5 STAR Rated 10 Best above Ground Pool Reviews & Buying Guide of 2024

5 STAR Rated 10 Best above Ground Pool Reviews & Buying Guide of 2024
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Homeowners who love pools as centerpieces for their lash backgrounds strive to achieve this desire. What about those who wish to but space doesn’t allow for it? Landscapers took to design above ground swimming pools which are more affordable. Just like the posh in-ground pools, their cousins offer similar benefits too. On a hot summer day, these pools are a perfect refreshing respite. Kids can splash in at will, adults can take on some quick exercises to burn excess calories, and dogs can have seamless fun.

It takes a fraction of the initial cost of in-ground pools to own above ground pool decks. With the overabundance of available options in the market, we have put together this guide and the selection is after extensive research and both positive remarks and critics from customer feedback. Stick around to

Who should get this?

We address this section to any premise owner and renters who love a bath in the outside. You all know how costly and time consuming it can get to go swimming weekly. It is cheaper to purchase your unit and install it within your area of residence. It might be costly in the initial purchase, but saving a whole lot with proper care and maintenance.

How we picked this

Our collection strategy was dependent on different spaces for different sizes. These were the primary considerations. However, other vital aspects were the weight, type of frames, the pumping, and aeration technology. More areas of interest were the water capacity, filter pump, and the filling time of the above ground pool.

The sources of research were from the web, visits to a few manufacturers, and long talks with sellers and landscapers.

How we tested

Installation is quite speedy.  We invested our funds in purchasing testing samples. So we had a team of experts and reviewers have the units installed in their rightful spaces. Testing was intense since the group had more focus on functionality, ease of use, and durability. The 15 Above Ground Pools in this review get a thumbs up from our team of reviewers. Their quality is unmatched, and product features worth the money. You can winterize all of them until the sun shines again for an excellent cold bath. Child safety is crucial as we value your lives more.

1. Intex

Pool time is never dreary with these rectangular above ground pools. An ultra-frame in the pool’s constructions depicts double strength and durability from the steel material. The resultant finish has a powder coating which prevents rust build-up and hinders any chances of corrosion. Besides, it adds to its aesthetics. Measuring 32ft x 16ft x 52in, the structure is accommodative, and you, your family, and pets enjoy crystal clear and sparkling water.

Technical Features

  • Empty pool weight 534 pounds
  • Size 32’ x 16’ x 52’’
  • Durable steel frames
  • Cartridge filter pump with hydro aeration technology
  • 90 minutes filling time
  • Water capacity when at 90% is 14,364 gallons
  • 2,800 GPH 110-120V Krystal clear sand filter pump

Product Features

  • Puncture resistant construction
  • Improved filtration and circulation
  • Easy lock system
  • Great water clarity
  • Removable ladder
  • High water capacity

2. Cornelius

Cornelius 18 x 4.3 ft. X 52 inches pool is spacious and allows you to explore your outdoors while in it in the summer. The sand filter is a workhorse and pumps a capacity of 2,400 gallons per hour. This is pretty much a short time. You will appreciate the 0.5 horsepower and debris trap feature which allows you to use water from a recycling plant and still feel safe. Above ground pool installation makes many paranoid and this forces them to cash out heftily for landscapers to do it. The kit comes complete with all the components you need for use. Now you can have your pool parties daily without paying a cent.

Technical Features

  • 255 pounds product weight
  • 18 x 4.3 ft. pool
  • 18 ft. pool liner
  • 2,400 gallons filter pumping capacity
  • 0.5 horsepower
  • A-frame ladder

Product Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious enough
  • High-grade, durable debris trap
  • Tough steel construction
  • Comes with all components and hardware for installation

3. Intex

Intex allows you to make splashes all summer and with a water capacity of 3,736 gallons when 80% full, you have no reason not to enjoy and have fun. The pool has a height of 36 to 48 inches, so you set your convenient height. Usually, above ground pool covers come as a separate purchase and they cost an arm and a leg. Well, the manufacturer pleases you to know that once you purchase this as the best above ground pool, you get the entire set at a substantial amount. With a filter pump of 1,000 GPH and 110-120V, its might is undeniable and reliability is something that you should be sure of at any time.

