Best Electric skateboard for kids – A comprehensive buying guide

Best Electric skateboard for kids – A comprehensive buying guide
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Buying an electric skateboard for your child could be a wonderful way to bond. Electric skateboards are a lot of fun, and they can also be a great way to sneak more exercise into the daily routine of a kid. Some parents are likely afraid that electric skateboards might be unsafe or even dangerous for their son or daughter to ride. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When used properly with ample safety precautions, riding an electric skateboard can be very safe and rewarding.

How should riders and consumers go about choosing an electric skateboard for a child?

The key is generally to pick boards that help to maximize control, minimize maximum speed, and come packed with helpful safety features and specs. This shouldn’t be too hard to do. The electric skateboard industry is rife with products known for providing excellent safety without compromising too much on performance. This guide will give readers all the tools they need to choose the perfect electric skateboard for kids.

How to choose an electric skateboard for kids

As we said above, the main key to choosing the right electric skateboard for a child is to look for models that maximize safety and control without impacting performance too much. Children are going to be faster learners when it comes to the ins-and-outs of operating their board, so you’ll want to find a board with a decent learning curve and multiple ways to keep safe. This section will outline some of the main technical considerations to keep in mind as you search for a kids’ board.

Safety Features

A common misconception among new e-skaters is that safety only comes down to the individual. On the contrary, electric skateboard manufacturers can make their products safer in a number of ways. The leading board creators on the growing e-skating market continue to come out with new tools built-into their products that help to keep them safe without impacting performance.

One good tool for parents to buy a board for their child is a remote control. Remote controls for an electric board can help to change or shift gears on the go, lower the speed of the device, and even sometimes hit the breaks. For parents of older kids more experienced at riding their board, a remote control can be used by the child to better monitor and check their speed on-the-go.

But for newer riders of a younger age, parents might consider finding a board with a remote control with solid range. You could help teach a child how to ride their electric skateboard while monitoring and slowing them down when necessary by using a quality remote control.


It’s also usually recommended that very young riders stick to reputable boards with safe firmware. While it’s possible to get a cheaper, less reputable model that gets the job done, the most popular and respected e-skating brands are guaranteed to provide you with the safety features, add-ons, and specs necessary to keep a child safe while riding.

Soft Acceleration

If a board accelerates too quickly, children might be thrown off the board. This is especially true if they don’t have any previous experience adjusting to speed increases while riding a device. Finding a device with a soft, gradual acceleration is a good way to offset the risks of a kid falling off their device as it speeds up while they’re still learning.

Strong Brakes

For the brakes on an electric skateboard, you want some serious stopping power. While brakes that are too strong might knock a kid off of their e-board, even being knocked off is better than accidentally riding into a busy street or down a hill that’s too steep. You’ll want some strong brakes for your child’s board.

Speed not a Must

This point will depend heavily on how much experience your kid has at riding an electric skateboard. If your child has been riding regular longboards or e-boards for a while, they might be able to handle higher speeds. But for most children, a high top speed is not a necessity. In fact, many parents may find that a high top speed can pose a risk to their child’s safety as they ride.


Again, most kids are going to be relatively inexperienced at effectively controlling their speed. Even experienced child riders just might not have the cognitive ability to analyze the road in front of them and adjust their speed accordingly to avoid unnecessary risks. It might be best to shoot for a board with a lower top speed to minimize danger.

Best electric skateboards for kids

This list is surely not comprehensive. Still, the boards detailed below represent some of the most reputable and respected e-board manufacturers currently on the e-skating scene. Most companies don’t manufacture e-boards specifically made for children. However, several of these companies offer boards ideal for starters.


While this is a comprehensive intro to choosing a kid’s board, there are a number of blogs and resources, can help you further finding the best solutions when it comes to electric skateboarding.


Backfire Boards

Backfire is a gold-standard company in the electric skating industry and community. The organization produces a number of popular boards. Backfire manufactures high-performance boards, so they don’t have many options specifically made for kids. The Backfire G2 might be the best choice for a kids board. The official website for this model calls it “the best board for beginners.”


The top speed of the G2 is 24 mph. This isn’t nearly as high as most boards, and some reviewers say that its acceleration is easily controllable. This makes the board a solid choice for someone buying for a child.

Meepo Boards

Meepo is another major name in the e-skate industry. Meepo is well-known for their solid and affordable boards, which are manufactured and shipped from China. Most of the boards by Meepo offer extremely high top speeds, so riders buying for children should look for the models with lower comparable speeds. The Meepo V3 is one potential contender. This board has a top speed of 25 mph and a range of 15 miles.


Some reviewers have also praised the simplicity of the controls on the Meepo remote. This could be an asset for new or younger riders who might struggle while adjusting speed on-the-go with a more complicated control system.

Ownboard Boards

The boards made by Ownboard are extremely popular, both for their performance and their affordability. For beginners and kids, the Ownboard W1S is a solid choice. The Ownboard website calls it “most popular with beginners.” The big selling point of this board is that it comes with a “beginner mode” that reduces its top speed to only 12.5 mph.


As your young rider gets more used to the board, this top speed can be increased. This unique feature makes the Ownboard W1S one of the best options on the market for beginners who hope to learn and hone their skills on the electric longboard.


Remember Safety Gear

Safety gear is always incredibly important when buying an electric skateboard. But this issue is even more essential as a consideration for those who are buying for a child. Anyone who’s been around kids for even the smallest amount of time knows that accidents happen. When these accidents happen at 10-25 miles per hour over concrete, this can obviously become dangerous! Mitigate the risk to a young rider by buying safety equipment, including a helmet, knee pads, and more.

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