5 STAR Rated 7 Best Brother Sewing Machine Reviews, FAQ’s & Buying Guide of 2024

5 STAR Rated 7 Best Brother Sewing Machine Reviews, FAQ’s & Buying Guide of 2024
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Apart from the SINGER Sewing Machine that is popular among most people, other types will interest you. The Brother Sewing Machine series is gaining popularity in the current market. We can deduce that their fame is from the impressive features and durable construction. They come in different models with different sewing functions. We have put together 7 of the best Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machines that you can choose from if need be.

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Technical Features


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1. Brother-CS5055PRW

  • 50 inbuilt stitches
  • 25-year guarantee
  • LED lighting
  • LCD
  • Automatic needle threader

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2. Brother HC1850

  • 185 inbuilt stitches
  • Drop-in style bobbin
  • Advanced needle threader
  • Mode and shift key stitch

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3. Brother SE600

  • USB Port
  • Free arm for sleeves and cuffs
  • Four by four inches of embroidery surface
  • 103 inbuilt stitches
  • LED-lit working space

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4. Brother ST371HD

  • 37 inbuilt stitches
  • Includes the basic accessories
  • Heavyweight needles
  • Can see several layers of bulky fabric

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5. Brother GX37

  • 37 inbuilt stitches
  • Six sewing feet
  • Auto-size buttonhole

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6. Brother ST150HDH

  • Advanced needle threader
  • 50 inbuilt stitches
  • LCD
  • Automatic bobbin-winding system

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7. Brother SE1900

  • 240 inbuilt stitches
  • 138 inbuilt designs
  • Five by seven inches of embroidery surface
  • Eight sewing feet

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1. Brother-CS5055PRW

It might look simple, but this is the best sewing machine. The LCD screen allows for the selection of stitches fast.  The drop-in bobbin makes threading a brother sewing machine simple as the automatic threader entirely does its job. You can enjoy using any of the 50 inbuilt stitches at will.

Brother sewing machine repair is straightforward because the manufacturer backs it with a 25-year guarantee in case of any defects.

2. Brother HC1850

Brother sewing machine bobbin setting is one of the simplest with a drop-in and pull style. There is a flip chart with all the 185 stitches. We can say that this machine can work well for both beginners and experts because of its versatility.

It boasts 14 quilting stitches that a tailor can select from to create a magnificent piece. The walking foot for Brother sewing machine in this one is optional as it also comes with convenient controls. You will love how exceptional the feed system is. Generally, the machine’s operations are straightforward.

3. Brother SE600

If you are looking for a Brother Embroidery sewing machine, this is it. It has a four by four inches embroidery area which makes it the best for decorative stitching and embroidery. You can choose the various patterns from the 103 inbuilt stitches.

We find it one of the best sewing machines for beginners because of its versatility in features. A novice can learn and develop sewing skills with this machine without having to look for option B. The Brother computerized sewing machine comes with a USB port that you can use to put new designs.

4. Brother ST371HD

We appreciate this machine for coming with a brother sewing machine manual and an instructional DVD with directions on how to use and care for this product. This puts it in the category of sewing machine for beginners because the design is simple and can do most of the sewing tasks.

It features a high-grade metallic needle plate and Brother sewing machine needles that are heavyweight to ensure that they can sew the heaviest fabrics. It is a Brother Industrial Sewing Machine for small firms. Apart from the 37 inbuilt stitches, you can do free-motion sewing with the drop feed feature.

5. Brother GX37

The common question is usually about how to thread a brother sewing machine. This one comes with a drop-in bobbin and an automatic needle threader for easy work. You can select from the available 37 inbuilt stitches and an auto-size buttonhole.

Its package consists of other Brother sewing machine parts like a needle set, bobbin, and others to kick-start your sewing activities. The free arm is versatile, and you can use it for quilting on fabric.

6. Brother ST150HDH

Metallic frames are among the most sturdy and durable. The one on this sewing machine allows you to sew heavy fabric with ease. Fifty inbuilt stitches are versatile for most of your needs. The backlit LCD is large for easy stitch setting and selection.

The bobbin winding system is automatic, and the advanced needle threader has a touch lever function for quick threading.

7. Brother SE1900

This Brother Embroidery Machine functions similarly to the Brother SE600 machine. The primary difference is in the features. This one has 240 inbuilt stitches and comes with a five by 7 inches embroidery area.

The 138 inbuilt designs, together with the 11 embroidery fonts, render it more versatile than most sewing machines. Stitch selection and the setting is easier with the LCD touchscreen

FAQ’s and Buying Guide of Best Brother Sewing Machine

How We Picked 7 Best Brother Sewing Machine

We are a trustworthy company that does its best to ensure that purchasers get factual information before buying any product. Our team of experts took on researching the best Brother sewing machines in the market.

As part of their data finding sources, they had interactions with fashion designers and tailors, random surveys, visits to the Brother and Singer Sewing Machine Companies, a few sessions with mall and store owners. More data was from online groups and communities, social media platforms, and Quora. The final product listing was from Amazon and Google.

