10 Best Electric Tillers of 2018

10 Best Electric Tillers of 2018
September 5, 2017 admin

Are you still using fork and spade to prepare your lawn for planting or making seedbed? If yes, then it is time an electric tiller performs the task for you. This will not just cut short the number of work hours drastically but will enable you enjoy the efficiency and reliability of any of these tillers while lowering production cost to a bare minimum. The truth is that your lawn not only needs care but attention as well. This may be during seedbed preparation or just tilling the entire lawn for new seedlings. And nothing guarantees you good results than an efficient tiller. You may have either small rotor tiller, small tiller or small tiller but still get the job done. It doesn’t matter the name so long as your task is performed.

So, how do you judge and choose an electric tiller that gives you good results? Here is our analysis of what we believe as the 10 best electric tillers of 2017 with their features and performance explained in order in to help you make that choice.

For all your gardening tasks, Earthwise tiller/cultivator is highly recommended. It does not just have all it takes to fulfill your needs of lawn preparation for new seedling plantation but also designed in a slim manner that meets all the needs of a reliable and effective electric tiller. This is due to its double four blade tines made of pure steel for increased efficacy and efficiency. Earthwise tiller has the capability for tilling up to 8.0 inches depth and 11 inches cutting width, thanks to its 8.5-Amp capacity. As for handling, the firm grip necessitated by an ergonomic handle which is also equipped with a handling hook makes the tiller enjoyable as well as easy to use. For that reason, it takes position one on our list.


  1. It is not just a lightweight machine but has firm grip too.
  2. It’s tilling depth and cutting width makes it a must-have gardening tool
  3. There are no emissions of fume or gas, so it is environmentally friendly.
  4. It designed in a slim and slim thus takes less space, thus consumes less storage space


  1. No disadvantage so far.

Sun Joe Garden T J600E tiller guarantees you no more hard work during garden preparation season. Unlike Earthwise, this tiller has four steel blades with a 14-inch wide cultivation path but only 7 -inch tilling depth. Its powerful 6.5-Amp motor is not just dependable but ensures little worry of dead batteries as well as gas or oil shortage. How about an accidental start-up? The machine is fitted with both safety switch and ergonomic handle to minimize accidents and provide firm grip respectively. Also, Sun Joe Garden T J600E is about 17 pounds in weight thus easy to handle and maneuver.


  1. Has a 14-inch cultivation width
  2. Has a powerful motor of 6.5-Amp capacity
  3. Easy to operate
  4. Minimal chances of accidents due to the presence of the safety switch


1. None so far

Sun Joe 12-Amp T J603E is also manufactured by Sun Joe, but only applicable in medium sized or smaller lawns. Unlike any other previously mentioned electric tillers, Sun Joe 12-Amp T J603E has collapsible steel handle thus good for smaller storage space. It also has 6 steel angled blades with a 16-inch cultivation width. Its 12-Amp motor capacity is also good enough to ensure efficient and faster functionality.


  1. It is powerful electric tiller
  2. It has 6 angled steel blades with 16-inch cultivation width


  1. It can be a bit difficult to handle in hard clay soils thus strong handling may be needed

Earthquake 43cc MC43 is a mini electric tiller suitable for weeding and soil aeration, especially fertilizer-soil mixing processes. It is good for all soil types, thanks to its 43cc engine. It is also easy to control but may require some firm grip due to occasional bouncing tendency, especially on hard earth. Earthquake MC43 is fairly priced. It has about 6-10 inches cultivation width but 8-inch tilling depth.


  1. Good for weeding and fertilizer mixing
  2. Has a powerful 43cc viper engine, thus highly effective and efficient
  3. Light in weight and has high maneuverability


  1. The presence of the viper makes it difficult to start
  2. Consumes lots of storage space

Mantis 2-Cycle is what you will need for a faster weeding, especially on greenhouse soil type. It is equipped with a reliable power plug which is not just standard but ensures that the machine performs efficiently. It has tilling depth capability of 10 inches but a 9-inch cultivation width. As for storage space, you should worry less. Mantis 2-Cycle has foldable handles thus covering less storage space.


  1. Has a tilling depth of 10 inches
  2. It is highly suitable for taller plants
  3. Comfortable to handle and maneuver


  1. Uses a mixture of gas and oil

If you are worried that nutrients and water rarely reach plant roots, then Black+ Decker LGC120 is what you need. This is because it has double steel tines which can easily move between the plants while preventing tangling of the weeds. This tiller has a tilling depth of 4 inches and has an adjustable handle for appropriate telescoping length.


