10 Best Car Detailing Products in 2018 That You Need

10 Best Car Detailing Products in 2018 That You Need
June 14, 2018 admin


Car Detailing; What Is It? Car detailing can keep your car looking almost brand new, and who doesn’t love the look and feel of a sparkling, shining spotless car inside and out?

More than just simply hosing off the exterior or scrubbing over with soapy water and giving the interior a quick vacuum, detailing focuses on all the details of your car to take it to showroom condition. The objective is to clean and preserve every square inch of the car, both inside and out.

Car Detailing Prices Paying someone to detail your car for you can be very expensive, easily reaching $300-500 or more depending on the type of vehicle. There can also be extra fees if some areas need extra cleaning like removing pet hair or applying for carpet protection.

It Makes Sense To Do It Yourself

You can save money and downtime on your vehicle by doing these simple jobs yourself. Our expert picks these 10 Best Car Detailing Products that you need. To help you finish it like a pro, there are a variety of products available to help.

1. Pressure or Foam Washer

The external paintwork of your car is it’s most notable feature, and it is essential this is perfectly cleaned before it can be polished and protected. Using pressure and foam lets you blast off dirt and let the foam soak into all those hard to reach spots.

The Chemical Guys Foam Blaster 6 Foam Gun is an easy way to wash any vehicle and is designed for high-performance cleaning. By simply attaching to your garden hose, you can create a mountain of suds to loosen road grime, dirt and contaminants filth for a perfect clean.

An innovative air injection system lets you coat any surface with a blanket of foam, allowing enthusiasts and professionals to wash quickly and efficiently. With six adjustable settings, you can control the amount of foam created, and it can be used with cleaning agents for really tough jobs.

Product Features

  • This is a product for cleaning, vehicles, motorcycles, and boats.
  • It works with the help of a garden hose, by creating a super thick foam
  • that loosens the dirt, leaving your car perfectly clean.
  • The chemical guy’s foam blasters 6 foam gun is 1.4 pounds in weight.
  • It has been well constructed making it durable.
  • It is easy to use and works with all types of garden hose.


  • The chemical guy’s foam blaster 6 foam gun is easily separated; that is the
  • trigger section is detachable from the spray head.
  • This makes it easy to use for those who cannot afford the pressure
  • washer, for some reason like price or space.
  • This provides the best alternative.


  • One of the challenges while using is that the trigger is likely to lick
  • especially with much pressure from the hose pipe.

2. Top Quality Car Wash

The results you get depend on the quality of the products you use, and a good car wash is essential to achieve top results.

Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner is designed to wash and condition external paint in one simple step. The premium formula removes road grime, dirt, and contamination without affecting the wax protection. Meguiar’s Gold Class collection contains the finest ingredients, is nondetergent and pH neutral.

Product Features

  • This is a quality product to help clean and support your car.
  • It is tough on dirt and acts as a contaminant without interfering with wax protection.
  • It helps bring the best sparkle of the color of your car.
  • It is tough on dirt but gently in the paint.
  • It clears debris as it leaves the paint looking bright. The product is safe since it is a biodegradable detergent.
  • It is suitable for all types of car wax, and so protects all types of paint colors.


  • It is effective to all types of dirt and stains making best for use in all cleaning purposes.
  • Since it is of high quality, you only need to apply a small amount with the pressure; then you will have enough suds to clean your car, this means it is economical.


  • For removing old wax and strong contaminants, you will need to include another soap; this means it is only best for the first wash. Its cleaning ability is questionable.

3. Microfiber Cleaning Applicators

What I like about THE RAG COMPANY Ultra Premium Korean EAGLE Micro fiber Detailing Applicator

The sponge is that it is double stitched with tucked/hidden seams and no external tags. So you don’t need to bother about dirt sticking to those areas and scratching your paint. They are made of a super soft lint free microfiber and professional grade cleaning sponge for applying cleaners, glazes, and waxes.

