5 STAR Rated 20 Best Pillows for Neck Pain with Expert Reviews, FAQs & Buying Guide of 2024

5 STAR Rated 20 Best Pillows for Neck Pain with Expert Reviews, FAQs & Buying Guide of 2024
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Good sleep habits are essential for general body health. The duration of sleep, sleeping position and structure and size of sleep accessories are among the most crucial factors that determine the sleep quality. While humans naturally need rest for body and mind relaxation, how you sleep primarily determines whether you will achieve sleep benefits. You should choose wisely what to sleep on, as a poor choice can result in problems like neck, shoulder and back pain.

Neck pain is a condition that affects most of us in our lifetime. Mostly neck pain shows up due to aging. However, another major cause is negligence. If you are suffering from neck pain, what you need more than medication is a right neck pillow for sleeping. The best neck pillows are specially designed to support the curve of your neck. Sleep pillows for neck pain come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Memory foam, water, and inflatable neck pillow options are among the most common.

This article will show you how to maintain the natural position of your neck. Also, it will show you how a neck pillow can be the solution to your neck pain problems. Below are 20 of the best pillow for neck pain according to users and expert reviews.

Who should get this?

We address this review to anyone who suffers or knows another suffering from neck pain. Whichever the cause of the pain, the neck pillows can help relieve the pain. Chiropractors advise the use of these pillows to avoid aggravating the situation. The pillows have been proven for efficiency, and reviews from medics, chiropractors, and bone specialists confirm that they are great value for money.

How we picked this

The expert team indulged in extensive research to determine if these neck pillows are fully functional and beneficial as manufacturers claim. They visited a few hospitals to check their use and interview patients to find out if they are of any help. More information was from online groups, communities, and fora, where users worldwide are sharing their experiences. We sourced our product lists from Amazon.

How we tested

We invested our funds in neck pillow purchases and distributed them to consumers for testing. Our primary targets were the elderly and individuals suffering from neck pain. After prolonged use, they were to bring in their findings and reviews. Some of the aspects that they had to test were stability, ease of use, cleaning and maintenance, performance, filling degeneration, and durability. We are glad that the 20 made it in all categories hence featuring on our site.

1. Arc4life Cervical Neck Traction Pillow


This Arc4life pillow comes in as the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain. With its supportive neck curve alignment and polyester fiberfill, the orthopedic pillow aligns the user’s neck and shoulders for maximum muscle spasm relief. Whether it is neck pain and soreness or pinched nerve and disc issues you want to get rid of, this Arc4life cervical neck traction pillow will provide the best neck support.

With this pillow, you can sleep on your back or side to improve neck posture.

2. Therapeutica Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow


The Therapeutica Orthopedic neck pillow for sleeping is a corrective foam pillow. This pillow’s unique design features a contoured headrest that helps to correct the spinal posture of the neck. As such, the pillow is used to treat several common neck and shoulder conditions.

The design of this neck support pillow provides a perfect balance between therapeutic value and comfort. It remains firm for therapeutic benefits while allowing the foam’s cell structure to soften with time and gives you ultimate comfort. It is available in 5 sizes to fit your requirements.

3. Thin Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow


If you want unparalleled comfort for a sound and refreshing sleep, you cannot go wrong with this high-grade, chiropractor-approved orthopedic pillow. The special mercury-free and lead-free density foam filling combined with a soft and cuddly bamboo cover offer not only a luxurious feel but also ultimate breathability. Also, the pillow is resistant to dust mite and hypoallergenic substances.

It is thus great for individuals with allergies. Another reason for choosing this eco-friendly pillow is that it is made in the USA and does not use toxic chemicals that can harm your health.

4. Casper PL00000041 Pillow


Maybe your perfect kind of pillow is one with a buoyant core so that the pillow adapts to your movements throughout your sleep period. This pillow features a two-layer design, filled with hundreds of millions of low- friction microfibers, and a 2-inch gusset for better spine alignment and neck support.

The pillow’s responsive core is covered with a 100% cotton cover, which makes the pillow highly breathable and ever cool.