Technical Features

  • 95 pounds product weight
  • 1,000 GPH 110-120V filter pump
  • 3,736 gallons when 80% full
  • Pool height of 36-48inches

Product Features

  • Great water circulation and clarity
  • Tough sidewall and excellent drainage
  • High water capacity

4. Intex

Reputation highly depends on customer reward programs, and Intex does this to buyers of this pool set by issuing a 2-year warranty on any repairs and replacements. The pool size is superb and efficient for domestic use. 18’ x 52’’ shouldn’t limit you from having seamless fun on your decks. Available with their above ground pool ladders, you can get in and out without dreading accidents.

Technical Features

  • 279 pounds
  • 110-120V filter pump
  • 2,100 GPH flow rate
  • 6,981 gallons when 90% full

Product Features

  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Safe for kids too

5. Summer Waves

Cool off the summer heat after setting up the 16’ by 48 inches above ground pool set. The set is exclusive and while it allows you to enjoy the labor of your investment. More so, it comes with a maintenance kit and you can forget about purchasing supplies and accessories. Taking a water capacity of 5,246 gallons, you can agree that it is big enough to accommodate tens of people without any congestion.

Technical Features

  • Size 16’ x 48.’’
  • 5,246 gallons
  • SFX1500 filter pump
  • 1,500 gallons filter pump

Product Features

  • Durable construction
  • Tolerates weather elements
  •  Great circulation and water clarity

6. Bestway

You can’t compare its weight with its size. At 79 pounds only, it is lighter and easier to handle, unlike most above ground pools. 157 inches is spacious for your family and pets. At 32 inches of depth, you can be sure of kid’s safety as they play in the pool. Above ground pool liners available for these pools are made from high-grade polyester mesh.

Technical Features

  • 79 pounds
  • Size 157 x 83 x 32
  • 1,506 gallons at 90% full

Product Features

  • Easy assembling and disassembling
  • Corrosion-resistant frame construction
  • Tool-free installation
  • Spacious

7. Intex

Prisms boast of great aesthetical features and for this pool, its frames have a strong powder coating which is for rust and corrosion resistance, durability, and performance. The 110-120V cartridge filter pump is powerful and gives a flow rate of 530 gallons of water per hour. After installation, it is ready for water in half an hour.

Technical Features

  • 110-120V cartridge filter pump
  • 1,718 gallons at 90% full
  • 530 GPH flow rate
  • 57 pounds product weight

Product Features

  • Durable construction
  • Reasonable water capacity
  • Rust-free frames
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install

8. GLI

A hot day is a good day with an above ground pool vacuum that you can instantly fill and pass the afternoon away. Coming with 8 sections, you are sure of excellent pool safety. GLI is good enough to include a user manual and hardware in the package. At 64’’ x 1.5’’ x 24’’ you have enough space to train into an Olympic medallist at the comfort of your home.

Technical Features

  • Size 64’’ x 1.5’’ x 24’’
  • Has 8 sections in the package
  • 5-year warranty
  • 52 pounds product weight

Product Features

  • Secures your pool
  • Maintenance-free construction
  • UV safe
  • Comes with all hardware
  • More kits are available as separate purchases

9. Quality Pool Products

Above ground pool liners are replaceable and if you have this 24 feet Elephant Pad, durability is something that shouldn’t bother you. It is high-grade and very rigid, making your pool puncture resistant. Available in pre-cuts, you can have it fit in the pool of your choice. Easy to install and use, it saves your time during cleaning and maintenance.

Technical Features

  • 24 feet lines

Product Features

  • Easy to install
  • Puncture-resistant material
  • Comes pre-cut and needs no taping or cutting

10. Blue Wave

A winter cover is an ideal solution to combat freezing and ice formation. With a pool size of 18’ x 34’, the cover is very extensive and measures 22 feet by 38 feet meaning it covers the pool and has more of it left to counter ripping or stretching. The cover performs protective function against snow, ice, wind, and sun. UV resistance capabilities are an excellent additional feature to this cover.

Technical Features

  • 18 feet x 34 feet pool size
  • 30.2 pounds product weight
  • 22 feet x 38 feet cover size

Product Features

  • 15-year warranty
  • Puncture- resistant construction
  • UV protection capabilities
  • Cover features overlap

11. Intex

Looking like a bag, this 8’ x 30’’ above ground pool vacuum is very easy to install and the right choice for individuals with miniature space but still need to have a refreshing experience on hot days. The 110-120V filter pump is reasonably powerful to give 330 gallons per hour worth of flow rate. The package comes with all hardware, components, and a maintenance DVD for use.