The team had a selection of 10 Brother Sewing Machines to bring for sampling.

How We Tested Those Products

The business invests more in product research and documentation. We made important purchases through the procurement team. These were four pieces of each of the ten samples, and distribution was among new users.

We aimed at determining the products’ functionality and durability. Some of the testing aspects were the ease of operation, energy consumption, storage and portability tests, and a corrosion test on the metallic materials. Of all the products put to the test, seven were fit enough for mentioning on our website.

Revolution of the Brother Sewing Machine

Kanekichi Yasui founded the Yasui Sewing and Company in 1908. It was for parts of sewing machines and repair services. It changed to the Yasui Brothers Sewing Machine Company by Masayoshi Yasui a few years later. The company invented the first chain stitch machine in 1928, and home sewing machines in mass production were in 1932. It was a sewing machine for beginners.

The name changed to Nippon Sewing Machine Manufacturing Company in 1934 and begun producing industrial sewing machines that worked similarly to the SINGER heavy-duty sewing machine in 1936. They invented the first computerized machine in 1979 and a PC design later in 2003.

The first Brother Sewing and embroidery machine launching was in 2017. Since then, the company has set the pace in the fashion and design company with advancements in the creation of Brother sewing machine parts

Types of Brother Sewing Machine

  • Professional grade sewing machine
  • Embroidery machine
  • Computerized machine
  • Quilting machine
  • Electric sewing machine
  • Combination machines

Q: What is the best brother sewing machine?

A: The Best Brother Sewing Machine is that which can suit all your needs without having to find another option. It should be portable, easy to operate, and have all the features for your sewing, embroidery, or quilting tasks.

Q: How to clean a brother sewing machine?

A: Ensure to check on the Brother sewing machine manual on how to disassemble the removable parts. Necessary cleaning will require removing lint and dusting all parts and joints. Avoid using any moisture on the machine. This might lead to the rusting of vulnerable parts.

Q: How to thread a brother sewing machine?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Preparation

Switch off the machine and lift its presser foot lever and the needle. Completely pull up the machine’s spool.

Step 2: The Threading Process

On the pin, put on a spool of the thread. Pass the thread in the groove, which is on the machine’s thread guide. Feed the top thread and pass the thread at the rear of the guide and insert in the needle eye then through your presser foot

Q: How to use a brother sewing machine?

A: This will solely depend on the type of Brother Sewing Machine that you are using. Each one comes with a Brother Sewing Machine Manual of a DVD for instructions on how to use it.

Q: How to thread a brother sewing machine bobbin?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Bobbin Placement

Completely pull the spool pin up and put a thread spool on it. Pass the thread in the machine groove on the guide and around a pre-tension disk and pull it in thoroughly.

Step 2: The Winding Process

Use the hole on the bobbin to pass the thread from the inner side. Place the bobbin on the winder shaft and turn it clockwise using your hand. Switch your machine on and press the foot controller to wind it.

Q: How to change a needle on a brother sewing machine?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Needle Replacement

Raise the needle by pressing on the Needle Position button. Turn the screw frontwards towards the machine using a screwdriver to loosen its screw and remove the first needle. The flat end of the needle should be the rear as you insert the needle to the stopper in the clamp. Tighten the screw using a screwdriver.

Q: How to oil a brother sewing machine?

A: Ensure to check on the manual for the advisable parts to oil. Not all machines are the same. Use a sewing machine lubricant when necessary.

Q: How to setup a brother sewing machine?

A: Follow below step

Step 1: Preparation

Unpack the machine and confirm the presence of all accessories. Plug the power cord and place its foot pedal. Put the reel on the top and set the thread well. Thread your bobbin as in the steps above and return it in the holder. Insert the needle, as described above. You can be sure to accomplish the basics.

Q: Where are brother sewing machines made?

A: Brother mechanical sewing machines have their plant in Zhuhai, China, while the Brother computerized sewing machine for sewing and embroidery are in Taiwan. Vietnam homes the new Brother Sewing Machine factory.

Q: Where to buy bother sewing machines?

A: The machines are available in many stores across the world. This is the same case for Brother Sewing Machine Parts. You can purchase them in walk-in shops, at the manufacturer’s depot, Amazon, and other online platforms.

Q: How much is a brother sewing machine?

A: A sewing machine for beginners under the brother series should cost about $250 if you are buying it from Amazon. There are a few cheaper options than this and others that are in the high-end category. This price range is similar to that of the SINGER Simple Sewing Machine for an average household.

Q: How to attach a zipper foot to a brother sewing machine?

A: Follow below step

Step 1: The Setup Process

Align the zipper foot to the shank. The zipper foot will be underneath the holder. Attach its shank to the pin on the left if sewing on the right side. The vice versa applies when stitching on the left side of your zipper.


Brother Sewing Machines have excellent advancements and features that the user will love. The primary worry is in selecting the best machine for your needs. We have put together the frequently asked questions by potential users. Their answers are in the simplest form to ensure that novices have an easy time using these machines.


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