5. Coop Home Goods Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Neck Pillow


Coop Home Goods guarantees you more in-depth and better sleep with this CertiPUR-US certified memory foam pillow. CertiPUR-US certification means that accredited labs have tested the pillow and proven to meet industry standards for content, durability, and emissions. What’s unique about the pillow, however, is its adjustability. You can add or remove the elastic shredded hypoallergenic Certipur memory foam to match your comfort needs. This customization ability makes the pillow perfect for all sleep positions.

The cover is made of 60 percent polyester and 40 percent bamboo. It is highly breathable, hypoallergenic- and mite-resistant, and easily machine washable.

6. Snuggle-pedic Ultra-luxury Adjustable Fit Sleep Pillow


This is another adjustable neck support pillow for back, side, and stomach sleepers. It comes with a zipped removable Kool- flow breathable bamboo/polyester cover that allows you to adjust the amount of shredded memory foam so that you can comfortably rest your neck whether sleeping on your stomach, back or side. The foam is CertiPUR-US Certified and bio green to ensure that the pillow is hypoallergenic & Dust Mite resistant, and for reduced VOC emissions so that indoor air quality is not compromised.

The manufacturer attaches a 20-year warranty and a 120-night trial period to make sure you get exactly what you want.

7. Sweetnight Adjustable Loft Neck Pain Relief Pillow


We cannot run out of reasons why this Sweetnight pain relief pillow is the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain. Sweetnight made with adjustable shredded CertuPUR gel foam stuffing and soft rayon cotton cover. This pillow will end your search for a great sleep pillow whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach.

Like most adjustable pillows, this pillow’s inner lining is zipped and easily removable and machine or hand washable. With its ergonomic design, the pillow keeps your upper body well aligned to prevent neck and back pain, insomnia, migraines and snoring.

8. Beckham Hotel Collection Luxury Plush Gel Pillow


The Beckham Hotel gel pillow is a premium grade super luxurious sleep pillow that is crafted with 100% poly gel fiber filling and 100% cotton cover. It combines plush, fade and stain resistant, and dust, mold, and mildew-resistant material to give you maximum comfort in all sleep positions. People who are searching for the sleep apnea pillow, can use this gel pillow.

The design features a no-shift construction that ensures that you sleep quickly and stay asleep for longer. If not for anything else, this pillow comes in as the best neck pillow for its stylish, luxurious, uniquely comfortable make, and always new look.

9. Mediflow Water Pillow


Mediflow takes pride in introducing to the market the first original, clinically-proven neck pain relieving water pillow. This therapeutic pillow is ideal for people who suffer from whiplash and sleep trouble. It supports all sleep positions as the water moves with your head as you move. The best thing about the Mediflow water pillow is that it offers high-level adjustability without requiring you to adjust filling material now and then. The use of an insulated water pouch and a resilient top fiber layer follows clinically proven Waterbase technology.

Studies have proven that this technology helps to improve sleep quality by reducing neck pain. The pillow is encased in a 100 percent hypoallergenic cotton shell that provides exceptional comfort for your head.

10. Nayoya Neck and Back Pain Relief Pillow Set


Nayoya offers you this pillow alongside an acupressure mat for stress, back, neck and sciatic pain relief. According to the manufacturer, this pillow can relieve your back and neck pain in as little as 20 minutes. If you want to enjoy the convenience of complete relaxation at the comfort of your home, this is probably the best neck pain pillow for you. More to this, the pillow set comes with a stylish carry bag for easy storage and travel, which means the Nayoya pillow wears another hat as the best travel neck pillow.

Reduce expensive visits to your therapist, chiropractor, and masseuse with this pillow and start enjoying improved sleep, better circulation, and increased energy levels.

11. Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow


Utopia Bedding products have a reputation for high quality. All of their beddings use innovative technologies to make sure that you get an amazing sleep experience. The gusseted quilted pillow pack of two features a grey piping for a posh look and double stitching for durability. A blend of fairly firm and eco-friendly material fills the pillow for head and neck support/comfort the entire night. White microfiber gussets further enhance the pillow’s comfort and durability.

This pillow is an excellent option for side and back sleepers. To preserve for longer, only dry-clean the neck pillow.