Product Features

  • These were quality mitts come in a pair of two.
  • It is used in cleaning your car without any scratch, lint or even a swirl after cleaning.
  • It is a dry duster as well.
  • It has a soft pad liner making one of the most excellent and comfortable wash mitts ever.
  • Wash Mitt is made from a soft microfiber that suits all car detailing and cleaners around the world.
  • It weighs 10.4 ounces and is 10 by 7 by 1.5, making it a good fit for the hand.


  • The mitt has been from a high-quality microfiber making it durable and can stand some washing.
  • The was mitts are machine washable and easily dry; this makes them easy to support after use.


  • The company manufactures two colors that are royal blue and lime green.
  • The rest of the colors are left out, and so those who do not find this colors appealing, for one reason or another are left out.

4. Wheel and tire cleaners

Cleaning the rims and wheels of your car are often the most difficult areas as they can be hard to reach and are the dirtiest.

Nanoskin (NA-SBE128) Speedy Brite Organic Wheel & Tire Acid Cleaner can make this a much easier process and saves you having to do a lot of scrubbing. It is a low pH organic acid that is non-corrosive and safe to use. It quickly takes away grease, oxidation and brake dust from paint, metal and most hard surfaces. It is safe to use on all types of wheels and simply sprays on and rinses off – very time-saving!

Product Features

  • Under the brand name Nanoskin, this organic wheel cleaner is low acidic Ph.
  • The strong organic acid works without using excessive force like scrubbing.
  • Speedy bright is noncorrosive to the skin and metal.
  • It is safe on all types of wheels.


  • It is an alternative for HCl acid in removing rust, lime or calcium
  • It is easy to use, just by spraying and a gentle scrubbing and the stains will be off.


  • Because of its acidity, even though the ph.
  • Might be low it can sometimes be harmful, if not properly handled.

5. Paint and Surface Cleaners

Some contaminants on your car cannot be removed by washing alone. Things like tree sap, paint overspray, water spots, light oxidation and bird droppings need something more, which is where Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 comes into its own. This shears off and removes surface contaminants which would otherwise break down the paint surface leaving it dull and open to deterioration.

Product Features

  • Mothers speed clay is for contaminants removal, to restore the original paint.
  • It does this in a very short time.
  • With just a single spray and cleaning, you get your painting restored and exactly smooth as it was.


  • Speed clay is reusable, for when you use and it remains, you can store it for future use.
  • It cleans up to 20 vehicles
  • Speed clay is easy to use and not laborious, making the process is an easy task anyone can do.

6. Paint Protection Wax

After carefully cleaning your paintwork it needs to be protected with a wax coating. 3M Perfect- It Show Car Liquid Wax will shine and protect paint to produce a high-gloss, durable and lustrous finish. It may be applied with an orbital polisher or by hand. The polymer finish deters grime and dirt so they can’t degrade the finish, protects against UV rays and prevents water spots.

Product Features

  • This product gives a shiny finish. It is also meant to protect the paint.
  • This synthetic product protects the underneath paint by the wax protecting the paint from UV rays and mineral deposits and dust.


  • Perfect it show car liquid wax gives a car a shiny look.
  • Just as good as new. Even without a polishing machine, you are to still to get a wet look.
  • The liquid wax does not need any more detailing product to complement it for a super shiny finish; it is all enough


  • The period it can bead moisture is questionable and is not clear, but at least six months during winter is a guarantee.

7. Plastic and Vinyl Restorer

Keep your cars exterior trim looking good and protected from the sun with Vinyl Magic – the Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer. Black and gray surfaces fade over time and lose their color. Vinyl Magic can renew the look of external trim, restoring the dark color without any residue. The polymer technology seals external surfaces and provides exceptional UV protection.

Product Features

  • This car detailing product is manufactured out of no dye formula.
  • Its main function is to fix worn out plastics by darkening them and letting them shine.
  • It is to protect your car from rain, dirt, fading, salt, and cracks.


