5 STAR Rated 10 Best Yoga Socks of 2024

5 STAR Rated 10 Best Yoga Socks of 2024
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Best yoga socks are the greatest accessories to make your yoga session comfortable and hassle-free. This is because they are famous for their sticking feature, which will give extra stability and grip while doing different yoga positions. As these socks come with the anti-bacterial feature, they will protect your feet from fungus. If you are looking for a pair of yoga gloves to make your yoga session a breeze, you have come to the right place. This article will greatly narrow down your search for these socks, as it includes a comprehensive review of 10 best yoga socks of 2024.

Who should get this?

We aren’t specific with regards to the target audience in this review. The reason is that yoga socks are highly beneficial to people of all ages and have proven to have so many benefits. Furthermore, If you are looking to have comfortable and hassle-free yoga sessions and socks that would protect your feet from fungus, then this article would be a big deal for you. The report gives a comprehensive review and would help you in narrowing down your search for yoga socks.

How we picked

As usual, we involved the consumers directly in our research program. Previous and current users of these yoga socks shared with us their experiences, choice of yoga socks, benefits, and what they didn’t love about them. We also did online research on the different types of yoga socks, the material used, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Google and Amazon were also helpful in sourcing our information. Besides consumer reviews, we were keen on product ratings and Amazon badges and therefore ensuring that we only picked the best.


How we tested

Customers always play a vital part in the testing of the products. The purchase of the product samples made, and the products distributed to the different customers. After that, the customers would review the products based on their materials, suitability, durability, and uniqueness of the socks. The socks we tested on the stability that they give and their ability to protect the feet against germs and fungus.

1. Hylaea Yoga Socks for Women

Hylaea Yoga Socks for Women with the non-skid base to offer the perfect balance to your body. As the product is prepared from the patented NuBamboo material, it is light in weight, and it will offer a soft performance, as well. As the accessory contains 20% Nylon fabric, it offers great durability to the product. Furthermore, nylon can increase the wicking of moisture, meaning it can always keep your feet dry. Thus, your feet are adequately protected from the harmful bacteria. While the Lycra spandex material offers you a stretch and shape, the polyester material offers you a flexible fit to your feet. The product earns the consumer rating of 3.8 stars out of 5.0 stars.


  • Patented NuBamboo material.
  • Great moisture-wicking feature.
  • Offers a flexible and comfortable fit.


  • Not suitable for people having crooked toes.

2. Grippy Yoga Socks from Gaiam

As the name suggests, these socks from Gaiam come with an anti-skid feature to offer you a perfect balance, irrespective of the yoga pose. They are the perfect yoga accessory for those practicing yoga as well as Pilates. Wearing these socks will offer you the toe-wiggling liberty of being barefoot and the skid- free safety of your yoga mat.

As they are prepared from the perfect combination of durable materials, such as cotton, nylon, polyester, rubber, and spandex, they will protect your feet from fungus. These are the best yoga socks, which offer a perfect fit for those having a foot size between 5 and 10. All these beneficial features make the product to earn the consumer rating of 4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars.


  • Anti-skid performance.
  • Durable materials.
  • Toe-wiggling liberty.


Not suitable for those having wide feet.

3. Yoga Socks from Lupo

These gripper socks from Lupo are one of the best yoga socks available on the market at present. This is for the reason that they come with a non-skid sole as well as with two flexible support bands on their upper foot to offer you additional support. This yoga accessory will give you the liberty from shoes, tenderness for your feet and the safety of a non-skid bottom.

Although the product comes with a blend of cotton, Polyamide, as well as with other durable fabrics, it contains 62 percent of cotton. This will offer better airflow to your feet to keep them clean and dry. This will greatly protect them from a range of infections due to moisture. Users rate this product with 4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars.


  • Durable non-skid sole.
  • Flexible bands for additional support.
  • Offers necessary protection from foot fungus.


Not ideal for those having a foot size more than 9.

4. Yoga Socks Non Slip Pilates Barre

These yoga socks are currently the most frivolous ones available on the market, as they come with the product weight of fewer than 2.4 ounces. They are also the best yoga socks, as they feature a special Nadi-Grip technology. This will offer you the required stability and a firm grip during your yoga poses.