12. Simply Sova Premium Bamboo & Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


Built with 5-star hotel grade softness. Simply Sova breathable shredded memory foam neck pillows provide healthily and comfort promoting alignment of the neck, spine and entire upper body. This comfy pillow fits all sleep styles. The L’ zipper that completes the pillow’s dual-layer design allows you to adjust the size of the pillow to create the needed sleeping support. The memory foam maintains ideal firmness for head and neck support and alignment.

This orthopedic pillow is CertiPur-EU Certified, which means allergic people can use it without any problem. A machine washable organic bamboo cover provides a fresh and healthy tossing to the pillow.

13. Royal Therapy Orthopedic Contour Memory Foam Neck Pain Pillow


Do you need a queen-size snuggle bed pillow that eliminates pressure points and contours to your body’s unique shape? This Royal Therapy neck pain pillow is a firm, ultra-durable, luxurious cervical pillow that’s constructed to allow uniform pressure to all neck and head areas. It offers higher resistance to heavier body parts and correspondingly supports lighter and pressure sensitive areas with less resistance.

Additionally, its odor- free, non-toxic and hypoallergenic-resistant cover ensures that no bacteria, fungus, dust mites or mold can thrive. The cover also has heat dissipating properties to prevent thermal buildup, thus ensuring that you sleep on a cool surface for deep, refreshing sleep.

14. Coisum Orthopedic Pain Relief Ergonomic Bed Pillow


Give your neck, spine, and back natural pain relief with this Coisum orthopedic pillow. Filled with high quality hypoallergenic and heat-sensing memory foam and skin- friendly breathable pillowcase. This pillow is moderately hard to stop numbness/tingling and alleviate neck and shoulder pain.

Its cervical shape keeps your head in a stable position while the cutouts on the sides offer a beautiful place to rest your arm. The pillow helps to reduce movements during sleep so that you can get uninterrupted and restful sleep.

15. Cradle Me Cervical Pillow


This plush, cool and supportive ergonomic pillow is the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper. A unique butterfly shape provides multiple heights to ensure that all parts of your head and neck get the right support. The orthopedic odorless memory foam that fills the pillow soothes away neck, shoulder and back soreness while allowing shoulder muscles to relax.

If you are a side sleeper, don’t struggle with neck and back pain anymore with Cradle Me cervical pillows being just a click away. Sleep soundly on the hypoallergenic and nontoxic pillow with confidence that you are protected from all allergies.

16. Nature’s Guest Cervical Adjustable Orthopedic Pillow


The thousands of back and side sleepers that have used this Nature’s Guest neck pain pillow recommend it for better cervical health. This doctor-approved orthopedic pillow effectively reduces neck pain by providing proper support and alignment for the head, neck, back, and shoulders. Its cervical design with gusseted edges allows you to shift from back to side sleeping smoothly.

Another important structural feature of the pillow is the dual zipper that gives access to pillow filling and makes the pillow fully adjustable. A premium cotton cover supplements the pillow’s design and gives you a relaxed and comfortable surface to lay your skin.

17. EPABO Contour Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows


Few luxury sleeping pillows can give you happy mornings like the EPABO ergonomically designed orthopedic pillows. From its premium fabric to the high-quality memory foam used to fill it, everything about the pillow promises better sleep and improved health. ETABO has made sure that you sleep worry- free on this chemical-free and breathable king-size pillow.

Important to remember, the pillow’s ergonomic design supports better alignment and helps you to fall asleep quickly and deeply. It is perfect for all sleep styles; back, side or stomach.

18. UTTU Sandwich Pillow

While adjustability has become an increasingly popular characteristic of modern-day neck pain pillows, the UTTU Sandwich pillow has more to offer. It is a contour orthopedic pillow with adjustable loft to make sure all types of sleepers get the neck and head support they need. The UTTU Dynamic Foam that fills the pillow conforms to the body’s natural curves and gives superior support to the head and neck.

