Earthwise TC70001 11’’ 8.5Amp Corded Electric Tiller Review

Earthwise TC70001 11’’ 8.5Amp Corded Electric Tiller Review
December 6, 2019 Mamun

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Should You Trust Sun Joe?

Over 120 years in the machine manufacturing industry, Earthwise is proving that consistency is vital. The machine in this tiller review is one of the most reliable choices. It is the best garden tiller for the money if you are looking to cut on tilling costs. Add this 8.5 amperes tiller to your garage, and if not in use, you can start a small garden tiller rental business in your neighborhood.

Razor-sharp Tines

Spring is when most people till and plant their gardens. The powerful motor propels the four tines to dig through the land and leave fine soil ready for planting. The sharpness of the blades is unspeakable and doesn’t dull even with prolonged use.

Compact Design – Does it Solve the Space Problem?

We appreciate Earthwise for designing a small garden tiller with a thin and compact design. Besides being stylish, it significantly saves on storage space. Doesn’t this make it the best electric tiller for space problems? This shouldn’t be a reason for you not to purchase this product. Sometimes, yours can be needing service, or you lent a friend. Search for tiller rental near me, and you can find an Earthwise machine like yours to save the day.

Area Coverage

The dual four steel tine blades ensure efficiency while saving your resources. While at it, it works on an area of 11 inches wide and 8 inches deep. What a tractor tiller can do for you is what this one will achieve that. However, it is better for small areas. It answers all your cultivator vs. tiller questions and helps you choose the best machine for your needs.

The benefits of this coverage lead to:

  • Excellent soil aeration
  • Efficient soil pulverization
  • Even incorporation of manure or fertilizer
  • A save on tilling resources-time and money

Why does it Stand Out from the Rest?

Transportation to your area of use or for rent a tiller near me services, you don’t have to worry. You can flip down the wheels and put the machine on a truck for transit. The foldable features on this small garden tiller make it lightweight. Its overall weight is 27.4lbs, which is the lightest when you compare with other tillers in the TC70 series.

It comes with a retention hook for the cord for easy securing of the extension during use. The small tiller is low maintenance, as it needs no gas or oil. Safety features will ensure that this garden tiller only operates when you switch it on. To start it, press the start button. Squeeze your lever to start it. This helps to prevent the occurrence of accidents. If you feel like upgrading, you can list in on used tillers for sale sites, and you will get a buyer.

Technical Features

  • 8.5-amp motor
  • 27.4lbs
  • 11’’ by 8’’ width and depth
  • Dual four steel tine blades

To Buy or Not To Buy?

Why should you not buy it if it can solve the problems of most potential buyers? Issues like space, weight, operations, safety, and resource management and savings are what the tiller addresses. I’d choose it over any other tiller.

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