TACKLIFE 13.5Amp TGTL01A Electric Tiller Review

TACKLIFE 13.5Amp TGTL01A Electric Tiller Review
December 6, 2019 Mamun

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Should you Trust TACKLIFE?

Indeed, you should trust TACKLIFE much more when it comes to garden and lawn preparations. The manufacturer has been in the industry for a long time now. This is evidence of its prowess in ensuring your gardening duties are lighter than before.

Efficient Motor

The best electric tiller should come with a powerful motor as this one does. The copper motor is of 13.5 amperes and works at a terrific speed of 380RPM. Still, with this speed, the small garden tiller can dig as deep as 8’’ to loosen the soil particles, aerate it, and ensure proper mixing of manure or fertilizer. An admirable feature of this tiller is its adjustable tilling width that will range between 12.5’’ to 18’’.

Compact Design

The reason why most individuals prefer using the rent a tiller near me services is because of affordability and storage issues. Most front tine tillers are large and very bulky. If you live in an area with minimal space, purchasing it deserves a second thought. Well, don’t think further as TACKLIFE avails the best garden tiller that has a foldable design and is space-saving. This adds to its extremely lightweight feature. It weighs 22lbs. Which is lesser than most of the small tillers.


Most owners of these garden tillers are middle to old age individuals. Regardless of who intends to use the tiller, you need the best ergonomic features. It comes with a foldable handlebar that has anti-vibration mechanisms to allow you to till longer and counter arm fatigue. Its adjustability ensures that you cultivate at a comfortable height without bending too much to hurt your back.

Safety Features

TACKLIFE designs this electric tiller with brake switches and safety buttons. These features are to enhance protection and prevent the tiller from starting accidentally.

Technical Features

  • 13.5 amperes copper motor
  • 22lbs product weight
  • Plowing width between 12.5’’ and 18.’’
  • Tilling depth of 8.’’
  • 380RPM speed
  • 93db noise
  • 120 volts

Why does this Product Stand Out from the Other Electric Tillers?

Very few manufacturers are considerate of the tilling widths and depths. This one is fascinating with adjustable tilling width. It ranges between 12.5’’ and 18’’. This ensures that you can till in between rows and columns in the shortest time while using minimal electricity units.

Also, noise production levels are very low. TACKLIFE rates it at 93db. If you are often irritated by noise or have hearing problems, this tiller is the best for you. It doesn’t sound loud and annoying; neither does it aggravate your condition.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Lesser noise production
  • Powerful motor
  • Safety features
  • Adjustable width


  • Though it is the best front tine tiller, it is limited to working in smaller spaces
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