Further, the ergonomic design of the pillow alleviates shoulder stiffness, reduces back and neck pain and helps muscles to relax. The fully removable and machine washable bamboo viscose cover keeps the pillow cool so that you gain uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

19. MARNUR Cervical Contour Memory Foam Pillow


You want to have this MARNUR neck pillow if you are looking for a king-size ergonomically-designed pillow with high-grade and durable memory foam. This neck support pillow is an assurance for good night sleep. Rest your neck on the cervical contour and let the center cavity keep your head optimally supported. The wedge extension supports your spine, and special armrests provide ample relaxing space for our arms.

Skin- friendly, breathable, and hypoallergenic memory foam inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, Bacteria or dust mite. The 60% polyester and 40% bamboo cover enhances your comfort while keeping the pillow ventilated and easily washable.

20. Dream Memory Foam Cervical Contour Pillow


Dream neck pillows are designed ergonomically with orthopedic curved contour memory foam, the pillow supports the neck comfortably and reduces pain in the neck and shoulders. Its unique butterfly design complies with your body’s shape and allows for smooth airflow so that you breathe properly and don’t snore.

The pillow is soft yet firm and dense but highly breathable. The ergonomic curve helps to reduce pressure on your neck and back muscles, ideal for side and back sleepers.

There are many advantages of using orthopedic and ergonomic neck support pillows. They help you to rest your head, neck and entire upper body in a healthy way for pain/stress relief and muscle relaxation. Is it neck pain, back pain, or snoring problem that is driving you to search for the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain? Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, you cannot miss your ideal pillow from the list of 20 best pillows for neck pains.

FAQS and Buying Guide on the Best Neck Pillow

Neck pillows are becoming a handy requirement for nearly everyone. At some point, you need a neck pillow. Most of us have fallen asleep or dozed off when traveling. Others experience neck pain each morning they wake up. Whether traveling or just doing your regular sleeping, comfort, excellent neck support and pain alleviation is key. Do this by buying best pillow for neck pain.

Evolution of Neck Pillows

Currently, we are experiencing robust improvements on the neck pillows. Things began far. In the ancient periods, people in Mesopotamia began raising their heads with stones. Others used wooden or pottery pillows. Porcelain was also used. Today, companies are making pillows with various materials. The covers are now polyester or cotton. Fillings are also highly varied. Cotton, wool, and feather are used. Modern neck pillows have synthetic materials for fillings. These are polyester, foam or latex. Lately, we have gel-filled cushions with microbeads. Foam and memory pillows are among the commonly used pillows today. The neck pillow is often known as the u-shaped pillow. This is because it fits like a “u” on the neck. This was the pioneering design although companies have now adopted other designs. You can now find contoured pillows and rectangular neck pillows. With the advancement of technology, we are sure to see more neck support pillow designs.

Advantages of Neck Pillows

1. Alleviates Jaw and Neck Pain

Bad sleeping causes neck and jaw pains. Using the right neck support pillow helps to avoid such illnesses. The main advantage of a neck support pillow is that it protects you from getting neck pain. Your neck needs to be in its natural position. The neck can stay in an unnatural position but not for a long period. This period continues to decrease as you advance in age. Your neck usually in an abnormal position when traveling or when sleeping.

2. Neck Pillow Promote Comfort

Everyone requires a comfortable sleep anywhere. Whether traveling or relaxing at home, comfort should not be compromised. The consequence of having your neck in an abnormal position is that you will get neck pain. Neck pain is not pleasant. The pillow relieves the stress off your shoulders and neck. Also, it also provides stability for your head. This reduces the chances of getting neck pain.

3. Promotes Good Sleep

Comfort comes with sound sleep. Sleeping with a neck roll pillow is comfortable, and with it, proper sleep is guaranteed.

4. Protects Cervical Spine

Neck pillow enables one to avoid unnatural position, extension, and bending of the neck. Also, a neck support pillow can be used to help a person with a neck or back condition. Studies have shown that using a neck pillow can significantly increase the chances of successfully managing chronic neck pain. The use of a neck pillow and neck exercises can significantly reduce the intensity of neck pain.

5. Prevents Snoring

Some obstruction in the airflow causes snoring. This obstruction is dangerous. Sleeping properly prevents such air obstruction.

Types of Neck Pillows

Cervical Pillows

These are neck pillows which have a design of a raised neck area and a reduced size on the head area. For side and back sleeping, use cervical pillows.

