10 Best Electric Tiller | Small Garden Tiller Review of 2024

10 Best Electric Tiller | Small Garden Tiller Review of 2024
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Are you still using fork and spade to prepare your lawn for planting or making seedbed? If yes, then it is time an electric tiller performs the task for you. This will not just cut short the number of work hours drastically but will enable you to enjoy the efficiency and reliability of any of these tillers while lowering production cost to a bare minimum. The truth is that your lawn not only needs care but attention as well. This may be during seedbed preparation or just tilling the entire lawn for new seedlings. And nothing guarantees you good results than an efficient tiller. You may have either small rotor tiller, small tiller or lowes tillers but still get the job done. It doesn’t matter the name so long as your task is performed.

So, how do you judge and choose an electric rototiller that gives you good results? Here is our analysis of what we believe as the 10 best electric tillers of 2024 with their features and performance explained in order to help you make that choice.

Who ought to acquire an electric tiller?

Thanks to the inventors who have made it possible for this electric tiller to be available to ease the burden of tillage to farmers and garden cultivators. The electric tiller is for those people who love working on the farm but do not have large tracts of land. The electric tiller gives the farmer the advantage of tilling in the shortest time possible without necessarily being so tired. For those who have tractors, they can, at times, use the electric tiller if they are in access to the electricity in their farms.

How we singled out the best electric tillers

We had a challenging time choosing the best electric planters in the market, for we had to test every single tiller to see whether it rhymed with the listed specification on the tag. We choose many of them, and the few we took are the best electric tillers that you can trust in the entire market.

How we tested

The tillers come from different brands, but they are working according to the listed specifications. We tilled with each electric tiller, and the ones we choose indeed complied with the specifications listed on their tags. We checked on the different specification and how each functioned, we found that some of them were not working according to how the manufacturer said they would. However, for the few that we selected, they worked well and were even more potent that it listed on their tags.

1. Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

For all your gardening tasks, Earthwise tiller/cultivator is highly recommended. It does not just have all it takes to fulfill your needs of lawn preparation for new seedling plantation but also designed in a slim manner that meets all the needs of a reliable and effective electric tiller. This is due to its double four blade tines made of pure steel for increased efficacy and efficiency. Earthwise tiller has the capability for tilling up to 8.0 inches depth and 11 inches cutting width, thanks to its 8.5-Amp capacity. As for handling, the firm grip necessitated by an ergonomic handle which is also equipped with a handling hook makes the tiller enjoyable as well as easy to use. For that reason, it takes to position one on our list.


  1. It is not just a lightweight machine but has a firm grip too.
  2. It’s tilling depth and cutting width makes it a must-have gardening tool
  3. There are no emissions of fume or gas, so it is environmentally friendly.
  4. It designed in a slim and slim thus takes less space, thus consumes less storage space


  1. No disadvantage so far.

If you are looking to start a garden in your backyard, you need a tool that will ease the hassle of preparing the hardened soil in your yard to get the required texture. The Earthwise TC70001 11-inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator is the ideal device for this; combining safety and functionality to give you the best gardening experience.


The Earthwise TC70001 11 -inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator is manufactured by Earthwise. an American company that specializes in producing high-performance outdoor appliances at a customer friendly price. Since 1985, they have built non-carbon footprint products with a sustained goal of conserving the environment.

Features and use

The electric tiller comes in a slim and sleek design. This lightweight, compact make-up gives you the freedom to operate it in a variety of spaces and yard landscapes. Whether it is close to fences or walls, it will ensure that you quickly maneuver your way through trickiest of situations. The small size also implies that you will have an easy time storing it since it only occupies a little space. The soft ergonomic grips on the handle further make operating it comfortable and enjoyable. It has a simple push button to get it running, which makes it easy for inexperienced gardeners to use. With the controls of the tiller located close to your fingers, operating it couldn’t be more accessible for novices. The machine has a carrying handle or a set of flip-down wheels on the rear side that eliminates the difficulty in carrying or transporting it.

It features a set of four steel blades with a cutting width of 11″ and tilling depth of 8″ that will smoothly cut through the hardened soil in your neglected soil and bring about proper soil moisture. The result is a fine tilled, pulverized soil texture that serves as the perfect medium for flowers to grow. These steel blades will also last longer and save you the trouble of constant maintenance or prematurely be replacing them.
To guarantee your utmost protection from harm, the machine comes with a power cord retention hook and an on/off lever which ensures you have it running only when you are operating it. You are assured that accidents are kept at bay with such features.

Another welcome aspect of the Earthwise TC70001 11 -inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator is the 8.5 Amp which gives the machine enough power to cut through the hard ground for extended periods while delivering a quality finish. It has a 40V lithium-ion battery version with tines that can be adjusted to give you a relatively seamless experience in your garden.


In a nutshell, the Earthwise TC70001 11 -inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator provides you with the ideal features to get the job done effectively while still offering you ease of use and affordability. Those who have had the chance to try it can attest that the pros outdo the cons. Don’t wait for the stocks to run out, get yourself the Earthwise TC70001 11 -inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator and make gardening your new hobby!

