6 Best Pressure Washer for Cars of 2020

6 Best Pressure Washer for Cars of 2020
March 27, 2020 admin



1. Greenworks Pressure Washer

2. TriNova Foam Cannon and Gallon Car Wash Soap Kit

3. BERT High Pressure Foam Gun

4. DUSICHIN Jet Pressure Washer for Cars

5. VIVRE ALAdjustable Foam Sprayer

6. Chemical Guys ACC_326 Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun

Who should get this?

All car owners should stop by and have a sober read. The choices of pressure washers for cars on our buyer’s guide are majorly for quick fixes and not commercial or industrial use. If you own a car or more and need to cut on the cost of having them washed at the car wash, we have excellent ideas for you. Browse below to see what will suit your needs.

How we picked this

The Best Products 4 U research team did as their duties demand. As they did interviews with various car owners to determine what they use, others went into shopping malls to identify brands available. The list was comprehensive and very helpful. Out of over 20 manufacturers, less than 10 made it to our review guide. This is because of the authenticity and reliability of their products.

How we tested

We invest so much in these projects by purchasing sample products to verify product reliability. The procurement department made the samples available to the testing team that was to give results after several months of use. We conducted a drop-down test, pressure test, capacity test, portability test, and ease of handling by persons of all abilities. The six products passed all the tests and made it to our review site.

The Greenworks pressure washer is a compact and lightweight model that is particularly easy to transport, store and use. It is undoubtedly one of the best Greenworks pressure washers that can be recommended to individuals looking for a powerful cleaner for their specific needs without spending a fortune. Greenworks pressure washer has a flow of 300 liters per hour at a pressure of 100 bar, and even when Greenworks pressure washer is less than what is issued by the Greenworks pressure washer, also Greenworks pressure washer has a power of 1400 watts, so they work under the same standards.

Likewise, the best thing about this model is that it includes a hose of 5 meters in length, giving you total freedom when using the Greenworks pressure washer. Likewise, the pump of this equipment is designed entirely of aluminum to guarantee a useful life to the consumer, also providing the opportunity to clean your home, and belongings quickly since it was created with that thought.

The best of this model is that with dimensions of 11.4 x 17.1 x 9.4 inches and a weight of just 18 pounds is extremely easy to transport and store.

As you have been looking for a best electric power washer for cars, we must thoroughly review this model of skill, which for many is the best electric pressure washer for cars of high-pressure cleaners to make your choice as accurate as possible. Read carefully the features presented below.


  • Pressure: Greenworks pressure washer has a pressure of 100 bar thanks to its 1400W of power that allow Greenworks to reach a high-quality operation.
  • Hose: Greenworks pressure washer has a tube of 5 meters in length so that mobility is more accessible and simple in whatever the situation.
  • Accessories: Includes a gun with lance and a bottle of pressure washer detergent so you can get a deeper and more efficient cleaning.
  • Compact: Greenworks pressure washer has a compact and lightweight design so you can easily move it and take it to different places or easily load it while you use it.
  • Adjustments: You can adjust the spray of the lance and the distance of the cable and the hose to achieve the results you want in each cleaning day.
  • Performance: With 110 bar maximum water pressure, the unit is one of the rather weak high-pressure cleaners. Stubborn dirt in the stone can therefore sometimes not solve ideal.
  • Hose length: With a range of 3 meters, the hose is a bit short.

Greenworks pressure washer is equipped with a very powerful motor, which is cooled by the same water used for cleaning, and two lances designed for different uses. Be careful to adjust the power well because the water jet can be so strong that you can remove the tiles and damage the bodywork of a car. Easy to disassemble, reassemble and even to clean, Greenworks pressure washer is not too noisy and will allow you to perform long and complex cleaning operations quickly.

To all those who are looking for maximum savings and practicality, we recommend this model from TriNova cheap pressure washer. For the stubborn dirt of gardens, courtyards, external walls, in fact, the ideal is to resort to a pressure washer for cars.

According to us, the palm of the best pressure washer for cars goes to this model of the Karcher, particularly suitable for the cleaning of vehicles, not only cars but also trucks and campers. A pressure washer detergent is supplied with the water cleaner.


  • Versatility: The TriNova Foam Cannon is designed for a variety of uses ranging from cleaning the exterior parts of the house to that of even large vehicles such as campers and trucks.
  • Engine: The engine of the TriNova Foam Cannon is very powerful and uses an ingenious cooling system that uses the same water used for washing. The result is a lighter product to transport and more efficient in cleaning.
  • Ease of use: The various components of the pressure washer can be assembled and disassembled very easily, and even the cleaning of the product does not present any complication.
  • Accessories: The range of accessories with which the TriNova Foam Cannon pressure washer is supplied is very rich and makes it possible to wash the various surfaces in the best possible way.


Dimensions: The TriNova Foam Cannon is not the most compact and lightest model on the market so sometimes its movement could be problematic.

BERT car pressure washer gun is a compact object that occupies so little space to be feared for its effective cleaning capacity, yet the technical characteristics respond well to the care needs of areas not too extensive or for non-professional use.

The equipment admits the entry of water at a maximum temperature of 50 A C. If you need to remove very difficult stains you can use this hot liquid to simplify the cleaning process a bit and obtain a better performance.