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows are made to allow easy manipulation. These are good for sleepers who change positions often.

Memory Foam

These pillows are considered to be the best travel neck pillows. They are firm, and they provide adequate support. The main advantage of these pillows is that they fit into the size of your neck. Memory foam pillows are made to allow for easy conformity with the neck. They are easy to change into the shape of the neck and the head.

Inflatable Pillows

They allow the user to inflate to the level they best desire. Since people’s preference varies, inflatable pillows offer an excellent choice to each user. Inflatable neck pillows come in handy when there is little space for carrying a larger neck pillow. Besides, inflatable neck pillows are inflated to fit the exact size of your neck. Some inflatable neck pillows use water instead of air.

Microbead Pillows

These pillows are filled with polystyrene beads. These provide adequate support for the neck. They can prove to be a problem if you need a travel neck pillow.

Factors to Consider When Shopping?

Nobody desires anything short of the best pillow for neck pain. To get the best, consider fundamental factors.


The question you should ask yourself is why you want to buy the neck pillow. If the purpose is for a one-time journey, a cheap inflatable neck pillow will do just fine. If you are a regular traveler, then a more durable but expensive memory-foam neck pillow will be the better option. The purpose might also be for rehabilitation for a person with neck pain. In this case, an inflatable pillow will not do. Here you need a durable and robust foam neck pillow. The above examples go to show that purpose should be the most potent factor to consider when buying the best neck pillow for you.


The fabric of the neck pillow is often overlooked. The neck pillow has to feel comfortable against the skin of your neck. You should choose a neck pillow with fabric that agrees with the climate of the place you are staying. You will also need to wash the fabric once in a while. This will be easier if you can find a neck pillow with removable fabric.


You will need to consider durability especially if you will be using the neck pillow a lot. A durable neck pillow will do best if you intend to use it a lot for traveling or for sleeping. The price might increase with durability, but it will be worth every penny.


The shape is not a matter of taste. It a strong consideration when buying a neck pillow. To obtain the best travel neck pillow, shape matters. U-shaped pillows with compatibility and lightness are good.


What makes the pillow is highly considered. Check or the fill whether memory foam, microbeads, air, etc.

Size and Weight

The significant variations are adult and children sizes. Adult sizes have minimal differences that should be considered. Large pillows aren’t the right preference.

Q: What is a neck pillow?

A: A neck pillow is a special type of pillow designed to maintain your natural head and neck position. It eliminates neck pain caused by the abnormal positioning of the bones in your neck. This abnormal positioning is mostly caused by sleeping with your neck in the wrong position. This mostly happens when you are traveling and when you are sleeping on your bed.

We use pillows to help align our head and neck with the spine. Failure to sleep in proper position results in injury or pain. Neck pillows refer to the specially designed cushions that allow for natural positioning of the neck and head.

A neck pillow holds both the neck and the head into the right position with the spine. This alleviates neck pain and offers good sleep. They achieve this by maintaining the lordotic curve of one’s spine.

A neck pillow ensures that your neck remains on its normal position during resting. This reduces the stress on the bones, muscles, and tendons of the neck. The result of this is that you will wake up with no neck pain.

Q: What makes the best neck pillow?

A: The best neck pillow is the pillow that fits and provides the best neck and head support. The best neck pillow for you might not be the best neck pillow for the next person. Neck pillows are unique to our different necks. The best neck pillow for you is the one that provides you with the best support.

Also, the best neck pillow is not harsh on your skin. Make sure you pick a fabric material that is gentle on your skin. A neck pillow with fleece fabric won’t be comfortable on your skin in a hot environment. However, it will do well in the cold. Conversely, cotton will do well in warm climates. Let’s summarize things below.

1. Good Shape

The best neck pillows are designed to offer support to the head, neck, and chin. Their shape is the key determinant.

2. Compressible

Depending on the use, neck pillows should allow compression. This is what makes it fit the owner’s shape and size. They have a slow rebound.

3. Made of Soft Material

The best neck pillows have cozy covers. They don’t bruise and harm the skin.

4. Offer Plenty of Support

Good neck pillows are comfortable and highly supportive of the neck and the head.