2. Sun Joe Garden TJ600E Tiller

Sun Joe Garden TJ600E tiller guarantees you no more hard work during garden preparation season. Unlike Earthwise, this tiller has four steel blades with a 14-inch wide cultivation path but only 7 -inch tilling depth. Its powerful 6.5-Amp motor is not just dependable but ensures little worry of dead batteries as well as gas or oil shortage. How about an accidental start-up? The machine is fitted with both safety switch and ergonomic handle to minimize accidents and provide firm grip respectively. Also, Sun Joe Garden TJ600E is about 17 pounds in weight thus easy to handle and maneuver.


  1. Has a 14-inch cultivation width
  2. Has a powerful motor of 6.5-Amp capacity
  3. Easy to operate
  4. Minimal chances of accidents due to the presence of the safety switch


1. None so far

A complicated name for something that can uncomplicate your gardening life so much. We’ll call this product the Sun Joe soil tiller for the rest of this electric garden tiller reviews.

To state it: The Sun Joe soil tiller will save your back. Let’s face it. Gardening can be an incredibly tedious and back-breaking hobby or lifestyle despite how rewarding it is. Most of us know that tilling your soil is an essential first step in the planting season to ensure that the dirt is friendly and ready to grow your flowers or veggies, but that doesn’t make it any less time consuming or dreadful. You want your plants to thrive in your soil, but the work it takes can sometimes seem like too much, especially if you’re a bit older and your back isn’t the way it used to be. For $160 or less if you’re lucky enough to catch a sale – you can get the electric Sun Joe tiller that’ll last you a lifetime and save you both time and pain.

The Sun Joe Tiller itself is electric, and while it may sound irritating having something that spins and tills the soil be connected to a wire, it is much more comfortable than having to deal with oil or gasoline. Just plug it in, grab on, and pull or push it along as it goes tilling your soil quickly and easily – no cleaning oily parts or refueling. The steel blades ensure that any rocks it hits aren’t likely to do any damage, and they also work so that there’s no real effort you have to put into pushing or pulling the tiller along, it just kind of skirts along the ground doing its job well enough that you’ll wonder how you ever did it any other way.

When it comes to specs, this tiller can go about 14 inches wide and 7 inches deep, which is more than enough for preparing the planting of a garden. 14 inches wide may not sound like too much, but with the speed that it works, you can easily till a medium to large backyard space in a matter of minutes. There are four blades to ensure that the tilling is thorough and efficient. The entire product weighs about 201bs, which is relatively easy for just about anyone to carry from their shed to their garden space, and it’s small enough to fit in a car if maybe
you don’t garden at home, or perhaps even you’re a worker tending to other’s gardens; and with 6.5 amps, it’s likely to make it through anything a garden may throw at you.

Overall, the Sun Joe soil tiller is a pretty excellent product for anyone who gardens regularly enough to know how bothersome tilling your soil can be. Save yourself a backache and time by using this tiller. It’s easy to use and very effective at what it does. For the casual gardener or the worker, this tiller will be worth the price, not to mention that it has a 2-year warranty, so should anything go wrong, you really can’t go wrong with the Sun Joe Tiller.

3. Sun Joe 12-Amp TJ603E Tiller/Cultivator

Sun Joe 12-Amp TJ603E is also manufactured by Sun Joe, but only applicable in medium-sized or smaller lawns. Unlike any other previously mentioned electric tillers, Sun Joe 12-Amp TJ603E has collapsible steel handle thus good for smaller storage space. It also has 6 steel angled blades with a 16-inch cultivation width. Its 12-Amp motor capacity is also good enough to ensure efficient and faster functionality.


  1. It is a powerful electric tiller
  2. It has 6 angled steel blades with 16-inch cultivation width
  3. High power and high speed for fast and efficient tilling
  4. Tills up to 16 inches of land at once
  5. Engineered for heavy duty tilling
  6. Offered with a generous 2-year warranty
  7. Customizable up to three tine angle configurations
  8. Foldable handles for easy storage and maneuverability


  1. It can be a bit difficult to handle in hard clay soils thus strong handling may be needed
  2. Runs at only one speed
  3. Not designed for huge gardens

Sun Joe T J603E comes at a reasonable price while offering tons in its construction and functionality. The electric tiller, which the manufacturer calls the secret to a great garden, sports a 12-amp motor strong enough to till large areas within a short time. Its foldable handles make it easy to maneuver and store after use.

Key Features

Unlike some electric tillers in its price range, the Sun Joe T J603E cultivates areas up to 16-inches wide and 8-inches deep within a few seconds. Sun Joe T J603E facilitated by its six steel angled tines each designed for performance and durability. You can adjust its wheels in three different directions allowing it to hit the ground at different angles for faster and more efficient cultivation. The 12-amp motor fitted in this unit delivers enough power for trough gardens. This tiller accompanied by a 2-year warranty keeping you covered in case
of design defects.