  1. No weed tangling during the weeding process
  2. Works on 20V battery thus cordless


  1. The 20V battery can last for 325. Sq. ft. on a single charge thus a bit involving
  2. Has shallow tiling depth of 4 inches

GreenWorks 27072 is a simple electric tiller with 8-inch onward rotating steel blades for not only high performance but also dipper tilling depths. Unlike other aforementioned electric tillers. GreenWorks 27072 has an adjustable cultivation width from 8.25 inches minimum to 10 inches max1mum. It can easily be handled as well stored due to its foldable handles. Also, the machine registers high performance thus ensuring that your lawn is well cultivated.


  1. Suited with adjustable wheels
  2. Both cultivation depth and width can be adjusted


  1. Compared to other tillers. GreenWorks 27072 lacks a stronger grip
  2. Not applicable in stony and rocky soils

Troy-Bilt TB154E is an electric tiller equipped with rotating steel blades for easier and faster cultivation, thanks to its powerful 6-Amp motor. Like GreenWorks 27072, Troy-Bilt 6-Amp TB154E has adjustable cultivation width (from 6 to 9 inches). The rotating steel blade tines are applicable for not just faster cultivation, but also constant turning of the soil.


  1. Has adjustable cultivation width


  1. Takes more storage space

2. The aerator attachment so must be purchased differently.

This is also a medium and lightweight electric tiller by Mantis. It is just 21 pounds in weight thus easy to store, carry and maneuver. It works faster therefore applicable for light tasks which need to be performed quickly such as seedbed preparation.


  1. Has a good cultivation width ( 10 inches)
  2. It is easy to operate and maneuver due to its small weight
  3. It is much simpler to start up


  1. Has a tilling depth of only 3 inches
  2. Has no safety switch that safeguards against accidents

This is the last tiller on our list. It is a Honda-powered gas tiller but functions electrically. It is made in a compact way thus easy to handle and carry. Mantis 7262 has a 10-inch cultivation width and a 2-3 inch till depth.


  1. Has four powerful cycle engines thus works faster
  2. Its compact size saves storage space


  1. Has shallow tilling depth of only 3 inches.


Best Electric Tiller Buying Guide

If you are in the market for a garden tiller, you might as well consider getting an electric alternative. These variants are quieter, lighter, and more maneuverable. But before you buy this power gardening tool, there are some things you should consider; as this electric tiller buying guide will demonstrate.

What is an Electric Tiller?

An electric tiller is a gardening tool that runs on electric power – it could be battery power or even electricity. Otherwise, they are supposed to do the job usually handled with the help of gas-powered tillers. The electric tiller should rip and churn the ground and make it healthier in preparation for planting.

Why do You Need an Electric Tiller?

Today, environmental pollution is a big deal to many people. Those concerned about their environmental footprint are naturally inclined to get an electric tiller. But besides helping you avoid the gas fumes and the mess of dealing with oil and gas, you will also enjoy a quieter use experience when using an electric tiller. An electric tiller is also a lot easier to start, which means getting started on your tilling will take no time. You also need an electric tiller if you need a gardening tool that is a little lighter and hence more maneuverable. In general, similar-sized gas-powered tillers are much heftier and therefore harder to wield. The only area where gas-powered tillers are the clear winners is when you need a heavy-duty tiller such as the kind you need to till a tough new garden. Otherwise, for regular small gardening tasks, an electric tiller has plenty of benefits to offer.

Benefits of an electric tiller

Limited storage

Storing this item is easy since it is not huge; it takes up very small space for storage. It can be folded for storage too. The fact that it does not use gasoline, it doesn’t have a tank this makes it light-weighted.

Easy to maintain

Since the electric tiller does not use gasoline or batteries, there are no gas leaks to be afraid of. Also, it does not require buying of fuel or fixing damaged tanks, etc. Once plugged in the power source it does work throughout without expecting chaos. They are clean as compared to gas-based tillers; gasoline based emit gas fumes even when off the operation. They don’t require any maintenance.

A corded electric model

Unlike the cordless, a corded tiller does not cut power off unless the service is put off. Working within a range of 100-120m from the power outlet, this is the machine for you. This makes them perform a bigger task because the power continues until the job is done. What you need to look into is buying a long cord that goes all the way and returns. They are efficient and dependable for small garden jobs.

Cordless units

Unlike the cordless, they do not damage crops in the garden since they don’t have a cord behind them. With this type of machine, you will not have to always put the cord in line. Have lesser weight and easy to maneuver.


Electric tiller is fast as compared to gasoline cultivators. They churn soil deep and make it softer as compared to other tillers. Electric cultivators are easy to control and lower the cost of buying fuel. Everyone wants to plant something, and not spend days in the garden. And all you need is an electric tiller. You will enjoy the work.