To make the tasks easier, the BERT car pressure washer has different accessories that will contribute to the execution of an effective work. The gun and the rotating power washer nozzle will be useful when cleaning the different surfaces. When having wheels, the transfer of the device can be done with comfort and without much effort.

The advantages and disadvantages of the model proposed by BERT for home use are more evident. We will shortly see the list of pros and cons together with the suggestion of where to buy it at a very cheap pressure washer.


  • Compact and easy to handle: Less than 2 kilos for a piece of equipment that takes up very little space but can cover a large area of action.
  • Satisfactory power: The 2 in 1 Foam Car Gun is a must have as well as the best home pressure washer.
  • Low price: Sold at an affordable price and not very pretentious, The BERT car pressure washer hides a handy and versatile tool under a low profile.


  • For domestic use: Difficult to find a defect in this model.

If you want to buy a high-pressure but cheap pressure washer, our expart suggest you the DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet. Among the supplied accessories, the rotary lance and the fan lance that lend themselves to different uses.

This choice is ideal for those who want a tool that is not too heavy, portable pressure washer, suitable for beginners and long consecutive uses. If used correctly and kept in good condition, DUSICHIN cheap pressure washer can be used for many years without technical problems whatsoever.

In addition to the most common, it is convenient to know that you can count on a lance with rotating jet that can remove more dirt more encrusted and a practical hose reel, to spend less time when it comes time to put everything. All these items included in the price will allow you to complete all your cleaning jobs correctly. The DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet is always present in the classifications of the best electric tools for the proven reliability and efficiency of its products. Here we find the new model proposed by the German company whose characteristics we summarize.


  • Design: The compactness of the design is probably the aspect that more than others immediately imposes attention because here we are dealing with a model of small size suitable even for those who have very little space in the garage.
  • Handling: The small size and the particular model guarantee exceptional handling of the pressure washer that can be moved from one side of the house to the other with the greatest ease.
  • Effectiveness: Despite its very small dimensions, the Black & Decker pressure washer has a good power that allows you to clean the various surfaces effectively.


  • Performance: Must be considered that it is a much smaller pressure washer than many other models and consequently performance, for example regarding power and water flow, are also lower.

This model is in fact extremely versatile, portable power washer, being equipped with a discrete power that allows you to act on many different surfaces without damaging them and cleaning them for good. Compared to other more powerful models you could take a few minutes more to clean a particularly dirty terrace. but the final result will still be appreciable.

The attachments for the VIVREAL Adjustable Foam Sprayer accessories are universal, and you can also take advantage of those from other brands. One of the strengths most appreciated by users is the excellent system for saving water and electricity which significantly reduces the costs of use. This high-pressure washer. Thanks also to the rather low basic cost, can boast of excellent quality I price ratio. Thanks to its technical characteristics, cleaning the various surfaces with a great saving of time is possible, water and energy.

To underline the presence, as well as a standard lance, also of the turbo that allows for peeling even difficult surfaces with remarkable results.

The VIVREAL Adjustable Foam Sprayer has a very compact design that allows the double advantage of being transported easily and occupying a small space.


  • Reliability: As often happens. Bosch can create products of great reliability, strength, and durability that pay off in a short time the investment made initially.
  • Compactness: It is a compact and light pressure washer, suitable for those with limited space and needs to be transported with maximum ease.
  • Performance: Thanks to the good power and water flow. The high-pressure washer guarantees high-level performance allowing a quick and very effective cleaning of the surfaces.
  • Accessories: It has different accessories that will allow you to work more comfortably and safely, with easy adjustments and maneuverability.
  • Filter: It has an inlet filter that helps to purify the water to extend the useful life and the excellent functioning of the product.


  • Power: It is quite limited, especially in comparison with competitors. You may have trouble dislodging some very encrusted dirt.

The external paintwork of your car is it’s most notable feature, and it is essential this is perfectly cleaned before it can be polished and protected. Using pressure and foam lets you blast off dirt and let the foam soak into all those hard to reach spots. This is one of the best pressure washer for cars because of its price, size and longivity.

The Chemical Guys Foam Blaster 6 Foam Gun is an easy way to wash any vehicle and is designed for high-performance cleaning. By simply attaching to your garden hose, you can create a mountain of suds to loosen road grime, dirt and contaminants filth for a perfect clean.

An innovative air injection system lets you coat any surface with a blanket of foam, allowing enthusiasts and professionals to wash quickly and efficiently. With six adjustable settings, you can control the amount of foam created, and it can be used with cleaning agents for really tough jobs.

Product Features

  • This small pressure washer is for cleaning, vehicles, motorcycles, and boats.
  • It works with the help of a garden hose, by creating a super thick foam that loosens the dirt, leaving your car perfectly clean.
  • The chemical guy’s foam blasters 6 foam gun is 1.4 pounds in weight.
  • This cheap pressure washer has been well constructed making it durable.
  • This car pressure washer is easy to use and works with all types of garden hose.


  • The chemical guy’s foam blaster 6 foam gun is easily separated; that is the trigger section is detachable from the spray head. This makes it easy to use for those who cannot afford the pressure washer, for some reason like price or space.
  • This provides the best alternative.


  • One of the challenges while using is that the trigger is likely to lick especially with much pressure from the hose pipe.


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