Design and Construction

The Sun Joe T J603E sports an ergonomic design which makes it easy to use, allows it to cultivate fast and makes it portable. Its two main features are the six angled tines made of hardened steel and two foldable steel handles. The tines hit the ground at the same time in different angled cultivating an area of up to 16 inches wide. When fully assembled, the tiller weighs only 27 pounds which enhances its portability and ease of use even further.

Ease of Use

With no gas and no tune-ups, this electric tiller starts at the push of a button. Once the unit has started, it roars through the garden with little to no effort. You will only need to guide it to the right soil spots. It is easy to customize its tines in three angle configurations for efficient use. Sun Joe T J603E being a corded electric tiller, it might limit the size of garden you till unless you have electrical outlets in several places in the garden.

Speed and Noise

The Sun Joe T J603E rotates at 340 rotations per minute. At this speed, the tiller breaks down soil regardless of its toughness. While it produces noise, it is far quieter than gas-powered tillers. If you are susceptible to noise, you will need earbuds.

Snow Joe and Sun Joe design outdoor tools for different uses. The Sun Joe T J603E is designed for small and medium-sized gardens. This ETL approved tiller and cultivator is offered at a great price without compromising its performance. Its high speed allows it to slice through the soil effortlessly providing maximum aeration for your seedbed. You can use it for robust garden and yard tasks and expect excellent results. For heavy clay soil, you need to pass the tiller a few times to break the root structure. Overall. Sun Joe T J603E is worth its price.

4. Earthquake 43cc MC43 Cultivator

Earthquake 43cc MC43 is a mini electric tiller suitable for weeding and soil aeration, especially fertilizer-soil mixing processes. It is good for all soil types, thanks to its 43cc engine. It is also easy to control but may require some firm grip due to occasional bouncing tendency, especially on hard earth. Earthquake MC43 is fairly priced. It has about 6-10 inches cultivation width but 8-inch tilling depth.


  1. Good for weeding and fertilizer mixing
  2. Has a powerful 43cc Viper engine, thus highly effective and efficient. Also, it’s one of the best rear tillers.
  3. Light in weight and has high maneuverability
  4. It has an adjustable tilling width – This makes it possible for you to till your garden even when you have already planted. Adjusting the tiller to the minimum width will make sure that it does not cut any of your plants.
  5. It is lightweight – This makes it easier to handle while in the garden. This is as opposed to other cultivators which are heavier and hence they make it harder for you to till your garden because the activity becomes very taxing.
  6. It has a 5-year warranty – This means that you don’t have to worry when you are buying this cultivator. In case you find something wrong with your cultivator engine within a period of 5 years, you can just return it and get a new one.
  7. Overhand Control – When you are weeding your garden, control is very important. The overhand control present on Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator makes sure that jumping and bouncing is reduced to the very minimum and hence allowing you to only remove the weeds and not your plants.
  8. It is versatile – This means that it has a lot of applications. These include soil aeration, fertilizer mixing, and weeding.


  1. The presence of the viper makes it difficult to start
  2. Consumes lots of storage space
  3. The 2-cycle engine is a little bit loud – This is the only negative feature found on this tiller. This is a problem that is very easy to solve by wearing ear protection. Given the many benefits you get from this tiller, this negative feature cannot be considered as a deal breaker.

When it comes to choosing a cultivator, it is important to make sure that you select a cultivator that suits all your needs. You don’t have to break your bank account in order to acquire it. This garden tiller review will be looking at the best cultivator available in the market. The cultivator that we will be looking at is the Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator Tiller.


This is a lightweight garden tool that has the ability to work very well in all types of gardens. It uses a 2-cycle engine and hence it is powerful enough to perform any garden operations that you need to do. Earthquake MC43 mini rototiller is very flexible. This is made possible by the fact that you can easily adjust both the tilling depth and width. With this cultivator, you also have the ability to adjust the wheels and hence making it convenient to store and also for use in your garden.


1. On-board Wheels

The wheels on this cultivator have two major purposes. The first purpose is that the wheels allow you to set the depth of cultivation. This can be done by adjusting the wheels and hence changing the tines’ cutting depth. This means that you can use this cultivator for both deep cultivation and smooth rolling. The wheels also allow you to transport the cultivator very easily.

2. Adjustable Tilling Width

Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator offers you a lot of flexibility when it comes to tilling width. This tiller has a maximum of 10 inches width and a minimum of 6 inches. This means that you can easily adjust the tiller to suit your needs.

When you are tilling your garden while there are plants already present, you can adjust the tilling width to the minimum of 6 inches. This will allow you to till your garden without having to cut through your plants. In case there are no plants in your garden and you are just preparing it for the next planting, you can adjust the width to the maximum width of 10 inches. This will allow you to cover a bigger area in lesser time.

