Earthwise TC70125 16’’ 12.5Amp Corded Electric Tiller Review

Earthwise TC70125 16’’ 12.5Amp Corded Electric Tiller Review
December 6, 2019 Mamun

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On most occasions, the size of your garden tiller will determine the amount of working space it is recommended for. Earthwise is proving otherwise by manufacturing the best electric tillers that are compact. Their sizes, however, don’t limit you much. As an alternative to the best manual tiller, this one can work on small to medium size tracts of land. Some who want to till large farms without any hurry section their farms to plots and still use this tiller. Isn’t this one reason to go for it if you spot it among garden tillers for sale?

The Benefits:

We will explain its benefits with regard to the features of this small garden tiller. This will help you in deciding whether it suits your needs, or you can opt for the best gas tiller to try your luck.

Powerful Motor

Electricity powers the 12.5 amperes motor that is responsible for the tilling process. Unlike the TC70065 tiller that has a smaller motor of 6.5 inches, this one does more work. It is more withstanding to longer tilling hours and can be used on medium-sized farms, lawns, or flowerbeds.

Steel Tines

Soil that has laid fallow for a long time will become hard-packed and the ground quite tough. Even if you use the best manual tiller, it mightn’t be as effective. You can choose to get the best rear tine tiller or the frontal design for higher efficiency. This one comes with six durable tines that cultivate the soil breaking it into loose particles. The importance of loosening soil particles are:

  • To aerate the soil
  • To prepare for new growth
  • To remove weeds
  • To speed plant growth
  • To allow proper sun penetration flow of water, fertilizer, or manure

Area Coverage

Although this small tiller doesn’t come with an adjusting feature, the area it covers during tilling is impressive. The steel tines can dig as deep as 8’’ and the cultivating with goes up to 16’’. It is much more efficient than those that till in an 11’’ width. A tiller that covers a large surface area saves you time and cuts on electricity consumption. You will not make many trips to and from the edges. In case you feel like making money with this tiller, you can list it on rent a tiller near me sites.

Other Pros

  • Lightweight design for easy portability
  • 6’’ rear wheels for mobility
  • Compact design for secure storage
  • Cord retention hook for safety
  • Low maintenance to save time and costs
  • Safety release push button to prevent accidents
  • Tool-free assembly

Technical Features

  • 12.5 amperes motor
  • 16’’ cultivating width
  • 8’’ cultivating depth
  • 6’’ rear wheels
  • 30lbs item weight
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