5 STAR Rated 10 Best Truck Bed Tent | Cheap Truck Bed Tent Review of 2024

5 STAR Rated 10 Best Truck Bed Tent | Cheap Truck Bed Tent Review of 2024
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Adventure is necessary for life if you want to get out of your comfort zone. Therefore, if you’ve decided to go on a trip, then you may face problem to sleep at night. Truck bed camping at the back of your car is the excellent solution to the evening sleeping problem. Two persons can easily sleep inside a truck bed tent and this is a perfect shelter for you. It’s a nightmare to sleep on the cold ground especially in the winter season.

Truck camping gets you off the ground, and they are much easier to erect than traditional camping. If you’re going alone on a trip, then it’s recommended to practice assembling these tents a couple of times. But how will you find the best truck bed tent for your trip as there are numerous truck bed tents available on the market? It can be a back-breaking task to know the appropriate truck bed tent for you. Let’s check the reviews of the top 10 best truck bed tent so that you can get help in the search for the right truck bed accessories for your trip.

Who should get this?

We focus more on adventurous who’d love to escape their comfort zones for a few days to strategize and re-energize. A truck bed tent will solve the common sleeping problem that most adventurers tend to suffer from. Besides protecting you from the cold in winter, it is easy to erect, compact to store in minimal space and comes for cheap.

How we picked this

Our team of researchers set out on a mission to meet different groups of people that love different adventurous spots. Each group was to list the truck bed tents they use, why they prefer them over others, and if there were any others that they’d like to get. The information extraction activity was very resourceful. More areas of consideration for research findings were Google and Amazon.

How we tested

We heavily invested in 3 samples of each of the 10 truck bed tents to verify their quality, and determine their functionality. We are glad that all of them passed the storage, ease of use, safety, cleaning, and maintenance test. We love how well they come in vibrant colors, as well.

1. Napier Backroadz

Napier Backroadz truck bed tent tops the position among various truck bed tents. Firstly, you can sleep inches off the ground due to a sewer-in floor surface of this tent. It is effortless to process the set up of this tent, and the four large windows in the tent make it comfortable to sleep due to ventilation. No water droplets can come inside the tent during rain because the canvas offers protection through rainfly. The color-coded poles of the tent make it a breeze to setup the tent. Furthermore, the tent is quite sturdy and comes with a one year warranty. The design of the tent is such that it’s simple to assemble it. Napier Backroadz truck tent is the most popular choice of truck bed campers.

2. Rightline Gear 110730

This Nightline gear truck tent claims to provide a pioneering performance. It comes in various sizes, and thus it’s recommended to take the size of your car before you go to buy it. You won’t have to separate the gear and the bed to set it up due to its floorless design. The fabric of this tent is water-resistant and with rainfly and stuff sack, it looks charming and delightful.

3. Kodiak Canvas

Due to the incredibly amazing performance of this tent, it has come to number three in position. It’s not an easy process to set it up by going through the detailed instructions given with it. After few practices of setting it up, anyone can prepare it in few minutes. There’s sufficient ventilation through a beautiful door and mesh windows placed correctly.

4. Rightline Gear 110907

This Rightline Gear Truck Tent takes your trip experience to the next level by allowing you to spend the night in your beautiful truck tent. It’s an ideal shelter for a family as it can easily accommodate four people in it and thus this is also an excellent canvas for various car models. This tent also provides sufficient protection from rain through rain fly and water resistant fabric. The tent makes the journey quite comfortable through PE bathtub floor. The newly sealed seams provide the excellent design in it.

5. Guide Gear 6-by-6- ft

Another masterpiece truck tent by Guide Gear that occupies the fifth position in the top truck tents due to its incredible features. It has a D-shaped door and mesh windows that provide enough ventilation and top notch construction. It’s an easy to set up truck bed tent that can fit most of the truck beds. The tent is quite robust and durable along with the water resistant capability. However, this tent may not be a suitable choice for windy environments.

6. Guide Gear Full Size

The deployment process is quick and quite capable in Guide Gear full-size truck tent. It’s the appropriate fast and comfortable shelter for an entire family. The customizable options and the proper ventilation in this tent make it a perfect family choice. The truck tent comes with two storage pockets to keep the stuff in order. The set up is quite easy with its lightweight and color-coded poles.

7. Napier Outdoor

The tent material of Napier Outdoor tent is Polyester Taffeta and thus it provides the unrivaled toughness and unsurpassed durability to the tent. It’s an ideal choice for two people as it’s able to hold truck beds of up to 5ft in size conveniently. The color coded poles of Napier truck tent ensure that it’s quite easy to set up and the design makes sure that it’s easy to assemble. If we look at the quality and comfort it provides, it’s one of the cheap tents comparatively. However, you need to be careful in rainy season as this tent is not totally waterproof.

8. Rightline Gear 110860

This truck tent claims to have one of the largest interior rooms on the market. It means that it’s also a fantastic family package. The rain fly makes sure to keep the water away in rainy season. It has an extra large sack which provides sufficient storage for it. The pitching is not a piece of cake in this tent yet the two gear pockets coupled with its unique hanging hook take your experience to a higher level.

9. Sportz Avalanche

The tent provides enough space for two people in it. The installation process for this tent is quite easy due to its color coded, and shock ordered poles. The tent is quite sturdy and can withstand any weather conditions including even windy environments. The large carry bag in this tent offers enough storage space.

