5 STAR Rated 10 Best Singer Sewing Machine Reviews, FAQ’s & Buying Guide of 2024

5 STAR Rated 10 Best Singer Sewing Machine Reviews, FAQ’s & Buying Guide of 2024
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I bet Singer doesn’t need an introduction anymore. It is a legendary name in the fashion industry. The company started small, and in 1975, the company launched the first electronic sewing machine in the world. It is one of the best sewing machine brands. We have put together 10 Singer sewing machine reviews to help you decide the best that suits your needs.

Product Name

Technical Features


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1. SINGER 4423

  • 6mm stitch width
  • Mechanical type
  • Light feature
  • Three needle positions

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2. SINGER 4432

  • LED light bulb
  • 32 stitches
  • 25-years guarantee
  • 17.42lbs item weight
  • Adjustable pressure

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3. Singer 4452

  • 6mm width stitch
  • 32 inbuilt stitches
  • One-step automatic buttonhole
  • Mechanical machine
  • Three needle positions

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4. SINGER 411

  • 11 inbuilt stitches
  • Four steps automatic buttonhole
  • Three needle positions
  • Mechanical type
  • 6mm stitch width-adjustable

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5. SINGER 3232

  • Technical Features
  • One buttonhole count
  • 32 inbuilt stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Adjustable stitch length

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6. SINGER 7258

  • Six feeding system segments
  • Thirteen needle positions
  • Optimum power control
  • 100 stitches
  • Embroidery sewing machine
  • One-step automatic buttonhole

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7. SINGER 333

  • 23 inbuilt stitches
  • Four-step buttonhole
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • LED light

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8. SINGER 23

  • 23 inbuilt features
  • 60Hz
  • 120 volts
  • 84 watts
  • 0.7 amperes

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9. SINGER 8763

  • Six inbuilt stitches
  • 1300 stitches/ minute
  • 25-year guarantee
  • Color-coded threading system

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10. SINGER 74690

  • 2 LED bulbs
  • 25-year guarantee
  • Six segments on the feeding system
  • 98 inbuilt stitches.

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1. SINGER 4423

As one of the best heavy-duty sewing machines, 4423 features 23 inbuilt stitches. They are in four categories depending on your needs. It has a collection of decorative stitches, making it an ideal embroidery sewing machine. The buttonhole type is automated, making it stress-free to get buttons on a fabric.

Singer includes a light feature for illuminating the work surface. The stitch width set at 6mm is functional and, adjustments are possible. The machine comes with the essential accessories for sewing, cutting the cost of purchasing them separately. If you check the Brother Sewing Machine Reviews, the majority have used this SINGER machine and recommend it.

2. SINGER 4432

This isn’t your basic sewing machine like its predecessors. Singer 4432 has 32 stitches making it more versatile in terms of choices. It weighs 17.42lbs, which makes it a portable sewing machine for anyone on frequent transit.

You can adjust the pressure on the Singer sewing machine at will even if it is a high bar system. The machine has four feet for stability. Its foot fixing type is via snapping. We appreciate the drop feed dog because of its efficiency and durability. The manufacturer backs it with a 25-year guarantee in case of the need for repairs. For the sewing machine price, it is worth it.

3. Singer 4452

We can define it as the best sewing machine for beginners because of the online owners’ class and the sewing assistant application. These are helpful features that most manufacturers don’t implement. Fabric feeding is smooth with the help of the stainless steel bedplate.

Like most Singer machines, it has three-needle positions that you can choose from any time. The 6mm stitching width makes some stitches pop out exceptionally well. It is possible to use it for sewing both heavy and lightweight fabric. We attribute this feature to the presser foot pressure that is adjustable.

4. SINGER 411

Eleven inbuilt stitches might not be plenty for a tailor or designer who is looking to advance their skills and enjoy versatility, but for a start, it counts. The sewing machine reviews show that most domestic users find it more helpful than most machines because of its basic features.

One feature that differentiates it from most of the heavy-duty SINGER machines is the automatic needle threader, which is unavailable. Otherwise, most features cut across most of the machines. These include lighting, an automatic reverse stitches, pressure control, and a presser foot lifter. It is one of the cheap sewing machines that you will love as a newbie.

5. SINGER 3232

Some novices want a straightforward machine. This is also the best sewing machine for beginners who want something to kick-start their sewing journey. SINGER has this machine with 32 inbuilt stitches and a one-step automatic buttonhole.

It is a sewing and embroidery machine that allows you to work on various fabric textures. The stitch length is adjustable to enable you to learn the adjustment steps. SINGER includes the essential accessories that a learner will require in their journey.

