TACKLIFE 12Amp 16’’ Electric Tiller Review

TACKLIFE 12Amp 16’’ Electric Tiller Review
December 6, 2019 Mamun

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About TACKLIFE Company

TACKLIFE is a professional tools company founded in 2015. It began with only ten people with a passion for the manufacture of simple yet powerful tools to make work easier. The company has a wide variety of products to choose from in different categories. If you love nature but are afraid of the dirt, the manufacturer has the right tools for your needs. You remain with a task of proper management and control.

Key Features of the TACKLIFE 12Amp 16’’ Electric Tiller

12 Amperes Pure Copper Motor

Tacklife manufactures a powerful motor to be used in one of the delicate areas of farming-a greenhouse. Twelve amperes is reasonable power to offer higher torque to grind sturdy blocks of soil and cut into the ground with a speed of 400RPM. This is among the fastest speeds we have seen in small garden tillers running on electricity.

Area of Cultivation

A powerful motor means that the electric tiller can work in a relatively more substantial space. The manufacturer designs this tiller with six tines made from high-quality manganese and steel. This is to ensure that they retain strength, offer functionality, and durability during each tilling session. As the motor propels the tines at a speed of 400RPM, the blades churn the soi. They go 8’’ deep while covering a width of 16’’. It is still among the most significant areas of coverage that the best electric tiller for small to medium size gardens can work on.

Compact Design

The reason why most potential buyers opt to seek rent a tiller near me services is because of the minimal living and storage space. This is a relief for such situations as this tiller is a compact design to allow for storage in small areas. The handles are foldable without needing any tools. There is a transport wheel to make mobility less stressful. This garden tiller can go in between rows and columns tilling without breaking plant branches and stems.

Safety Mechanisms

Tacklife equips this garden tiller with safety switches for reinforced protection. You need to switch on the start button to start the garden tiller. There is a steel shield to offer protection from the splashing stones to prevent accidents. The lightweight nature of this small garden tiller makes it easier to work with and maneuver in the flowerbed or the lawns.

Technical Features

  • Adjustable handles
  • Safety button
  • All steel shield
  • 8’’ cultivation depth
  • 16’’ cultivation width
  • 12 amp copper motor


The aspect that makes this small electric garden tiller stand out from the rest is the all-steel shield safety feature. This was thoughtful of TACKLIFE to help to prevent the splashing stones from hurting anyone while tilling.

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