  • This product helps bring your car to life, just as good as new.
  • It guarantees the durability of your car since it protects it from salt and rain by coating.


  • This product is only limited to the exterior, meaning you will have to get another product for the interior.
  • Vinyl magic does work only on plastics and rubber, not any other material such as fabric.

8. Tyre Restorer

Car Guys Auto Detailing Supplies Tire Shine Spray contains patented polymer sealants to maintain that spotless black look to your tires that looks so good against shiny, spotless paintwork. It will last for weeks and protect against fading from UV damage.

Product Features

  • This is the best tire dressing car care kit for car tires after a wash that is after cleaning your car tier; you don’t want it dirty and muddy after some few days, that is where this tire shine spray comes in.
  • It has patented polymer which enhances its life.
  • It dries to the touch to prevent any sling when in moving faster.
  • It is made with a great formula to let it last longer.


  • It has no side effect if it gets on the wheels, neither does it leave any over-spray on the car, though that does not give room for carelessness.
  • One can immediately drive after spraying it easy and quickly dries.

9. Interior Cleaner

Eco Touch’s Interior Car Care Kit, includes everything you need for interior car detailing. It includes carpet and upholstery, dashboard, leather and window cleaners as well as super-soft microfiber and glass cloth for crystal clear windows. The dashboard protects also leaves a clean-smelling lavender scent.

Product Features

  • This car detailing product is for interior car care.
  • It is for cleaning carpet, windows, plastics, and leather among others.
  • It is biodegradable and not toxic and comes with single class cleaning cloth and 2 microfiber towels.


  • The fact that the product is Eco-friendly is a plus since its interior use has to consider the car users health and well-being.
  • The Eco touch kit is to protect your car, guaranteeing longevity as the interior remains as good as new.

10. Glass Protector

AllNano Carcare “Glasshield” nano coating for windshield,invisible wiper!


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To protect your external glass surfaces and improve visibility in wet weather. ALLNano Carcare Glasshield creates an invisible barrier that also makes it much easier to clean the glass and improves the function of your windscreen wipers. The kit includes Carcare Glasshield, Nano Cleaner. Microfiber cloth and disposable gloves. This protects the glass surface from mud, water, insects, snow and other contaminants. Driving in wet weather becomes easier, as at around 60km/h, the hydrophobic coating sheds water and windscreen wipers may not even be necessary.

Product Features

  • This product is to shield the glass from anything that may cause damage, such as water, mud, insects among others.
  • The product set consist of glass shield, a small cloth, and a disposable glove.
  • It does create an invisible shield to the glass especially during bad weather.


  • It is invisible and does properly fuses with the car glass, enabling to protect the glass from external forces such as insects or rainy water.
  • With the instruction and everything on the kit, it is easy to apply, just by after the instruction.
  • The glass shield properly protects your car glass from breaking and so lasts for long.

Car detailing may seem like a lot of work, but it’s simple really, and it’s a good idea to detail your car regularly as it needs it. It keeps your car’s internal and external surfaces clean and protected and will help to lengthen the life of your car and raise its value. Plus, who doesn’t love driving in a fresh, showroom condition car?

Most people usually wonder what the difference between car detailing and car washing is. Car detailing entails a thorough cleaning of both the interior and exterior of your car with a view to restoring its original beauty. Detailing helps maintain the physical condition of your car and keep it in the best shape possible for your own enjoyment.



  • The first thing people notice about a car is its exterior so it is very important to ensure that your vehicle still has that glow that you bought it with. The exterior car detailing process usually involves:
  • Start with a very thorough high pressured wash to remove as much dirt as possible. Then it is hand washed with a mild soap to remove all the residue dirt.
  • Special brushes are then used to take the dirt from the wheels and all its components. More attention should be given here because the wheels are usually the dirtiest parts of the vehicle.
  • After this the car is then painted can from top to bottom to maintain that original glow.
  • An automotive clay bar is used to remove traces of soap residue and traces of any other form of dirt on the car surface. When necessary, the paint can be polished to ensure that there are no marks or scratches. This can be done using a hand or a polishing machine.
  • The paint is then given a protective wax to give an additional protective layer.
  • The windows and other remaining parts including the rims are finally polished.


