers and anyone who needs audio transmission closer to their ears for more clarity. The categories are diverse and open. It might be for fun or official purpose. It doesn’t matter as long as the headphones serve you well.

How we picked this

This wasn’t complex. We interviewed a few youth, parents, teachers, students, and transcriptionists to see what products they have used before, currently use, can and can’t vouch for. It was fun since our primary consideration was gadgets below $100. We got helpful feedback which we topped with what we got from Google and Amazon to create a comprehensive product list.

How we tested

Through the purchasing team, we received a package of 140 pieces of headphones which we distributed to the reviewers to have them for a few months and help us in collecting reviews. We were keen on several aspects among them were product durability, comfort during use, material choice, storage, audio clarity, call functionality during use, and portability. We are glad that the 14 proved very reliable and highly functional.

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Koss Plug

 Start from $10

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Here is the legendary audio manufacturer Koss’ Plug-In Earphones that delivers an incredibly comfortable fit because of the memory foam ear cushions. The quirky colors provide excellent noise isolation and are surprisingly capable of great sound delivery. It has a limited lifetime warranty that makes the plug an incredible buy.

Due to the elegant British international design and aluminum construction, the Rha S500 in-ear headphones are as beautiful to look at as they are for touch. It has an excellent sound signature, a sweet three-year warranty and full of accessories that make the headphones the best pick under $50 if you have spending limits.

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Grado Prestige Series SR80e


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Grado Labs is a company based in Brooklyn that crafted the Prestige Series SR80e. They are one of the best-sounding headphones that are less than $100. Their open-air headset features a sound signature that is perfectly balanced as well as a beautiful build and design to match. It is worth to note that even if they have a sub-$100 price tag, the SR80 headphones were made by hand in Brooklyn. They do not have a built-in microphone, but it is worth it to omit it. Committed audiophiles that have more than $100 should not look any further.

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 Beats EP

 Start from $67.69

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The wired on headphones of Beats EP delivers the signature style and sound of the brand in a keenly priced package. Solidly built and lightweight, the headset features a standard audio jack and the usual three-button remote control. You may choose from several colors.

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Bose SoundSport


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The SoundSport from Bose is in-ear headphones that have a design with the workout warriors in mind. It offers a great fit with lightweight construction. They also have ear buds that are weather and sweat resistant, so outdoor adventures will not bring any harm. It is a fantastic sounding option from the industry giant

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Sony MDR-ZX110NC


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An on-ear design, slightly heavy bass sound, and excellent noise cancellation are what the Sony MDR-ZX110NC offers. If you just want to spend $27.95 on your noise-canceling headphones, don’t avoid overlooking this.

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MEE Audio M6 Pro


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The MEE audio M6 Pro has a design that has in-ear monitors that provide a snug fit with cables that are detachable. The headset possesses ten-millimeter audio drivers that deliver one of the best sound signatures in this range of price. The impressive retail package of M6 Pro includes a carrying case, a quarter inch adaptor, six pairs of ear tips and two detachable cables. It can be a great bargain for the money.

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Status Audio CB-1


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The over-ear headphones called Status Audio CB 1delivers studio-grade audio quality, noise isolation, and comfort. These make it worthy of a higher price tag. Every pair undergoes shipping with two detachable cables. You may use one coiled for studio work and the other straight for casual listening.

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LG Tone Infinim HBS-900


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LG is one of the leaders in the market when it comes to wireless earbuds. The HBS-900 Tone lnfinim is among the flagship offerings. They are comfy and sleek with the sound that Harman Kardon developed. The HBH-900 earphones are great companions every day. The headset is also featuring the business’ best cable management setup.

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Skullcandy Grind


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The headphones of Skullcandy Grind have an attractive design that comes in a plethora of great color schemes. It has an incredible sound signature and a quick button for catching photos on the ear cup. They make the Grind a proposition that is attractive. Make sure that you go for the white variant that has a transparent container housing that people can see from above. It will look like it came from a stormtrooper’s neck.

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Audio Technica ATH-AX1iS SonicFuel


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TheATH-AX1iS SonicFuel of Audio-Technica is an over-ear headphone that features excellent sound quality, a smartphone remote, and a colorful design for the price. If you just want to spend $30 on over-ear headphones, these can be difficult to overlook.

The in-ear headphones of FiiO EX1 feature the titanium diaphragm drivers, and the CNC machined metal body. The superb sound quality, excellent ergonomics, and Kevlar-enforced cable turned this pick into another sub-$100 hero that might cost more if another brand name carries it.

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The ridiculously named and colorful in-ear headphones called Sony MDR-EX15AP EX features a button and microphone for the management of calls. They are an excellent choice for frugal users who want to have a headset that is Smartphone-friendly.