Technical Features

  • 110-120V filter pump
  • 330 GPH flow rate
  • 8’ x 30’’ size
  • 2 to 4 max number of people

Product Features

  • Functional filter pump
  • Comes with set up and maintenance DVD
  • Great circulation and filtration

12. Intex

Family fun shouldn’t be limited to the TV area and fields. An above ground swimming pool is an alternative, and the 10’ x 30’’ size is rightful for your kinsfolks. Holding a water capacity of 1,185 gallons at 90% full, there are is every reason to assure your kids of safety as they enjoy their time

Technical Features

  • 110-120V filter pump voltage
  • 1,185 gallons water capacity at 90%

Product Features

  • Easy to install
  • Durable metal frame
  • Comes with user manual and hardware

13.  SmartPool

A warm pool on any cold or chilly day is rejuvenating. This above ground pool heater is large in size and measures 4’ by 20’. It is naturally energy-saving and has a direct flow system which allows for water heating. It warms the water to 6 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have an in-ground pool, this heater is versatile and usable too.

Technical features

  • 4 x 20’ size
  • 18 pounds product weight
  • Temperature rise to 6-10 degrees F

Product Features

  • Warms your pool in a short time
  • Comes with pool accessories
  • Easy to install
  • Has a direct flow system

14. In The Swim

Wide and functional, 18 feet above ground leaf covers by this manufacturer have proven to do their job exclusively. If there are so many trees near your pool and you need covering from leaves and branches, this one is the best solution. Forget about the usual messes in winter that may spoil your fun spot.

Technical Features

  • 5.15 product weight
  • 18 feet cover

Product Features

  • Durable construction
  • Highly functional
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with accessories and hardware

15. Bestway

Summers are great times to have water fun and installing this above ground pool installation should be among the things to consider.  Measuring 10’ by 30’’, you are sure to have a good time with your family or friends are the rays shine on you. Installation is too-free and if you feel like storing the pool, draining it is simple and storage with caution should leave it as intact as new.

Technical Features

  • 10 minutes of assembly time
  • 22.1 pounds product weight
  • 330 GPH flow rate
  • 10’ by 10’ by 2.5’ size
  • 961 gallons when 80% full

Product Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Tool-free installation
  • Easy to store
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with hardware and assembly components

Final Verdict

Do you love oases? If you do, installing above ground pools in your front or backyards is an ideal thought. You can escape from harsh summers without going bankrupt. The 15 products on our review section are selective after going through hundreds of products to sieve the best from the rest. There are so many above grounds pools for sale in the current market, but you need to be tactful to ensure that you get quality, functionality, and a little of aesthetics to breathe life into your space. Remember, for domestic use; you need to take all the precautionary measures to ensure child safety and prevent accidents or intentional damage. Vandalizing the above ground pools will make your warranty void which puts the repair or replacement burden your sole responsibility.

FAQs and Buying Guide of above ground pool

Revolution of above ground pool

Above ground swimming pools date back from the 1920s and 1930s. During that period, owning a pool was rare unless you hail from royalty or a very influential or celebrity family. This bore the idea of manufacturers coming up with a cheaper idea, which is the portable and functional above-ground pools.

Early Inventions

The first design of these portable pools was a wooden barrel with metal struts. Well, it was functional though not very efficient. With more development and advancement in technology, experiments to discover a sustainable design were on-going. Despite the efforts, the main problem just like with the ground pools at that time was the issue of water circulation. Water was to be manually changed often to ensure freshness and prevention of diseases.

More Developments

At around 1958, pool manufacturers were able to counter the major problems, and that was how the birth of water circulation systems, filters, and pumps came to be. The pool industry, with regards to the above-ground designs, has experienced rapid growth resulting in new models, new designs, new shapes, new materials, and new security systems.

Types of above ground pool

Well, this is a vast section that can have a list of over 50 types of above ground pools. However, we will bank on the major types and you will discover that they harbor most sub-categories of these pools like oval above ground pools and rectangular above ground pools.

Optimum Pools

Its primary characteristic is its flexibility to fit almost any yard, whether even or uneven. Most of the time, the land terrain isn’t a big issue of consideration when selecting one for purchase. These pools are highly portable and easy to assemble.

Steel Pools

Different components of these pools come from different materials and could range from aluminum, zinc, or galvanized steel. These are best for high floors because they are highly soft and easily bend.

Hybrid Pool

Usually, a hybrid is a combination of two or more products to create a resultant version which is better. Hybrid pools are a combination of resin and steel pools. The result is greater sturdiness, resilience, and corrosion resistance.