6. SINGER 7258

Most sewing machine rental services offer machines as excellent as this one. It features 100 stitches that are computer-based. Any professional tailor will agree that it boasts greater functionality, versatility, and durability.

The number of needle positions is thirteen. This is way more than those on the machines in the above mini-reviews. Its feeding system has six segments, and the machine features automatic reverse stitches and advanced accessories.

7. SINGER 333

The best sewing machines consumer reports deduce that this machine is among those with high ratings. You will love the new body design, and the 23 stitches that comprise of decorative, basic, and stretch stitches.

The user can see and thread the bobbin easily as it is a drop-in design. Thanks to the four-step buttonhole, you can achieve professional results. Stitch lengths are adjustable, making it the best sewing machine.

8. SINGER 23

A feature that makes this sewing machine one of its kind is the tote. It is a superb feature and creates an excellent blend of style and function. It comes with handles and zippers for security and easy transportation from one place to another.

The motor is more potent by 60%to allow for proper and faster sewing without consuming a lot of energy. We love the automation of the needle threader as it is time-saving.

9. SINGER 8763

It will surprise you how much time this machine can save you. The stitching has an estimate of 1300 stitches in every minute. The threading system is color-coded for easier differentiation. SINGER builds it with six inbuilt stitches for the essential functions.

The tension is adjustable and effortless regardless of the material you are sewing. The carry handle makes it one of the best portable sewing machines.

10. SINGER 74690

A stitch locking function ensures that you create a perfect and durably sewn fabric. It comes with 98 inbuilt stitches, and you can select what you need to use when you are working on material. Thirteen needle positions are numerous compared to what is available on others like the Brother Sewing Machine.

The two bright LED bulbs shine on your working space to avoid accidents. The feeding system segments are six and fully functional.

SINGER has beaten the competition and is doing exceptionally well since its formation. The sewing machine collection is superb, and there is something for everyone’s needs. You need to identify your skills and know the features to look out for before making a purchase.

FAQ’s and Buying Guide of Singer Sewing Machine

You must be familiar with the Brother Sewing Machine Company if you sew a lot are in the business of selling these products. How about Singer Sewing Machine? This is a legendary name that needs no explanations. Even as we know the big names in the sewing machine production sector, the primary problem is getting the best machine for our needs.

We would like to address these problems once. There are numerous questions concerning Singer sewing machines that are yet to have precise answers. That is what we have done in this article. We have put together a section of the commonly asked questions and their answers. These answers are brief and very clear. This is to help you understand the aspects of the sewing machine and assist you in making a purchase decision.

How We Picked 10 Best Singer Sewing Machine

The company prides itself on a team of experts who conduct thorough research for product review compilation. We can’t say that it is a cheap exercise, but we value our customers and readers more than anything. The team of experts took out intense research to determine the best sewing machine from the Singer Company.

Some of their forms of data collection wear through random surveys, one-on-one conversations with sewing machine owners and sellers. They met a bunch of tailors and designers to hear and see what products they use and what they can recommend. There were visits to the Singer Company for more sessions and conversations on online communities and groups.

The final product listing was from Google and Amazon. The list contained thirteen products that we had to put to the test and create a review, FAQ, and buyers’ guide.

How we Tested Those Products

We invest so much in terms of resources in this exercise. The procurement department had to source three samples of each of the thirteen Singer sewing machines. Distribution was among new users who haven’t tried these products before. They were to use the sewing machines for twelve months and review it in all aspects.

As part of the testing criteria, here are a few aspects that we had a keen interest in ease of operation, portability and storage, ease of cleaning and maintenance, corrosion and rust tolerance, power consumption, and the availability of the Singer sewing machine parts.

Out of the products put to the test, only seven had higher ranks and recommendations.

Revolution of Singer Sewing Machine

The company formation was in 1850 by Isaac Merritt Singer, who invented the first practical machine in the world and had a patent the next year. The first domestic lightweight machine launch was in 1858, while the first electric sewing machine unveiling was in 1889.

Singer introduced the first-ever electric sewing machine in 1889 and the portable version in 1921. From 1922 to 2015, Singer has been keen on advancing its sewing machines and creating innovations. The company was the first to launch a sewing assistant application in 2017.

Types of Singer Sewing Machine

  • Singer handheld sewing machine
  • Singer treadle sewing machine
  • Singer featherweight sewing machine
  • Antique singer sewing machine
  • Singer embroidery machine
  • Old Singer sewing machine
  • Singer heavy-duty sewing machine
  • Singer electronic machine
  • Singer quilting machine
  • Singer computerized machine
  • Singer domestic machine

Q: What is the best singer sewing machine?

