Earthwise TC70065 11’’ 6.5Amp Corded Electric Tiller Review

Earthwise TC70065 11’’ 6.5Amp Corded Electric Tiller Review
August 6, 2019 Mamun

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Why do we choose TC70065 Tiller??

Not everyone has vast tracts of gardening land. For those with tiny spaces of about ¼ or 1/8 of an acre will find this small garden tiller useful. An aspect that we love about Earthwise is its ability to cater to the needs of every space owner. Regardless of the size, you get a tool to suit your needs. This is the reason you shouldn’t despise this one. It is the best electric tiller for such scenarios.

Technical Features in Brief

  • 6.5 amperes motor
  • Four durable steel tines
  • Cultivation depth of 8.’’
  • Cultivation width of 11.’’
  • 15lbs item weight

Is a Small Motor Effective?

We’d agree and disagree, depending on the context. Yes, such a small motor of 6.5 amperes is handy for a small to medium-size flowerbed, lawn, or garden. The tilling area is not much and needs the best small garden tiller for efficiency and resource preservation. We disagree if you are to use it to till a large tract of land on the same day. This will be overworking the motor, and the results might end up in a breakdown.

Why Steel Tines?

Earthwise chooses steel material for all its tines. For instance, its pull behind tiller will feature this material just like other companies do. Steel is very sturdy, and when the edges are sharp, it can do good or harm to anything. This Earthwise electric tiller has four durable tines for pulverizing the soil. This ensures proper air circulation in the ground to help with germination and plant growth. As the tines do their job, they dig deeper to 8’’ and take a width of 11’’ covering more surface area than most mini tillers in its category.

Is a Corded Tiller Better than a Cordless Electric Tiller?

Just like there exists a cultivator vs. tiller unending conversation, the corded and cordless issue joins in the online buzz under the best electric tillers. Well, we’d say that it will highly depend on your needs and specifications. Earthwise cords this one and includes a retention hook for safety reasons. You can secure the cord to prevent accidents and ensure uninterrupted tilling.

The Unmatched Good

  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Best front line tiller for the smallest spaces

Bottom Line

If you’d like to enjoy hassle-free tilling in smaller spaces, this mini electric tiller will be the best one to get. You can look it up on garden tillers for sale sections on websites and invest in one if you aren’t in a financial constrain. However, if you will be hardly using it, you can opt to get the tiller rental near me services to use if need be.

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