Resin Pools

Sometimes, this pool is known as the saltwater pool. All structures are from plastic material, excluding the wall. It is rust and corrosion-free. They have a modern appearance and add aesthetics to your exterior space.

Advantage of above ground pool

  • The initial and maintaining costs are cheaper than other pool types
  • They share most features with in-ground pools
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Safer for your children and pets because of less height and water capacity
  • Less maintenance, pumping, cleaning, and disinfection
  • Water temperature is easy to regulate using water heaters

Factors to consider while shopping

Placement and Location

Here, you need to identify the best spot where you will install your above ground pool for proper functionality and safety purposes.


Measure the area of the strategic location accurately. This will help you choose a reasonable shape and the size of the above ground pool that fits on the space. Give a background space allowance.

Material of Construction

We have seen from the types of above ground pools that the major materials are resin and steel. You need to pay more attention to aspects such as durability,) maintenance, and longevity here. Also, the material choice will profoundly affect your budget.

Q: What is an above ground pool?

A: An above ground pool is a unique structure from polymer or steel that you install with the use of waterproofing PVC membranes above the ground. The layer overlays the floors and their walls, allowing it to hold water.

Q: What the Best above ground pool has?

A: This section takes into account the crucial parts that the best above ground pool should possess. See the list below:

  • Removable ladder
  • Debris cover
  • A Ground cloth
  • A Pool Liner
  • An above ground pool pump
  • Pool frame

Q: Why do you need an above ground pool?

A: Follow below steps

  • Above ground pools do not affect our taxes whatsoever
  • There is a guarantee that your young ones and pets are safe at anytime
  • The cost of putting up and maintaining is low and manageable
  • They utilize very little space
  • Are easy and quick to install without needing the help of any landscaper
  • Portability is a significant advantage, and you can use when the season sets in.

Q: What is the cost of an above-ground swimming pool?

A: There are very many above ground swimming pools for sale ranging from $500 to over $50,000 depending on your supplier. Cheap above ground pools aren’t crappy like you think. However, there are vital factors that influence the price like quality, size, design, brand, and whether you are paying for the kit only or the kit and installation as well.

Q: How to winterize an above ground pool?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Collection of Material

Gather all the equipment, material, and essentials that you will require like chemical kits and clips.

Step 2: Final Cleaning

Clean the swimming pool for the very last time by vacuuming it, brushing all the walls, and later skimming the surface

Step3: Test your Water for winter

Test the swimming pool water before you can proceed to cover it up. Water chemistry is very vital

Step 4: Treat your Water

Add the winter chemicals to ensure you balance the water ready for winter to avoid damaging the swimming pool liner and the other components. Second, check to confirm that the pH level is on point. If not, then add in a relevant base and check keenly for any instances of any calcium hardness.

Step 5: Pool Shocking

Power the pool sanitizer to make it relevant for winter by shocking it. Do this before covering the pool. Proceed to protect your skimmer and to winterize the pump and the above ground pool filter then.

Step 6: Pool Pillow Installation

Install your pool pillow to compensate highly for the pressure of ice and the snow on top areas of the cover.

Step 7: Pool Covering

Place the swimming pool cover on top and secure it tightly using the winch and cable or you can use cover clips.

Q: How to install above ground pool?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Prepare the Foundation

Begin by clearing the pad exclusively by removing all the visible debris and sod. Elevate the ground to your desired evenness. Create a proper drainage system and come up with the ground pad.

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble all the pool hardware, parts, and other necessary reference material to ensure that pool installation and fixing is a success.

Step 3: Pool Installation

There is no specific procedure to install the above ground pools. This will differ from a pool to another pool. Each comes with its design. Keep checking on the manufacturer’s instructions and manual as you install and fix the liner, the top uprights, and the rails.

Step 4: Fill your Swimming Pool

Using the pool sand filter pump, proceed to fill your swimming pool to the advised point by the manufacturer’s guide to prevent overflows and damage when you get in.

Q: How to drain an above ground pool?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Identify well how to dispose of the water

You need to be aware of where to direct the pool water such as in a sewerage system or a purifying or recycling pit so that the water can undergo purification for later use.

Step 2: Begin to Siphon

Siphon out the water using the convenient way possible using a durable garden hose.

Step 3: Drain all the water

Allow the siphoning process to go on until the water levels are shallow. Or almost all water is taken outside of the pool.