5. Removable and Washable Cover

Pillows, of course. Get dirty. It should have a way it is washed.

Q: Why do you need a neck pillow?

A: Follow below steps

During Traveling

The role of the neck pillow cannot be overemphasized. Whether you are sleeping on your bed or dozing off when traveling, the neck pillow is vital. Traveling by road or by plane can prove to be very stressing on the neck. Most passengers tend to sleep during journeys. Unfortunately, the neck suffers the most when you relax during a trip. Your seat cannot offer enough neck support during the journey. A neck pillow will come in handy.

Perfect Sleeping Position

Whichever the sleeping point, you need to avoid neck pains. Sleeping is an essential part of human living. Dozing off when traveling is the most tricky of them all. A neck pillow prevents bending of the neck and strain. It allows for comfortable sleep which facilitates good blood flow. Neck pillow enables the protection of the spine.

The way you sleep can affect the health of your neck. The best sleeping positions are either on your back or your sides. A neck pillow will ensure that you stick to these positions. It is impossible for you to sleep on your tummy when using a neck pillow. A neck pillow will ensure that you sleep in the best position while also providing support for your neck and head.

Comfortable Driving

A neck pillow can also prove to be useful if you are driving. Proper neck support will ensure that you maintain a safe and comfortable driving position throughout the journey.

Q: How to clean pain pillow?

A: The method you choose for cleaning a neck pain pillow will depend on the material used to make the neck pain pillow. There are three main ways of cleaning neck pain pillows.

1. Hand Wash

Inflatable neck pillows usually require hand washing. All you need is cold water, mild detergent, and two washing rags. One washing rag will be for washing and the other for rinsing. The amount of detergent you use will be dependent on how dirty the neck pillow is. Air dry the neck pillow after you finish washing.

2. Machine Wash

Some neck pillows allow for machine washing. Check whether the material can be machine washed. Place a cold setting and put some mild detergent. Proceed with the cleaning. Dry on the machine or the cloth line and redress.

You can also use hot water if you want to kill dust mites. You can then machine dry, or air dries the neck pain pillow. This method is mostly used with Memory Foam Neck Pain Pillows.

3. Surface Wash

Some pillows might require surface cleaning. Polystyrene neck pillows are the most difficult to wash since you can’t let the beads get wet. You need to rub stain spots off the pillow’s surface carefully. You need to use a cloth with little moisture. Use a dampened soft cloth. Avoid water getting into the fillings. Use the foam and rinse.

Q: How to make a neck pillow?

A: Making a neck pain pillow is very easy. The neck pain pillow is also known as a neck roll pillow or a cervical roll pillow. The pillow is meant to maintain the natural arch of your neck as you sleep. All you need is a towel. Just follow this simple process:

  1. Take a piece of paper. On it, draw a horseshoe shape of about 14 inches by 20. Cut it out.
  2. Take two pieces of fabric and transfer the shape. Cut it out.
  3. Sew the edges. Combine the two fabric pieces by sewing them.
  4. Make V-shaped notch cuts on the seams. This will smoothen the lay after making it inside out.
  5. Turn inside out.
  6. Stuff your pillow with the desired filling material.
  7. Sew the opening and start using.

Q: How to use a neck pillow?

A: Follow below lines

  1. Have your pillow ready for use. If inflatable, fill it with the air.
  2. Use its cover or your scarf if the surface isn’t very soft.
  3. Put it around your neck in readiness for use.
  4. You can recline your seat for the desired comfort.
  5. Change the pillow as you change your position. If traveling, use the pillow appropriately for the back lay, side lay or tray sleep.

Q: Where to buy neck pillows?

A: The markets for neck pillows are many. There are over the counter markets in every city and town where you can get one. Areas around travel sites and ports offer good markets to anyone wishing to buy one.

The online markets are also beautiful places to buy these pillows. Online markets such as Amazon are the best. Also, the neck pillows on Amazon are sold at the most competitive prices. You can evaluate the pillows available and select your preference. Amazon offers rapid delivery of the exact thing you ordered.

Q: How do neck pillows work?

A: The fundamental purpose of a neck pillow is to keep your head and neck in the proper position. This proper position enables the head to avoid unnecessary strain which is unhealthy for the spine.