A: The best Singer sewing machine is that which will suit all your sewing needs without forcing you to look for another option. There are numerous Singer sewing machine models, and not all will serve you as you want. A good machine has to be very straightforward to operate and take up very little power if using electricity. This product has to be easy to clean and match your storage needs.

Q: How to clean singer sewing machine?

A: The cleaning process of the Singer Machine will be different from one product to another. However, we advise that you check your Singer sewing machine manual for the right steps to achieve a clean machine. In case you lose yours, the general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t use water to clean the machine unless you are cleaning the table.

We advise that you use a dry piece of lint-free cloth to remove the dust and lint on the machine parts. Do this after switching off the machine and separating the removable parts. For the nooks and crannies, use a brush with softer bristles to clean the areas. If you use moisture to clean the machine, it might lead to rusting in the metallic areas affecting its performance.

Q: How to use singer sewing machine?

A: The Singer Company has sewing machines in different models and for different uses. Like in the types above, using it will depend on your needs and the types of machines. Generally, we advise that if you have a sewing machine for beginners and are looking to use it for the first time, unpack the machine and confirm if all accessories are in excellent condition.

Proceed to assemble the machine, thread it correctly, and plug it to the power source. These are the necessary steps to beginning your sewing journey.

Q: How to thread an older singer sewing machine?

A: Follow below step

Step 1: The Threading Process

Place your spool on the pin and raise the needle to halfway level or its furthest. Pull the thread and pass it through the thread guide at the top are of the machine. Pull it again towards your laps and pass it once through the tension disc then through tension spring. Place it under the take-up lever and pass it through the other guide and pull it towards the needle. Thread the needle through the eyelet.

Q: How much is my singer sewing machine worth?

A: You can know how the worth of your machine. All of them come with Singer sewing machine serial numbers. Key the serial number on Google, and you will be able to get the product information of your machine, including its selling price. From there, you can calculate its worth depending on its condition, model, and year of purchase.

Q: How old Is my singer sewing machine?

A: The age of your sewing machine will depend on the year of purchase. You can check your receipts for dates if you made a brand new purchase. If you have the machine as a gift, ask whoever sent it to tell you its date of purchase to estimate its age.

Q: How to oil a singer sewing machine?

A: If you don’t oil your sewing machine, you will have to seek or Singer sewing machine repair services, which might be costly. To oil your machine, disassemble the parts and clean the machine as in the procedure above. Use the right sewing machine lubricant to oil only the movable parts of your sewing machine. Ensure to use enough oil and wipe the excess from the surface to avoid staining fabric.

Q: How to set up a singer sewing machine?

A: The process of setting up your machine will depend on its type. However, unpack the machine and thread it well. If it needs a power source, plug it, and start the machine. Try and make the necessary settings and try to pick up the needle to confirm if the threading was right. The way you can set a Singer or Brother sewing and embroidery machine isn’t the way you sill set up an antique Singer sewing machine.

Q: How to change needle on singer sewing machine?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: Unscrew

Raise the present needle and ensure it is halfway up. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw securing the needle to the clamp. Take out the needle carefully and ensure that it doesn’t drop.

Step 2: Replacement

Take the new needle and let the flat surface face the machine. Attach it to the machine so that the flat area is in contact with the machine. Align it properly and screw it back carefully.

Q: How much is a singer sewing machine?

A: Singer sewing machines are available in different designs and types. The cheapest go for as low as $20. These are for handheld sewing machines. There are complex and more sophisticated machines that cost as high as $1000 and above. The price will also depend on the vendor.

Q: How to put a bobbin in a singer sewing machine?

A: Follow below steps

Step 1: The Insertion Process

Raise your needle to the furthest point that it can go and take out the cover plate protecting the bobbin. Insert the wound bobbin and confirm that it can rotate anticlockwise when you slightly pull the thread.

Step 2: Secure the Bobbin and Thread

Pass the thread through the first slot and bring it to the left. Hold the top of the bobbin with a finger and pass the thread through the next slot. Pull out a thread of about 7 inches and place beneath the presser foot from the rear of the machine. Return the cover plate

Q: Where are singer sewing machines made?

A: Singer sewing machines have their manufacturing plants in China and Vietnam.

Q: How much is an antique singer sewing machine worth?

A: The price of your antique sewing machine will depend on its current condition and model. The cost varies from $60 and can go as high as $600 if it has the Antique Singer Sewing Machine table and parts in proper condition.


Now that everything is clear on the common Singer sewing machine questions, we hope that you quickly identify your needs. This will make your selection process straightforward. You can make a purchase from Amazon for faster delivery.


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