Sometimes dirt accumulates in the interior of your car and you do not notice immediately. Interior car detailing makes sure that the interior of your car stays as clean and as glossy as its exterior. The process involves:

  1. Vacuuming to ensure that all the hidden parts of the interior of the car are reached such as the glove compartment and areas in the trunk.
  2. Shampooing: It involves brushing and scrubbing the carpet upholstery and the mats to remove dirt and stains that would not normally be removed by a regular wash.
  3. A cleaning agent is then used to wipe the surfaces such as the dashboard, windows and door panels. The inside of the vehicle is then sprayed to give it an appealing scent. You can choose which one you want.
  4. The detailer can also clean your engine bay by spraying it slightly with water and then wiping it with a degreaser before rinsing. After drying all the silicone and rubber components should be properly dressed to avoid cracking. This not only increases its resale value but also encourages mechanics working on your car as they get to have a clean working environment.

Benefits of car detailing

Preserve the value of your car: Detailing helps bring your car to the state it was when it was new. A good detailer and with the right products will ensure that your car is in good shape and quality especially if you want to sell it in future. As such it will have a good resale value. It also increases the lifespan of your vehicle

  • Protection: Car detailing ensures that the quality of your car is protected from contamination and rust. Waxing and repainting of your vehicle during detailing ensures that it maintains a protective barrier of the paint quality of your vehicle.
  • Maintain the interior comfort of your car: Interior detailing ensures that you are comfortable and in a clean environment as you drive.
  • Preservation of good health: Detailing helps get rid of germs that you cannot see. On the road, the vehicles gather up all the forms of dust and germs that may bring you health complications. Detailing ensures that the interior is clean and thoroughly scrubbed to get rid of all these germs.
  • Best services: Your detailer will have a one on one experience with your car and will even offer you customized solutions on how to maintain your car in the best way possible.
  • Engine works well: After detailing your engine will be free of dust and dirt and can run more efficiently.

Factors to Consider While detailing your car.

Before you choose a detailer you should consider some factors to ensure it is the right choice.

  1. Warranty: Sometimes during detailing your car can be scratched or the mats inside ripped and you only find out about it later. Consider a detailing service that offers a warranty for such instances.
  2. Recommendations: Find out from other reliable people where they get their vehicles detailed and if the services are the best. You can also check reviews online from the previous services they have offered.
  3. Cost: In as much as you want your car extra clean you have to ascertain that you are getting value for your money. Ensure your detailer is affordable and does work as you ask.
  4. Flexibility to your schedule: Get a car detailing service that can get your car ready within the prescribed time. You can also consider mobile care detailers who clean your vehicle in the comfort of your home.

Features of the best car detailing service

The best car detailing service should majorly offer the following services:

  • Paint care services for your car’s exterior which include a three-step cleaning process before painting.
  • Cleaning services for your wheels and chassis which should include the use of a plastic protectant to protect them from cracking and corrosion and also improve their luster.
  • Be able to seal the headlights, tail lights and exterior trim with a plastic sealant after they are all properly cleaned. They should be able to clean the chrome and exhaust tips as well.
  • They should also include a package for cleaning the engine bay with the appropriate degreaser.


Know before you go

  1. If you choose to do car detailing on your own, ensure that you have the right products for cleaning and this will save your costs in the long run.
  2. However, if you want to employ the professional services of a detailer, you should first know what exactly needs to be done to your car and how you want it cleaned.
  3. Do your research and find out which car detailer offers the services you require and the products they use.

Know the cost of care detailing

  • Assess the safety of your vehicle in the hand of the detailer.
  • Check on the level of professionalism of the services offered.
  • Book an appointment beforehand to ensure that your schedule will not be inconvenienced.

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