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Xiaomi Mi Piston


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The earphones called Ml Piston came from the tech giant Xiaomi. They have a metal construction with a top notch design, so they are a bargain for the money. They have a dual driver setup that is a great surprise for the price range because it provides an incredible sound experience.

No other group can be passionate about headphones as the forum members of Head-Fi. If you have a pair of headphones, there may be a multiple page thread that discusses every nuance on the board.

The knowledge can be invaluable even if you have to sift through their threads. Before making any major purchase for headphones, always check what other people have to say.

Aside from the sub-forms that have the dedication to various headphone brands and styles, Head-Fi also has a headphone buyer’s guide. This guide was under compilation by people who read a lot of Head-Fi user’s reviews, so the headphones are a hit in that community. These are 15 pairs of headphones that cost less than $100.


The 2023 over ear headphone buying guide for perfect choice

Headphones are not just devices that allow us to listen to music. They have accessorized technology gadget that you will always want to score it right when making your purchase. In the previous years, you would buy an over ear headphone with ease. The technology was simple, the design was common, and the user guide was direct.

This article has significant benefits to you the reader. The intentions of this article are to help you buy the products that match your intentions. The article plays a key role in enhancing the value you get for your money when you go to buy headphones. It also updates you on the modern trends of these sound devices. This guide will discuss all that you need to know when you are shopping for your over-ear headphones in the present era.

Factors to consider when buying your over ear headphones

You need to know your target headphones before you get into the shopping mood. This helps you by ruling out the many other headphones in the market that may take your time while you are not interested in purchasing it. If you have no preferred brand or type of over-ear headphones, headphone Amazon is the place to visit to see the various products available and assess them based on the following fundamental.

Sound quality

The best audiophile headphones are judged by the sound quality that they give. A good sound quality is not just measured by the volume of music that it can reach but also the feeling it inspires. The most recent sound quality is the surround sound where the sound is a balance. Other aspects such as the comfort of the over ear headphones add up to the quality of sound delivered. Check out for most durable earbuds as well.

The cost

At the end of the day, getting a better deal is measured by the price that you pay for the product. It is important to check the price when buying headphones. You can buy cheap quality headphones. Getting best cheap earbuds, best cheap headphone, and best buy headphones require some research of the available headphones and comparing the prices. If you are thinking to save some money, you will spend more time researching for competitive costs.


In 2017, various milestones have been made with regards to the technology. Connectivity has changed with wireless TV headphones hitting the market with Bluetooth headphones for TV. It is important to check the technology that comes with the headphones when buying them. Ensure you have the latest technology. However, when you are purchasing the over the ear headphones, ensure that technology is compatible with various devices that are to connect with the headphone lest they fail to work.

What constitutes the best over ear headphones

The bar has been set higher in 2017 with different brands of headphones hitting the market. The various brands are competing for the customer’s eyes with stylish looks, advanced technology, and improved performance. When buying over the ear headphones, the following aspects are the deal breakers. Comfort and style: like most portable electronic devices, the earphones are designed to be part of an accessory. You should be able to wear them proudly. This demands that they should be comfortable and stylish.

The technology and its powers to integrate with other devices: Compatibility of the technology to the source of sound is essential because it allows the transfer of sound in its desired quality. You should do a headphone test when buying it to ensure that the quality of sound is high and it integrates with the devices. The noise canceling and portability range: how far can you walk from the source of sound with your headphones on? Does the earphone allow you to hear noise in the background? These issues should be addressed when choosing your product. You can have the most comfortable headphones that do not allow you the flexibility to move further from the source of music.

What you should know before you go buying

You should know the various types of headphones and the advantages they hold to get one that is suitable for you. There different types of headphones that come in different design and music quality. If you are going to buy an over the ear headphones, ensure that is exactly what you get. The headphones are designed for different purposes. The different types of headphones in the market informed by the varied use. You should know your intended use to select the right headphones that match what you want to use them for.

Brands matter but not as much. The thing with brands is that they influence the price. Headphones like beats by Ore are more expensive than most other brands. However, the ultimate factor that influences the quality of sound you get is the various features of the headphones.

Features to consider

Bass level

Headphones come with different bass levels. Once you know what you want, you will be able to choose the bass level that you want. However, you will find it necessary to consider the design of the headphones with the bass least you have loud music concentrated on your eardrums.

Is it sealed or open?

It is all about noise isolation. The additional cover of the headphone is intended to keep the outside noise from interfering with the sound that you are hearing. Sealed headphones are often better than open when it comes to preventing noise.

Weight and comfort

An additional parameter of consideration with comfort is the weight. The weight of the headphone affects your comfort when wearing the device. It is difficult to wear a heavy headphone and move around with it for a long period.

Durability and materials used

Durability is always a factor when buying an electronic device. Headphones too are affected. The durability of the headphones translates to the actual value for money that you get. The quality of the material used to produce the headphone affects its durability at some level. These factors should get you quality over the ear headphones that match the 2017 trends.


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