3. The 43cc Engine

The engine present on this cultivator makes it very effective. The 2-cycle 43cc engine has the ability to use both gas and oil. This engine has the ability to give the tines a rotation speed of up to 250 rpm. This speed allows the cultivator to tear through any type of weeds present in your garden, loosen all the hard soil, and help in mixing your soil with fertilizer.

4. Tilling Depth

This tiller has the ability to till to a depth of eight inches. This makes it convenient since this depth is enough to support roots for the majority of plants grown in home gardens.


The Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator Tiller is a great tool that you cannot afford to miss on your garden tools. The tiller is very affordable and hence you won’t have to break your bank account while buying it. The fact that it has the ability to do more than one task makes it very convenient for you. The engine present on the cultivator is very powerful. This makes it possible for the cultivator to do harder tasks that majority of other tillers don’t have the ability to do. For you to start enjoying the activity of tilling and cultivating your garden, it is essential that you acquire this cultivator today.

5. Mantis 7920 2-Cycle

Mantis 2-Cycle is what you will need for a faster weeding, especially on greenhouse soil type. It is equipped with a reliable power plug which is not just standard but ensures that the machine performs efficiently. It has tilling depth capability of 10 inches but a 9-inch cultivation width. As for storage space, you should worry less. Mantis 2-Cycle has foldable handles thus covering less storage space.


  1. Has a tilling depth of 10 inches
  2. It is highly suitable for taller plants
  3. Comfortable to handle and maneuver


  1. Uses a mixture of gas and oil

Despite being introduced to the industry in the early 1980s, the Mantis tillers and cultivators have not received much recognition and appreciation in comparison with other tillers from heavyweight manufacturers. Notably, the initial Mantis model was highly despised by men who viewed it as a cultivation tool specially designed to be used by women. Fast forward, this notion seems to have been wrong since the Mantis cultivators and tillers are currently a popular choice among farmers of all ages and both genders. Of particular interest, the Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7920 is the best choice for most gardeners due to its ability to transform substantial dirt clumps into the fine soil within a very short duration.

Mantis 7920 Features

Some of the main features of this lightweight cultivator include:

  1. 21.2cc 2-stroke engine
  2. A fast rotation speed of up to 240 rotations per minute
  3. Lightweight of 201bs
  4. Adjustable speed
  5. Working depth of 1 0 inches
  6. 9-inch tilling width
  7. Solid worm transmission
  8. Tool-less access to the air filter
  9. Manual pull starting recoil
  10. Two years commercial use warranty.

Assembling Mantis 7920

After opening the packaging box, you should find several parts of this cultivator which requires being fitted together for it to function correctly. The good thing, however, is that the assembly process is quite straightforward hence it will be quick. Below are the parts that you need to assemble:

  1. The engine assembly including gear worm transmission
  2. The 2 x lower handles
  3. The 2 x upper handles
  4. Carry handle
  5. Handle Brace

To fix these parts together, you should use the nuts, bolts, retaining pins, and screws found in the packaging box. Also, you will use a pair of tines and 2-cycle oil to ease the assembly. If you are a first-timer assembler, the operator’s manual will be of great importance.

Size of Mantis 7920

Mantis 7920 is one of the lightest rotor-tiller in the mantis market weighing about 201bs. This incredibly lightweight brings doubt on whether the tiller can adequately dig into the ground. On this note, the Mantis 7920 designed explicitly in a way that makes it easy to carry around without compromising its ability to cultivate as elaborated in the performance section below. Notably, upon full assembly, this cultivator is approximately 53 inches in length with the engine unit measuring 015.5 inches wide and 19 inches tall. However, during storage, the handles can be folded down which cuts the distance to approximately 30 inches hence it will not take much room.

Performance of Mantis 7920

Mantis 7920 has more than 40 years experience. It would be surprising if this new model of Mantis cultivator were unable to handle its task. On the contrary, expectations are that it should be a versatile and highly reliable cultivator. On this note, the engine bulk is positioned above the tine, and it drives them with direct worm gear transmission. As such, no chains or belts are involved thus cutting down extra size and weight. However, there is still enough weight on the tines to make them dig and turn over the soil.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the Mantis cultivators and tillers have stood the test of time by continuously maintaining their position as the best tillers and cultivators in the industry. Notably, the Mantis 7920 is one of the best innovations in the series due to its lightweight and versatile performance making the best choice for most farmers. As such, nothing should hinder you from acquiring this incredible piece of machinery during your next shopping spree.

6. BLACK+DECKER LGC120 20V Lithium Ion Cordless Garden Cultivator/Tiller

If you are worried that nutrients and water rarely reach plant roots, then Black+ Decker LGC120 is what you need. This is because it has double steel tines which can easily move between the plants while preventing tangling of the weeds. This tiller has a tilling depth of 4 inches and has an adjustable handle for appropriate telescoping length.


