6 Best Plastic and Vinyl Restorer of 2020

6 Best Plastic and Vinyl Restorer of 2020
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1. 303 (30307) UV Protectant Spray for Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Fiberglass, Leather & More

2. Meguiar’s G15812 Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer

3. CarGuys Plastic Restorer – The ultimate solution for bringing Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic back to life!

4. Solution Finish Black Plastic & Vinyl Restorer – Use for Car and Truck Detailing

5. Mothers 06112 Back-to-Black Plastic and Trim Restorer

6. Vinyl Magic

Who ought to acquire plastic and vinyl restorer

It is for the car owners who want to restore the beauty of plastic parts of their vehicles. Additionally, it can be used by anyone who wants to restore the shape of a broken surface like plastic, fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, and leather. The vinyl restorer also keeps the surfaces that have not been painted brand new and increase the durability.

How we selected the best vinyl restorer?

The restorers were sorted out quickly via the help of the many experts in the relevant field. Among the people who gave our team information about the best restorers, they were car mechanics. They were able to tell the products by brand and how quality the products are and also the results they give. Additionally, our team bumped into various auto spares shop and gathered more information. It was easy for the team also bought some of the best products.

How we tested

It was easy testing the best products for we had invested enough on different types of vinyl restorers. We found out that many of the products did not give the best results, but by the end of the day, we had the full list that we required. The vinyl restorers we have reviewed have been tested one by one and can attest that they are best in the entire market.

This is a versatile spray which can be used on various surfaces so as to protect them from Ultraviolet (UV) light. 303 UV Protectant Spray can protect the leather, rubber, vinyl, plastic, and fiberglass as well. The product is not toxic. Furthermore, it makes the surface fully dirt resistant after application. Using the 303 UV Protectant Spray delivers an attractive matte finish. Best of all, this vinyl restorer for cars comes in a variety of containers with different capacities ranging from 2 Fl. oz to 5 Gallons.

Key Features

  • It can be used on various surfaces
  • It protects and brightens upon application
  • The spray repels dirt and dust
  • It has a rinse-free formula
  • It is water-based and non- toxic
  • It is easy to use and comes in an ergonomic, spray bottle

This product is specially developed to restore and maintain plastic surfaces. You can use Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer upon any plastic exterior trim sections on your car that are not painted. The product makes them look brand new and increases their durability. It delivers deep darkness on the darker sections while the lighter ones shine after the product is applied to them. This cream is easy to use by hand, and it does not have a greasy texture. Moreover, Meguiar’s ultimate black plastic restorer dries quickly and will not streak when wet. You can use it on a variety of surfaces such as rubber, plastic, and vinyl. Hence, it comes in very handy for maintaining car sections such as door handles, bumpers, windshield cowling and the rearview mirror holders.

Key Features

  • It is easy to apply by hand
  • The product can be used on various surfaces
  • It restores the actual color of a surface and promotes a shiny appearance
  • This cream does not have a greasy texture and does not streak if it gets wet
  • It cleans and increases durability

This product is ideal for application on various surfaces for example rubber, vinyl, and plastic. It provides results that last for a long time. The CarGuys Plastic Restorer renews, seals and protects any surface on your car for years. This is thanks to a specially patented additive. It is water resistant. Therefore, it does not streak in the rain. It is also non-greasy and is very easy to apply. CarGuys Plastic Restorer is safe to use because it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as silicon and petroleum distillate. This makes it one of the best vinyl restoration products for your car.

Key Features

  • It is versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • Its effects last for a long time
  • The product is water resistant
  • It does not have a greasy texture
  • There are no harmful chemical ingredients hence it is safe to use
  • You can use it on various sections of your car

Being highly versatile, this product can be used on cars and trucks with guaranteed success. Solution Finish Black Plastic & Vinyl Restorer is perfect for using on black surfaces such as the trim, bumpers, wiper blades and mud flaps. After application, this product provides you with a glossy, protective finish that can restore plastic color. It is safe to use since it does not contain any silicone. Furthermore. Solution Finish Black Plastic & Vinyl Restorer is VOC compliant. During application, make sure to avoid glass or the painted parts of your car.

Key Features

  • It is ideal for trucks and cars hence is versatile
  • This product can be applied to various sections
  • It is safe to use because it does not have any Silicone
  • It is VOC compliant

Perfect for the trim and plastic sections on your car. this product is capable of cleaning and maintenance as well. Mothers Back to Black Trim & Plastic Restorer gets rid of any light oxidation, surface film, and wax residue very easily. It also protects the surfaces from any deterioration that could be caused by water, sunlight, ozone or smog. Since it imparts resistance to contaminants and chemicals, it is the best back to black trim restorer. Mothers Back to Black Trim & Plastic Restorer can clean and protect exterior trim surfaces of all colors. After application, your car will look good as new.

Key Features

  • It provides cleaning and maintenance at the same time
  • This product eliminates contaminants and chemicals upon application
  • It gets rid of any deterioration that could occur
  • The product contains a protective film

Keep your cars exterior trim looking good and protected from the sun with Vinyl Magic – the Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer. Black and gray surfaces fade over time and lose their color. Vinyl Magic can renew the look of external trim, restoring the dark color without any residue. The polymer technology seals external surfaces and provides exceptional UV protection.

Product Features

  • This car detailing product is manufactured out of no dye formula.
  • Its main function is to fix worn out plastics by darkening them and letting them shine.
  • It is to protect your car from rain, dirt, fading, salt, and cracks.


  • This product helps bring your car to life, just as good as new.
  • It guarantees the durability of your car since it protects it from salt and rain by coating.


  • This product is only limited to the exterior, meaning you will have to get another product for the interior.
  • Vinyl magic does work only on plastics and rubber, not any other material such as fabric.


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