10. Sportz Blue/Gray Truck Tent

This tent offers large rear access panels that ensure quick access conveniently and also adequate storage. To maintain the air circulation and proper ventilation inside, it has extra large entrance door along with two mesh windows. There’s no need for guide ropes in this tent. It provides protection all the way down to the tailgate, and thus it’s perfect to set up at any place this tent also has color coded poles for quick and easy setup process except for the fact that the poles are a bit too long.

If you want to go out on a trip on your truck, then you can use a truck bed tent to make the back of your truck comfortable and sheltered. Truck bed tents come in all sizes and shapes. With them, you can have a temporary shelter from sun, wind, and air and turn any spot into a comfortable camp site.

Types of Truck Bed Tent

The kind of truck tent you want to buy depends on the vehicle you own and the season you want to use it in.

  • Hatchback Style Tents – These tents are perfect for small SUVs. They provide you a protected and comfortable sleeping space. They’re good enough for two persons.
  • Large SUV Tents – These tents are designed for Large SUVs and Minivans. They’re slightly bigger than the hatchback style tents and provide some extra room.
  • Universal Camping Tents – They work with almost any vehicle, such as your truck, car or SUV. They are perfect for people who own multiple vehicles and travel very frequently. They are very convenient and easy to assemble, but they are priced higher than the other options.
  • 3 Season Tents – 3 season tents are lightweight and perfect for camping during summer, spring and early fall. Ventilation panels allow the air to flow freely inside the tent and block the entry of the insects and mosquitoes.
  • 4 Season Tents – 4 season tents are priced higher than the 3 season tents. These tents are highly durable, sturdy and they can withstand heavy winds and snows. They are designed in the shape of domes to prevent the accumulation of snow. They are designed to keep you warm even when it is freezing outside and come with fewer panels for ventilation. Some campers don’t like to use them, especially during the summers.

Factors To Consider While Shopping

  1. Height and Length – Measure the area, length, and breadth of your vehicle before you go shopping. If you are very tall, you might want a truck tent that has a floor length of 90 inches. You can also search for a domed type tent as their ceilings are higher than the other tents.
  2. Poles – Poles provide the necessary support to erect the tent. Most poles are constructed using lightweight aluminum, and some are manufactured with fiberglass. Poles are color coded to ensure the ease of setting up the tent. You need a tent which is sturdy, easy to set up and has strong enough poles that can withstand strong winds easily.
  3. Rainflies – Rain flies will prevent the water from getting in your tent. Most truck tents come with at-least one rain fly. You should search for a tent that comes with a full coverage rain fly if you plan to camp in the areas of heavy rain storms.
  4. Mesh Panels – If you go camping during summers, the most important factor to consider is ventilation. During the warm weather, you will need truck tents with more than three mesh panels.
  5. Gear Pockets – You will need pockets to store your light stuff such as camera, wallet, etc. Search for a tent that provides plenty of gear pockets inside the tent.

What The Best Truck Bed Tent Has

  1. Plenty Of Room – Best truck tents provide plenty of headroom, and they are spacious enough to let you sleep inside comfortably.
  2. Lightweight – They are built with a lightweight but strong material. They are easy to set up, and sturdy once set up.
  3. Included Floor – For best comfort, included floors are necessary as they make the tent very comfortable. You will not like to sleep directly on the bed of your truck.
  4. LeakProof Seams – Seams should prevent the dirt and water from leaking inside the tent.
  5. Rain Fly – Best tents come with a rain fly that provides full coverage.
  6. Awning – Awning provides you an extra storage space.
  7. Mesh Panels – Good ventilation is necessary for most campers unless they choose to camp only during the winters.
  8. Storm Flap – Best tents come with storm flaps to prevent rain from getting in.
  9. Poles – Poles are color coded for easy setup and manufactured with high-quality fiber glass. Know Before You Go
  10. Season – Make sure that the tent you are using is suitable for the weather you intend to use it in. If you want to go for camping in winter, you need a tent that can keep you warm inside and you don’t need too much ventilation. On the other hand, if you intend to go camping during the summers, you need a tent that allows plenty of air to flow freely inside the tent to keep you cool.
  11. Room – Does the tent provide enough room for all the people you will travel with? You should consider one extra space for better comfort and enough space for everybody.
  12. How to Set Up – Before you go camping, you must know how to set up the tent. Though most tents are easy to set up, you must set it up at-least once before you leave for the trip.

Q: What Are The Benefits of Truck Bed Tent?

A: With truck tents, you can easily convert your truck bed into a camping tent. Just find the right spot, park the truck and you can set up your camp in no time. The most significant benefit of a truck bed tent is that it is set off the ground and away from the crawlers. It remains high above the ground, so it remains dry.

Truck bed tents are easy to set up and sturdy after getting set. You can expect them to be highly durable and long-term companions for your adventures. They are built to stand strong winds and even snow loads. They turn the back of the truck into a mini room. You can sleep comfortably inside them, just like you sleep in your cozy room.

You can zip open and close the mesh panels for airflow or sight seeing. They come with some handy gear pockets where you can keep small items such as your phone, watch, wallet, tablet, charger, etc. The best truck bed tents are made with water proof materials that do not let the water drip inside the tent even when it is raining heavily outside.

Features To Consider

  1. Awnings With Telescoping Poles – You might need awnings with adjustable height. You need telescoping poles to adjust the height of the awnings.
  2. Storm Flaps In Windows And Door – Storm flaps can not only provide the necessary protection against the weather but also provide you the privacy you need.
  3. Full Rain fly – A full rain fly will protect you against the elements
  4. Compact & Lightweight – You never know when you set yourself out on an adventure. You can carry a compact truck tent all the time in your vehicle.


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