  1. No weed tangling during the weeding process
  2. Works on 20V battery thus cordless
  3. The Black & Decker Garden Cultivator releases zero emissions while in working. This helps you reduce carbon particles which may negatively affect plants. During cultivation, the air we breathe is cleaner due to the reduction of carbon emissions.
  4. The battery can cultivate up to 325 square feet on a single charge. This enables one to do a lot with only one charge time.
  5. Counter-oscillating tines ensure that weeds do not tangle.
  6. Adjustable and soft grip handle allows the user to adjust the cultivator for maximum comfort during use.
  7. It weighs 8.1 pounds only. This is a perfect weight that enables easy movement and toll management during use.


  1. The 20V battery can last for 325. Sq. ft. on a single charge thus a bit involving
  2. Has shallow tiling depth of 4 inches
  3. Part of the 20V system may demand special attention when spoilt.
  4. The tines are not long enough to be used for deeper cultivations.
  5. Lithium-ion batteries may get spoilt with time due to repeated charging- in case a big garden or bed are being cultivated.

Product Overview

The Black & Decker cultivator is ideal cordless equipment for cultivating your garden. This equipment is fueled by electrical power and thus works without producing fumes and untidiness of gas. Based on its manufacturer’s recommendation, it should be used for weeding and cultivating garden beds. However, some users find it useful in other garden activities. The primary functions of this tool are:

1. Cultivating an existing garden
2. A landscape of existing beds
3. Weeding of an existing garden or bed
4. Prepping existing beds for seeding

The Black & Decker garden cultivator is efficient for breaking up soil to allow water and nutrients to reach the plant’s roots. Having a well-hydrated plant is the start of a better harvest.

Features of the Black & Decker Garden Cultivator

When purchasing a Black & Decker garden cultivator, the following are three key features to ensure are fully functional and in original form.

Tines: A depth of soil up to 4 inches can be appropriately cultivated using the Black & Decker cultivator. Also, the tines are sharp and long enough to provide thorough aeration of soil and no tangled weeds. The tines can cultivate a circumference of up to 7 inches at once.

Lithium-ion battery: The 20V lithium-ion battery powers the cultivator for up to 350 square feet of a planted bed between charges. This ensures a long-lasting battery life. The battery researchable and enhances consistent power and extended operational times. It is worth noting that the batteries and charger are sold separately.

Smart Charger: Black & Decker Garden Cultivator comes with a charger which used for recharging. The charger also has a circuit breaker to ensure the cultivator is out of dangers associated with power surges.

When cultivating your garden or seedbed, the Black & Decker garden cultivator is the most recommended tool to use. It has a significant impact on the garden that many other cultivators one may have in the stores. Moreover, it will leave you enjoying cultivating as if it has no tiring effect.

7. GreenWorks 27072 8 Amp 10-Inch Corded Tiller

GreenWorks 27072 is a simple electric tiller with 8-inch onward rotating steel blades for not only high performance but also dipper tilling depths. Unlike other aforementioned electric tillers. GreenWorks 27072 has an adjustable cultivation width from 8.25 inches minimum to 10 inches max1mum. It can easily be handled as well stored due to its foldable handles. Also, the machine registers high performance thus ensuring that your lawn is well cultivated.


  1. Suited with adjustable wheels
  2. Both cultivation depth and width can be adjusted


  1. Compared to other tillers. GreenWorks 27072 lacks a stronger grip
  2. Not applicable in stony and rocky soils

The Greenworks 10-inch Amp Corded Tiller 27072 equipped with a clean and powerful engine that makes it an ideal choice for gardening tasks such as weeding and digging. With four rotating tines that enable the user to adjust the width and depth, the tiller offers more options for use regardless of the size of the garden the user wishes to work on or the size of the plot being prepared. Since the tiller is electric, it is a more environment-friendly option in comparison to other alternatives that are powered by an internal combustion engine. The tiller is powerful enough to work through tough ground despite running on electric power.


8-amp motor

The engine runs on an 8 amps motor. This makes it one of the more powerful electric tillers available in the market today. The powerful motor enables the tiller to work through the hardened soil and tough weeds with ease and little resistance. Moreover, since the motor is electric, this eliminates recoil when starting and it does not require gas or oil. The engine starts right up and does not need idling time for maximum efficiency.

4 rotating tines

The 8-amp motor provides power for four tines, each measuring inches. The four tines rotate in a forward direction. While most tillers available in the market have two tines, the four tines of the Greenworks 10-inch 8 Amp Corded Tiller 27072 allow it to cover more ground faster. The depth and width of the tiller are adjustable thus the user can control the depth of the dig or the width depending on the size of the plot of a bed being prepared. The width of the tillers ranges from 8.25 inches to 10 inches with a depth of up to 5 inches.

Lift handle

The Lift handle increases the convenience of the GreenWorks 27072 tiller. The handle folds up the tiller for storage purposes. With this feature, it is easy to fold up the tiller for storage after use or during transport. When folded, the tiller is easily portable and can be carried to, and from the plot, the user is working on by a single individual. Therefore, the lift handle maximizes on the portability of the tiller and saves on storage space.