Moreover, it also comes with a 70-part Hatha Yoga video tutorial as a bonus. Furthermore, as the yoga accessory features original Mantra-Mesh technology, it will keep your feet dry and clean throughout your yoga workouts. As it comes with a stylish design, it offers an attractive look to your feet. Above all, the product offers the real worth for your money, as it comes with a 100% money back warranty. The product earns the consumer rating of 4.1 stars out of 5.0 stars.


  • Nadi-Grip technology.
  • 70-part Hatha Yoga video tutorial.
  • Mantra-Mesh technology.


  • Not suitable for those having a foot size more than 9.

5. Yoga Socks Non Slip Skid Pilates Ballet Barre

These are the best gripper socks, as they come with a durable non-skid sole. As these nonskid socks are made out of durable materials, they will keep your feet dry and will protect them from bacterial infections. As they come in five eye-catching colors, you can wear the one that best matches your yoga costume.

Moreover, these high gripper socks will aid you greatly in practicing your yoga sessions in a safe and comfortable way without the need of a yoga mat. The unique design of the yoga accessory will allow your toes to spread in a natural way for enhanced stability and perfect balance. Besides yoga, these no slip yoga socks are ideal for all sorts of barefoot activities, such as ballet, dance, as well as for martial arts. All these versatile features offer the product the average consumer rating of 4.1 stars out of 5.0 stars.


  • Eye-catching colors.
  • Unique design.
  • Better stability and perfect balance.
  • The best germ-free substitute to bare feet.


  • Not suitable for people having big feet.

6. ToeSox Grip Pilates Barre Socks

ToeSox Grip Pilates Barre Socks with a full-sole rubberized traction. Another notable feature of these yoga gloves is that they are available in 10 different colors. The five-toe design of the yoga accessory will align your foot in a natural way to offer a perfect balance to you. The design of the socks also offers an enhanced physical movement as well as an improved blood circulation to your feet.

As the socks come with a non-slip sole, they offer a firm grip on all surfaces. This means that they offer a bunch- free as well as a twist- free performance. As the manufacturer designs the product with a blend of durable materials, like spandex, polyester, as well as with cotton, they will offer an enhanced air circulation to your feet. This product earns the average user rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.0 stars.


  • Improved traction.
  • Durable non-skid soul.
  • Ten different colors.


  • Not suitable for men having a foot size more than 11.

7. Yoga Socks for Women Non Slip Toeless

Aurorae offers these yoga gloves with many non-skid grip dots. This will offer you a comfortable as well as a safe yoga movement. This feature makes the product an ultimate yoga accessory by keeping your feet in position and firm on all surfaces without using a yoga mat.

The attractive five-toe design of the product allows you to stretch your toes in a natural as well as in a flexible way. It is the best yoga socks as well as the best hygienic accessory for those who want to keep their feet clean and dry during their yoga sessions. Washing these nonskid socks is a breeze, as well, as they are machine washable socks. This yoga accessory earns the user rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.0 stars.


  • Immense grip.
  • Better flexibility.
  • Adequate anti-skid dots.


  • Not compatible with Warrior poses.

8. Yoga Pilates Socks from Rahabsox

Besides yoga, if you are practicing Pilates, then these nonskid socks are your perfect yoga accessories. This is because Rahabsox specially designs these socks to offer you an excellent traction and grip you need while doing your favorite yoga poses. These yoga gloves allow you to keep up your balance well on all surfaces, as well. This product earns the user rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.0 stars.

As these gripper socks include a maximum percentage of cotton fabric, they will absorb the sweat quickly to keep your feet dry at all times. This will offer you the ultimate soothe during your workout sessions as if you are doing them with a bare foot. It is a multi-purpose product, as it works well for performing Bikram barre. As well as for performing ballet dance. If you want a yoga accessory to perform well at your home, studio, hospital, as well as during your travel, these yoga gloves are the best bet.


  • Multipurpose socks.
  • Made of durable cotton material.
  • Works well on all surfaces.
  • 60-day money back warranty.