The neck pillow work by keeping the neck and head in the correct position to allow the spine proper relaxation and coordination.

Some people argue that the pillows do not work. The problem is in the choice of pillow they chose to try out. As stated above, the best neck pillow for you might not be the best neck pillow for your best friend. Make sure you do your research, and you try different options before you settle for a specific neck pillow. This way, you will ensure that your neck pillow works for you.

Q: How to adjust neck pillow for pain?

A: Lack of or improper use of neck pillow causes neck pain. Having a pillow does not guarantee a painless neck. You may get neck pain even with a neck pillow. In such a case, you need to adjust the pillow. The pillow should not be too high. This strains the neck and causes it to bend the spinal nerves. Adjust the height of the pillow. Check its stiffness. A neck pillow shouldn’t be too stiff. Use a neck pillow by your sleeping style. Back sleepers should use round naturally curved cushions. Adjust height upwards for side sleeping. Your neck should remain right between your shoulders if you prefer sleeping on your side. Adjust your pillow to ensure that your neck sits on this position.

Q: How to choose a pain neck pillow?

A: To choose a neck pain pillow, you must determine the use. How the cushion will be used is key. Your sleeping pattern matter. Again, a travel pillow must differ from a bed neck pillow. After deciding the use of the neck pillow, compare with what is causing the neck pain and purpose to change. Height, stuffiness, shape, size, and comfort should be considered.

You can also choose a pillow with memory foam. Such a pillow shapes itself according to the natural position of your head and neck.

Also, as stated above, make sure that the pillow is of the right height. The right pillow for a skinny person will not be the right pillow for a bigger person.

Q: Are firm pillows good for neck pain?

A: The simple answer is, no.

A stiff pillow does not allow the neck to assume its natural curve. The neck is flexed for the duration of the night. This position will almost certainly lead to neck pain.

For side sleepers, firm pillows are excellent. This is because they maintain the alignment of the spine with the head and neck throughout the sleeping time. This way, natural latex foam, and memory pillows do extremely well.

Back sleepers also require firm pillows to straighten the spinal line. Only stomach sleepers need soft and thin cushions.

Q: Are neck pillows good for travel?

A: Neck pillows are essential for traveling. You should always ensure that you carry your neck support pillow with you as you travel. When traveling, always secure the best travel neck pillow. They are perfect for travel. Frequently, travelers will doze off. Be prepared to sleep on your way. Carry with a neck pillow. It allows the traveler to sleep on the seat comfortably. The head is held into the correct position. It prevents roll, bending or overstretching of the neck. It offers comfort, relaxation and prevents neck pain.

You should ensure that your best travel neck pillow fits well on your neck. Besides, ensure that the fabric used to make the pillow is best for the weather you will experience. Finally, make sure that your travel pillow is durable. A neck pillow will ensure that your neck remains healthy as you travel.

Q: How to sleep on a pillow to avoid neck pain?

A: Sleeping on a pillow in the wrong way causes neck pain. Choose the pillow wisely and sleep on it appropriately.

Sleeping on Your Back

Make sure that the height of the pillow is low enough to ensure that you can breathe comfortably. Also, make sure that the pillow is not to low. If the pillow is to low, you might experience neck pain in the morning. This position will strain the neck muscles, and you will feel it in the morning. Avoid straining the spine line. Don’t bend the spine line.

Sleeping on Your Side

Make sure that your neck remains placed between your neck. If your neck shifts to one side, you will experience neck pain in the morning. For side sleep, check the height of the shoulders. Pick a pillow with a raised neck area and dropping head area.


A neck pillow is an essential health necessity. It helps avoid neck pain. It offers comfort and relaxation that is needed when asleep. Proper choice of the neck pillow is necessary. Always consider the intended usage. Check its fillings, size, shape, stiffness and find your sleeping style. Just make sure your neck remains in the correct position when you sleep or travel.

You can make sure that this happens by using a neck pillow every time you sleep, or you travel. Also, ensure that you have the right sleeping pillow.

The information above is designed to ensure that you maintain optimum neck health. Follow it to the letter and your neck will thank you for it.


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