More plot options

Since the tiller offers adjustable width and depth, the user has more options on the types of plots or beds to prepare. For example, small garden tiller and shallower plots are ideal for the planting of herbs while larger and deeper plots are ideal for deep-rooted plants or plants that require room for roots to spread out.

Can work on the tough ground

The hard material of the tines and the power of the 8 amp motor allow the tiller to work on the tough ground without risk of damage or stalling. The tiller can till through rocky soil or hard clay and can also cut through weeds and grass without getting tangled up. Therefore, the tiller can work in harsh environments as well as prime soil.


The Greenworks 1 0-inch 8 Amp Corded Tiller 27072 only weighs 32 pounds making it easy to navigate around the plot and to carry while not in use. Moreover, the light weight of the tiller helps the user avoid getting exhausted quickly or developing soreness. However, the lightweight can also be a weakness, especially when working on the rough ground as the tiller can be hard to control.


The Electric Cord can be an inconvenience One of the disadvantages of the electric tiller is that the electric cord can get in the way of the tiller thus requiring the user to frequently move the cable out of the way of the tiller. Moreover, the user has to be careful not to trip over the cord or to run over it and severing the connection accidentally. In cases where a large area needs to be cultivated, the radius of the cord may be a limiting factor. The user may need to extend the length of the electric cord by purchasing an extension cord.


The Green Works 27072 1 0-inch Corded Garden Tiller is well suited for working in smaller plots or beds. However, its adjustable depth and width can also make it fit for use in medium-sized gardens. Its small size and light weight can allow the user to conduct lengthier gardening chores. The powerful engine and hard material allow it to work on the firm ground or in weedy and grassy conditions.

8. Troy-Bilt TB154E 6 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator

Troy-Bilt TB154E is an electric tiller equipped with rotating steel blades for easier and faster cultivation, thanks to its powerful 6-Amp motor. Like GreenWorks 27072, Troy-Bilt 6-Amp TB154E has adjustable cultivation width (from 6 to 9 inches). The rotating steel blade tines are applicable for not just faster cultivation, but also constant turning of the soil.


  1. Has adjustable cultivation width


  1. Takes more storage space

2. The aerator attachment so must be purchased differently.

9. Mantis 7250 Electric Tiller/Cultivator

This is also a medium and lightweight electric tiller by Mantis. It is just 21 pounds in weight thus easy to store, carry and maneuver. It works faster therefore applicable for light tasks which need to be performed quickly such as seedbed preparation.


  1. Has a good cultivation width ( 10 inches)
  2. It is easy to operate and maneuver due to its small weight
  3. It is much simpler to start up
  4. The cultivator can handle any cultivation job with ease.
  5. It weighs 21 pounds, and therefore it is easy to move around during tilling
  6. The curvy tine design keeps the cultivator form bouncing back. However, the tines may bounce back in the presence of hard items like stones or metals.
  7. No oil or gas used. The tiller only needs electrical power which is readily available from a power source.
  8. Most warranty covers the tines from breakage for over five years


  1. Has a tilling depth of only 3 inches
  2. Has no safety switch that safeguards against accidents
  3. No resistance on the On push-button. This means that even children can start the tiller and may cause harm to themselves or things around them.
  4. The tiller plugs may often come out loose due to vibrations produced during tilling. The plugs are easy to fix though.

The Mantis Electric Cultivator is an ideal tiller that easily breaks new ground to start a garden. Also, the tiller can be used for fast and easy weeding. Surprisingly, this tool is among few farm tools that do not use gas or oil. You need to be near a power source to charge the inbuilt 115V double insulated motor. One may also use the cultivator to make the ground sides outside the house. Some weeds and small saplings which regularly grow around the house can be well tackled with this tool like nothing ever existed. However, the remains of shredded green dirt have to be collected using hands.

The following are the key features of the Mantis Corded Electric Tiller Cultivator A Silent 115V Double Insulated Motor The inbuilt electric motor has a 540W circuit breaker which keeps the engine safe from an excessive electric power surge. Also, the motor does not use any fuel.

Fold – Down Handles Structurally: The cultivator is designed with fold-down handles for easy management during cultivation. The handles assist in easy transport and storage.

Modern Transmission Design: The engine is made with modern day technology to enhance execution. Tine speed is maintained up to 240 rotations per minute. The engine generates adequate speed for propelling the special designed curvy tines for maximum performance.

Tilling Depth: The Mantis Electric Cultivator can move easily till to a depth of up to 10 inches. This tilling depth power ensures you the best foundation for gardening. Compact design With a weight of just 21 pounds, the Mantis Electric Cultivator is easy to handle with relatively small energy.

Sharp and curvy tines: Tines are the essential feature of the Mantis Electric Cultivator. Sharp and curvy tines contribute to the better conduct of the tiller’s primary use. Sharp tines aid the mantis dig deep through hard soil structures without bouncing back. If one of the tines breaks, it is recommendable that an urgent replacement is done. In most cases, a replacement of any component of the Mantis Electric Cultivator is free, irrespective of the period of ownership.