  • Does not fit for those having a foot size more than 8.

9. Non Slip Skid Socks with Grips

Breathable feature. This is because these yoga accessories include cotton as the major fabric. As they also contain Spandex fabric, you will get a flexible fit. These yoga gloves come with many non-skid grip dots so that you will get a safer as well as a more balanced position.

As these gripper socks come in three attractive colors, you can choose one that best fits your taste. The quality padded knit of these socks will keep your feet dry and warm throughout your yoga session. It is an ideal yoga accessory for men having a foot size between 7 and 10 and for women with a foot size between 8 and 11. Consumers rate this product with 4.4 stars out of 5.0 stars.


  • Breathable fabrics.
  • Non-skid dots.
  • Stylish five-toe design.


  • Sometimes difficult to put on.

10. Yoga Pilates Socks from ToeSox

These yoga gloves from ToeSox are the half-toe yoga accessories, which are suitable for those doing their yoga poses with their bare foot. As the product contains 90% cotton, it will keep your feet dry all through your yoga sessions by providing them with an adequate airflow. As they come in 11 different colors, you have more color options to choose to match the color of your yoga dress. These nonslip socks also offer you an immense grip on a variety of surfaces, as they come with the ToeSox Patented traction technology. Thus, you can rest guaranteed that you could perform all your yoga poses with the maximum protection. The grip also guarantees a non-slip movement and offers a safe foot position during your bare foot fitness session. All these beneficial features make users rate the product with 4.4 stars out of 5.0 stars.


  • Better grip.
  • Better airflow.


  • They are available only for small feet.

Are you looking to buy the best yoga socks for a delighting experience in your yoga skills? It is crucial that you look for the best quality that will add full comfort to all your yoga practices. Before purchasing yoga socks, you require having comprehensive information on several aspects about the socks, to fall for the right choice.

Yoga Towel Vs. Yoga Sock

Alternatively, other people purchase yoga towels of the same length as a yoga mat. These yoga towels provide an extra grip when added on top of the yoga mat. However, it becomes quite challenging to maintain a towel in position for an entire yoga session. Considering the above practices and their challenges, it gets more appealing to use yoga socks due to their excellent grip.

The soles of yoga socks have non-slip textures which maintain your feet fixed adequately on the mat making it easy to perform yoga without worries. An individual wearing the yoga socks achieves a steady pose, at the same time enjoying maximum comfort at the feet. Besides the benefit of firm grip and comfort, yoga socks also get worn by some people for general reasons. The reasons may vary from the desire to look stylish and fashionable, avoiding barefoot workouts or wanting to keep away from germs contamination in the yoga studios. Yoga socks have continuously gotten popular among yoga individuals where they have nowadays obtained usage in homes and yoga studios.

Types of Yoga Socks

There exist three common kinds of yoga socks recommended in the market. Every model of yoga socks in the market comes in different lengths ranging from ankle-length to knee-length. Furthermore, these socks get offered in non-slip pads, commonly manufactured from rubber or silicone. These pads get fixed on the soles of yoga socks to provide a firm grip during the yoga sessions. The different types of yoga socks are as below:

Open-Toe Yoga Socks

This kind of yoga socks usually expose all the toes entirely and do not have any specific toe sections. Open-toe yoga socks fit an individual foot up to the point where the ball of the foot connects to the toes. The yoga socks do not provide any traction to the toes. However, the non-slip pads fixed on the sole of the socks provide maximum grip. The grip prevents any chance of sliding on the mat during yoga poses, also known as asanas. This type of socks eliminates the challenge of irritation or discomfort caused by the cloth between the toes.

Half-Toe Yoga Socks

This type of yoga socks has specific sections for each toe. However, they only cover the toes halfway their length. This enables the toes to get adequate aeration while simultaneously providing traction to the toes. The half-toe socks separate the toes hence training them to spread freely on a simple command. The separation enables the yogi to attain high flexibility and better muscle control.

Five-Toe Yoga Socks

Five-toe yoga socks resemble hand gloves. The reason is that each of the toes contains its unique pocket. These yoga socks provide maximum traction and warmth to the feet and get preferred by some yogis. The socks protect the yogi from collecting dirt or germs on the floor of the yoga studio because they wrap the toes and the feet thoroughly. Additionally, the textile separating the toes enhances the expulsion of moisture from the toes.

