[Recommended] 10 Best Wireless HDMI Of 2017

[Recommended] 10 Best Wireless HDMI Of 2017
July 30, 2017 admin

10 Best Wireless HDMI

Just to refresh your memory, a wireless HDMI consists of a wireless receiver and transmitter to transfer sound and picture signals from your Blue-ray player, TV box, PC or gaming station to the monitor, TV screen or projector. If you are tired of the many HDMI cables scattered all over your room, a wireless HDMI system might be all you need to transmit high-quality sound and picture signals through all the floors and walls of your house. This article will expose to you the 10 best wireless HDMI kits for watching movies, gaming, transmitting videos, and much more.

1. IOGear Wireless HD Digital Kit

If you are searching for a highly- functional wireless HDMI kit, the IOGear Wireless HD digital kit is all you need. This wireless HDMI comes with an HDMI output as well as two HDMI inputs. The two HDMI inputs give you the freedom to connect a transmitter. TV and other sources like satellite / cable box, Blu-ray, and much more. Additionally, the receiver unit can be powered using a USB port. As a result, the IOGear can draw power from the TV without the need to connect additional wires to a power outlet. If your television doesn’t have the USB provision, you can as well use the power adaptor that comes with the IOGear wireless HDMI digital kit. According to the manufacturer, this wireless HDMI supports high-quality wireless media streaming in full High Definition and 5.1 channel digital audio from up to 100 feet away. If you care about safety and aesthetics, this wireless HDMI is ideal for you.


  • – It comes with a remote control panel.
  • -Transmits perfectly through walls and other barriers without compromising video and audio quality.


  • -Switching between two inputs takes a couple of seconds.

2. J-Tech Digital HDbitT Series

This wireless HDMI comes with an insane range of approximately 660 feet. Besides being compatible with all video formats, the J-Tech Digital HDbitT Series also supports remote use. Other outstanding features of this wireless HDMI include the ability to extend your infrared signal, the ability to transmit surround sound, and much more.


  • -It comes with a one year warranty.
  • -Easy to install and remove.
  • -Simple design.


  • -It introduces lag into the system.

3. Cable Matters Extender 3 Port Wireless HDMI with IR

This wireless HDMI transmitter features 1080p at 60Hz video alongside 5.1 and 7.1 surround audio and a 2 channel stereo.


  • -Comes with additional 4K wireless HDMI cables.
  • -Compact design for easy installation.
  • -Compatible with PS3, Blu-ray, satellite boxes, Xbox 360, and laptops.
  • -Comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • -Transmits within a short range.

4. StarTech.com HDMI over Wireless Extender

This amazing wireless HDMI kit comes with a compact body designed for use with video game consoles and computers (both PC and Mac). The StarTech.com HDMI over wireless extender allows a total range of about 165 feet. What’s more? Its signal is extremely strong even when going up some floors or through walls.


  • -No video lag.
  • -Long range transmission.


  • -Not strongly constructed.

5. Nyrius ARIES Pro

Just like any of your AV components, the Nyrius ARIES Pro is also designed to sit next to your TV. In fact, this wireless HDMI is extremely compact with its transmitter being about the size of an Apple TV and the receiver assuming the shape of an Android television stick.


  • -Easy to get up and to run.
  • -Zero video lag.
  • -100 feet range.
  • -The blue LEOs below the kit indicate the strength of your signal.
  • -Excellent signal strength.
  • -Can handle 1080p video.


  • -4K content not supported.

6. Orei WHD-100 Wireless HDMI

The sleek Orei WHD-100 wireless HDMI video transmitter and receiver comes with many top-notch features including 1 080p resolution, universal compatibility, and much more. This wireless HDMI kit also supports CEC, 3D TV, and 7.1 channels of high-quality digital audio. What’s more? This wireless extender is capable of transmitting HDMI signals to any High Definition display within a range of 30 meters.


  • -Universal compatibility.
  • -It comes with two adapters.
  • -It comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual.


  • -Designed to transmit within a room because its signal cannot penetrate through walls.

7. Actiontec SBWD100KIT01 Wireless HDMI

This wireless HDMI allows you to transmit displays from your smartphone, laptop or tablet onto almost any HDTV. Using the ScreenBeam technology, you can share your photos, videos, website or music onto almost any HD device. The ScreenBeam of this wireless HDMI features a resolution of 1080p.


  • -Easy to set up and use.
  • -Independent of your Wi-Fi network.
  • -It features an easy-to-follow quick start guide.
  • -Compatible with Windows 7 and 8 PCs/laptops.
  • -It allows you to surf and even to share from your HDTV.
  • -It comes with a USB transmitter for laptops.


  • -Some customers reported about video lagging.

9. DVDO Air3C 60GHz WirelessHD HDMI Cable Replacement Kit

This wireless HDMI comes with an interference-free 60 GHz wireless signal that is less affected by either phones or microwaves. It taps its power from your HDTV, requiring no additional cables to connect to a power output. Its auto-aiming technology ensures that a stable connection is maintained at all times.


  • -Interference free.
  • -Easy to install.
  • -Its remote does not need a line of sight.
  • -It is compatible with most HDMI switchers.
  • -Perfect for gaming thanks to its zero latency which eliminates delays between your gaming console and the big display.
  • -Compatible with Blu-ray, satellite, stream video, cable, and much more.


  • -It sometimes gives a high-frequency sound.
  • -Can only transmit signals up to a range of 30 feet.

9. LG ANWL100W Digital Device – Black

This reliable wireless HDMI can send uncompressed full High Definition 1080p signals to your HDTV from a range of up to 50 feet away. What’s more? It signal not only penetrates through walls but also many other obstacles like doors. This wireless HDMI also features 4 HDMI inputs and a wireless-ready receiver.


  • -Easy to connect.
  • -Universal compatibility.


  • -No disadvantages reported so far.

10. Peerless HDSWHDI100 Wireless HDMI

This top-notch wireless HDMI kit is ideal for gaming thanks to its wireless USB connectivity between peripherals and other source devices. Even though it is battery powered, it has no lag. What’s more? This wireless HDMI transmitter’s wired pass-through connection also permits a hard-wired connection to a second HDTV.


  • -It comes with mounting hardware.
  • -Easy to set up, just a matter of minutes and you are through.


  • -Not aesthetically pleasant.

Final Thoughts

All the wireless HDMI transmitters elaborated on this page are not only efficient performers but also serve slightly different purposes. Among the 10, the IOGear Wireless HD Digital Kit remains the top best when it comes to transmitting great quality digital audio and video signals. Besides having a long range of approximately 100 feet, this HDMI wireless transmitter also supports the highest video quality possible.


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