Built-in extension cord holder: This cord holder helps to manage the cord while the cultivator is in operation.

If you want to have a better cultivating experience, I recommend that you try out the Mantis Corded Electric Tiller Cultivator 7250. You will get the best-cultivated soil foundation easily and fast.

10. Mantis 7924 Fast Start Tiller

This is the last tiller on our list. It is a Honda-powered gas tiller but functions electrically. It is made in a compact way thus easy to handle and carry. Mantis 7262 has a 10-inch cultivation width and a 2-3 inch till depth.


  1. Has four powerful cycle engines thus works faster
  2. Its compact size saves storage space


  1. Has shallow tilling depth of only 3 inches.

If you are looking for equipment to help you cultivate your garden efficiently try Mantis 7262-00-02 4-Cycle Honda Gas-Powered Tiller/Cultivator. Mantis 7262-00-02 is the world leading farming equipment with thousands of users across the globe. The equipment can till hard clay soils up to 10 inches when used in forwarding mode and around 3.5 inches when used in reverse mode. The product measure 54×13.5×40 has a width of 9 Inches, weighs 23.2 pounds, and its gas engine is 25cc. Also, the product has powerful winding tines that make 240 rotations per minutes making it useful for all types of soils. Some of the notable product features include.

Powerful 4 cycle engine

The equipment has a powerful 4 cycle engine that is highly reliable and efficient. When using the equipment one does not have to mix gas and oil making it easy to operate and maintain. The engine capacity is 25 cc meaning that you the cost of fueling the machine is low, and at the same time, the machine efficiency is relatively high.

Two modes of operation

The equipment can operate in two modes, the tiller mode, and the cultivation mode. When the machine wheels are set for forward motion, the machine works in tiller mode, and you can till as deep as 10 inches. If you want to make your tilling finer, you reverse the motion and machine operate in cultivation mode.


The product weighs 24 pounds making it maneuver easily, and transport in case your garden is far away from your store. Also, the 9 inches sleek design enables the user to till narrow rows efficiently and does not consume a lot of storage space


Mantis reversible tines are flexible and can be used to do both deep and shallow cultivation. The machines tines can cultivate up to 10 Inches deep and 2 Inches shallow. The product user has the control over how deep and shallow the farming goes. Still, on efficiency, the machine can easily be switched on and off using the switch on the tillers hand or pulling the cord that is located at the starts engine. This gives the user complete control of the tilling and the tilling outcome.


The equipment comes with a five years customer warranty for the entire tiller, engine included. Also, the product comes with a lifetime warranty for the cultivating tines.


Best Electric Tiller Buying Guide

If you are in the market for a small garden tiller, you might as well consider getting an electric alternative. These variants are quieter, lighter, and more maneuverable. But before you buy this power gardening tool, there are some things you should consider; as this electric tiller buying guide will demonstrate.

Benefits of an electric tiller

Limited storage

Storing this item is easy since it is not huge; it takes up very small space for storage. It can be folded for storage too. The fact that it does not use gasoline, it doesn’t have a tank this makes it light-weighted.

Easy to maintain

Since the electric tiller does not use gasoline or batteries, there are no gas leaks to be afraid of. Also, it does not require buying of fuel or fixing damaged tanks, etc. Once plugged in the power source it does work throughout without expecting chaos. They are clean as compared to gas tiller; gasoline based emit gas fumes even when off the operation. They don’t require any maintenance.

A corded electric model

Unlike the cordless, a corded tiller does not cut power off unless the service is put off. Working within a range of 100-120m from the power outlet, this is the machine for you. This makes them perform a bigger task because the power continues until the job is done. What you need to look into is buying a long cord that goes all the way and returns. They are efficient and dependable for small garden jobs.

Cordless units

Unlike the cordless, they do not damage crops in the garden since they don’t have a cord behind them. With this type of machine, you will not have to always put the cord in line. Have lesser weight and easy to maneuver.


Electric tiller is fast as compared to gasoline cultivators. They churn soil deep and make it softer as compared to other tillers. Electric cultivators are easy to control and lower the cost of buying fuel. Everyone wants to plant something, and not spend days in the garden. And all you need is an electric tiller. You will enjoy the work.

Types of Electric Tillers

Cordless electric tillers these run on battery power
– Corded electric tillers – these have to be plugged into a power outlet during use
– Solar powered electric tillers – they are suited to those who want to maintain their gardens in the most environmentally friendly manner
-Electric front- tine tillers – these power gardening tools have their tines located in front of the wheels and beneath the wheels
-Electric rear- tine tillers – the tines are located behind the wheels of the tillers. These variants tend to be more powerful and hence better suited to demanding tilling jobs.
– Electric mid- tine tillers – they have their tines between the wheels, and this gives them better balance than front -tine tillers. They are therefore easier to control for people struggling with physical limitations.