Some of the most common yoga socks in the market, regarded as the best include:

  • Toesox yoga and pilates socks
  • Halo sports yoga socks
  • Yoga addict yoga socks
  • Aurorae yoga toe socks
  • Gaiam yoga socks
  • Hash and Mato yoga socks

Factors to Consider While Shopping

Whenever you intend to buy yoga socks, there exist several factors that you should mainly consider. To end up with the right yoga socks, you need to have clear reasons for purchasing. You may be purchasing yoga socks to achieve the following factors:

  • Warmer feet
  • Greater traction control
  • Dirt or germs protection from the mat or floor.
  • Enhanced stability and balance
  • Better posture alignment
  • High moisture wicking as a result of sweating.

Different yoga socks offer various benefits to the yogi. Once you determine the above factors, you will be able to identify the most appropriate yoga socks that best fits your preferences. Other factors that you ought to consider when purchasing yoga socks include:


Type of material– such as cotton, silicone, rubber among others
Fit and stretch-ability of the yoga socks
Durability– get a good pair of yoga socks that can last for more than 100 sessions.
Price – go for the most appropriate yoga socks that will not stretch your finances.

Q: Why yoga sock essential for you?

A: Yoga socks are an essential costume for all your yoga exercises. Attempting to avoid sliding on the yoga mat when the individual hasn’t worn yoga socks is usually a significant challenge. In such situations, some people purchase yoga mats that have a “sticky” characteristic to stop the sliding. These unique yoga mats, however, come in high costs.

Q: What Does The Best Yoga Sock Contain?

A: A high-quality yoga sock always comes with specific aspects that make it unique. These factors include:

  1. Socks material has over 80% of the cotton fabric
  2. The cotton material should also be stretchable.
  3. The yoga socks fit snugly and hold the toes less tightly allowing them to move or spread freely.
  4. They also provide warmth to the feet.
  5. The socks keep the feet blister-free.
  6. The best brand yoga sock comes with a variety of solid colors and striped patterns.

Features to Consider When Purchasing Yoga Socks

Always ensure the yoga socks you intend to purchase, contains the following features:

  1. Non-slip pads
  2. Variety of solid colors and striped patterns to choose from
  3. Cotton fabric
  4. Maximum comfort
  5. A snug fit
  6. Stretchy material
  7. Moisture and sweat-wicking ability
  8. Adequate toe aeration feature.

Q: What Size of Socks Should I Buy?

A: You could check through the size charts of most the online pages of yoga socks seller. And don’t forget that toes are created differently. Some have feet with long toes, and others have feet with short toes. After discovering your size on the chart, stick to it.

Q: Is Five-Toes Socks Better Than Half-Toe?

A: Your comfort is the most important thing to consider. While both have their different merits, ultimately the decision is yours.

Five-toes eliminates moisture between the toes and ensures your toes spread easily while half-toe allows your leg to breathe and help with maintaining various poses.

Q: Which Yoga Style is Right for Me?

A: Visit a yoga school around you to learn what yoga is best for you.

Q: Which Yoga Socks type will you recommend for a Beginner?

A: Again it boils down on what makes you more comfortable. All the types of yoga socks are excellent and offer maximum value for money. Just register with a school or with an instructor, and you will discover which serves you better.

Q: Which Yoga Socks Designer is The Best?

A: There are several brands of yoga socks that are considered to be among the best on the market. The list includes Toesox Half Toe Grip and Five-toe Socks, Yoga-Addict’s Soft Five-toe socks, Aurorae Five-toe socks, Gaiam yoga socks, and Mato and Hash Yoga socks. Feel free to visit their online site to understand their offering better

Remember, comfort is your number one reason for buying yoga socks with it, your focus may be affected, and your practice hindered. And that is why you should go for yoga socks with a firm grip. With a good grip, wearers hold pose more comfortably and longer. But with so many brands of yoga socks available, it is more important to know what your preference is so that you can make a better decision when buying one.

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