Types of Electric Tillers

– Cordless electric tillers – these run on battery power
– Corded electric tillers – these have to be plugged into a power outlet during use
– Solar powered electric tillers – they are suited to those who want to maintain their gardens in the most environmentally friendly manner
-Electric front- tine tillers – these power gardening tools have their tines located in front of the wheels and beneath the wheels
-Electric rear- tine tillers – the tines are located behind the wheels of the tillers. These variants tend to be more powerful and hence better suited to demanding tilling jobs.
– Electric mid- tine tillers – they have their tines between the wheels, and this gives them better balance than front -tine tillers. They are therefore easier to control for people struggling with physical limitations.

Factors to consider while purchasing an electric tiller

• There some factors to consider while buying an electric cultivator. Read below;

Quality and affordability

• The electric tillers are made from metals, motors and simple handles of high quality. The machines are cheap to buy and suits gardeners.
Positioning of the time and its length
• This is the most important features to have in a good electric tiller. A tine is a metallic projection that makes the soil beneath to soften up. The positioning of tines and their length defines how deep it can reach the soil in the garden.
The tines at the back end of the machine dig and break off soil and carry the dirt along with them, while those at the front don’t cut as deep but push dirt easily.

Model of a tiller (size and power of corded or cordless)

• This means you consider one that is electric at first. Then think about how an electric one is powered. Choose a cordless or that which uses a cord. Don’t forget to buy an extra long cord if needed.

Rotational speed

• This involves the maximum prong revolving speed at about 180-200rpm.

Variable speed

• Some machines can be regulated so that you can either slow or speed up your cultivation the way you desire.

Storage (size of machine)

• A machine that can be folded at the handles is appropriate for limited storage space. This also makes transport and performance at the garden easier.


The maneuverability of the machine is important. The rotary state of a tiller should be easy; wheels should resemble those of a tractor’s model.

What the Best Electric Tiller Has

What qualifies as the best tiller for one person might not necessarily be the best tiller for another person. The best electric tiller has the following qualities.
– Has enough power to break ground and handle grass, weeds, and clay, Any tiller should be in a position to do this, and yet there are electric tillers that cannot.
– Should be suited to your tilling needs. If you have more tilling needs, you need a stronger electric tiller, but if you have a smaller garden, such a tiller is excessive, and probably too cumbersome for your needs. The reverse is true.
– The best product within your price range. Some tillers are beyond your budget range, and that means the best electric tiller is the one you can afford without exceeding your budget limits.
– A good warranty offer – a tiller with a great warranty offer can be expected to offer a long life of service.

Features to Consider in an Electric Tiller

– A tiller with a cord lock (for the corded electric tillers) is preferable as that feature will ensure that the cord does not keep getting unplugged during the tilling.
– Adjustable tilling depth – some tillers have a fixed tilling depth, but others allow the user to alter this feature by raising or lowering the blades as required. This helps to address varied tilling needs much better.
– Removable tines – the tines can get damaged. When they are removable, they are easier to repair or even replace.
– The size of the motor – The motor usually determines how much work the tiller can do. A bigger motor means that the tiller can take on more difficult tilling jobs, while a smaller motor means that the motor will only handle moderate tilling tasks.
– Foldable handles – when the electric tiller has foldable handles, it is much easier to store than when the handles are fixed. So. if you want a device with a smaller storage footprint, you have to buy a tiller with foldable handles.
– Battery duration – cordless electric motors rely on a battery. It is therefore important to consider how long the battery will run before


– What are tines?
These are the blades that churn the ground as the tiller is in use
– What can a tiller do?
Tillers can break new ground, soften the soil, get rid of weeds, and so forth
– Is there a difference between a tiller and a cultivator?
Yes, there is, A tiller can handle breaking up new ground, weeds, and other difficulties. A cultivator is intended for reworking existing patches of soil.
– What are the maintenance needs of an electric tiller?
Essentially, the electric tiller should be cleaned after each tilling job to get rid of the dirt that could cause the blades to get corroded.
– What is the right way to use a tiller?
The correct tiller entails familiarizing yourself with the manufacturer recommendations about correct use. It is also to know if your intended usage needs are appropriate for the tiller you have bought.

A rototiller makes work easier; it’s affordable. It has the best ability to plow swiftly and cuts depths and widths of between 11 -8.5 inches respectively. Its handles are auto made since when it shuts down they close up once you drop the handle. Purchase the electric tillers now, and you will not regret work in the garden.



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