Factors to consider while purchasing an electric tiller

• There some factors to consider while buying an electric cultivator. Read below;

Quality and affordability

• The electric tillers are made from metals, motors and simple handles of high quality. The machines are cheap to buy and suits gardeners.
Positioning of the time and its length
• This is the most important features to have in a good electric tiller. A tine is a metallic projection that makes the soil beneath to soften up. The positioning of tines and their length defines how deep it can reach the soil in the garden.
The tines at the back end of the machine dig and break off soil and carry the dirt along with them, while those at the front don’t cut as deep but push dirt easily.

Model of a tiller (size and power of corded or cordless)

• This means you consider one that is electric at first. Then think about how an electric one is powered. Choose a cordless or that which uses a cord. Don’t forget to buy an extra long cord if needed.

Rotational speed

• This involves the maximum prong revolving speed at about 180-200rpm.

Variable speed

• Some machines can be regulated so that you can either slow or speed up your cultivation the way you desire.

Storage (size of machine)

• A machine that can be folded at the handles is appropriate for limited storage space. This also makes transport and performance at the garden easier.


The maneuverability of the machine is important. The rotary state of a tiller should be easy; wheels should resemble those of a tractor’s model.

Q: What is an electric tiller?

A: An electric tiller is a gardening tool that runs on electric power – it could be battery power or even electricity. Otherwise, they are supposed to do the job usually handled with the help of gas-powered tillers. The electric tiller should rip and churn the ground and make it healthier in preparation for planting.

Q: Why do you need an electric tiller?

A: Today, environmental pollution is a big deal to many people. Those concerned about their environmental footprint are naturally inclined to get an electric tiller. But besides helping you avoid the gas fumes and the mess of dealing with oil and gas, you will also enjoy a quieter use experience when using an electric tiller. An electric tiller is also a lot easier to start, which means getting started on your tilling will take no time. You also need an electric tiller if you need a gardening tool that is a little lighter and hence more maneuverable. In general, similar-sized gas-powered tillers are much heftier and therefore harder to wield. The only area where gas-powered tillers are the clear winners is when you need a heavy-duty tiller such as the kind you need to till a tough new garden. Otherwise, for regular small gardening tasks, an electric tiller has plenty of benefits to offer.

Q: What the best electric tiller has?

Q: What qualifies as the best tiller for one person might not necessarily be the best tiller for another person. The best electric tiller has the following qualities.
– Has enough power to break ground and handle grass, weeds, and clay, Any tiller should be in a position to do this, and yet there are electric tillers that cannot.
– Should be suited to your tilling needs. If you have more tilling needs, you need a stronger electric tiller, but if you have a smaller garden, such a tiller is excessive, and probably too cumbersome for your needs. The reverse is true.
– The best product within your price range. Some tillers are beyond your budget range, and that means the best electric tiller is the one you can afford without exceeding your budget limits.
– A good warranty offer – a tiller with a great warranty offer can be expected to offer a long life of service.

Features to Consider in an Electric Tiller

– A tiller with a cord lock (for the corded electric tillers) is preferable as that feature will ensure that the cord does not keep getting unplugged during the tilling.
– Adjustable tilling depth – some tillers have a fixed tilling depth, but others allow the user to alter this feature by raising or lowering the blades as required. This helps to address varied tilling needs much better.
– Removable tines – the tines can get damaged. When they are removable, they are easier to repair or even replace.
– The size of the motor – The motor usually determines how much work the tiller can do. A bigger motor means that the tiller can take on more difficult tilling jobs, while a smaller motor means that the motor will only handle moderate tilling tasks.
– Foldable handles – when the electric tiller has foldable handles, it is much easier to store than when the handles are fixed. So. if you want a device with a smaller storage footprint, you have to buy a tiller with foldable handles.
– Battery duration – cordless electric motors rely on a battery. It is therefore important to consider how long the battery will run before


– What are tines?
These are the blades that churn the ground as the tiller is in use
– What can a tiller do?
Tillers can break new ground, soften the soil, get rid of weeds, and so forth
– Is there a difference between a tiller and a cultivator?
Yes, there is, A tiller can handle breaking up new ground, weeds, and other difficulties. A cultivator is intended for reworking existing patches of soil.
– What are the maintenance needs of an electric tiller?
Essentially, the electric tiller should be cleaned after each tilling job to get rid of the dirt that could cause the blades to get corroded.
– What is the right way to use a tiller?
The correct tiller entails familiarizing yourself with the manufacturer recommendations about correct use. It is also to know if your intended usage needs are appropriate for the tiller you have bought.

A rototiller lowes make work easier; it’s affordable. It has the best ability to plow swiftly and cuts depths and widths of between 11 -8.5 inches respectively. Its handles are auto made since when it shuts down they close up once you drop the handle. Purchase the electric tillers now, and you will not regret work in the garden.


Gutknecht: Handheld gardening cultivator

Nakazawa: Motion control method without velocity-sensor for electric tiller considering the cultivation

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