Step 4: Remove the rest of the water

Use buckets or basins to scoop out the remaining of the water since siphoning highly depends on pressure and water levels.

Q: How to vacuum above ground pool?

A: If you intend on using your garden hose for vacuuming your pool, these steps are worth following to the latter.

Step 1: Get the tools ready

Fix the telescoping pole to a working vacuum head. Then, connect the hose’s end to your pole end and then attach the vacuum bag well to the right vacuum opening.

Step 2: Filtration system lock

Turn off your filtration system of the pool

Step 3: Vacuum

Turn on the water flow and dip your vacuum into the swimming pool. Keep moving the vacuum back and forth to do away with all the dirt and debris.

Q: How to clean above ground pool?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Above ground swimming pools clearance

Filtration and Skimming

Clean well the pump basket, the cartridge, above ground pool filter, eradicate all debris and then brush the pool by using a brush that is attached to the telescopic pole

Step 2: Vacuum

Use a good vacuum attached to the telescopic pole to clean along the surface to ensure it is clear of all rubbish and dirt.

Step 3: Check your Chemical Levels

Check chemical levels thoroughly and if necessary, adjust them accordingly. Ensure you shock the pool weekly to get rid of all contaminants.

Q: How to close an above ground pool?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Check your pool’s pH Levels and clean well the pool

A few days before closing the swimming pool, check the pH, and adjust levels well. Clean the pool by skimming and vacuuming.

Step 2: Winterise the Pool

Use winterizing chemicals to ready the pool for closing. Reduce the pool’s water levels. Use air pillows to prevent the ice from destroying the structure of the pool.

Step 3: Cover the Swimming Pool

Cover the swimming pool surface using a winter cover then secure it using cables and clips.

Q: How to open an above ground pool?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Clear your Pool Cover

Remove water that is on the cover; this includes all the leaves and rubbles too. Use skimmers and quality pool cover pumps.

Step 2: Remove your Cover

Slowly remove your cover by first releasing the clips or cables. Remove the air pillow as well for use next time.

Step 3: Clean and store your cover

Lay the cover on a clean and flat surface. Use a mild detergent and washcloth to clean both sides of the cover. Leave to air dry until well done then store in a cool and dry place.

Q: How do you find a leak in an above-ground pool?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Let all the water settle entirely

After checking all the gear for functionality, allow for water to ultimately settle.

Step 2: Inspection

Go around the swimming pool slowly as you carefully look at the lowest for any clues. Check the outer area of the pool keenly. If you can’t identify anything, it is time to get inside the pool, but you must clean it first.

Q: How to heat an above ground pool?

A: Heating an above ground pool will depend highly on the type of heating method you will employ. There are units like above ground pool solar heater, the heat pumps, solar rings, solar blankets, and wind shielding units. Depending on whichever you choose for your swimming pool, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s manual instructions on how you can set it up and connect to the small above ground pool for functionality.

Q: How to level an above ground pool?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Identify High Spots

You need to do a proper visual inspection to check for the occurrence of high spots. You can further do this using a plank.

Step 2: Restructure the noted areas

Remove the soil and don’t build low patches. Check for levelness after removing the dirt

Step 3: Finalize

Tamp the soil from side to side and spray a fungicide to kill any fungi and leave the area to wait for about 2 to 3 weeks before pool installation.

Q: How to maintain an above ground pool?

A: There is no proper procedure to follow since it will depend on how frequent you intend to do pool maintenance.

  • Run your pump at daytime to allow for adequate water circulation
  • Remove visible rubbles and the microscopic particles using above ground pool filter
  • Brush thoroughly and vacuum the pool walls
  • Do regular water pH level testing

Q: What to put under the above ground pool?

A: Depending on the spot you would like to install your above ground pool, there exist different paddings that you can choose from for use. See below to make a choice:

  • Concrete pads
  • Commercial pads
  • Sand pads
  • Solid foam

Q: What to put around above ground pool?

A: Below are the available options to take on for aesthetics and functionality:

  • Border the pool using timber, concrete, stone or plastic
  • Mulch the areas

Q: How can you make an above-ground pool look nice?

A: Aesthetics never go wrong when you have intentions of beautifying your exterior. To add glamour to your above ground pool, you can use the bow apart from the typical above ground pool slide.

  • Add a deck
  • Plant some trees though not so close
  • Add above ground pool lights
  • Incorporate a copy pond or water feature
  • Add a sun deck, patio, cookout area or bar


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